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Hong Meiling (by Lord Gussy, 2008-03-15)

'Take what you want, when you want'

That's the motto you follow, if you saw something you liked you took it. If anyone had the balls to get in your way, you waste'em, cut and dry policy for a bandit such as yourself. The fact you were also of youkai blood made following this motto a whole lot easier and sweeter, for then you could not only contend with the humans you were also on par with some of the top players in Gensokyo. Over the course of your life of theivery you've managed to round up some like minded followers who were willing to stick their neck out for you, at 1st you called them distractions or meat sheilds, but as time went on you began to see them as comrades and eventually your family. One comrade in particular though you came to trust alot more than the others, a katana wielding tactican by the name of Zappa (Well, you named him that, being his former name was too hard to pronounce correctly, let alone remember). the both of you went way back, he being your 1st recruit and 1st friend, and you being his strong willed role-model. He's been with you through the rough times and the absolutely miserable times when you thought it was all over. His unwavering loyalty to you has earned him the rightful place as your 2nd in command and overall best friend.

With a decently sized group of thugs, your raw power and his flawless strategic skills, the 2 of you commanded your band of miscreants with accurate and brutal percision, ambushing travelling humans and caravans alike, taking the valuables and supplies and sparing no one. However, as much as you loved raiding travellers you knew that this sorta gig wouldn't last you very long, you needed a bigger heist job, someone who's got fortune coming out the ass, but not being the one to think things through to well you spend a long time trying to figure out who to ramsack...

However, one night after your gang had just seiged the Human Village, and were now celebrating on a good heist, someone came to you with a brilliant idea... "Hey boss! Why don't we raid the Scarlet Devil Mansion" the n00b bandit proposes to you and your buddies, who instantly freeze at the sound of such an action, you've heard of such a place but it's known for it's high level of security (not really, if your Marisa) as well as high ranking residents, so you obviously have your doubts. "C'mon, think about it, a mansion THAT big has got to have some grade A booty...and I'm talkin 'bout both kinds, Heh heh" the others talk amoungst themselves for a bit, the sound of getting their hands on some loot that was thrice the amount they usually stole is relevent to their interests, not to mention the amount of hot maid rape action they could get out of it as well. This suggestion attract the attention of Zappa and he promptly steps forward to give his 2 cents worth "Yes, they are infact wealthy, I've even been told that the mistress has a closet loaded down with valuable treasures..." the bandit grins as his suggestion gains the attention of Zappa "Y'see, we can't lose-"

But the bandits confident words are cut short by the piercing eye of the swordsman "On the contrary, the residents of Scarlet House are obviously more powerful, even against a well rounded force such as ourselves...if we attack them directly we would most definetly see a brutal defeat with an overwhelming amount of casualties...we'd have a better chance if we attack Eientei, which houses an equal amount of valuable loot, but is less fortified" he adds, some of the theives seem a bit disappointed at this, being they actually wanted to go through with it. Even you yourself is a bit crestfallen at Zappa's words. "HOWever, this isn't saying that a raid on Scarlet Devil Mansion is an impossible feat, there is ONE way we might be able pull of a successful heist. And that's only if we ambush them, their gatekeeper is one who is usually asleep on the job preferably at noon if my sources are correct, the head maid is a skilled knife thower but is ultimately still human and has human weaknesses, the most powerful mage is of weak constitution and therefore is usually locked in the library and their mistress is a vampire and cannot venture into the light of day, if we are to pull off an attack on the Scarlet house, we must strike utulizing, an elaborate and effective ambush during noon, if we do this. we can easily dispose of the gatekeeper, and the rest will fall into our favor. If all goes according to this plan, we just might pull through with the loot and our lives..."

The entire camp falls silent, as the insightful and flawless strategist known as Zappa once again pulls out yet another plan of action. Zappa then turns to you, for despite his expert planning, he alone cannot issue the order, it is you who's word is absolute and it is your word alone that is law. "Well what say you, Leader? we may only go through with this if you wish that we do..."

[-Lets raid the Scarlet House]

-Nah, I wanna go for Eientei

"Lets go for the Scarlet Devil Mansion...after all you said it yourself we have a chance at getting some good loot" you say with a smirk "Very well, then" Zappa responds before he turns to the bandits and starts barking orders for them to get ready for the coming ambush.

A few days later, you cross the lake that surrounds the SDM, easily outwitting the moron of an Ice fairy name, Cirno. As you come ashore you look at the sky for the time, and judging by how high the sun was, It's high noon. The perfect time to execute the ambush. The bandits spot the sole gatekeeper, a young red-headed woman (possibly youkai you weren't sure) donning chinese like attire and a green beret. You feel a bit sorry for the poor girl, for she was fast asleep (just as Zappa predicted) and completely vulnerable to your assualt. But, hey your a bandit, why should you give a shit? With a nod of your head, Zappa gives a few hand signals and a bandit swiftly dashes out. As he nears his target he whips out his knife, and leaps forward, this was his moment to shine, and did so by screaming an awesome warcry...wait, warcry?...Fuck!

The gatekeeper sprang awake just in time to catch the bandit about to impale her "Ah!" In one fluid motion, she ducked the brandishing bandit and knocked him away with a well placed kick. Zappa facepalmed as he saw the bandit tumble to the ground his neck snapped in numerous places, the gatekeeper looked around and immediatly spotted the lot of your forces who all looked humoursly like a bunch of deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming train. "Oh shi- We've been spotted!"

"Dammit..." You curse as you notice you've been spotted and worse she was coming at you, the rest of your group couldn't take her, but you probably could, you were the strongest out of all of them after all. So not thinking of what's to come you bravely step forward "Zappa, take the rest of the group and split! I'll hold off china-girl here." you order as you dash toward her and parryed with your own bare hands "But, leader how will you..."


Zappa hesitates, but relucntantly, orders the group to retreat, leaving you to deal with the gatekeeper...and whatever else comes your way. as they drift off into the distance the last sight of you they see is you and the gatekeeper exchanging powerful blows to one another

As the day goes on you and the gatekeeper continue to fight, her ability to manipulate her chi threw you for a loop more than once, while your raw strength and resilience took her by surprise. It's only until the late evening, that 2 of you begin showing signs of fatigue "Your...alot better...than I thought..." you wheeze out as you try to remain rock steady "You...too..." the gatekeeper replied who was also equally worn out. Maybe it was the lack of oxygen in your brain right now...but for the moment, you really liked the way this girl moved, every motion was fluid and yet so powerful. On top of that she was pretty cute too, in fact during the fight you managed to cop a quick feel of her breasts and you had to admit you were impressed...not only by her strength but her looks as well. And now all of a sudden you didn't want to fight her anymore, all you wanted to do now was...well talk to her and y'know get to know her better. But seeing as to how you tried to break into her mistresses house that wasn't going to happen, at least not today...

You lower your stance and start walking away "H-hey where are ya goin'?" the gaurd asked puzzled at your sudden decision to retreat. "...I uh...I was gonna go...your...a really good the way..." you mutter a slight blush on your face, in which the gaurd responded with her own blush. "oh...thanks, you too..."

"By the way...what's your name?"

"Hong Meiling...why?"

"'s, uh...a really nice name is all..." And with that you took your leave

You arrrive at the camp late that night, the only thing on your mind was Meiling, and only her, you are only awakened from your lovestruck stupor when one of your followers looks up and spots you "Boss! Boss your okay!" he shouts, as the others look up and are relieved to see you have returned safely "Yeah...yeah I'm okay..." you reply despite having several bruises on you. "So how was it? Didya kill'er" one of the bandits asked eager to know if his leader was as ruthless as ever. You freeze, as you suddenly remember they were expecting you to kill that gatekeeper...which by now made you cringe. Of course, you didn't wanna say 'Oh, I fell in love and ran away like a pansyass, Teehee' So you did what any other theif would do...lie "Well not exactly, it was a...uh...draw! yeah it was a draw, that girl's damn strong...but I-I'll get'er next time you'll see!" Your henchmen cheer as they hear this 'That's our boss!' 'No one can keep him down, not even a girl!' 'Boosh!' 'He's the greatest Moose ever!' <--(This guy was drunk)

Seeing that your henchmen were at least content with your survival you retreat to your tent to find Zappa waiting in the corner "Welcome back, leader...I take it you survived the fight with mimimal injuries..." You nod slightly "Yeah, nothin' a lil sleep won't fix..." Zappa nods and takes his leave "Alright, sleep well then..."

" too..." You reply as you lie down, and as soon as Zappa is no where in sight, your mind goes right back to Meiling, as you think of what to do next...

The next day your gang decide to raid the human village again just to make up for the Epic fail back at the Scarlet Devil Mansion the other day. However while your henchmen plundered and pilaged to their sinful hearts content, you were in a flower shop, browsing all the selections "Hey...uh what kinda flowers do girls like the most..." You ask the clerk who looked like he'd shit himself any minute (if he hadn't already...) "I-I-I do-don't know a-anykind I guess" You nod and decide a bouquet of azaleas will do nicely and being your a bandit you just swipe them and give thanks to the clerk. You take a glance back at your henchmen who were having too much fun with their raid to pay attention to anything else, so you decided to head back to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, just to see Meiling again.

When you come ashore to the mansion you look around and happen to see Meiling in the middle of her daily Tai-chi, you hesitate, for you didn't want to throw her off but you also wanted to give her your gift. However, before you can even think of what to do Meiling calls out to you "Oi, who's out there!" You curse under your breathe and decide to show yourself seeing that she's already spotted you.

"'s your that guy from yesterday" she seemed a bit more decent, than before and less tense like most gaurds "Back for a rematch?" she asked with a little grin on her face "Uh..well...Yeah! Yeah I do wanna rematch, put up your dukes!" you answered putting up your fists "...Your, uh...gonna fight me with flowers?" Meiling said raising an eyebrow.

"Wha? Flow-!" you jump as you notice the Azaleas you got from the village and quickly hide them behind your back, as your face went dangerously red. However Meiling sees right through your facade "Heeey, your hitting on me aren't you?"

"What? Nooo, I-uh, these are! Yeah these are for me, cuz I..."

Before you can even finish your pathetic excuse for a lie, Meiling laughs out loud at your attempt to hide your emotions for her "Your a terrible liar, y'know..." You chuckle nervously as you scratch behind your ear "Yeah, it's kinda sad when your a bandit like me, Heh heh..." seeing as to how she's already figured it out you hand her your gift "Anyways, I got these for you, Meiling..."

"Thanks, they're really nice" Meiling says a small blush on her face, though she wasn't one for flowers, it was pretty cute to see a rough n' tough guy like yourself, show affection on such a gradeschool level. She looks up to say something else, but notices your already walking away "Hey hold up, aren't ya gonna stay?" You hesitate for a bit "...well...I don't wanna interfere with your work as a gatekeeper...So I was gonna-"

"Nah, don't worry about it, I talk to humans all the time while I'm on duty...but, just don't let Sakuya see you..." Meiling says as you nod and decide to stay a little while longer. Taking care to keep watch of a certain silver haired maid...the 2 of you talk well into the evening, and while you really wanted to stay behind you knew you needed to get back to the camp, and plus you'd best split and head on back before this 'Sakuya' decides to show up. As you say your goodbyes and head towards the lakes edge, Meiling stops you for a quick question. "Hey uh, I was exactly do you get her so fast?"

"I swim..."

Meiling deadpans, thinking that your joking, but your face says otherwise "...So you can't fly?..."

"Nope, never really learned how..." You say dryly, Meiling looks back then at you "Here, I'll save you the trouble, grab hold" she grabs your arm and before you know it the 2 of you lift off and are speeding towards the other side of the lake. Your yet again amazed by what Meiling has just showed you, and now you wanted to try your hand at it. When you arrive on the other side, You give her your thanks and make way for the forest "I-If ya want, I can teach you how to fly?..." Meiling said. "Uh, sure I'd like that" you reply with a smile "O-okay, then meet me here 8:00 sharp, don't be late okay?" you nod and Meiling flies back to the mansion.

The past few days you began taking flight lessons from Meiling, all the while telling your gang a rivalry has formed between the 2 of you as a way to cover up the love you felt for Meiling. Eventually you learn the basics on how to fly and your able to cross the lake with ease, but it becomes a bit taxing when you fly farther distances and you usually end up crashing into things if you do such a thing. However, one such occasion you decided to try and fly from the camp to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, it quickly became a bad idea when by the time you reached shore you were already plummeting to earth and ended up collided with Meiling. You grossly apologize for your stupidity and she accepts depsite finding it a little funny, then as you gaze into her aqua eyes and she gazes into yours, you kiss for the 1st time.

After this romantic moment the the 2 of you become alot closer, and confide your feelings to one another, you tell her about how rough you had it growing up and how being with her, made it all better, and not because she was employed by a rich vampire but because you had finally found the one thing you were missing your entire life, love. And she confesses that she's never really had alot of time to search for any love in her life, being the gatekeeper to the main gate is a tireless job afterall, and with you by her side, she at least knew she wouldn't do it alone. Though, you are constantly nagged by the fact that you have to return to your gang before they begin to suspect you of a lie. Luckily you manage to pull together a schedule where you can hang with your gang as well as spend some quality time with Meiling.

The residents of the SDM do seem to be happy for the blossoming love you and Meiling shared, though Sakuya is a bit of a ball buster at first and often chased you away when you tried to put your 'secret moves' on the receptive Meiling commenting that you're 'interfering with her duties as a gatekeeper'. But eventually, she gets used to your precense. Though you never see (or hear) of the one they call Patchouli, her assitant Koakuma claims, that both she and Patchouli are indeed very happy for the both of you. Remilia was possibly already aware of the situation from the beginning (what with her ability to use Fate h4x, and shit) so she gladly gives you her blessing.

One day after you swipe a trinket from the village you return to the Scarlet Devil Mansion and approach Meiling nervously "Hey, Meiling..." the china gatekeeper looks up and trots over to you, instant;y taking notice of your face "...What're you hiding?" she says with a smirk, You sigh as you shake your head nothing could get past her, but seeing as to how you were exposed you decided to come clean, and you get down on one knee to do so...

"Hong Meiling...will you marry me..." Meiling happily accpeted and the planning of your wedding began. Needless to say, the main residents of the Scarlet house attend the service, but to your surprise (and fear) a few of your bandit buddies came to the wedding as well, however Zappa wasn't present, though you despaired a little for your main man not being there for you, in the end you figured it was for the best. The 2 of you were wed by Marisa, who just so happened to be in the mansion that day, the main reason she was chosen was due you mistaking her as being affiliated with the clergy, mainly because of her black-white attire. After the service you ordered your buddies to keep your relationship with Meiling a secret from the others, saying they'll never let me live this down they happily agreed saying that you deserve a good woman, like Meiling and that your incredibly lucky. You later decide to tell them that you'll be by later to pack up your belongings for your moving in with Meiling, they are a bit hurt by this but accept your decision and head back.

The next day you head back to the camp and start packing your things up, you announce that your going on a trip to better yourself so you can beat the China gaurd, the gang get a bit rowled up by this sudden decision of you leaving but the others who were at your wedding calm'em down. Everything's going fine, when Zappa shows up.

"So...I hear you've decided to take a bit of a journey and so you can beat China..." he says as he stands beside you watching the others talk amoungst themselves about this event. "Huh? oh uh...yeah I gotta better myself...of I'll never beat'er...Heh heh" you say chuckling nervously, Zappa knew how the mind worked...he knew how yours worked, years by your side has given him years to understand how your emotions worked and how you function. He could tell just by the pitch of your voice that you were lieing "I see...doesn't seem strange how whenever rivals fight they begin to fall in love with one another..."

You give him an astonished look "What're you-" Zappa cuts you off as a malicious glare meets your eyes "Oh don't act like I don't know. I know all about your lil' romance with that gaurd wench at the Scarlet House, and you go and get married? bah, your more pathetic than I thought" You get up and face Zappa an angry feeling rising up deep with in "Pathetic? how is showing your affection for the woman you love, pathetic!?" you retort as your fists clinch in anger "We live only for ourselves, theres no time to show affection, the life of a bandit is either live for oneself or don't live at all..."

"Oh is that right? then what about OUR friendship huh? all those years we've been through scrape after fucking scrape, I entrusted you with the position as my 2nd in command, you can't tell me that was all a lie?" you shout in defense. "...I only became your friend so I could take your position as leader!" Zappa's words start to sink in as you realize all the years you 2 have been 'friends' is revealed as a fraud nothing but a facade so Zappa can steal your glory. "That's right, I manipulated you so you could trust me, it took some time but it eventually payed off. I knew this force of yours had potential but with the way you were going, you would've been lucky if you could steal candy from and old man without getting caught." Zappa laughs as you look at him in disbelief and anger "Face it, you could never be the leader I'm about to become I'm cold, caculating, I never faulter, I never miss, and best of all I don't have any need to hook up with some dense, half-assed chinese gatekeeper to be mentally complete. I'm the perfect leader for these people, and you...your pathetic, you let your 'emotions' run wild, you go soft and fall in love, your not focused at all on the big picture. Your only worried about the well-being of that bitch you call a wife-"

Zappa is suddenly silenced by your angry hand as it claspes across his neck tightly. You remain silent, only the burning rage evident in your crimson youkai eyes, tell that Zappa's going to pay for insulting Meiling. You tighten your grip until a few unsettiling cracking sounds emitt from Zappa's neck, he attempts to say something but only a frothy gurgle is what he can manage as you then drive him face first into a tree and take your leave, the bandits only look at what you've done to your former 2nd in command, and truth be told they didn't wanna be on the business end of that as your walking away they don't stop you...this will be the last you ever see of your makeshift 'family'.

That night you return to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to find Meiling waiting for you "Where've you been I- hey what's the matter?" she says insticntivly growing concearned of your troubled expression "It's nothing...I stepped on a cat..."

Time goes on and you never see or hear from your old gang again, but seeing as to what you did to Zappa you doubt they'd want anything to do with you. You asked if you could be the 2nd gatekeeper along side Meiling being the 2 of you did have alot in common. Eventually Remilia accepted this and you became a member of the Scarlet house. Needless to say these were the happiest years of your life, Though the 2 of you (SOMEHOW) found the time, and privacy to do the nasty, you still kept Meiling focused enough on her job and actually at one point managed to spot and interecpt a certain black-white witch that often makes unwanted visits. However, there was that one time Marisa reappeared and caught you and Meiling with your pants down (literally) but that's a story for another time...

A couple of months later, Meiling came to you with news that she was expecting, estatic of your coming bundle of joy you proposed to have a little shindig to celebrate such an occasion. As the months went by you had Meiling put into the house and said that you would be able to handle the gatekeeping until she birthed your son or daughter. Though she was reluctant to leave your side, she eventually did what you asked of her and concentrated on being a mother to your coming infant.

In late August during the early morning hours, Meiling went into labour and gave birth to a healthy baby girl, in which Meiling decides to name her after the mistress. Remilia. though you have a hard time pronouncing it, you just call her Remi. As the years went by little Remi grew up fairly quickly (though her slow aging process proved otherwise) and she was schooled by Patchouli who, despite her rather shut-in personality, proved to be an excellent teacher for the little youkai girl. Though she seemed more interested in being a gatekeeper than her studies. You didn't tell her about your past life as a bandit, and when ever she asks you of such a thing, you always say "I was robin hood" in which she'd just giggle and say "Your a horrible liar daddy, you were a ninja weren't you?" Now that you have a woman who loves you, a healthy little girl that adores you, as well as friends who keep you company, it seems you've managed to elude the harsh punishment most bandits face in atonment for their sins...



The End:

On a chilly autumn evening you are standing gaurd at the gate as you always do when Meiling joins you shortly after she has put your daughter to bed. It's cold out so you 2 cuddle close so you can stay warm while staying watch. while Meiling is asleep beside you, you remain awake when you hear something in the distance "Hey...Meiling wake up" you say as you shake your wife to awaken her "Huh..what's going on?" she asks as she groggily comes to "I think there's some one out there..."

"Your right, there IS someone out here..."

-Insert 'Crash Landing' from Soul Nomad for effect-

You swiftly look up "Whoes out there!" You look around but see no one, then your eyes focus on a figure walking toward you, and instantly you feel your blood run cold as the figure makes it's full appearance in the full's Zappa. "Y-you! what're you doing here!?" You say, instinctivly stepping in front of Meiling to protect her from what Zappa had in store. "What? you said to attack tonight didn't you?" Zappa says a smirk on his face "Your exact orders were to raid the Scarlet Devil Mansion TONIGHT" You stumble with your words as you try to form something to say in order to drive off Zappa, fact is your still dumbfounded on how he's still living after what you did to him, but before you do anything else, you glance back at Meiling who is looking at you with equally confused eyes "You...were planning this?" She asked, you can hear how hurt she is by the sounds of this, and immedieatly try to right this wrong "Meiling, don't listen to him! he's lieing I would never-"

"So all those times you said 'I love you' was all a lie!?" Meiling's voice shifts from confused to angry as all the possible answers come together to one conclusion. That you were decieving her from the beginning. Zappa smirks, all was going well "We're waiting leader..." the deranged samurai taunts as a considerably large army of bandits both human and youkai alike make their way behind Zappa "Meiling please, don't let Zappa fool you, he's nothing but a scoundral, a theif, a liar!"

"And what does that make you? a scoudral, theif, liar!" Meiling shouts back at you "We got married, we had a baby together, how could you go and do all of this!" You hesitate, your mouth can't form words yet you know if you don't do something you'll lose Meiling, your 1st and only love "C'mon, leader, shrug off that bitch and lets go already, you said yourself she was only a tool amoung many"

"A tool?!" Meiling shouts "I was a tool to you?!" You back down, you've never seen her this pissed off before but you stand your ground, if you run it'll only make things worse... "N-no, absolutely not!" Zappa lets out an impatient sigh "What's takin ya? Just kill'er already like you said you'd do, I mean s'not like you don't have more floozies waiting for ya back at camp" This was the straw that broke the camels back for Meiling, to her you were not only a liar...but an adultrous one at that. "You bastard!!" Then with everything, Meiling socked you across the face the impact broke your nose and knocked out a few front teeth, as you spit out your teeth you face your enraged beloved and try to convince her otherwise "Meiling, I would never ever decieve you like this, I love you too much to-"

"Save it! I've heard enough of your bullshit!" Meilng dashes forward and tackles you full force, both of your bodies go sliding a good meter away before the sound of her angry fists pounding on your face echoes through the night sky. Zappa laughs insanely as he gazes upon the spectacle, you truly were pathetic to him "Now while the 2 lovebirds are going at it...ATTACK!"

And then to your horror, you see the armada of theives charge in at Zappa's call. Easily breaking down the gate and bringing down the large doors of the mansion. It's then you realize where you went wrong...You didn't kill Zappa, for Zappa himself was a youkai just like you, and thus was able to recover from even the deadliest of wounds...and while you were away caring for Meiling and your child, Zappa had plenty of time to plan his moves, perfect a flawless lie to bring you and Meiling down, and worst of all kill those you come to know and love. He rebuilt your ragtag gang of bandits into a sizeable army of soldiers to HIS liking, turned even your most faithful of followers away from your loyalty and transformed them into more efficent killing machines, and was now commanding them in the coldness he once dreamed of doing.

You had only one chance to put a stop to all this bullshit, but you needed Meiling's help for it. Being if you can convince her you were innocent in all this, the others will believe you as well. You grab her bloodied fist and look her dead in the eye "Listen to me. I don't want to hurt you, I never would wish this upon you. We have to stop this, Zappa is going to kill everyone!-" Meiling doesn't listen she only breaks your hold and right hooks you, as you lie on the ground, you knew now...that negotiations were not an option...if you wanted to get Meiling's attention you had to subdue her...just as you were trying to do that fateful day when you first laid eyes on her...

The assualt lasted for the entire night, the sounds of battle echoing out well beyond the lake that surrounded the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Thankfully, your daughter was relocated safely in the hands of Koakuma and Patchouli, and despite the bandit's tenacious attempts to get through and slaughter her, Pacthuoli and Koakuma fought them off bravely and managed to repel them long enough for Zappa to give them new orders. Zappa himself sought the head honcho of the house, leaving his most trusted followers to take on Sakuya in a 5-way brawl, As Zappa took his leave he had no idea that his 5 top fighters would easily be killed by Sakuya's Knife/Time manipulation skills. Zappa reached Remilia at exactly Midnight and challenged her with the entire mansion as the prize. Zappa made one fatal mistake though, He attacked at night. As a result of this critical fuck up, Zappa was overpowered and killed by Remilia, after which the remaining bandits took what valuables they could and fled the scene.

There were heavy casualties on both sides (most of the SDM's were fairy maids who were easy prey from the beginning), but all in all the main tenants seemed to get through unsathed. When it was all clear to come out, your daughter rushed outside to find you and Meiling, hoping for your safety. Unfortunetly the one thing she saw was the blow you delivered on to Meiling, the impact peircing her very chest and killing her on the spot. Seeing this very act unfold right in front of her, Maron called you a murderer and disowned you as her father, the fact she didn't know the full details behind your fight made it worse. After which you were judged by Remilia who, instead of having you killed and fed to Flandre, banished you from the mansion for the rest of your days. all though you plead your innocence, you were still guilty for killing Meiling. As you walked away for the last time, you looked back at the entrance where everyone watched you depart, but the one thing that caught your eye was your daughter giving you the same malicious glare Zappa did when he first confronted was an agonizing sight to see your own child come to literally hate you over night...

Years ran on by, and you spent your days in the old camp where you and your gang used to hang out in, you lost your motivation to steal, and decided to became a benevolent youkai instead. Your daughter would later grow up and took the position as Gatekeeper in rememberance of her mother, and to carry on her legacy, she even went so far as to wearing similar attire as Meiling. Her skills as a gatekeeper were excellent and her watchful eyes made inflitrations by Marisa alot harder, though the witch still persisted because dammit, the plot would be all fucked up if Marisa stopped stealing books from Patchu. She was later told the truth behind your fight with Meiling, when it was revealed that Zappa masterminded everything. Upon hearing this, her animosity towards you faded somewhat, but she still disliked you for killing Meiling. However things on your end were not over, for your sins caught up to you when a travelling human tipped off the villagers that you were at your weakest. Capitalizing on your moment of weakness, a mob of villagers ambushed you in the late of the night, yet again you tried to convince them you were a changed man, but they too were not easy to forgive, after all you were a real douche to them in the past. You were apprehended and imprisoned, where they exacted years of torture on to you, in order to compensate for the hardships you put on them. 'an eye for an eye' as they say...

BAD END? You decide...

Hina Kagiyama (by Nameless Wraith Sealed in A Cursed Book, 2008-03-15)

The Story: Being closer to the mountains, and their myriad deities, your village had always been under at least some divine protection from the youkai that plagued the villages that were in other locales. With the Moriya shrine's recent appearance, youkai attacks had become almost a thing of the past, and your village had warmly embraced some of the Gods whenever they would visit. (Although they were careful not to let on to the Hakurei miko about this.)

The village welcomed all the deities, but for one. You sometimes caught glimpses of a lone girl, starting at the festivities that would begin whenever one of the Akis came, or Kanako or Suwako would think that Reimu wouldn't notice, and drank the night away. Her forlorn appearance touched you, and you became interested enough to try to confront her about why she always watched from the periphery.

She tried to avoid you as best she could, and you suffered a few setbacks, but eventually, you did manage to surprise her enough to get to talk to her directly.

With a bit of shock and fear in her eyes, she warned you off. "Ge- Get away! It's dangerous to be near me! I'm a curse goddess, you know. Anyone near me will suffer many misfortunes."

The conversation doesn't get much past that. Unless you can prove to her that you are immune to the misfortunes she can cause, she will continue to isolate herself from you, and from everyone else.

Putting in some research, you heard that two humans actually came near Hina without suffering any ill effects. One was that Hakurei miko, and given the way she treats people who hang around gods aside from Hakurei's apparently nonexistant deity, you'd rather take your chances with the curses.

You manage to find the other girl, however. Marisa, as it turns out, puts her success down to lucky charms like crossing her fingers, having on (danmaku) 'game' underwear, and (failing to) recite the digits of pi (not a lucky charm).

Your course of action now clear to you, you decide that the only way to proof yourself from bad luck is to surround yourself with charms of good luck. You collect a pocket full of four leaf clovers, collect some of the fuzzy ear hair of an earth rabbit youkai (you would have gone for the foot, but almost got your head caved in by a giant mallet), and spend more money than the Hakurei shrine has ever had in its donation bins at once trying to get enough 'good luck' fortunes. Finally, you wind up trading them all in to get the blessings of Suwako, herself, who guarntees you protection from all misfortune born of the lands itself.

The End: Confronting Hina again, and assuring her that your blessings will protect you from any curse on the entire planet Earth, she is, for the briefest moment overjoyed, and begins to contemplate a life spent with real contact with another person.

Then, a golfball-sized meteorite from outer space plows through your skull, bathing Hina in your cerebral fluids. In her lingering trauma, she swears off ever seeing or speaking to a human again.


It's time for "Teach Me, Keine Sensei!": Don't forget that the heavens and earth are two seperate forces in mythological areas. Getting hasty or cheap when it comes to cosmological forces is just foolish. That, or just learn to graze, I mean, it was only one meteor, kid!

Reimu's Sleeve (by Nameless Fairy, 2008-03-16)

You wake up. It's supposed to be morning, but it's still black as midnight outside. You go out and see flashes in the bamboo thicket behind your house. Curious, you investigate.

You find the shrine's miko and a witch blasting the crap out of one another. Then something long and white floats to your feet. It's a sleeve!

Two minutes later, etc etc.

Unfortunately for you, while doing the nasty with the sleeve you end up getting blasted by a really large beam of light. Maybe you should have gone home with it and invited it in for coffee instead of doing it in the forest?


Myon (by Nameless Fairy, 2008-03-16)

You're working happily in a grocery shop that you own in the Human Village. A silver haired girl in green came in to visit, and buy food. You notice she's armed, but hey. Cute girls generally are armed in a dangerous place like this. She hands you a list, you get to finding all the things on it.

When you get back, you find her waiting patiently for you. Then you see the most dazzling, most beautiful being in existence floating next to her - it seems to be a ghost.

You quickly look away, so as not to stare, but can't help noticing - did it just blush? You think nothing of it and give the girl her groceries. She thanks you and leaves, the ghost trailing lazily behind her. Then it turned back - did it just smile? Ghosts can't smile - and then continued it's lazy drift.

The rest of the day you can't stop thinking about that mysterious ghost. Why was it following that girl? And why did it look at you like that? Then as you begin to close up for the night, you notice a wakizashi in a scabbard where that girl and that ghost were sitting earlier that day.

Hakurouken. White tower sword? There aren't any white towers around here. You take it with you as you head for your home. It's late, you decide to turn in for the night. You roll out your bed, feed your pet cat, place the sword in the corner of the room, and get some shuteye.

You wake with a start as something cold brushes over you. Panicing, you grope for the light, but your hands seem to have found something warm. And covered in cloth. You feel a sharp pain as you roll over onto something.

Then it all becomes clear.

The girl had come back to your place to get her sword, the nice ghost woke you up because it wanted to make sure you weren't alarmed that they weren't breaking in or taking anything more than the sword.

You have a handful of the girl's chest, who is probably as embarassed as you are about it.

The sword has been knocked over by your cat, who had played with one of the ribbons on the scabbard. This sword was now out of it's scabbard and lying blade-upwards.

You had just rolled over onto it. And there's not much blood left in you, since it's embedded in one of your kidneys.

Aren't you glad that the last five minutes of your life are the least confusing in the world for you?


Medicine Melancholy (by Dejected One, 2008-03-16)


You worked as a guide for humans and weaker youkai to places around Gensokyo. Though your human customers were polite and thankful for your services, your youkai customers, fully understanding the threat of facing stronger youkai and some of the tougher humans, seemed to appreciate what you did to a greater extent. After a few years of nearly thankless work, you’d noticed that even the most formidable demons you’d fought committed fewer atrocities than humans.

One day, on the way back from one of your jobs, you lost your way during a detour and found a flowery hill. Sitting on the hill, playing and frolicking contentedly, was a young woman with short blonde hair and a black dress with a red skirt. She sat down on the crest of the hill and set a small doll which mimicked her perfectly on her lap and gently brushed its hair, the bright red ribbon in her own hair wafting elegantly along with the flowers as it shined in the waning sunlight.

Seeing nothing wrong with her, you began climbing the hill, being careful to avoid stepping on the flowers. As you neared her, the girl turned to look at you, her sky blue eyes filling with fear.

“G-go away! Get away from me!” She tumbled backward and laid low in the flowers, holding the doll in front of her defensively. “Y-you shouldn’t be here! It’s rude to go into other people’s homes.” Feeling somewhat hurt by her immediate rejection, you carefully explained to the girl that you were lost and wanted to get back to your home. After hearing that you lived just outside of the human village, she seemed to calm down a little and sat up on her knees. “You don’t live inside the village?” Truth be told, guides like you weren’t allowed to take residence inside the village as one in such a profession tended to make enemies of demons pretty quickly.

Somewhat relieved, the girl told you the way from the hill to the village and sent you on your way, though you could swear you heard her mutter “goodbye” as you left. Over the next few days, you found yourself frequently distracted by thoughts of the young blonde woman who called a lone hill her home. Though she seemed scared of your being there, you figured that if you left your sword, bow and quiver at the bottom of the hill and approached her unarmed, she might want to talk to you. Dropping your weapons and climbing the hill with your hands clearly visible, you again walked toward the girl and her doll. She still seemed apprehensive of you, you managed to get her name before going home: Medicine Melancholy. Collecting your things from the bottom of the hill, you called up to the girl that her name was really cute and told her you would come back tomorrow.

It took a little while, but eventually Medicine calmed down around you. The two of you talked and played together whenever you visited the hill. You enjoyed her youthful enthusiasm and her child-like affection while she seemed to view your cynicism about humans as the right way of doing things. Over time, you spent more and more time visiting Medicine and helping her take care of the flowers on the hill and she became more and more willing to go near your house at the edge of the village. You could hardly believe it, but you found yourself falling in love with her. Not only that, but you could sense that she shared your feelings.

“I- umm… Thanks for coming to visit me.” she told you after a particularly energizing day off of play and relaxation. Medicine had seemed distracted for most of the day, almost as though she was preparing to give someone bad news or announce she was moving. “I-I LOVE YOU!” she cried out, throwing her arms around your waist and burying her red face in your chest. Shocked by the motion, you found yourself tumbling backwards down the hill, Medicine still clinging to your waist now out of fear more than embarrassment.

Landing hard on your back, you saw that your robe had opened during the fall and that Medicine, now sitting on your stomach, had ripped her skirt at one point, her left leg uncovered. Her arms were now wrapped around your neck and, almost as though the hill had played a trick on you, your lips were pressed gently together. Your joy overflowing, you drew the young lady more into the kiss and flung your arms around her middle. The exhilaration was incredible. You felt like your heart would burst in your chest and your body burned with passion. However, she quickly shoved you away.

Shocked, you looked up, your eyes meeting Medicine’s grief-stricken ones. Her eyes quickly filled with tears, but seemed desperate to keep them from touching your skin.

“I’m sorry.” she whimpered. “I’m so sorry.” Over the next few minutes, Medicine apologized again and again, though you didn’t know for what. “I thought you would be okay since you were able to be around me, but… but… I-” She gasped as a single tear fell upon your cheek. A dull burning traced a line down your face, the same as the path of the tear. Your eyes widened in horror. You finally understood. In all the time you knew her, during all the days you played together, your skin had never touched Medicine’s.

“My… skin and *sniff* hair and everything. My *sniff* my entire body is-” She broke down crying before she could finish, but she didn’t need to. She tumbled off of you and inched away slowly. You tied to follow her, but found that you couldn’t move your legs. You knew better now than to think that your shortness of breath and inability to speak came from the grief of rejection. With what little mobility you had left in your blood-drenched neck, you looked at your stomach. The skin and flesh below of a portion of your side had already started to burn away. You were only remotely aware of Medicine crying harder as your screams of pain and horror filled the evening air and the meat on your stomach entirely burned away, revealing already infected and crumbling bones.

You hadn’t noticed it before because of how frequently you encountered demons with a similar power. You could breath it in from afar because of how diluted it was by then. You were able to touch her because you usually wore gauntlets when on the job and Medicine was careful. Neither of you knew, but it was already too late.

Medicine’s skin, hair and everything had been releasing a horrid and deadly poison.


Hong Meiling (by Sheoth, 2008-03-16)

Note: This is actually a good end from another thread, which was turned into a bad end by an addition.

One day while on your food-cart route, you pass in front of Scarlet Devil Mansion. As you're passing, a lone red-headed girl calls out to you. As she approaches, you are immediately captivated by her. You can't quite place it, but there's something very striking about her. She hands you a few coins, making her order as she does. You stare blankly for a moment before snapping back into reality, preparing what she ordered. As she begins eating, she comments on the flavor. You mention something about the spices used in it, and she immediately suggests a method for improving the flavor. Before long, you are both involved in a deep discussion of cooking techniques. You find yourself surprised at how much she knows and ask her name. She smiles as she says her name is Hong Meiling, then mentions something about everyone always calling her 'China'. Eventually, you have to leave to continue your route.

The next day, you visit again, and she is there once again. She orders food, and the two of you are once again wrapped up in a conversation about food preparation and cooking techniques. This continues for several days, and before long, you develop a romantic interest in each other. One day, as the two of you are out flirting with each other, a lone figure steps out of the mansion.

The Head Maid, Sakuya Izayoi.

Meiling freezes in fear as the maid approaches, and you glance around nervously, not knowing what's about to happen. The maid approaches Meiling, then informs her that she is being replaced in her position as door guard by someone 'more competent' than her. After that, the maid turns away, heading for town. Distraught, Meiling turns, placing her head down on the table, letting out a sad sigh. You think for a moment, then offer to let her work the stand with you. She looks up at you, eyes sparkling, and accepts the offer. Before long, the two of you get married, have kids, and eventually open a restaurant in the town, working away happily for the rest of your days.

VIVIT's addition (2008-03-16)

Ten years have passed. It is early morning, just after your restaurant opens its doors. As business does not usually pick up for another hour or so, Meiling is taking a break at one of the tables, writing a letter to Patchouli asking if she can tutor your socially inept but magically gifted older daughter. Ending it with the same beautiful, curvy signature she always does, she places it in the mailbox outside and sits back down to stretch.

Unexpectedly, you hear a customer enter. Leaving the oven to heat by itself, you go to greet the young lady who just walked in--


As if by reflex, the maid orders Meiling to get back to work, draws a silver knife and flings it at her head. Caught completely off guard, and sluggish from the relaxation of ordinary life, Meiling is unable to dodge.

The wound should not have been fatal.

As Meiling falls backward, her hat flies off, landing on the oven. In seconds, the kitchen wall ignites. Sakuya seems to have disappeared; you attempt to drag your wife away from the blaze, but she refuses, running upstairs instead. That's right; your youngest daughter is still inside!

As the inferno rages, you run outside, knowing your family's only course of escape is to use a window, but they never come.

As the flames die down, you find the charred corpse of your wife and child. The rabbit treating your wounds tells you your burns are far too serious for her level of expertise, and asks that you accompany her to Eientei for treatment. Keine immediately escorts your older daughter home upon hearing the news; you tell her that it's alright and that things will be tough for a while, but mom and sis have gone to a better place. It's a shame her greatest talent is mind reading; almost immediately, she turns around to leave. When you ask what she's doing, she coldly says "Avenging my sister" and flies off in the direction of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It's the last time you ever hear her voice.

You spend a few years assisting Keine and showing younger generations the ropes of business. One, the son of the owner of the Kirisame-ya shop, goes on to start Gensokyo's first chain store. He is your last apprentice before you fall seriously ill. Finding yourself in Eientei once again, the doctor tells you that you are beyond help, but that she has something for you: a letter bearing the seal of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

With one last surge of strength, you open the letter, but darkness falls before you have a chance to read it.

Sakuya Izayoi (by EZMode, 2008-03-17)

It had been almost a year since you found yourself in Gensokyo in the dead of winter. At first, you had wandered aimlessly, terrified of dying unnoticed in the brutal cold. The cold got to you, and you had lost consciousness in what you thought was an empty field, but when you regained consciousness, you were surprised to find yourself under the care of a middle aged couple that lived in the area, a tall man with dark hair and wide shoulders, and an average sized woman with greying blond hair pulled into a bun. They allowed you shelter and food for the next few weeks as the end of winter rolled around. During this time, you found out that the two that saved you were local grocers, running a 24/7 business in the human village, and that this land was their farm. Grateful for their hospitality, you decide to stay into the spring and lend a hand with their farming.

Being a city slicker that you are, handling the farm work was rather over your head, moreso than you thought it would be. The couple took it in stride however, and paid no mind to your occasional mistake. Come the summer months, you had become accustomed to the routine, able to outperform the aging husband even, much to his surprise and good humour. During this time, you had heard about the couples two sons, who had moved to the human village on their own long ago, though only one of them helps manage the actual grocery business in town. Summer moves into fall, and a courier arrives from the human village, carrying a letter from one of their sons. As it was, their son had become a father, yet lost his wife during childbirth. Unable to easily attend business at the store, he was forced to move on. The aging couple turn to you expectantly, and you step up to their wishes.

You were surprised to find the grocery store had a semblence of modern technology within it, apparently gifts from someone named Yukari who is easily able to pass between Gensokyo and the outside. Despite it's humble appearance from the outside, the grocery store was located in a richer district, which housed local ruling families and other important citizens of Gensokyo, including an engineer who, with help from something called a 'kappa', designed and built a waterwheel to generate electrical power for the sector. The inside of the building appeared much like a combination of a convenience store and a grocery store, much to your surprise, and contained a varity of familiar and unfamiliar products. When you first came to the building, you met a handful of other men who introduced themselves as suppliers, and that they were the ones that mostly delivered the goods you sold from the store. You briefly pondered what they meant by 'mostly', but didn't have time to ask admist the barrage of business related questions you faced immediately.

Aside from the store, there is a smaller building behind it that acts as the housing for the store keeper. All in all it's a good place, and the locals stop by the day you arrive if only to see the 'new guy in charge'. You're surprised by how friendly the populace is, and your surprise continues through the day as the visitors slowly change from ordinary people, to ordinary looking people with wings, tails, horns, animal ears, and various other unnatural or outright weird appearances. You've only heard of youkai in passing from the old couple, and never really fathomed the concept of animal people until now. You never really considered how troublesome being a twenty four hour grocer was until you were woken up in the middle of the night by a young girl with cat ears and two tails asking for fish, and another woman with nine fox-like tails appearing shortly afterwards who introduced herself as another of your suppliers, and had brought several boxes of chips. You learned that she was actually just a representative of Yukari's, and that it was actually Yukari who 'supplied' the more modern and familiar products in your store, but your questions as to why and how went unanswered.

Despite the oddities of your customers, from stereotypical witches who take what they want and insist you 'put it on their tab', to a shrine maiden who only ever seems to buy tea and snacks, and even a handful of identical looking dolls that worked in unison to gather and carry various objects and paid for it all in exact change, you find yourself enjoying the work. While it was a hassle to always have to worry about someone coming in the middle of a bath, or during the night when you were asleep, you did enjoy the fact that overall the majority of your customers so far seemed to be cute village girls, and on more than one occasion you caught a few of them looking at you over their shoulder, or pretending to look at some other item in the store while occasionally glancing at you. The thought of why there was so many girls never really crossed your mind, as there was definitely more than enough other men in the village, as you've learned from occasional trips to a local bar. None of them really took much of your interest though, until one day near the end of your second week.

You were organizing some shelves near the front of the store, when you heard a feminine voice behind you.

"Excuse me."

You hadn't even heard the door open. You began to turn around and your heart skipped a beat, more so at the woman's beauty than the fact she was standing less than a foot away. You first noticed her silver hair, which framed her face with two braids. You noticed her lips moving, and it didn't dawn on you she was naming off a list of groceries until she was nearly finished.

"Er, what? I'm sorry, I- uh, you lost me there."

She gave a short breath through her nose and began again, slower this time. You practically scramble around the store, as the list seemed to be purposefully ordered in a fashion that required you to cross the store several times. You didn't even care that you were essentially doing this woman's shopping for her as you occasionally stopped to set collected items on the counter where customers paid. The list ended, and you went around the counter to check the prices. You had only turned your back for a moment, and by the time you walked around the counter, the woman was gone, alone with the groceries. You blinked several times, almost hoping it was some kind of trick of the light. Were you just robbed? No, you saw a small coinpurse laying on the counter, and upon opening it, you found it contained more than enough money to pay the costs of the items. You were glad to not have been ripped off, but you found yourself unable to take your mind off of the woman, both her elegant beauty and her apparent ninja skills allowing her to enter and exit without so much as a sound.

Business continues as usual, the highlight of the week being when you decided to come down on the witch for constantly pilfering things from your store and forced her to pay up her 'tab', which netted you a handful of change, a bottle of strange liquid and a small solid block of some kind of fungus. Two weeks pass, and once again the silver haired woman appears just as suddenly as ever in the middle of your store and rattles off the same list. Once again, she vanishes just as suddenly, leaving a coinpurse on the counter. This time, however, you were running around a little less frantically, and managed to notice that she appeared to be a maid. That night, you have a rather pleasant dream about maids.

Time passes, and like clockwork, she shows up again two weeks later. Rather, she does come that week, but you don't see her. You had planned to try to impress her by gathering the usual list of groceries she picks up and leaving them on the counter. Your plan backfired however when they transformed into a coinpurse in the several seconds it took you to pick up a coin you accidentally dropped while counting change from a recent sale. Your plan foiled, you decided to try business as usual the next time she came by. Winter rolled in once again. For the most part, your intake of fresh produce dwindled, but was supplanted by an increase in goods delivered by the fox tailed woman you learned was named Ran. Despite the season though, your customers actually increase, as many people apparently enjoy the various snacks and treats you've been stocking from the outside. After two weeks though, the appearing woman doesn't do her usual magic act. You're somewhat upset, though you get over it the next week when she actually does show up, once again catching you by surprise with her quiet 'Excuse me'. You turn to her, but before you let her begin though, you decide you bite the bullet and initiate a conversation.

"You're a week late."

"Mistress Scarlet's tastes change with the winter season. She's become rather fond of the treats from here and spends more time eating them than demanding fresh meals."

Seemed to make sense. After all, that seemed to be the main reason for the increase in your business.

"Miss Scarlet, I assume, sounds like a woman with rather good taste."

The woman doesn't reply verbally, just offers a small smile. Your heart feels like it skips a beat, and you force yourself to ignore a small nagging feeling in the back of your head. She then lists off a different list of items, mostly snacks, and once again you collect them for her. You do something different for once, and collect the last item, then walk around behind the counter first before putting it with the rest of the objects. You're looking directly at her now, standing behind the counter. There's no way she can simply vanish now.

But she does. She withdraws a coinpurse from a pocket inside her apron, places it on the counter, and grabs the bags you've set on the counter. When you blink, she's gone. Damn it. That night you dream of a 'Miss Scarlet' in red leather bondage gear enjoying 'service' from her maid.

Three weeks pass again, and the silver girl comes for more snacks. Once again, she pulls her disappearing act. You start to feel rather annoyed by this, being so attracted to a woman you can barely manage to get more than a handful of words out of. It's been several months now and you still don't even know her name. You're about to chalk it up to bad luck and abandon your lust when you hit a lucky break at the three week mark, when she appears as you're serving the witch girl.

"Ah, Sakuya, long time no see."

Sakuya, what a beautiful name for such a beautiful woman.

"Ah, it's the theiving black-white one."

"Aw come on, is that any way to treat a friend?"

Sakuya scowls at the witch, obviously something grated her nerves.

"Friends don't routinely break into their friends houses, disturb their mistress, let little sister out, and disturb both the library keeper and her assistant before taking off with another armful of books."

A thick silence hung in the air. The witch nonchalantly shrugged as if it wasn't such a big deal. You don't really understand the implications Sakuya was making, but from her tone you can tell most of it was pretty bad.

"Do you think I like having to clean up glass all the time?"

"Eh~, it's your job, you'll get used to it."

Something, somewhere in Sakuya's mind, snapped. You could have sworn you saw her eyes shine red moments before a knife appeared in her hand. You didn't even see her reach into anything, but she grabs the witch by the collar and tackles her against the wall, holding her firm with one hand and pressing the blade of the knife to her throat with the other. It all happens much too fast for you to stop, and you're almost afraid to do anything now.

"Hey! Hey hey! Stop! This isn't the place for whatever grudges you have."

Your voice feels weak, and you feel like you're yelling down a well to stop the water at the bottom to stop being so wet. Time feels like it's passing slowly as Sakuya turns her head towards you, then she lets go of the witch and the knife just vanishes. She makes a sound as if she's clearing her throat.

"Sorry for that, sir." Sakuya said, then promptly vanished once again, leaving a shaken witch behind.

"Jeez, what a hot-head." the witch says.

"Well, I'd be pretty miffed to if someone kept wrecking my house and irritating everyone constantly only to steal some books."

The witch looks slightly annoyed at this comment.

"They're not just books, they're magic books, and I'm just borrowing them. If they'd treat me like a proper guest, and offer me tea, biscuits and a massage, I'd stop breaking into their mansion."

You almost felt like you would agree with her up to the part about massages, when you realized that she likely thought much more highly of herself than she probably deserved to be thought of.

"Maybe you should just stop being such a nuisance to others and act like a guest rather than a burglar."

The witches annoyed expression grew more. It was pretty obvious you hit the nail on the head and she didn't want to admit it. She turned with a huff and marched towards the door, snapping up a few treats along the way.

"Put these on my tab."

You consider stopping her, but she'd been a pretty good customer for a while now and had always managed to pay, so you decide to let her off for now. Besides, you can start looking forward to when you next get to enforce her tab, she was pretty cute when she was mad too.

Three weeks pass, and Sakuya doesn't return. A fourth week passes and no sign of her. A fifth, a sixth, and you start to feel maybe she's embarrassed to come back after her little incident. The end of winter comes around and spring is approaching fast. You start getting in new seasonal stock from the local suppliers, and Ran shows up with some some stock as well, and you begin to circulate the old stock out and replace it as needed. Business dwindles somewhat in the wake of the new season, and though officially New Years had passed, you hear about an upcoming festival to celebrate the New Year in the 'old-fashioned' way. Having never attended a festival of it's kind, you decide to check it out when it starts just for a change of pace.

The first night of the festival, you decide to close the shop for a few hours to go have some fun, leaving a sign that directs anyone visiting to the festival to have fun as well. It really is something else, booths selling food and candy, various games, and every so often there is a show put on by a variety of people, including a blond girl controlling a veritable army of familiar dolls in a multi-layered kick line, a trio of musical phantoms, and an ice fairy juggling 'frogged ice'. You're half-way through enjoying a Manzai act starring a local history teacher and a friend of hers with what appears to be a large amulet tied in her hair when you hear a familiar sound behind you.

"Excuse me."

You turn to find Sakuya waiting, and you can see right away that she looks quite tired.

"I have some things I need to buy. Mistress Scarlet has decided to throw her own New Years party last night and I've been working for nearly two days straight."

Her words pas sinto your mind, and you think over them a few times. How could she have been working so much if the decision was made so abruptly? You dismiss it as a mistake she made due to fatigue, though you still can't help but feel sorry for her having been run ragged. YOu agree to head back to the store to let her in. You half expected her to vanish, but you're surprised and actually kind of relieved and excited to find she's following you manually. You feel this is as good a time as ever to strike up another conversation as you clear the festival grounds.

"This Miss Scarlet sounds like a classic spoiled girl."

Sakuya sighs. You feel a lump in your throat at the sound of it, feeling like you've said something wrong. You get a flash of memory of the time Sakuya pinned the witch to the wall and nearly cut her throat. You hope something like that doesn't happen to you.

"She really is. She's a self-centered, spoiled little girl, but I owe her my life. Without her, I'd be alone and outcast again, it's the least I can do to fulfill her every desire, no matter how ludicrous it might be."

You walk in silence for a little while more. You weren't expecting such a response, and you're having a little trouble trying to think of something to say. The part about Sakuya owing her life to her Mistress was a bit unexpected, and you wonder what the story behind that was, but you feel it's best not to press on it too much. Before you can think of anything to say, you two reach the store. You unlock the door and step in, Sakuya follows you in and begins collecting the items on her own. You'd become so accustomed to it yourself that seeing her do it now was pretty shocking, but you notice as she moves around, every so often she seems to suddenly shift position suddenly, as if you were watching an animation missing a few frames. As you watch, she picks up a jar of jam, and it slips from her grip. Sakuya seems surprised at this, and makes no motion to try to catch it. The jar falls to within inches of the floor and vanishes. It takes you a few seconds to realize Sakuya is already holding it.

"Hold on. That's impossible. How do you keep doing that?" you say, as all the repressed questions you had about her and her vanishing acts boil up form the back of your mind.

"Your disappearing, your pulling things from nowhere, it makes no sense. Also, there were some times just now when you seemed to move slightly from where you were. What's going on?"

Sakuya doesn't move or say anything for a few seconds before silently walking to the counter and setting down the jar.

"It's a power, and a curse of mine."


"I can stop time."

"What, you mean like that internet joke?"

Silence permeates the store. You realize she probably doesn't get it and silently curse yourself for your little slip.

"So what's that mea-"

You're cut off when Sakuya is suddenly standing inches away from you. Your heart seizes in your chest, partially from surprise and partially from excitement at being close enough to feel Sakuya's breath.

"As you can see"

"I can move around"

"Completely at will"

"Imperceptable to you"

"As yous tand frozen in time."

Sakuya delivers this short speech as she repeatedly vanishes and reappears in different parts of the store. Each time she appears, you start to look towards her, but by the time you do she's already gone and appeared at the edge of your vision again. By the time she's finished, she's standing behind you. You turn around and see her looking towards the ground as if ashamed.

"This power has caused me nothing but suffering. I lost my friends, my family, and even my home because people were afraid of me. I was forced out of my own hometown because they thought my presence was an omen. I managed to survive at the expense of others. Stealing what I could, and... killing people that knew."

Your heart jumped into your throat. She said it so calmly that you had a hard time believing that it was true, but in the back of your mind, you felt like you believed her.

"Remilia Scarlet was the last person I tried to steal from. She had a large house, and a large fortune. I could have lived the rest of my life in comfort, but I was caught, and I attacked her. I didn't even know she was a vampire until she had beaten me."

Your mind reeled again. Vampires? You felt like you could hardly believe her now, but from her expression, you knew she wasn't trying to screw with you. At least, you were pretty sure she wasn't a professional actress at the very least.

"She gave me a new name, Sakuya Izayoi, and a new fate. I left behind my life of murder and theft and became her maid because she valued my power. I can do a full days work in a span of time non-existant to others, this is something that Miss Scarlet especially enjoys. Even with this though, I could enver hope to repay her even if I gave her my entire life."

You never figured Sakuya to be the self-sacrificing type, willing to serve her Mistress for the rest of her life.

"Well, the pay must be good, right?"

Sakuya just replies with a sarcastic sounding laugh.

"I could never accept payment. Miss Scarlet provides me with shelter and food, that much is enough for me."

"Sounds like she has you living as her dog."

Sakuya's brows furrow, and you feel like you might have just crossed the line. Sakuya doesn't do anything however aside from sigh.

"I guess she does."

"Does she at least allow you a personal life?"

You can already tell her answer from her expression, which is just as well since she doesn't answer the question.

"I've already left this store four times to attend to Miss Scarlet's needs for the celebration she's having right now, I'm afraid I can't spare any more time. I'm sorry."

Just like that, she vanishes once again. You turn to find the groceries on the counter missing, replaced only with a coinpurse once again. You don't sleep well that night, as you spend most of the time in bed contemplating what you can do.

The next morning, you decide to close the shop again. You have more pressing business to attend to than selling junk food. Before you even leave the door, however, Sakuya is already standing outside.

"If you're planning to speak to Miss Scarlet about me, don't even bother. Just go back into your store and conduct business as usual."

You say nothing. Sakuya has stated her reasons for her position, but you can't accept them, whether it's because of your expectations of fair treatment or simply because of your affection for the maid, you finish locking the door and turn around. She's already disappeared. You've never exactly heard where it was she worked from her, but you had a hunch you knew about it. After all, it was the only blood red building by the lakeside. The hike itself took hours, and it had long past noon by the time you circled the lake and found yourself staring at the large, ominous looking house. You also noticed the large wall, broken only by a gate. A lone red haired woman in a foreign looking green garb stood alone out front, eyes to the sky. Was she a guard? She didn't look like much.

"Uh, hello?"

The woman turns her attention to you and blinks in a surprised fashion. She then takes on a rather warm and friendly expression.

"Oh? A visitor? Are you here for Miss Scarlet?"

So this was the right place after all. It was too late to turn back now, and you set yourself into your conviction.

"I suppose you could say that. I have business with Remilia concerning Sakuya."

The gate woman gives a short bow as her expression takes an apologetic form.

"I'm sorry, but Miss Scarlet currently isn't expecting visitors and-"

"I'm going in."

Once again, the gate womans expression changes once again, into something resembling hostility. She says nothing however until you approach.

"You're not entering."

You stop for a second. The sudden change in even the tone of her voice was rather sudden, and you feel that perhaps she might actually be able to stop you. You brush that thought aside though when you consider you've easily got twice the muscle mass she does, and you could probably block any kind of attack she might throw at you. You walk towards the gate once again. You don't even see the blow that knocked you unconscious. By the time you've regained consciousness, you're laying on your back in front of your store. Your head feels like it's just been kicked by an entire country, and you pull yourself up, world spinning beneath your palms. You refuse to believe that a single woman was able to hit so hard, despite all the evidence behind it. You learn the lesson better over the next few weeks, with each hike to the mansion resulting in another invisible blow to the skull and you waking up back at your store. It really seems you're never getting in.

Two weeks pass and Sakuya appears once again, listing the new list of groceries for you to collect for her, and you set about business as usual until you once again pick up the last item.

"I've been trying to get into the mansion to talk to Remilia."

You can see a look of disapproval on Sakuya's face.

"I really wish you would stop trying. I've been hearing about an annoying man that kept showing up the last few days from Meiling," she said with an exasperated sigh. "I thought it was you, but I figured you would be smarter than to keep getting dispatched day after day."

Normally, you had thought so too, but then again, sometimes desperation can make someone do something they would never normally try. You're about to argue your case when she speaks up again.

"Even if you could get inside, Miss Scarlet is a very difficult person to predict. She may or may not eat you on the spot, and that would be troublesome for me."

Your heart nearly explodes in your chest at her words. Was that some form of a confession. Sakuya seems to read your expression however.

"I meant that it would end up being more work for me if the local grocer went and died. I would likely have to find a way to replace the grocer, or find a way to obtain the groceries on my own."

Well, that was a killjoy. Still, you didn't think it would have been that easy to begin with. What you do know however, is that you simply cannot let it rest.

"I'll get in one day, and I'll make Remilia hear me."

Sakuya's face bore an annoyed scowl and she said nothing. She simply vanished once again, leaving the payment for the groceries behind, and you to your planning. You were wondering exactly how you would manage to get past the gate guard at the very least, when your answer came to you. Or rather, came into your shop. The black-white witch.

"Hey, witch."

Her attention snaps to you with a somewhat annoyed look.

"I do have a name you know, it would serve you well to learn your best customer's name."

You wait for a few seconds for her to introduce herself. It becomes apparent, however, that she wasn't going to when she goes back to perusing your stock.

"So... what is your name?"

"I'm not sure if you're ready to know it yet."

Part of you wonders if this witch is really as old as she looks. You wonder how someone apparently in their late teens could be so childish.

"In any case, I was wondering if you were going out to Sakuya's mansion any time soon."

The seemed to really catch her attention, as she immediately stopped her shopping and turned her head towards you.

"Yeah, actually I was going today. Why?"

"I was wondering if you could do me a favour, and in return I'll waive your current tab, as well as the cost for whatever you buy today."


Minutes later, you're soaring over the landscape, clutching onto the witche's broom for your life. You never expected flying to be so exhiliratingly dangerous. The witch herself sat near the end of the broom, several bags of snacks and assorted merchiandise hanging from the handle, and you perched near the front.

"So-some wild ride."

You barely manage to choke out the words in the rush of air surrounding you. You can already see the lake looming in the distance, and the red mansion at it's edge. It only takes a few minutes for the distance to close, and you see the gate complete with guard, who immediately jumps into a panic. You see a faint shimmer of colour from below.

"Ah damn, hang on if you know what's good for you."

The broom takes a sharp turn as a wave of what looks like glowing shards of glass fly by the front of the broom. Looking down, you see even more in some kind of kaleidoscopic swirl of colour, originating from, of all things, the guard herself. The broom, complete with you and the witch, darts between waves of shards, circling the entire area before closing in on the guard at the center, passing within arms length. You can see the furious expression on the guards face as she sees both you and the witch.

"Nice try China, maybe you should mount a better 'last stand'."

Suddenly, you dart outwards with theb room, flying out of the storm of colour, leaving angry shouts behind as you and the witch clear the wall and she swings low to the ground beyond, flying just inches from the cobblestone walkway lined with trees.

"She really hates it when I do that. Anyway, this looks like your stop, I'm going in another way. Thanks for the snacks!"

Before you can even ask her to slow down to let you off, you feel a sharp kick at your back and your hands slip off. In a panic, you tuck your arms in and brace for impact, hitting the walkway with your shoulder and immediately beginning to roll. You catch a glimpse of the witch herself veering off around the house and disappearing from sight. Aside from one arm feeling slightly sore and looking like it's about to bruise, you feel mostly okay. You look back towards the gate and feel your heart jump as you see the gate guard soaring through the air towards you. You're too close to the doors to get caught, and you make a mad dash for the entrance. You don't know how close behind you she is, and you don't care. You manage to reach the doors just as you feel a hand grab the back of your shirt. You in turn, lash out your hand and grab the door handle, giving it a violent wrench open. The door's sudden opening causes you to lose balance and fall backwards, and a fist careens past your head and strikes the door with enough force to tear it from your grip and slam it shut with a loud, resounding bang.

You hit the walkway hard, and look up only to see the guard standing above you with one foot in the air. She's about to stomp your head into the stairs. You react quickly and move aside just before the foot comes down with enough force to shatter the stones around the point of impact. You scramble into a sitting position and try to stand as the guard takes a combat pose. You cringe and try to protect yourself from whatever kind of killing blow she's about to land. The blow never comes though, and you lower your arms to see why. Between her and you stands Sakuya. What you feel to be your saviour however, bears a rather hostile scowl. You don't even notice the knives she's holding until a few seconds have passed.

"You can't seem to follow simple instructions, can you? It would figure that another stupid outsider thinks they're above everyone else and can do what they want."

Her voice has a cold, uncaring tone to it, and you can almost feel a hint of murderous intent in it. This was radically different from the Sakuya you mostly knew, and you had images of the angry Sakuya that had attacked the witch in your store. You started to feel that this was indeed a very bad idea. Before you even realized it however, you were sitting on the floor of a grand hall. A large, exquisite red carpet extending beneath you into the edge of sight.

"I've brought one of the intruders, Miss Scarlet."

You hear Sakuya's voice from behind you, and slowly turn. The rug leads up a short flight of steps, lined with tall candlebras burning bright red candles, and a tall throne looking chair on which sat a very young looking girl. This was Remilia? A laugh came from somewhere, perceptably from the direction of the throne, but it seemed to echo from the entire room as well. The child like mistress steps down from her seat and slowly strides up to you.

"So, is this the one that's been making himself a bother for Meiling?"

Sakuya nods in response, and you see the young vampire take a vew more steps towards you. Despite the fairly dim candle light, you can see the tips of fangs poking from behind her lips.

"Tell me human, why do you feel you have the right to intrude on my land?"

Your voice catches in your throat. For the first time ever, you feel like this was all a very bad idea, and all of your efforts have instantly become regrets. You're certain you're going to die anyway, so you hope that being honest buys you a quicker death.

"I think your treatment of Sakuya is too harsh. She serves you loyally, and you don't even appreciate her efforts by giving her time off."

Nothing happens for a long time. You're not quite sure how you were taken, as Remilia's expression hasn't changed from a mild annoyance she's had ever since you first set your eyes on her. After what feels like an eternity, you see a small smile come to Remilia's face.

"You're very brave, human. Infiltrating my estate to break into my own mansion, all to tell me I'm treating my own servant unfairly. Normally, I would have you for dinner, but I'm afraid I've already eaten recently, and so I'll let you live for now. As for your request..."

Remilia falls silent, turning her back to you and making her way back up to the throne. She once again reclaims her seat.

"Sakuya, I thank you for your service. You've been a loyal maid to me for many years more than I'm aware of. You're free to spend your time as you wish, I'm more than capable of taking care of myself."

You look towards Sakuya, expecting some kind of reaction out of her. She has her head bowed, and shadow hides her face. You see a brief glint of light, and realize that she seems to be crying, of all things.

"Miss Scarlet, I-"

"Enough Sakuya. I'll take you back as my maid any time I wish, for now enjoy being a normal human woman."

Silence falls once again, and nothing happens for quite a period of time. You slowly stand up and hesitate for a moment, unsure whether to try to talk to Sakuya or simply leave. The decision is made for you however, and you suddenly find yourself standing back outside your store. You don't feel sore, so you obviously weren't hit, but you do still feel a pain in your chest, wondering if what you just did was really for the best. It wasn't until the next day that you would learn the consequences of your actions.

You had opened the store as usual, and having a slow day when Sakuya entered. You're shocked almost beyond reason however, as you actually see her use the door for once as opposed to simply appearing out of nowhere. She's still waering her maid outfit, but you do notice that she's no longer wearing the headband she usually did. Was this the only kind of clothes she had?

"Miss Scarlet's made up her mind it seems. She's insisted I take some time off to pursue my own interests, but..."

She trails off. You don't even need her to finish her sentence, since you already know that the only thing she apparently looks forward to anymore is serving Remilia. You briefly consider several things to say to her, but your train of thought is cut off.

"Why would you do something like that to me? How could you convince Miss Scarlet to let me go so easily? What kind of power did you use on her?"

You can see tears in her eyes now. You never thought she would be so torn up over being told to go have some fun. It occurs to you now that she's probably been a servant for so long that she's forgotten how to.

"I didn't use any power. The decision was entirely her own."

Sakuya doesn't respond, simply stands there looking sad. You almost want to go give her a hug, tell her everything's going to be alright and that you'll be there for her, but you're also kind of afraid she'll stab you if you get too close right now, so you keep your ground behind the counter.

"As it turns out, Miss Scarlet doesn't want me to stay at the mansion either. She said that I'd likely go right back to my duties without ever considering going out on my own will, so..."

This was it, this was a sign. Your only chance. You had to go for it.

"You can stay with me."

You bite your tounge, despite it being what you truly wanted to say. Sakuya doesn't make any move to reply for a while, then slowly shakes her head.

"I'll find someplace else, I wouldn't want to be in your way."

You curse your bad luck, scrambling in your mind to fit together words that would sound right.

"I'm responsible for what happened to you. It's only natural I should make sure you're okay. We both know how you used to be, and I don't want to see you have to go back to that life style."

You feel like you made a bad choice after saying that, as Sakuya's tears brim over and start rolling down her face, dropping onto her apron. You really can't help but feel sorry for her now, having been cast out of her only home and forced out of work, even though she was being worked to the bone, you can tell she really enjoyed it and now you begin to feel guilty for bringing this onto her with your own selfish actions.

"I guess I can stay here for today."

She walks towards the end of the counter, where you meet her and escort her out the back of the store and into the home portion. While not as large as the store, it's still barely large enough for two people, and you find yourself feeling somewhat awkward now realizing that there'd defintely not be enough space for you and Sakuya. You lead Sakuya into the living area, where there were some chairs you never really used along with some shelves lined with books, various stories and a few books from the outside world. You decide to leave Sakuya here and head back to the store, where you find two customers already waiting to be served. The rest of the day goes by, and you almost forget about Sakuya. After night fall, after a blue-grey haired, winged girl leaves your store, you decide to check in on Sakuya again. You almost break your jaw from how fast it drops when you step into the home portion. It looks like you just stepped into a mansion. It takes you several minutes at least to cross the entryway that lead both into the store and directly outside, and you came to the living area you left Sakuya, also as stretched out, where you find Sakuya sitting calmly in a chair, reading one of the books. You also notice a saucer at her side on the table, and a teacup, neither of which you recognize.

"Wha- How?"

Sakuya looks up form the book as if she hadn't noticed.

"Oh, it felt cramped in here, so I decided to change it."

The explanation seemed too casual for it to be serious.

"How does that work?"

"Manipulation of time is similar to manipulation of space. It takes you longer to reach point B from Point A, making it larger by effect."

You wonder how such a thing could even be possible, and your mind flashes back to the brief glimpse you caught of the interior of the mansion. It did seem that everything was impossibly large, the single room you were in being large enough to consist of the entire inside of the mansion alone. Despite the size though, you can't help but realize that now there's even more bland room, and the furniture that once nearly filled it was nothing more than a single corner of the room. You had been pulling in some rather substantial profit though, even after paying for the various goods you receive from the suppliers, and decide that new furnishings were quite in order. At least for now Sakuya seemed to be in a better mood.

"It seems you've calmed down a bit at least."

Sakuya nods, taking a sip from the teacup. You wondered when she brewed the tea, as you didn't smell anything before entering the room.

"For now at least, I can enjoy myself, though I can't imagine spending my entire day being idle."

That made some sense. You knew first hand how boring spending an entire day doing nothing could be when you still lived outside Gensokyo. You yawn, tired from the day, and decide to head off to bed.

"If you want, Sakuya, would you mind keeping an eye on the store over night?"

There was no reply. you looked back to make sure he was still there. She was, but she seemed engrossed by the book she was reading. In any case, you weren't expecting that much business over night anyway, as you very rarely had more than one or two customers in the middle of the night a week. You were a bit surprised to find the bedroom was the only place that hadn't been supersized, though you were thankful it wasn't a ten minute walk to your own bed. You slept soundly, without even thinking that you were now too far from the door to hear anyone knocking at night to begin with.

The next day, you find Sakuya reading another books, yet still drinking form the same teacup. Surely it had to have gone clod a long time ago, and for that matter, had she been awake all night?

"When did you sleep?"

Sakua looks up from the book.

"I had some rest yesterday, and again last night. You wouldn't have noticed, since it all happened in a moment to you."

It took a while to realize she meant she had been sleeping when she stopped time. Seemed she was still sticking to routines that would ensure she had too much free time.

"You know, if you slept without stopping time, you wouldn't have as much time to have to spend in a day."

You get no answer as Sakuya continues reading the book. You think Sakuya's probably mad at you for causing this kind of change in her life, and decide to get back to the store for the new morning. You get as far as the door.

"If you'd like a hand with the store today, I'd be glad to help."

You turn around, Sakuya has closed the book in her lap and is looking at you, waiting for a response.

"Uh, sure."

As expected however, you reach the store with Sakuya in tow, inform her of what you need to get done, and once you finish the explanation, there is a slight shift in her posture and you realize she completed the entire duty in a literal split second. While it was still done, you're annoyed at how it happened in a time imperceptible to you.

"You know, you're only going to hurt yourself in the long run if you keep manipulating time to get things done. You'd be surprised how much the day can change before you realize it when you're working. If you want to fulfill your Mistress' wishes and enjoy your time, I'd think you'd be better off living in real time as opposed to Sakuya time, or else you're going to spend a lot of time sitting and doing nothing."

Sakuya doesn't make a response, simply watches as you rattle on. It's a little unnerving, since she looks expressionless.

"I guess I could try it that way." she says after a while. You hope she doesn take your advice seriously, since you figure she'd want to be back in Remilia's service as soon as possible, and completing everything she wants to in a split second of real time would only make the wait longer. You duck beneath the counter and pull out a box containing the profits from the last few weeks and count out some money, handing it to Sakuya.

"Here, I think you should at the very least get some new clothes in the town at the very least."

She silently accepted the money, even though she didn't really look like she liked the idea.

"I might as well. I'm not a maid anymore after all."

Sakuya slightly trailed off towards the end, as if she didn't want to admit it to herself that she had been cast off. After a few seconds, she exited the store normally, which was a slight relief. The day went as usual, customers coming in and buying their usual. Sakuya didn't return for several hours, and when she did, she was carrying a few bags you recognized were branded with local tailors logos. You were busy with customers, but you managed to steal a moment to look back at Sakuya, who simply acknowledged you with a smile and a nod. You returned to your business until nightfall, when you closed shop once again.

You found Sakuya had already changed into something else, a rather simple dress matching the colour of the maid outfit she wore. Well, it was a change at least. You also noticed she was putting the rest of what she bought into the bottom drawer of the dressing cabinet in your room.

"So, I take it you've decided to stay here?"

"No one else would take me."

So that's hat took her so long today.

"What do you mean?"

"Everyone recognizes me as the Scarlet Devil's maid. They're afraid of having me around, thinking I'm looking for humans for Miss Scarlet to feed from."

You felt another pang of guilt. It was your fault after all, but that's why you agreed to house her for now. Remilia did seem like the kind that would change her mind often after all, and you figured this was just something that would be temporary. Sakuya finished packing away the clothes she bought then flopped back onto the bed. She turned her head towards you, and your heart jumped a little at the sight of her like that.

"If you don't mind, I'd like the bed tonight. Real time is tiring. I'm amazed that so many people can manage to do so many things in a day with the little time they're alloted."

You smirk a little. It was a bit odd to hear something like that, but you figure that Sakuya had long been used to being able to do a full days work under perpetual sunshine and moonlight, so having the rising and setting of the sun for once must have been quite a difference for her. Before you even realize you're staring, she'd fallen asleep hanging off the end of the bed. Not wanting to leave her like that, you carefully half slide, half pull her farther up onto the bed, trying not to disturb her too much in case she wakes up with the wrong idea, and fold the blankets over her, leaving the room quietly. That night, you find out it's hard to sleep in a chair.

The next day came, and Sakuya once again helped with the store, but did it without use of her powers. This was met with complaints after a group of village kids came in to buy treats and messed up some displays Sakuya just got finished working with. By now, organizing and cleaning the store only took an hour, though without her time manipulation, it took Sakuya at least 4. During this time, you noticed something you should have noticed earlier. You haven't seen Sakuya eat anything yet, and she'd been around for nearly two days now. You thought about asking her about it, but decided on a better idea. You conducted business as usual, teaching Sakuya how to handle payment and price calculations, something she picked up on pretty easily compared to you. You let her manage the store for a few hours just so she could see how it was done, so she could at least have something to do for the days she spent here. When closing time came, you decided to do something a little different. You locked up the store and went back to the house, where you once again found Sakuya with her mysterious teacup and a book. One of these days, you figured you'd get around to asking her about it, but you had something else on your mind right now.

"Hey Sakuya, you want to go get some dinner in the town? I haven't seen you eat anything since you've come here."

Sakuya looked up from her book, and you thought you caught a faint glimpse of red in her cheeks before she returned to her book.

"It's improper for a maid to be seen eating."

That again. You thought it was a bit strange, but it seems she still retained some of her maid qualities after all. It took some work, but you managed to get Sakuya to put her book down and agree to dinner. That's when the hard part kicked in, finding a restaurant that wasn't overly formal you could take her to. After all, you were more so concerned with her eating habits than wanting to take her on a date. That's how you would have explained had she asked you your reasoning at least. In the end, you settled for a ramen stand you happened to be familiar with due to occasional outings with some of your friendlier suppliers. You order your usual favourite, Takayama ramen, and Sakuya orders Hiyashira-men. Never figured she'd have a cat's tounge, but it's no skin off your nose. You enjoy the meal, aside form the fact the stall keeper kept shooting Sakuya sideways glances and that Sakuya averted her eyes each time you looked at her and looked like she was embarrassed to be eating. She ate well though, which made you feel a little better about her condition. If there was one thing you would change, it would be the complete silence between the two of you the whole time.

On the way back to the shop, you decided to try to break the ice more. After all, she was living with you in a way, and was helping you with your store, so you figured it would be a good thing to try to talk more. Each of your attempts to start a conversation were ultimately destroyed by her short replies that left little to build on. This continued the entire way back to the store, and by th time you reached the home, you had resigned yourself to a fate of silence when you felt a strong arm push you from behind and slam you into the door, forcing it open. You quickly turn yourself on the ground and see a large man standing outside the doorway, with two other men behind him.

"Running a youkai grocery store, eh? You shame the rest of humanity by treating those animals and monsters like humans..

You notice that one of the men has grabbed Sakuya by the arm and was currently struggling to restrain her.

"We were just going to beat you and tear up the place, but we think we'll do that to your woman here instead."

The group of men burst into laughter. You began to stand, ready to fight them all if you had to, when Sakuya suddenly vanished. Within seconds, a blue and silver blur darted around the area, leaving large gashes across the men's arms, faces, chests, and so on. The blur stopped before you, revealing Sakuya facing the men holding two knives, blood dripping from the blades.

"You three should be glad I spared your lives for threatening my master and his establishment."

Master? Oh dear.

The three men took a few steps back, they already looked like they've bled a lot. They retreated after a few seconds without a word, only three similar sets of scowls. Sakuya flicked her hands and the knives vanished into nothingness. She turned to you and you could see she had splattered some blood on her dress. You don't know what might have been wrong with you, but seeing a partially bloodsoaked Sakuya excited you in all the right ways. That's when you remembered what she had said. Master?

"You called me your Master, Sakuya?"

She seemed to blush a little, as if she had hoped you wouldn't bring it up.

"Y-yes, I did. I am your servant after all."

That would explain her silent attitude, you figure. She seems to have come under the belief that you've taken her in as a maid, and was acting the part on her own will. Well, that would have to change.

"I don't want you as a servant, Sakuya."

Sakuya seemed startled, and then turned her eyes towards the ground.

"Well, I'm sorry for making that assumption. I-"

She stops suddenly, as if she was trying to think of something more to say. You realize now she's drawing yet another conclusion all on her own.

"No, no, Sakuya, that's not what I meant. I don't want you to leave, I just don't want you to think of yourself as my servant."

Sakuya looked back up at you, a sad expression on her face. You feel your heart fluttering in your chest as you think about what to say next.

"I want you to stay here with me as a guest. I want you to be Sakuya, the grocer's assistant, not Sakuya, the grocer's maid."

There was s slight change in her expression at this, but she maintained the same sorrowful look she had.

"Anyone can be your assistant though, there's nothing special about me being here."

Oh boy, here it comes, the moment of truth. You've wanted to put off having to say this for as long as possible, because you were afraid of it backfiring, but it seemed this was your only chance and you had to take it.

"I want you here because... I think you're beautiful, and there's nothing more I'd want to see in the world than your smiling face every day."

Just as your heart felt like it exploded, Sakuya's face changed from sorrow to surprise, and you could see her face turning red even in the moonlight outside. She tried to say something, but seemed like she kept getting los tin her words. Deciding to carry the momentum, you reach out and take her hand in yours.

"Please, stay here with me, for my sake."

Sakuya froze up momentarily, and then stepped forward through the doorway silently. She didn't look directly at you, but you felt that was better, because if she did actually look you in the eyes right now you'd probably have a heart attack.

"I'll stay then," she said, almost a whisper. "And thank you for being so kind."

Without another word, she removed her shoes and disappeared into the house in the direction of the bedroom. Looks like you'd be sleeping in a chair again tonight.

The next morning came, and Sakuya joined you in the store as usual, wearing another of the dresses she bought in the town. Despite them all being the same blue colour, they all had slightly different styles or touches to them, but all of them looked equally frilly. The main thing you noticed that was different today however, was Sakuya's smile. It really was something you would want to see every day.

"Good morning Sakuya, seems you're in good spirits today."

She walked around the counter, heading towards the nearest displays to begin the routine organization.

"Why wouldn't I be smiling? Today I woke up as a normal girl for the first time in years."

Literally overnight it seemed she had changed, really taken your words to heart. Everything she did she did well still, but the way she handled it made you feel more like you were watching a peppy village girl than the quiet, meticulous maid Sakuya had been. It was almost enough to make you think that the violent, knife weilding Sakuya was all but a distant, bad dream. She even greeted customers on her own when they came in, something that surprised a good few of them, especially the witch, who nearly ran out the door once she saw Sakuya. What surprised you the most is when Sakuya explained the reasons behind her sudden enployment shift from maid to grocer, she left out the term 'Master', but you realized that she never referred to you by name. It dawned on you then that she probably didn't even know it, and suddenly you felt like a huge idiot. You stepped aside to let Sakuya serve the witch, and once the witch left, you called Sakuya's attention.

"Sakuya, I just realized, you don't know my name, do you?"

Sakuya's expression didn't change, and you realized she probably knew this but didn't think anything of it. You felt a lot stupider now.

"I had served Miss Scarlet for a year before I learned her name by accident. I figured when you wanted to tell me you would."

You facepalmed in your head. You can't recall how long you've known her name, but she didn't know yours. You realized that it might have been a slight reason for embarrassment for Sakuya as well. You rectified this oversight by telling her your name. The rest of the day goes by pretty easily, with Sakuya opening up to conversation more instead of her short replies from the night before. You quickly find she's very opinionated when it comes to certain subjects, mostly cleaning, organization, cooking, and various other subjects that relate to maid tasks generally. Some things she doesn't go further into though, especially cooking. You wonder how hard it could have been to cook for a vampire, but since Sakuya won't divulge any information, you guess you'll stay in the dark about that for now. Night falls, you close up the store, and head back to find Sakuya preparing some soup from ingredients taken from the store. She insists on cooking at the very least, since your meals for the past few days aside from the ramen had been random products you took off the shelfs. At the end of the night however, you're still sleeping in a chair. You're starting to get used to it now though.

Days pass in a similar routine. You wake up to attend the store, Sakuya follows you to do her usual organiztion, which she's been getting better at, and watch the store fo rthe evening. In the last few days though, she begins leaving to head to the town, taking a bit of money with her on occasion. She'd occasionally come back with some take out from some various restaurants, and every so often she'd return with some kind of decorative item. Over the days, your bland house slowly turns into something much more, looking more like the interior of a lavish mansion than something a few steps above a shack. Still, you can't shake the feeling that this decorative bender Sakuya is on is her way of subconsciously returning to Remilia's mansion. You prepare your self for some kind of maid relapse, but it doesn't come. After several weeks, almost the entire interior of your home has been redesigned by Sakuya, who has quite obviously decided to stay here for quite a while. Not that you would complain about it, even though you've been sleeping in a chair.

One day, however, you find yourself a little tired of the same monotonous routine, and decide to change things a little. You head up to close the store, and when you turn around, Sakuya seems a little confused about your decision.

"Let's go do something today, I feel like getting some sun."

Sakuya simply smiles and nods in reply. You take some of the profits and head out with Sakuya. Part of the day is spent walking around the town, looking through shop windows at various things. A few times Sakuya stops to admire something through a window and starts talking about how well it would look along side something else. Your mind begins to wander, thinking about the potential of getting a double bed, but you'd need to figure out a way to get it back into the house to begin with. As you walk around, you eventually find yourselves wandering onto a windy hill overlooking a river leading through the town and into the nearby lake. You've been here for quite a while now, but you've never really taken the time to admire the landscape. You're rather impressed with how picturesque the entire world looks, and how relaxing it is. It's so relaxing, you don't even think about what you say next.

"Have you ever wanted to start a family?"

You freeze up. What did you just say? You can feel your face turning into an inferno, over what you just said and how casually you had said it. You're almost too embarrassed to even see how Sakuya reacted. Out of the corner of your eyes you see she's buried her face in her knees. You're not sure of what this reaction meant, as you couldn't bring yourself to check out of embarrassment.

"I-I'm sorry, that was probably sudden. I don't know what came over me, I-"

"I have."

Your heart exploded, you're sure of it this time.

"When I was a little girl, I used to dream about having a family of my own. When I found outa bout my abilities though, and when others found out..."

She trailed off. After you had first heard her talk about herself in the past, you've never liked any time she talked about it again. You couldn't begin to imagine how much it must have been hurt to be turned away by friends and even family over something, whether it was an amazing power or not.

"I'd never thought about my own desires for the longest time, especially after coming under Remilia. I could have never managed it before, and after becoming a maid, I would never have had the time to, but now... maybe I'd like to try."

That's it, your heart really has stopped. Your mouth has also gone dry this time as well, though you could barely hear Sakuya as she gradually got quieter and it became hard to hear her over the sound of your own heart in your ears.

"Th-then, would you like a chance at a happy life?"

You can barely hear yourself over your own heartbeat. Your words feel like a distant echo. It feels like an eternity passes in each second. To your confusion, Sakuya starts to laugh.

"I'd never thought it would come to this," she said, craning herself back from her knees. "You'd been such a pest. I remember thinking to myself 'What a fool, risking his life so often for something that would never happen.'"

Sakuya looks at you, and laughs again at your confused expression.

"What surprised me was when you actually managed to get in, even though I thought for sure you were a dead man the second you were brought before Remilia. I wasn't looking forward to the mess she would make of you, but in the end she was the one that really made the mess out of me."

She returned her head to her knees, wrapping her arms around her thighs. Her head was pointed towards you though, as you simply sat and tried your hardest to hear her over your pulse.

"Thank you for being the one to pick up my pieces. I guess even someone like me deserves a chance to be happy."

With that, she leans over and gives you a kiss on the cheek. You lose control utterly, and before she can withdraw, you move in and take your first kiss, and second, and third. Sakuya doesn't resist, as you fear she would, and seems to agree with the way things are going and returns your feelings just as equally. You spend what must have been an hour on the hill together, though you never noticed that the wind-blown grass had stopped swaying the entire time. The two of you eventually regain enough control and sensibility to head back home hand in hand. Your heart is still pounding in your ears, but you feel truly happy. While you had planned to continue the show at home, you quickly notice that quite a few people are waiting at the front of the building. You resign yourself to open the store, when Sakuya grabs you by the shoulder.

"Where are you going? We still have all the time in the world?"

Something about the look in her eyes combined with the birds you noticed suddenly stopped in mid air tips you off to what she has in mind. The two of you barely make it into the house before the clothes start coming off, and you two have escaped to the refuge of the bedroom, where you spend hours together enjoying each other to the fullest, all in a fraction of a second. Fatigued and a little sore, you briefly ponder going to serve the customers waiting outside, but fall asleep before you reach a decision.

Despite the veritable flood of lust, life returned to normal for the most part, with the main difference being how much time Sakuya spent together with you. Before, she would do her organization and then read or take a walk before assuming her shift at the counter, but now she spent her whole day beside you at the counter. She had made such a drastic change from the quiet, to-the-point maid she had been, spending most of her time now talking with you about, well, you. Your life on the outside before you came here, various stories of the outside world, culture on the outside. You also manage to find out more about her, and that she is also originally from an outside world, even beyond the world Remilia had lived in. You do find it a little hard to swallow, but then again, she could stop time, and no matter who you were you couldn't argue with the fact that something like that just wasn't normal.

Another noticable difference in your life was the fact you now shared the bed with Sakuya, though most of the time sleep was the least of your concerns.

As the weeks press on, you start to notice a slight bulging in Sakuya's stomach, and it doesn't take a doctor's confirmation to tell you what this means. You had always thought you were the last person on earth to be a family man kind of guy, least of all with a woman like Sakuya. You wonder if your child would inherit Sakuya's time manipulation abilities, and secretly plan to yourself in the event you have a son to name him Dio, though you also decide to never explain why to Sakuya. At around this time, you also decide it would likely be a good idea to get married, since the idea seemed natural. The ceremony itself was conducted at a temple in the town, conducted by local priests, even though the Hakurei shrine maiden was present as well. The attendants mostly consisted of your suppliers and several people from the town, as well as several regular customers. Even Ran shows up with a young nekomata named Chen you recognize somehow, though you can't remember why. That night was the first night you remember seeing a bat the entire time you had been in Gensokyo.

Newly wed, customers come in rather frequently, though moreso to congratulate you, check in on Sakuya's progress or just for idle chatter, while business continues at a moderate pace. As the pregnancy moves along, Sakuya takes a less active role in the shop and spends most of her time relaxing. Months pass, and after the last doctor visit, a midwife is delegated to keep watch on Sakuya and to ease in the process of the birth. Naturally, the delivery begins in the middle of the night, and after a long, but strangely quiet labour, Sakuya gives birth to a girl, foiling your silent plans. Nevertheless, you are overjoyed, and demonstrate this best the next day when you contact your local suppliers and spend the entire night getting plastered at a local bar, despite Sakuya's slight annoyance at your drunken attempts to come on to her when you return. In your hazy memories of that night, you think you remember seeing a bat.

Once again, life settles down. Sakuya spends most of her day being a mother, while you're back to managing the store singlehandedly, which you don't mind entirely, but you realize you've become a little rusty after so long. Days pass, weeks, months, 5 years in total. Your business has neither flourished nor sunk, but maintained the same decent income. You actually managed to have your home rebuilt to be larger, allowing space for all the same decorations plus some without the need for space manipulation, something which pleases Sakuya. Some of your suppliers have changed as their sons have taken over the deliveries, whether due to illness, retirement or death. News also reaches you from the old wife that had cared for you when you first appeared in Gensokyo, informing you of the death of her husband. You decide to take a day to mourn his passing, traveling back out to the farm where the two lived to visit for the first time in years, much to your embarrassment. You stay past nightfall, and decide not to head back home after your daughter falls asleep in her mothers lap. That night, laying in the old room you had used, you could have sworn you saw another bat outside the window.

Several days later, you wake up to find Sakuya and your daughter missing. Panic doesn't set in fully until past nightfall when they don't return. You start thinking of all sorts of terrible things that could have happened. Maybe they went somewhere and had an accident? No someone would have come to get you. Maybe they were attacked by some thugs in town and hurt? No, someone would have come to get you then too, assuming they had been found. What if they were abducted? You almost dimissed that idea when a cold realization set in.


Your lungs felt like they were on fire as your legs carried you along the bank of the lake. You could see the deep red shadow of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, dimly illuminated from the outside by the full moon overhead. Your memories came flooding back to you, all the times you remember seeing a bat, and the thought that the whole time Remilia had been watching. The rest of your mind is almost lost in a cloud of burning rage as you reach the final curve of the bank and make a straight break for the gates. Your anger flares even more when you spot Remilia at the gate personally, the guard nowhere to be seen. Without a rational thought in your head, you charge straight to Remilia and thrust your hands out, grabbing her by the throat and slamming her back into the gate hard enough to nearly shake it open.

"Where is my family!"

You barely recognize your own voice anymore. Before she answers, however, you feel a sharp pain in your stomach, and you double over. You look up to see Remilia hovering above you, a sadistic smile on her face.

"I don't ever remember telling you my maid was yours to take, let alone keep. You could imagine how amused I was to find you had actually managed to breed."

You feel like you're about to burst into flames from your own anger. Remilia maintains her calm, evil smile as she lowers to the ground and crouches in front of you.

"You know, I have a sister who is very good at destroying things. If she's careful, she can even destroy memories."

Her words don't make sense for what feels like the longest time, and by the time they set in, you nearly explode with rage, forcing yourself to stand despite the pain in your abdomen.

"If you do anything to my daughter..."

Remilia simply laughs.

"It's Sakuya you should be worried about. Your daughter is still malleable, she fell to my control very quickly, she barely took any work to conform. Sakuya's mind is a mess however, and her will to serve is broken. If she doesn't start behaving herself and accept her duties, she'll be put down like the dog she is."

Your rage passes it's boiling point, and you lash out at Remilia. Your furious strikes manage to hit the gate, and in the brief moment of your confusion, you feel a strong impact to your stomach again, and you collapse, winded.

"You were never destined for this life, I only allowed it because it gave me some amusement. However, I'm tired of being served chinese delicacies, and I long for the exquisite desserts only the finest western maids can provide."

You look up enough to see Remilia and your heart stops cold. Beyond the gate, near the large doors of the mansion, you see your daughter, silver braids framing her face, and her tiny maid outfit. You struggle to stand, but only manage to get to your knees thorugh a combination of pain and anger leaving you shaking.

"If you leave now, I will spare you your life."

With each throb of your pulse you feel, it seems an eternity passes as you sit, looking into Remilia's eyes, her wicked grin doing nothing but fueling your anger. Your eyes brim with tears as you force yourself to your feet and painfully turn away from the mansion. You can't win, you never could, not alone at the very least. With eachs tep you take away from the house, you feel as if your heart is about to break into pieces. You're crying before you make it even ten feet away. You will get your revenge though, one day, you'll find a way.

Xepher's addition (2008-03-17)

Watching you stumble, then walk, then break into a run, heading away from the mansion, Sakuya watches you from an upper floor window, the full moon reflecting tears running down her cheeks as silver as her hair. She drops to her knees, scarcely realizing Remilia's presence behind her.

"My dear Sakuya. I have missed you oh-so-much in your absence. Even more, you've returned to me under the dazzling full moon..."

Remilia is met with absolute silence. Scoffing, she gestures towards the door, through which your daughter enters, too frightened to make a sound.

"Doubling as as a welcome-home gift and a reward for bringing such an impressionable, young girl, allow me to give you a night off-- with a blissful slumber!"

Sakuya whips around, already on her feet with three knives between her right fingers as Remilia swoops towards her.

A single bloodcurdling scream pierces the imperishable night.

Mokou (by Anonymous Fairy, 2008-03-17)

Mokou Bad End


sorry, this may not be good, but I am contributing to the lulz.


You are a legendary fireman,in your zealous and serious career, rescuing innocents and people in distress during fire incidents from the inferno during September 11th to the forest fires that happen during the hot summer months each year are just among the many contributions you have given to mankind.

The nation is proud of you and your children look up to you as inspiration to be the hero of the nation.The nation even rewarded you with a civilian award, the highest of its kind for your valor and your bravery. You are even given your very own post, as a leader of sorts for the nation's firemen. However, you didn't give the fire back to your wife's heart, and pretty soon, the two of you divorced, although your children wanted to continue going through life with you, you lost the custody battle and you left the court with two less toddlers to follow your example.

Your zeal has been doused a little, but you continue to go on.

It was another hot summer month, and the weather is hotter this year than usual, a forest fire in the nearby reservoir park sparked by some guy's cigarette means your mission is on again, and you approached the inferno with the best of your men and the best of your gears.

Nature is not one to taunt with, and for days, the fire burned, as your go through your strategies and fight it down to the ground.

After 4 days, the fire has finally died down a bit thanks to your unending efforts and unbending will, only a small pocket of fires are left, and it is nearing the border of a small town nearby.

You and your men rushed there first thing to get the people out as far as possible, evacuating the civilians and making sure to take care of their interests and valuable assets as much as you can.

As you do so, somewhere out of the corner of your eye, you saw one of the houses being lit by fire, engulfing it almost as ferociously as the one in the forests. Quickly you took a few men and rushed a truck to the area and did your thing.

As you barged in seeing if there are anyone who may be left behind, a baby or an old lady perhaps, you discovered a odd gap-like hanging "thing" in the middle of a room, alight with burning items, you do not know what is it, but you continue to douse the flames around it.

You pulled the pipe a bit closer and investigate, could it be some kind of ornament? You asked in your head, but the heat was getting to you and oxygen is wearing thin in your tank, you are feeling a collapse coming on and seeing there is no casualties of the sort, you quickly turned back, carefully not stepping on the floorboards weakened by the fiery heat.

However, fate has it that the ceiling crashed down on you and the bricks hit your head with tremendous force, forcing your already oxygen depraved state into a faint, and you collapsed with force onto the floorboard, negating its already unstable integrity.

In this vulnerable moment, suddenly, you were grabbed behind by a set of hands unseen by you, and instantly, you were rescued, but your conciousness has been rendered out, your last view was a woman of rather unchallenged beauty, in some simple gown like clothing and even amongst such heat, seems to show no signs of struggle.

You were cursing yourself for not trying to save her earlier, but she looked at you with a knowing smile on her face instead, as you passed out.


You awoke in a strange forest like place, not burned.

You are sure that you are not in the same burning reservoir you were rescuing earlier, but you aren't so sure where you are exactly. The thickly bamboo shoots rose around you like towering figures, the sunlight barely getting through the mass of leaves and the thick gathering of the shoots.

From not too far away, you noticed a small house, only a slight visible edge of it though, so you proceeded forward and clinging to whatever belongings you have, an axe for hacking down burning doors, and your entire gear, making sure you leave your depleted oxygen tank behind.

Your vision is still blurry, the slight blur tells you that you haven't fully recovered from your collapse. A few hundred steps later, you finally arrived at the doorway of the house, it looks well maintained, and you are sure it is Japanese in construct, having looked at pictorials of houses in Japan when you back at home, a part of your hobby of course.

You knocked at the wooden floor, since there is a paper door and you aren't quite sure at how you are supposed to announce your arrival. A few knocks later, a shillouete appeared from behind the paper door, and it asked you "who the hell is it?! " in a rude tone.

Surprisingly, you actually understood it, even though you never learned the Asian tongue. Before you could answer, the paper door slided sideways and slammed at the ledge, shocking you a bit making you stutter your announcement.

"Bloody hell, a human? Here in the forest?! What the heck are you?"

You could barely answer, for the girl in front of you with a bunch of ribbons over her flowing whitish hair was gorgeous, her petite like face, with an angry expression as if to scare others off, but not quite able to do it, actually gave you an impression.

You try to calm things down but a sudden rush of blood seemed to fill your head, and you collapsed again right at her doorstep. The last thing you hear was:

"Hey hey! you, don't sleep here! Arrgghhhhh! Damn it,this is bothersome..."


You awoke in the wooden house in a futon, not covered, but just laid there like a corpse, with most of your gear removed, including your axe, but it is still within your reach just next to your pillow.

You turned your face sideways, and realized the girl you saw earlier sat there staring down at your dazed expression.

"No humans ever crossed into this part of the bamboo thicket before, so how the hell you got here?! What do you want?! Collapsing in front of my door like that, you should be glad I didn't char your skin off for making me pull you in here like that!" she spoke with such anger, for such a beautiful face, you wondered if she is just as feisty in bed.

"I... I was, I dunno, I was 'dropped' here, dunno how I got here, I was dousing some flames in a burning house outside of Lakesville, but then I collapsed halfway in the house and then I was here." you answered as normally as you could in this foreign tongue you somehow acquired.

"Yeah so... what, you just dropped here? Fuck, this is gonna be bothersome, and I have half the mind who the heck did this, that bitch better take you home or at least get you outta here, you are cramping my style so bad I wanna cringe..." still as harsh, but ever wonderful.


You have never felt so attracted to a woman before, and she is really somehow, dominating your personality in every way.

"Look, I didn't want this, I didn't how, but it seemed we got off the wrong foot, so let me introduce myself, okay?"

"Yeah, sure, who are you? That yellow suit, please tell me you are some kinda clown." She asked sharply.

"I am __________ (your name, for now we will use Dillon), I am a fireman, I have been working with New Jersey National Fire Department, I am also a delegate working for the International Firemen Association. So what's yours? "

"Fujiwara... Mokou Fujiwara, you probably don't need to know this, but I have no relations with anything, I live alone here in this forest. That fire department thing you mentioned, what, do you guys set fires or something? Where is this Niu-ja-sai? Sounds like a strange name, never heard of it."

"Oh no, we do the exact opposite, we are firemen, we rescue people from fires. It is New Jersey, Jer-say, it is... somewhere in America, if you even know what that is..."

"A-ma-ri-ca ? Dunno, sounds like a mouthful, you humans have tooo much time deciding names. Oh well, you look different than the others in the village, that blonde hair, that pale skin, you looked like a ghost! hahahahah!" She mockingly pointed her finger at you and laughed heartily, you simply entertained.

"Awww... that was cruel, it is not like I wanna be born this way, so listen, enough about me, what about you? Out here, one girl, alone in a wooden house? Sounds like dangerous, nobody ever comes around? " you asked fully intent to know her better.

"I have my own ways... plus, I am immortal, I got fire, so I can cook, and shit like that. I go to a friend's place every now and then, for a chat, or a drink, she is a teacher by the way, only half-human I know who knows me well enough. Also, I get pretty much entertained every night or at least every week. Blah! Why I am telling you all this?" She blushed a bit as she took a closer look at you and turned away, mumbling to herself.

"C'mon, be friendly, heck, think of it this way, you could be having an extra drinking partner!" You said out loud, having her turn head over.

"No. Just NO! You gotta get out, get the fuck outta here first thing in the morning, these fucking parts are deep inside the jungle of bamboo trees, you will get lost, and if you don't hunt yourself and know your way around here, bloody hell you are gonna die anyway!" She answered, a serious look on her face as she did.

"That was surprising, why all the care for my safety all of a sudden? You were cursing me to death a while ago!" you smirked and looked at her.

"I AM NOT JOKING! PUNY HUMAN! I STAND ALONE, NO ONE, NOT YOU ESPECIALLY, CAN CHANGE THAT! NOW GET THAT IDEA INTO YOUR HEAD! ASSHOLE!" her face twisted a bit into an almost pretentious furious image, you still can't help feeling even in this state, she is damn cute to look at.

"Woooo... cool down, Mokou,sorry I stepped out of line but erm... just thought I should let you know that you sounded really harsh for such a cute girl... maybe..." you blurted out accidentally. You covered your mouth as you realized what you have just done but then looking at her face, she blushed slightly. You didn't even hear clearly about the immortal part.

"Cute..?! Me...?" she held her face a bit and she seems ever more cute doing that. Her expression changed just as fast as the eastern weather, from her furious image, and now this little high school girl expression, makes your day the way you look at her.

"Idiot!" she slapped herself and raised herself off the floor and walked out after realizing her expression. Your conversation with her ended.


Evening approaches, and you realized you are hungry, feeling a bit sluggish, you pulled yourself out of the futon and went outside for a breath of fresh air. From the corner of your eye, you saw that Mokou was gathering some wood for a fire roasting session. The pig that laid at the side was ready to be roasted, and you looked on.

All of a sudden, she blasted a pillar of fire from her hands!

You looked in shock as she lit the pile of wood up, and you were shocked!

This girl can spray fire from her hands! My God, what is this? Some kinda game? Am I in a movie?

You went up to her and asked her just that just as she placed 'dinner' on the roasting station made of two crudely erected metal pieces with crevices in middle for suspending the roasting item on the middle.

"What? Are you retarded, dense or something, don't you already know who I am? I am the fire demon of the bamboo thicket! You are looking at her right now, or wait... you missed the part I said I was immortal earlier? That would've give you a hint unless you were too busy commenting on my language!" She looked at you with those harsh eyes again.

"Oh..." You could no longer make out what is real or fake, but accepted it all just the same, then... your stomach called.

"Yeah... yeah, I know, you humans are really a hungry lot ain't it, it is gonna be ready soon, so grab your ass down that log there."

So you did as she said and pondered on the situation as she proceeded to season the thing, ever reaching with her bare hands into the flame, but there was no damage, and you continue to be amazed by her ability.


The two of you had a lovely dinner, the food was great, and was welcoming, though the two of you ate silently as you stole glances at her every now and then and she did the same to you.

"A funny thing to happen, this..." You said as you raised yourself up, offering to clean the place up and discarding the remains of the charred bones.

"Yeah, but heck, you are here, tell you what, first thing in the morning, you gotta leave, ain't safe being here, as you can see, I can control fire, and I am telling you I can burn your ass off if I am in a moody day, and frankly, today is one of those." She looked up on you.

She ain't joking, that much is true.

So you gathered up the stuff and left behind the house, quickly and briskly washing up your hands. You came back and entered the house, and took a cup, rushing outside again as you poured some water from the bucket and drank, life seemed very very backward in this part. You paused a bit, and looked up the night sky as you approached the doorstep slowly. Reaching into your pocket, you pulled out your packet of Marlboros, carefully sliding one stick out as you looked for a lighter.

You had none, and frantically, you checked your other pockets, Mokou saw this and came closer to see what you are doing. Remembering that she could burn stuff, you asked for her help.

"Am I suppossed to burn the tip of this?" She asked, confused at what you just asked her to do.

"Yeah, but just a small fire will do." You thanked her with a nod as she did just that, continued to be amazed by her ability.

She looked on as you puffed, and you offered her a stick.

You told her how to light and take a puff as one lights the cigarette to start smoking.

"Blarggghhh... *cough*, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!" she asked, wondering how you could be so calm to take it, puff by puff.

You explained that it shouldn't be taken with one full breath for a beginner, slowly, small breaths and such. Pretty soon, she was a natural at it, and for some reason, she loved the feeling it gave her. She is thanking you for the first time of the day for making her feel good. You are really happy for that.

After that, she departed for the forest, you wondered what she could have in mind, but paid no extra heed.

It was already dark, and you went back in the house.

Before long, in this lovely silence, surrounded by nature's offerings of cicadas and birds singing as the evening went on, you felt sleepy and laid yourself down on the futon earlier.

Removing most of your gear and only your pants and T-shirt remained. You closed your eyes and recalled todays happenings till your drifted off.


"Bang!" a loud clanging disrupts the night'silence as you awaken to find yourself in the still empty room, blasts of light can be seen from beyond the closed paper door, and you quickly pulled your axe, armed for whatever that may be happening outside.

You opened the door and found yourself in an array of bombarding lights, each phased the floor and the outside was like a battlefield, the blasts teared parts of the thicket and you looked up the night skies.

"What the hell...?" You blurted.

There, another girl, was battling with Mokou, both in mid-air, engaging in a barrage of air missiles fired from their hands and bodies. Mokou was a flair unbelievable to the eyes with a set of butterfly wings made of flames coming from her back, she looked so wondrous, yet the danger she in engaging it sent shivers down your back as you somehow prayed in silence as you looked in awe for her safety.

All of a sudden, she was struck down but a shot at the body, it teared a large hole, and blood was coming from her mouth and the gaping wound as she falls like a angel down from glorious heaven, as she descended, the fiery wings at her back dissapated, making her fall all too human, and deadly.

You rushed to her rescue as fast as you can, ignoring the woman who briskly left towards the other direction as she flew away, uncaring for what she had done.

"My God! Mokou, are you alright?! Oh God... please... !" You held her as delicately as you can, and quickly, you used all your professional rescueing skills and took her back to her house.

You used whatever you could find to bandage the gaping wound, quickly washing it first before you do and making sure she is alright, strangely, she is still breathing, although her conciousness is lost. That wound would have killed any normal person, and perhaps this is what she meant by the immortal part.

You stayed up all night, attending to her wounds.


Six hours passed, and she woke, you however, collapsed.

"Bloody heck, he didn't need to do that, I was gonna get up anyway, sooner or later." She looked a bit closer and realized that you were a bit cute, and caring for her, for a measly human, you are an example of unusual from the ones in the village.

You slowly opened your eyes, and she turned back in a flush, realizing that she was blushing as she looked at you.

Mokou felt flushed, this is the first time she felt this way, and you were somehow glad to know she is alright.

What is this, I have never been attracted to a human before, what is this feeling, this man, from out of nowhere...? Mokou thought to herself.

You, however, found it to be the right time, and you did the stupidest thing you could have possibly done, you grabbed her hands and you proposed to her!

To add shock to already shocking, her eyes was almost in tears as she looked you, blankly and awkward at the sudden coming on. Quickly, she shook your hands away and goes:

"Don't be too arrogant, human! Just because you rescued me doesn't mean I would thank you this way." She answered, her face was totally red.

"But then, you wouldn't say no, would you...?" You asked back.

"I...I... MOOOOOUUUU!" she raised herself and ran out the door, totally avoiding you.

"Oh damn, I may have screwed it." You cursed yourself.


The Bad End


It was approaching evening again, the sun begins to set and still no sight of her. You wondered what could have happened.

Then, all of a sudden, from the bamboo thicket, you saw her shadow, she came back, with another boar, probably hunted, and pulled it along the dusty path that leads back to her house. Again, she flushed as she looked at you and dropped the thing.

Somehow, you went up to her and held her close, you could not bare not to do so, her warm body embraced yours as her arms hanged limply at her sides.

"What... what are you doing? Dillon!? Suddenly hugging me like that!" She was red, and she was flustering, but she did not resist.

"I told you how I felt, and I want answers, you wanted me to go? I will... but not without an answer... " You are leading her already to the direction you wanted her to go.

A moment of silence.

"Yes... ah... erm... this is... I dunno how to say it... I... do too..." she stuttered the words, and you hug her even more closely, realizing she felt the same for you.

The two of you embraced each other, and fire inside could no longer be held in. You both bursted into the room, and in this evening approaching darkness, you did not even close the door.

Quickly, you undressed her,kissing as you do so, over and over again at her pouty and lovely full lips, her skin is like silk, and you touched her all over, arousing her pleasure and in return, she was passionate. Her full breasts are so soft and lovely to touch you can't help but to touch it more, each time you did, she lets out a sigh of pleasure and twitched, making her even more intent to give your all to her.

Oh God, she was passionate, her kisses arouses your every sense as she licked you all over. Baring all her internal desires to you like a call of nature, her fingers dug deep into your skin, almost tearing it as she took your embrace in a dance of ecstasy.

Oh the sensation.


Both of you rolled onto the futon, the floorboards creaked as you embraced her over and over again, it wasn't too soon before you both were having the best time of your lifetimes. She was a virgin to boot, as the slight blood trickled out of her private parts as you gave her lovingly your loving. Her virgin screams pierced at you, and she did everything she could to satisfy you as well, you both continue to roll over the futon, trying out all sorts of things you dared not try with even your wife, your passion and hers mixed with such intensity it was no use hiding it.

The everlasting session came to a climax, as the two of you screamed at each other, the pleasurable sounds and the pleasurable screams echoed in the room, she was really feisty, almost dominating you in every part you guys gone through. Her desire is a like a fire, and undousable. As the both of you came finally together, you lay down, tired, and she was still on top of you laying her lovely white hair and at her face on your shoulders, both of your sweaty bodies lovingly drawing in each other.


Remembering you didn't close the door, you looked at that direction and froze.

There, standing by the door, was a shocked girl in elegant clothing and flowing black hair.

You froze a bit, and realizing you were distracted, Mokou paused a bit and looked at where you were looking.

Her face turned from pleasure to absolute aghast. "Kaguya! You! You were looking ?! Since when....?" She flustered so badly she could barely contain herself.

Then, the black haired girl lifted her hands and presented with a crude remark, making a circle with her index finger and thumb, leaving the other 3 raised with her right hand, with her left index finger, proceeded to go through the makeshift circle with a wide smirk on her face. Indicating she had witnessed the whole rock and roll session from start till end, before covering her mouth in a snicker and containing her laugh.

"OHOHOHOHOHOHO... I didn't know you were busy tonight, Mokou, maybe I should come back a little later..." Mockingly she said, before standing a bit further away and turned the other corner.

"I...I...I..." Mokou could barely contain herself, her anger was raised to the max.

Immediately, she grabbed her loose garments, and she took herself up from you, you were just as shocked and ran after her as she approaches the doorway, rushing out, the black haired girl was already in the air, flying away, and you grabbed Mokou's hand, intending for her to stop, in case if she puts herself in more danger.

"You! You bloody bastard! It was all your fault! You somehow made me do all that embarassing shit and now she has seen it! She is gonna go tell everyone and everyone is going to laugh! Arrrrrggghhhh! I knew I should have killed you! Fuck fuck fuck!!" She pulled free her hand and grabbed at her hair, scratching in frustration.

"But... I thought we had a thing for each other, you were..."

Before you could utter another word, a pillar of flame hotter than the ones in any forest fire you ever encountered, engulfed you as Mokou enganges her wings and blasted you with her hands.

You struggled and screamed in agony as your skin burned and charred by the swallowing flames, your last every view was as she took to the skies, while your struggle and rolled on the floor hoping to douse the burning, but it was no use, the flame was too strong, there was no water nearby, and you were good as dead.

A moment later, it was the end of you.

"Oh fuck..." was the last thing that came to your mind.

Marisa Kirisame & Alice Margatroid (by Project Mars, 2008-03-17)

"Perhaps today." thought Alice, as she and her dolls busied themselves with the preparations. Today, yet again, Alice invited Marisa over for tea. Today, yet again, she would try to confess her feelings. "It was all due to nerves," she said, dismissing the past thirteen failures, "but today will be the day i'll finally tell her."


At this time, Marisa was laughing to herself, having made another successful getaway from Patchouli's Library with a bag full of books tied to her broom. "Is it me, or is it getting easier to steal from them each time?" she wondered to herself, although to be fair, her clothes had a few tears and holes in them and she did have a few injuries she considered minor, but at least they didn't attempt pursuit this time. "hmm, pity I won't be able to change into something nicer for tea, but I'm sure Alice'll like one of these books." she decided as she neared Alice's house.


Looking out the window, Shanghai noticed Marisa's arrival, and tugged on her master's sleeve. "Ah, Marisa's here and the tea hasn't even been started yet... oh well" She muttered, walking outside to greet Marisa. "Hey Mar- OHMYGOSH, WHAT HAPPENED?" Alice said as soon as she saw Marisa's wounds.

"Well, I decided to go borrow a few books from Patchouli..."

"Without asking I see."

"Obviously. Anyways, what's with the reaction? This isn't too bad."

"Not too bad?!" Alice said, surprised, "You've got blood coming from a large cut on your head!"

"Oh, that... Just a flesh wound."

"Just a... oh, you are insufferable sometimes. Shanghai! Bring me the medical kit!" Alice yelled to her doll as she walked over to examine Marisa's wounds. She had obviously been in a danmaku battle with Patchouli and Koakuma, and a few of the cuts seemed to have come from Sakuya's knives.

"I tell you, i'm fine!" Marisa protested to no avail. Shanghai brought over the medical kit, which Alice opened and began to rifle through looking for bandages. "Anyways, why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?" Marisa asked.

Alice stopped and turned a deep red. Her heart was racing as her mind shouted "THIS IS IT!" over and over again, drowning out any attempt to think rationally. "Wha-wha-what do you mean?" she stammered.

"Well, it's just it doesn't seem like you to race over to bandage me. The Alice I know probably would have tried refusing me to enter her house and I probably would have had to bribe her with a book." Marisa explained.

"Well I... I... I figured it would be the most hospitable thing to do." Alice said, turning a deeper shade of red.

"Oh? If that's the case... Why are you so red?" Marisa asked, a sly, "Busted~!" look on her face.

"Uh... Umm... Well... the truth is..."

"I Love you Marisa." Alice said, scrunching up and turning what would seem an impossible shade of red.

The silence between the two lasted several minutes, during which time Alice's mind raced from extreme elation at finally confessing, to extreme fear that Marisa wouldn't return her feelings, to extreme confusion on what to do now, and back again. Finally, Marisa broke the silence by asking an earnest "You really do?"

Alice, the shock still lingering and preventing her voice from working properly nodded fiercely, still blushing.

Marisa leaned forward and placed her hand behind Alice's head and said "Well that's good to know, because I love you too." and leaned in and kissed her for what seemed to them to be a lifetime. They then headed inside and began to show their love to each other in different ways until late at night.


In the morning, Marisa was surprised by Alice bringing her breakfast in bed, but was even more surprised when Alice proposed.

"Moving kinda fast, are we Alice?" Marisa asked coyly. This seemed a bit too much.

"Yeah, but we have known each other for a while, and we are in love..."

"True, but are you sure this is what you want?"

"More than anything." Alice said, her eyes sparkling.

"Heh, well as long as you know what you want... I will."

And so the rest of the day was spent going over wedding plans. They decided to wait a few months before having the ceremony, and decided to announce their decision to everyone. Within weeks, news of Alice's and Marisa's upcoming wedding had been heard throughout Gensokyo, with a considerable help from a certain tengu reporter, and many people there were happy to hear the great news.


One day in the month before the wedding, Marisa had gone out to steal some more books from Patchouli while Alice was at home sewing her wedding gown when she heard a knock on the door. "Coming!" she sang as she walked over to the door and opened it to find a rather distraught Koakuma sobbing out a "Hello Alice".

"Oh my, what happened?" Alice asked

"It-it... it's Miss Patchouli!" She wailed while hiccuping through her tears, "She-she-she doesn't want me anymore!"

"What do you mean?"

"Well I... I don't mean to cau-cause any trouble but... well... It's Marisa." Koakuma said, calming down a bit.

"What do you mean, it's Marisa?" Alice's voice and face began to harden.

"Well, to be frank, she hasn't been coming to just steal books... I think she goes for Miss Patchouli's company more than the books."

"Wait... what are they doing exactly?" Alice said with a quavering voice. Could it be...? She hoped not.

"You didn't know?" Koakuma asked innocently. "They've been doing... Adult things for awhile now. I didn't really mind before, except..."

Those words pierced Alice's heart like arrows. How could she? How could she do that? Alice was devistated. Sensing her master's mood turning foul, Shanghai quickly communicated to Koakuma that it was time to leave.

"I'm sorry Alice... I figured you should know." Koakuma said as she left.


An hour later, Marisa opened the door shouting "Alice, I'm back!" before noticing that the house was dark.

"Alice?" Marisa asked, suddenly noticing her hunched over the table she was working at previously.

"Oh. Back are we?" Alice asked with malice in her voice, not looking at Marisa.

"Yeah," Marisa said, unsure of what the problem was, "It's funny, they didn't even try to defend the books this time, I managed to find one on doll making i'm sure you'll like too!"

"How could you?" Alice said, turning to face Marisa with tearful eyes, "How could you say you love me and then go off to that library bitch?!"

"Wh-what are you talking about?!" Marisa said.

"I know all about it, don't try to lie to me Marisa Kirasame," Alice said, getting up and thundering over to Marisa. "I know that you are cheating on me with Patchouli. How could you?"

"Alice, I-I-I am not, who told you that?"

"Wouldn't you like to know? Someone who was discarded, broken hearted like me. Well I won't stand for it. I loved you Marisa, and I won't let Patchouli have you if I can't. So Die." Alice said, shooting Marisa in the chest with a laser beam that blew a hole through her house. Marisa collapsed, dead, with a shocked look on her face as Alice broke down and cried. After a few moments, she began to write.


The murderous laser hadn't gone unnoticed. About twenty minutes later, Reimu came flying up, wondering what had happened, why the door was ajar, and why the house was dark. It wasn't until she went inside that she saw it. Laying propped up against Marisa's body was Alice. A knife through her chest and a knife through her throat, and one hand resting on Marisa's hand. Shanghai fluttered over and handed a tear stained note to Reimu before sitting down and crying. Reimu opened up the letter which simply read:

"I thought you loved me Marisa... - Alice."


Epilogue: The next day as the news of the death/suicide was spread, Patchouli toasted the twin deaths by pouring a glass of champaign for her and Koakuma. "Great job acting Koakuma, I'll send Sakuya with a book list later." Patchouli said, smiling contently. "It was nothing Miss Patchouli." Koakuma replied before adopting a fake sobbing voice "I-I-I only wi-wished that her fiance knew the truth." Both of them laughed and resumed drinking their champaign, now that the constant book raids were over, the library would be a lot more peaceful. And that, decided Patchouli, was all that mattered.

Symbion pandora youkai girl (by Nameless Fairy, 2008-03-17)

Note: Sloppy writing, horribly gross, and will make no sense whatsoever if you don't know about Symbion pandora first. For your convenience:
Quite obviously, reproduction and life cycle is the important part here.


You are a marine biologist in your early twenties, working as a research assistant in some redundant laboratory. You find solace from your dull job in your strange fetishes, searching the internet for child porn, guro, or both for hours at a time. After a full day of work, while returning to your one-room flat you could barely afford to relax and maybe masturbate to your new findings, you see a strange distortion in a street usually reserved for drunkards and other good-for-nothings. Figuring that whatever research you do couldn't make you more famous than being the first man to walk into a quantum anormality, you dash through the portal.

It wasn't a quantum anormality, neither were you the first person to walk through it. You get a glimpse of what seems to be medieval Japanese village before being immediately knocked out cold by the ten meter fall. You wake up inside the house of the village doctor, thankful that you didn't break any of your bones. You are attended by not only the doctor, but a young woman who introduces herself as Keine, and the place as Gensokyo. She advises against going out of the village due to man-eating humanoid monsters lurking outside, and you come to believe her after a brief look out of your window, witnessing a blonde witch pass by on her broom.

You later learn more about this bizarre medieval land and find out that you have a knack for youkai hunting. Keine, apparently tasked with helping the newcomers to adapt in addition to her duties as a historian, gives you the basic training against youkai taken by every villager, and soon enough, your reasonably athletic build and utter lack of morals make you famous even amongst the stronger denizens of Gensokyo (Thankfully, they still don't know what you do to the corpses after the hunting part is done. ) Yet your crops were never stolen by youkai, your children never kidnapped and your house never raided, so you don't quite grasp what exactly is wrong with being one.

One fateful day, while aimlessly wandering around the Scarlet Lake (The vampire apparently had an ego big enough to name the lake after her, and no one objected, not because they couldn't but since no one cared enough to do so. ) you see a girl, apparently also taking a walk. Even after your months here in Gensokyo, your studies as a marine biologist is not forgotten, and the remains of the adhesive disc on the back of her head allows you to determinate what kind of youkai beast she was.

Symbion pandora. Target sighted.

Your days as a youkai hunter swept away all but the tiniest hint of shyness and hesitation, and you are quick to make your advances. She accepts your confession in tears, and soon, you're officially a couple. You are as happy you can be in the harsh realm of Gensokyo, but she vanishes for a day or two once in a few months with no explanation whatsoever. It's no problem for you, however, as you know precisely why. At last, you get her drunk enough forget that particular trait left over from her youkai nature, and convince her to perform oral sex for you.

Just as planned. Having already regenerated a new set of them, she vomits her brain, lungs, heart, stomach (you were careful to not have that one spill anywhere), liver and finally intestines on your erect penis, and your inner guro fan can't help but add his sperm to the bleeding mess. She cries in apology, but you tell her it's alright, and that you want to do it again. Surprisingly, she accepts. All is well.

Soon, she is pregnant. It is no excuse to cease your wild interspecies sex, however, and she still regularly vomits her innards on your dick. One evening, however, she tells you that she wants to try something special. Foreplay proceeds as normal, but when it comes to the actual thing, she stops and winks at you.

And her pregnant belly bursts apart, revealing your child. Too aroused by your wife in gore and a naked child in your arms, you notice that your offspring is a girl, and do what every loving father must, breaking her hymen approximately twelve seconds after her bloody birth while crying tears of joy, for God has given you all you could want in life, though fully aware of the fact that you're most definitely doing to hell.

You mourn the loss of your dear wife and take care of your daughter, who grows at an alarming rate. One week later and she is able to talk, and she tells you that she is in fact your wife, and the birth was just another form of regeneration. Shocked, you ask her if it's alright to have sex this way. Not being used to human customs, she doesn't see what's wrong with it, and accepts. You were wrong. NOW you have everything you could ask in life. You note that she grows into adulthood in three years before returning to her infant form, and repeat your perverse cycle of gory pedophily.

One day, an attractive blonde woman shows up on your door. Literally -on- your door, her head stemming from one of those ribbon-bound portals you entered Gensokyo with. She explains that she was moved by your devotion to your wife, and vanishes into her gap after announcing that she has turned you into a youkai, a symbion youkai-beast just as your wife. Unfortunely, for all her ancient wisdom, Yukari knows nothing about the life cycle of Symbions.

Soon enough, you're a pair of connected dicks arranged in a “V”, propelling yourself across the Scarlet Lake with gushes of semen. Your wife calls you every once in a while, using you as more of a masturbatory device than a real individual, throwing you back to your lake after she is done. You still seem to keep your human soul, and Lady Enma even paid a visit to lecture you on your past sins. You ejaculated on her face. She didn't seem very pleased with that. Yukari is well aware of your situation, making a tale of it for Reimu, strangely forgetting to mention that you were once human.

After a particularly violent storm, you're washed up ashore, where a fairy girl in a blue dress, surprisingly large for her kind, picks you up. She doesn't appear to mind the streams of semen, instead, she seems to regard you with childish curiosity.

“...Eh? Is this a new kind of frog?”

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