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Ran (by E-Mouse, 2008-03-17)

You never really thought being a relatively 'clean' NEET with a quick wit would get you far, but apparently the irony gods stood to prove you wrong.

That and Yukari's sense of humor. Bored after playing too much Portal one day, she gapped you over to run through a rather Gensokyoan mockup of the game. Despite a few close calls (and a short break to heal your ankles when Yukari forgets to give you the leg implants until after landing from a 50-foot drop) you manage to make it through and thoroughly impress her by ignoring the Morality Core until after prying off and burning the other three. Though it was odd the others looked like a curled up cat, a fox with about ten tails, and a loudly snoring woman in a dress.

Then again, this part was explained by meeting Ran, Chen, and Yukari almost immediately after defeating SuKiMa, untraceable speech impairment or no. Yukari applauded your cleverness and invited you to "hang out here and keep me amused." At first you wonder how, but after spending a half-hour singing "Still Alive" with her and having a Chrono Trigger reference make her break into giggles, you figure that's the easy part of the arrangement.

No, what was more troublesome was being bored to death in the afternoon while Yukari was still asleep, and the angry looks Ran kept giving you while she was cleaning house. With nothing better to do at the time, you offer to at least help take care of the housekeeping. She seems surprised at first, but welcomes the help - and the resulting free time. Within a few weeks she no longer acts hostile towards you, and even willingly tolerates you relaxing among her tails on occasion, much like Chen does when she comes home.

Yukari gaps over early one evening to annoy her shikigami and stares. "When did you two become an item?"

Ran turns beet red and yells at her, but you almost take it as inspiration. You did always like her motherly air, after all.

Unfortunately, Ran acts rather stiff and formal towards you for a few days, but you can wait. Yukari refuses to let the joke slide, of course, but it's easier to roll your eyes and make a wisecrack than get her to stop. Though, it is odd that Ran keeps overreacting to her anyway...

Then you notice her blushing whenever you accidentally brush against her hand when using the same bin to scrub off the laundry. And when her tails brush your back in the kitchen...

Well, enough of that nonsense. A few days later you catch her relaxing in the kotatsu and see your chance. You sit down next to her and give her a hug - her, not just the tails.

As expected, she turns red again. "Wh, what are you doing?"

"Giving you a reason to stop pretending. I assume Yukari's jokes inspired you, too?"

"No, I mean, well, I didn't really think of it..."

"I think we both know there's no way to get Yukari to shut up about it, but is there a good reason not to?"

She's silent. "Well, not really, but..."


"I'd... I'd rather not get mocked for raising a half-youkai when I'm already mothering Chen..."

"Sensible enough. Remind me to pester Yukari about contraception magic next time she's in a good mood."

On cue, a gap opens up above the kotatsu and dumps out several boxes of condoms.

"Thanks, Mom!" you call into it, sarcastically. Yukari's hands jump out to pull at your cheeks.


Needless to say, life is good. Sure, the tails can get in the way when making love, but being fully embraced by them is an indescribably wonderful feeling.

Yukari never stops joking, but you just joke back. For the first time you make HER turn pink after a playful accusation of seducing Brad Pitt, which strangely doesn't sound out of line anymore. Chen seems to understand perfectly and immediately takes to calling you "Daddy," though there is a more-than-tiny shock when she starts asking about your sex habits and says Tewi told her about the topic. You expect rabbit stew that evening, only to have her come back red-faced and clutching a ratty paperback about sexual techniques that Tewi had bought from Korindou a few years back. It's surprisingly informative.

BAD END: One evening Yukari wakes up while you and Ran are making love, and gaps in to be the pest she is. The two of you are too preoccupied to notice at first, especially over the sexy little happy noises Ran is making.

Then Yukari makes a quip you can't brush off.

"Enjoying your yiffing?"



And then you were ostracized from the internet.

Nameless Fairy (by E-Mouse, 2008-03-18)

Somewhat NSFW.

It's been about six months since you got gapped into Gensokyo, most of which was spent training as a low-tier youkai hunter. Normally it would have taken at least two or three years, but the village teacher was downright alarmed at your talent, and you passed with flying colors despite relying on a point-and-fire magical artifact to accomplish anything useful.

Now how useful was that time spent playing Paintball, mom and dad?

Well, not that they'd likely ever hear about you again at this point. Such is life.

You pointedly put a stop to your reminiscing as you reach the edge of the Forest of Magic on your first real job, to pick up supplies from Korindou in the early evening. It's not exactly the safest route to take, or time to go, but hey, that's why you were sent in the first place. But it did mean you had to stay focused while you were in the forest.

Moving quietly and watching the sky for anything unusual, you make it well over halfway to the store without incident. Then, an inconvenience: a large clearing directly in your path, currently filled with about a dozen child-sized fairies, wings shimmering in the evening sun. It looked like they were playing tag, or gathering flowers, or... something. It looked very haphazard, and you weren't exactly interested in whatever idiocy they were up to. Well, at least you had gone unnoticed, and walking around the clearing wouldn't cost much time. You idly hoped they would leave by the time you got out of Korindou, so you wouldn't have to sneak around them again.

Your thoughts are interrupted by the cracking of a twig you'd neglected to look for, and the fairies look up in confusion.


You crouch down, hoping to avoid notice, but it looks like the fairies want to investigate anyway. You go through your options, which basically boil down to dashing into the forest and using the trees as cover, or going Rambo on the dim-witted fairy squad before they noticed you.

From your past experiences, your first instinct is to retreat into the forest, but you reconsider after recalling how slow most danmaku is, and its habit of blazing through all but the thickest bushes. Visibility will probably be as big a help as cover, especially when you can't fly...

That decided, you quickly peg the fairy closest to you and dash from cover, skidding to a halt once your weapon had recharged and the remaining fairies were all on one side of you, for easier monitoring.

This was all so ingrained and automatic that you didn't really notice the comical "POP" the fairies made upon imploding until you had fired at the second one, and hesitated to smile slightly.

The remaining fairies let out a yelp of mixed surprise and fright, before quickly soaring into the air in a sloppy formation. You counted them quickly - amazing, they had all stayed in front of you without sending a backstabber to get you while distracted. Guess fairies are stupid after all.

You barely bother to aim and fire up again, smirking at another POP as you focus on the shots they're firing. Despite the numbers and attempt at strategy, it looks like they're all firing their tiny blue pellets directly at you, rather than making any attempt to corner you.

"Okay, that's just sad." you mutter to yourself, juking to the side and - POP. The fairies look almost panicked now, but you just grin.

"Heheh, popcorn fairies!"

The danmaku suddenly stop, and the group of fairies stare down at you in amazement. You hesitate. Now what?

"Did he just name someone?"

"I think he just named someone."


The fairies abruptly drop to the ground once more, and you jump back, confused. You take aim at one in case they're planning some sort of brute force rush, only...

All of them start stripping, throwing off the light skirts they were wearing.

"What the hell?!" you ask, growing flustered at the increasing amount of lolita nudity surrounding you.

"Oh, didn't you know? If a fairy is given a name, she gets her own unique power!"

"... after she has sex with the namer." another adds, nodding sagely.

You manage a nervous laugh. "You're kidding, right? That's idiotic."

The fairies ignore you, and instead start glaring at one another.


"Who gets it?"


"Well, he was looking at me when he said it!"

"No way, I explained it!"

You stare, slackjawed, at the sight of a half-dozen naked fairies first yelling at one another, and then quickly descending into brawling in the middle of the clearing. Your nagging doubts about this being some cruel joke vanish when another POP jolts you back to attention.

"Whoa, whoa, ladies, there's no need to gack." This last part, of course, is thanks to the stray line of danmaku that had passed rather uncomfortably close to your head. Between another pair of strangely amusing POPs, you decide it's more prudent to get away from the fight, and maybe take cover.

You briefly consider making a dash for Korindou amidst the confusion, but your long-neglected libido makes you hesitate a moment too long. Another few POPs, and a sudden cry of triumph, tell you that the herd has been trimmed. You turn around to glance back at the victor, only to get bowled over when she flies over to embrace you. You start to wonder if this is a good idea at all, but with her warm body wrapped around you, kissing you gently and shining in the last traces of sunlight, your reason and doubts are quickly forgotten.

It turns out fairies are a bit more mature than they look, and this one seems incredibly adept at making your, ah, rooster friend feel good. It takes a lot of self-control to make her stop playing with you long enough to return the favor, and soon enough you're lying on top of her in missionary position, listening to her moans and squeaks as you reach your limit and --


You land facefirst on the grass and lie there panting for a moment, thoroughly confused. You push yourself up with a shaky arm and regard the sticky point item lying beneath you with confusion. Naturally, it takes you a little while to figure out what happened.

Goddamnit. Semen counts as danmaku.

Reimu (by Writer Nightpen, 2008-03-18)

From the author: "Those not familiar with Islam terms would be advised to have a encyclopedia/wikipedia around (FYI, i am a Muslim). The Islamic references are largely a form of self-insertion."


The Bad End Theater feat.


Reimu Hakurei


You are a fresh graduate from a fishery major of a state university. You have just got home to your home village from your long years of education. People know you as a pleasant, polite, and nice-to-be-with young bachelor, but you could be a driven man too when pursuing your work. Although you are not that good-looking or rich, girls like you because you’re warm and sociable.

Aside of that, you are also an exemplary member of your religion, although not a fanatical adherer. For the better part of your life, you had always been a pious one, dedicating snippets of time between your daily routine for short prayer rituals for your God. Your compassionate acts and working ethos were rivaled by practically nobody. Your mastery of your faith’s holy scripture was not that great, but it is enough to answer much of the more mundane questions. You can read the verses in their original form, although to communicate its contents you rely highly to translated tomes.

One night, while going home from your religion’s shrine, you accidentally slipped into a deep ditch. You feel your head bumping to some rocks, and before you know it you’re out cold. You then woke up in an unfamiliar surrounding, with your body lying on a peculiar form of mattress and under the blanket. You tried to sit up, but a beautiful girl gestures you to lie again. She speaks a foreign language you cannot understand, so you just lay silent while looking into her eyes. She sighs in exasperation, noting your inability to communicate, and gestures you to drink something out of a glass.

While you sit and drink the concoction (turned out to be a mild-tasting, freshly steeped green tea), somebody peers from behind the sliding door. A beautiful lady peeks in, and you could sense that she brims with well-mannered mischievousness. The girl who waits by your side quickly stands up and started cussing in her native tongue. The blond lady only smiles, before winking slightly towards you.

To your amazement, now you can understand every single word the black-haired lady spoke! You are bewildered by the flood of information, but quickly cleared your throat to prevent the black-haired girl from verbally abusing the blond lady further. She turns to you, blinking a few times, before shooting an annoyed expression to the smiling blond lady.

“Uh… well, hello there… you seem to understand me now…” the black-haired girl stammered the response.

“Yes, I pretty much do now…”

“Well, now that the language and script border is gone, I’ll be off,” the blond lady remarked with a smile.

“Wait, Yukari! You’re leaving your excess baggage here?” the black-haired girl sneered to the blond lady, of whom you ascertained her name as Yukari.

“Well, he seemed like your type, so…” the blond lady responded while slipping off into a small cleft that appeared out of nowhere, leaving a flustered girl on her wake.

You then introduced yourself to the black-haired girl, and she tells you that her name is Reimu Hakurei. She remarked that you are shunted from “the outside world” by that lady (apparently her name is Yukari), and now is trapped inside this small realm called Gensokyo. A few seconds of uneasy silence ensued.

“Well, uh… I think came here with my bag and wallet… do you have it with you?”

“A bag of yours? Yeah, It’s in the storehouse. I’ll go get it, wait a moment,” Reimu responded, going out of the room.

While pondering why you get trapped here, an orange-haired horned girl peeked from the doorframe. Your eyes met, and the girl entered.

“Y’seem to have come ‘round, stranger. Shunted from the outer world, eh?” the girl asked.

“It seemed so. Are you a resident of this place?” you responded, suppressing the fear growing inside of you. After all, horned human beings are depicted as malevolent creatures in your culture and faith.

“Me? Well, most of the time I hang ‘round here, but usually I live in the nearby woods. Oh yeah, the name’s Suika Ibuki, nice to meetcha,” the girl answered with a smile. Reimu also returned with your bag.

You checked the bag for larceny, but relieved to find that all of its contents are safe, including your holy scriptures.

“Thanks, miss Reimu…”

“No problem. You better rest more, tomorrow I’ll show you around,” Reimu responded, “Oh, and I can let you stay here only if you earn your keep. The shrine is struggling even if it’s only me here.”

The next day, Reimu showed you around the place she called the Hakurei Shrine, and proceeds to show you the way to the village, in which Reimu told you that you could find yourself a job. Suika then volunteered to accompany you to the village.

In the village, you realized that Suika draws only a little attention despite her having two conspicuous horns protruding from her head. Suika notices your concern, and said that she is known to be helpful to the village, so she is tolerated despite her status as an oni. You then meet with a beautiful silver-haired lady named Keine Kamishirasawa. She said that she’d love to give you a tour of the village, but the next class in her school is going to start so you will have to wait.

While you wait for Keine’s class to finish, you read the pages of your scripture, trying to further deepen your connection to your God. Suika notices you reading, and looks at the pages of your holy scripture. Upon noticing that, you stopped reading.

“Y’can read that? Looked like squiggles to me,” Suika remarked.

“Well, this Qur’an used Arabic script, unlike the Kanji script we use here. Ability to read this script is a mandatory in my faith.”

“Oh, so y’worship another god, unlike Reimu. Tell me about your faith,” Suika presses on.

“Well, He is called Allah Subhana Wata’alla, meaning Allah the One…”

Time passes while you explained about your faith to Suika. She is quite open-minded; partly because she had scarce belief in gods herself. Keine, meanwhile, finishes her teaching session and joins you.

“I see that you two had the most interesting discussion,” Keine interjected.

“Well, I was just introducing Suika to my faith, Miss Keine,” you responded to her.

“His god is called Allah Su-whateverthatwas,” Suika said, “And his worship is also pretty unique.”

“It’s Allah Subhana Wata’alla, Suika.”

“Well, then maybe you could enlighten me too,” Keine said while smiling, “I would also like to know more about Allah and your faith. We can go sight-seeing later on, it’s still noon anyway and many people are still out on the fields.”

After an explaining session, Keine shows you around the village. You were also introduced to the village head and a few of the sellers. You are also acquainted with Reisen, a moon rabbit who sells medicine in the village, who happens to be in the village for her weekly visit. You arrived back in the shrine before dinner.

The next morning, you asked Reimu if there’s a fishing spot nearby.

“Well, I suppose you could find some fishes in the Scarlet Lake or Wakatobi River… it’s pretty far from the human village. Why would you ask?” Reimu asked back.

“Well, I was pretty much a fisherman back in my homeland. Figure that would earn my keep.”

“Pretty courageous of you. People usually farm their fishes, for fear of youkai attack while fishing. There are many youkai around those two places, and many of them are hostile. Some are even voracious human-eaters,” Reimu replied, putting away the broom she used for sweeping the yard.

“Yikes. But I still have to earn my keep, Reimu…”

“Well, you could ask Suika to accompany you fishing, if she feels like it…” Reimu responded.

“Hey, I heard my name! What can I do to help?” Suika said, while popping out of the trees bordering the yard.

“Well, I need your help to accompany me fishing, so hostile youkai won’t attack me.”

“But fishing’s always a pain… Why won’t you just farm your fishes in a pond?” Suika asked back.

“Well, I can do that, but we need to build a pond first…”

“Easy! I’ll do that for you!” Suika replied with a smile.


Before Reimu finished her sentence, Suika enlarged herself to impossible proportions and started uprooting trees around the place like it was weed.

“Suika, wait!” Reimu shouted frantically.

“What now?” Suika replied.

“Do you plan to make your pond here? We’re on top of a goddamned hill here!” Reimu shouted back, “If you want to make a pond for him, do it in the base of the staircase!”

Grinning sheepishly, Suika planted the trees back and shrinks herself back to her petite form. She then took your arm and tugged it with childlike enthusiasm.

“C’mon, man, do y’want me to make you a pool or not?”

You looked at Reimu for approval, but she just snorted absentmindedly.

“Do whatever you like, as long as it’s not costing me money,” she said dejectedly while turning to get the broom she left.

Long story short, Suika made you a lake-like pond just at the base of the hill where the shine stands. From the leftover trees, you could fashion yourself a crude rampart surrounding most of the pond, with lumber to spare for making a hut.

“Now what?” Suika noted while surveying her handiwork.

“We need some water and fishes… and also help on building a hut here.”

“I can help you with the water, but I need to go to Scarlet Lake first…” Suika mumbled.

“I suppose I could contact the village elder for help making the hut...”

“Well, we better get going then,” Suika chirped merrily.

That afternoon, you went to the village, and asked the village elder for help, and Suika went to Scarlet Lake to get some water. The village elder complied, but you would have to wait for two or three days for them to help you build the hut.

You went back to the pond, to find Suika carrying a handful of clear pebbles.

“What are those?”

“This? Well, I condensed the water for easy carrying. These pebbles worth about a thousand pails of water each. Watch,” Suika answered, while she threw one of the pebbles to the unfilled pond.

To your bewilderment, the pebbles started to expand suddenly, flooding its surrounding with water. Suika threw some more pebbles in, and the pond fills after a few pebbles.

“I see that this pond project is nearing its completion,” Reimu remarked as she approaches with a kettle and three glasses in her hand, “here, I thought you two could use some tea.”

“Thanks, Reimu!” Suika chirped happily.

“Thanks, Reimu… oh yeah, I asked the village elder to help build a hut here,” you replied before sipping your tea, “could be useful for housing pond supplies.”

“Dear oh dear… I hope I had enough tea for everyone…” Reimu replied dejectedly.

The villagers arrived three days after the pond was completed, and with them came Keine. She designed the hut, and the hut was done in short order thanks to the villagers’ quick work. The villagers also helped with constructing some picket fence for the pond’s street-facing side.

You are a bit worried that the villagers are going to charge for the services, yet they seem to be satisfied just by Reimu serving tea for them. In realization, you found what keeps them working: Reimu’s charisma. Sure, she was beautiful in her own right, but her force of personality and magnetism outweigh her physical beauty.

In short order, you are just as smitten as they do.

In the afternoon, the villagers left except Keine, but a blue-haired girl came to fetch her. The five of you then sat in the hut, around a fire-pit in the middle of the one-room, dirt-floored shed. Suika brought a gourd of liquor, and there’s still a kettle of warm tea left.

“Now let’s celebrate for the completion of this pond enclosure!” Suika hollered enthusiastically, pouring the liquor out of the gourd to a small cup, “C’mon man! You must have the first glass!”

“Sorry Suika, I mean no disrespect but drinking liquor is expressly forbidden in my faith,” you replied, with a smile added.

“No fun…” Suika replied while chugging down the liquor for herself.

“I’ve never heard of a faith that forbids its followers to drink liquor,” the blue-haired girl interjected, while chugging her own glass, “must be a small cult with small number of followers.”

“Well, in my world there are many faiths that forbid its followers to drink,” you replied again, “not that it is practiced by all of their followers anyway.”

“About your faith,” Reimu said, “Tell me about it. What kind of god do you worship? What is the god’s expertise?”

“Well, the god I worship is called Allah Subhana Wata’alla…”

The religious discussion between you, Reimu, And Keine was proceeding smoothly, yet suddenly the conversation was interrupted by the blue-haired girl. She suddenly flung her shirt towards your general direction. You caught a glimpse of her full breasts, as well as a whiff of alcoholic smell, before you turned in embarrassment.

“Mokou! You drank too much!” Keine shouted while trying to restrain the blue-haired girl. There were a good few minutes of tussling that you missed

“What are you doing?” Reimu asked you, who are still averting your eyes.

“Well, my religion also forbade me to… err… feast my eyes on scenes like that,” you stammered as you averted your eyes to meet Reimu’s.

‘God, I just found out how lovely those eyes can be…’ you thought.

“Suits you,” Reimu replied shortly, “Then why are you looking into my eyes?”

“Well, I…”

You never had the chance to answer that question right, since your head is suddenly covered by Mokou’s pants.

You woke up in the shed next morning with good spirits. After doing your morning prayer, you hiked to the shrine. The shrine was still empty, since it was just after daybreak. To pass time, you recited a famous war chant in a singing-like voice. You never knew how long you have chanted the song, but as you finished the final verse, you found Reimu sitting nearby.

“Was that… a prayer?” she inquired.

“No. It was an encouragement… err, how can you call it… poem that was used by our Rasulullah to send his troops into a decisive battle, about a thousand years ago. It was pretty popular amongst the people of my faith.”

“I see… I just find your voice beautiful,” Reimu added, a slight blush on her cheek, “I… ah, must start my morning meditations…”

Reimu proceeded to her meditation hall, closing the door behind her. You still looked at the door for a good three minutes after that.

“So, Keine… what manner of fish are usually consumed in the village?” you asked Keine upon breakfast. The meal was simple as usual.

“Um… well, usually we consume carp, but on special occasions we also eat brook trout and lake trout,” Keine answered, “Not that we consume them in large quantities, since there aren’t many people who raise fishes in the village.”

“I see… I wonder if I can get some fishes from my homeland… they got some hardy species that I’m sure would be appreciated here…”

“Oooh, so you are planning a fishpond?”

You almost jumped in terror upon seeing a head pop out of nowhere, just behind Keine. To your surprise, you saw Reimu conking the head nonchalantly.

“That huuuurts~”

“Don’t do that again, Yukari. The man almost had a heart attack,” Reimu grumbled at the head, which is now forming into a full individual.

“I can help you with the fishes,” Yukari said while sitting opposite of Reimu, “Chen happens to like fishes very much. If you could supply fishes to our household, I would help you get the starter you need. You would also be given monetary rewards, of course.”

Reimu seemed to twitch slightly while ladling herself another helping of rice.

“Well, I must test the fishes first, but it should be no problem once stable production starts.”

“Our deal is agreed upon, then. What fishes do you need?” Yukari asked.

“Tilapia and a few species of gourami.”

Needless to say, your first five months as a fish-breeder was a pretty successful. On the first month, you struggled with climatic problems, but the next months were smooth sailing. People generally liked your fishes, because it tasted different from their standard carp fare. Suika’s presence and guardianship of the surrounding area deterred marauding youkai bands, but the ones who are looking for a fair deal was not ignored. Yukari was also good on her words, since her payment for your weekly fish supply was always adequate.

You, of course, never forgot the shrine which fostered you in the first place. Your ample donations to the shrine enabled Reimu to live a better life, and she can now concentrate more on her prayers and mystic study instead of what will be served on the dinner table for the night. She, in turn, is always ready to rush on to your farm should there be any major youkai disturbance. The two of you still had occasional dinners with Suika.

It was a windy autumn afternoon, and you had just finished your afternoon prayer. There has been no customer today, and Suika is gone hunting for deer until dusk. Suddenly, you heard a knock on your door. Getting up quickly from your prayer mat, you opened the door to find a winged female youkai standing at your door.

“Hello, could I help you with anything?”

“Hi~ I had heard rumors i~n the village that you sing well~~” the petite youkai said in a sing-song.

You went silent a bit, knowing that you don’t sing much, unless–

“The villager said thaa~t you often sing while you work~” the youkai went on, “and to them it was ag~ree~able~”

Ah, it was that. You realized that you’ve been reciting Salawat Badar, the poem you first read to Reimu, in your work.

“You must be mistaken, miss… I was merely reciting a small poem to give some spirit and enjoyment to myself as I work…”

“No matter~ I~ propose to you~ a singing battle~” the youkai further said.

“What’s going on here?” Reimu said while she approached the youkai from behind, “What brings you here, Mystia?”

“Oh~ Rei~muu~” Mystia said, “I’m chall~enging this man here~ to a singing competition~!”

“Is that so…” Reimu said curiously, while you caught a glimpse of amusement in her eyes, “I say we do it. There’s only little entertainment around here, and I won’t mind lending you the shrine grounds for that.”

You sigh dejectedly. When Reimu’s into it, there’s no backing out.

The day of the singing contest finally comes. A good-sized crowd was gathering on the shrine grounds, eager to have some entertainment in this otherwise-bland land. Human and youkai intermingled peaceably, both seeking entertainment value from the show. Many important Gensokyo personas were also present at the grounds, including Keine, Yukari, and Suika. Mokou was not present, because she’d rather be guarding the village. Reisen was also present, apparently as an envoy of Eientei, her faction.

“Ladieees and gentlemen! Welcome to the first singing contest ever held in Gensokyo, the Idol Challenge Gensokyo! With me, your host Aya Shameimaru…”

“And your co-host, Marisa Kirisame!”

“We will witness the birth of Gensokyo’s first Idol! First, let’s get to know the judges, shall we? Marisa, after you!”

“Thanks, Aya! The judges here today are… first, the one and only, The Shrine-Maiden of Paradise, Reimu Hakurei!”

Reimu got up from the juries’ seat, bowing slightly to the crowd. The crowd is uproarious.

“Second, also representing the Scarlet Mansion… The Perfect and Elegant Maid, Sakuya Izayoi!”

The maid who sat on the left of Reimu stood up and bows to the crowd.

“Third, representing the Hakugyokurou… The Deathly Iron Stomach, Yuyuko Saigyouji!”

The short-haired busty lady seating in the middle of the judges’ seat smiled and waved to the crowd.

“Fourth, representing the fairies of Gensokyo… The Ice Fairy, Cirno!”

The lithe, small human sitting beside Yuyuko shouted “EYE’M DA STRONGAST!” before sitting again.

“And last but not least, the man behind Kourindou’s success, The manliest man in Gensokyo… Rinnosuke ‘Mannosuke’ Morichika! Back to you, Aya!”

That night, there was a huge bonfire in the shrine ground, where people sing and dance to the tunes played by the Prismrivers. You, the winner of the singing contest, were applauded upon and celebrated. Although Mystia lost to you by a hair, yet she was also applauded upon for her stunning performance; some say that this were her very best performance. She sang encores happily to the crowd, majestically flying around the fire. You just sat by the offertory box, smiling to the rowdy crowd and occasionally replying to individual acknowledgements.

“Great job, mister Idol,” Reimu jokingly said as she gave you a cup of tea, “Now you know how good your voice really is, don’t you?”

“Ahahahah,” you said while grinning sheepishly, trying to hide your flushing face, “Allah got plans for me by winning that.”

“You bet…” Reimu said softly, while sitting right beside you, “You were marvelous back there. Even I…”

Reimu’s hand slowly inched to your free hand. The religious part of you said no, but the young part of you said hell yeah. Well, you thought you’ll let the young part of you call the shots tonight.

“… was converted to your worship.”

“You know, you shouldn’t worship ephemeral things. Especially humans, they get cocky pretty quick.”

Your lips nearly met, when you realize that it has become dead silent here, save for the crackling of fire and suppressed giggles.

Glancing around, you saw Suika and the rest of the crowd looking intently at the two of you, who are in the best position to start your kiss.


“Screw that…”

Reimu took the initiative, and the crowd goes wild. You will never forget the cheer and sheer cacophony of this night.

It was late at night, and the crowd finally disperses. Yukari made a “gap” that leads to the human village, so the villagers won’t get lost or eaten by hostile youkai. The youkai and fairies trotted their way out of the shrine grounds, almost not leaving anything to mark their presence. Suika stayed to clean the mess, but also left after she finished, saying that she don’t want to interrupt the lovey-doveys and will spend the night in the pond’s shed.

“I guess it’s only the two of us here now,” Reimu remarked while putting out the futons.

“Yeah,” you absentmindedly replied.

“You know, I’m sad…” Reimu said while blowing the candle.

“Why would you?”

“You know, I’m a shrine maiden… I’m not supposed to have romantic relationship.”

“Oh… that. It’s also such a shame for me…”

“Why is that?”

“My religion forbade marriage with members of other faiths.”

The rest of the week sees uneasiness for both of you, and bewilderment for the others. They thought that they’ve seen the defining moment in that festival night, but what they see now is strained relationship. Sure, you two are still in friendly terms, but not exactly like lovers.

Winter passes relatively uneventfully, but you’re worried that your stock of tropical fishes will die out before the next spring could warm the water. To your relief, the fishes survived the winter reasonably well. Although there are some dying episodes, the numbers culled by nature are sufficiently low that you don’t have to import new seeds to make up for it.

The uneventful winter also gives you more time to socialize to the village people. Your charisma and disposition draw people to tolerate your unique ways, who are disciplined yet also quite free on itself. Your unique faith had even attracted its own following, with a few families converting from their usual polytheistic ways to your monotheistic one.

It was morning, and you are preparing yourself to take your merchandise of fresh and salted fishes to the first monthly market after winter. Suika helps you pack and carry the merchandise to the market, but to your surprise you met Reimu on the way.

“You’re early today, Reimu. Going shopping?”

“Naah… I have to meet up with Keine. There’s something I must discuss with her,” Reimu replied. She wore a complex expression on her face.

“Oh, I see. Must be strictly confidential,” you remarked while pushing the heavy cart to the village.

The trip to the market was largely uneventful, and the market itself has not been crowded yet. Reimu parted ways as you entered the village gates, heading straight to Keine’s school. You quickly set your shop in a corner of the market, and Suika left to roam the village.

“Hello, Idol… I’ve come for my master’s share this week,” said a motherly voice belonging to a nine-tailed figure. She is Ran, who usually gets Yukari’s fish supplies from you every week.

“Fresh or salted? I’ve been trying to make salted fishes these few months, and I must say that they taste pretty good.”

“Well… are they priced differently?” Ran inquired as you opened your container of salted fishes.

“Naah, they’re still trial products, so they’re priced as usual.”

“Make it a quarter the usual amount, then,” Ran said while counting the coins she brought.

“Here you are,” you said while handing a package of freshly-gutted fishes and a smaller package of salted fishes, “give my best regards to miss Yukari and Chen.”

“I’m sure they will be delighted to hear from you,” Ran said while handing a few yellow coins to you, “Mistress Yukari said that this is an extra for the delicious fishes all this time.”


“Shopping for the household, Ran?” a brisk voice piped behind Ran. Your next usual costumer.

“Yeah. How are the first vegetables for this year?” Ran replied in a friendly manner.

“Yoshioka-san had some good pickled cucumber this month,” Sakuya said while smiling, “but not much otherwise. It’s still early spring anyway.”

“I better get going then…” Ran remarked as she went.

“So… Miss Sakuya, what can I get you today?”

“Give me three of the biggest fishes you have. Miss Flandre seemed to enjoy devouring raw fishes these days…”

“Fresh or gutted?”

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, with Alice setting a doll stage at the village square. The play today was “Tircis et Amirte”, something you would be tempted to call a psychological drama far too complicated for kids. The village elder, a fan of Alice, as well as a few young men who are definitely more interested in Alice than in her dolls, sat there watching.

“Good trading today?” a blond girl with a classic witch getup chimed in.

“Not bad for an early spring market. What can I get you, Marisa? I’m afraid I’m out of fresh fishes, but I still had plenty of salted fishes.”

“Rats… so much for getting up late. Gimme a small packet of salted fishes. Haven’t got proper protein in ages…”

“Here you are. Fifteen ryo.”

“Here. Thankies, Idol.”

“Your welcome.”

“Hi, Idol…” Reimu said softly, suppressing a smile on her face. Marisa had joined the crowd at Alice’s doll booth.

“Hi, Reimu… finished your business?”

“Yes… but that’s not all…” Reimu leans forward as she spoke, “I will not be a shrine-maiden anymore.”


You must be shouting, because a few bystanders craned their necks.

“Yes… an envoy of the gods came to my dream last night, and thanked me for my services. It also said that I was to swiftly appoint a successor for the position of Shrine-Maiden of Paradise… and I-… I…”

You noticed Reimu’s voice faltering, overcame with such happiness that it forces her to cry.

“I-… I would be able… to marry you…”

“Reimu… but are you ready for… you know…”

“Of course I am, silly Idol!”

A few moments of uneasy silence reigned between you two.

“Reimu, if I’m not covered in fish-gore and stinks like bat guano like right now, I would’ve kissed and hugged you.”

“Dumbass Idol! As if I care now!”

In the midst of Suika’s (also Marisa, Alice, and the spectators of the doll theater) loud applause, Reimu hugged you, and you two shared a deep kiss.

Needless to say, all the foundation blocks for your happy life had fallen into place. Reimu is now finishing her final work as a shrine-maiden, and Keine will take over within the following month. Her school will also relocate to the shrine, which is merely a stone’s throw away from the village. Seeing that the youkai attacks had been dwindling in frequency, you started the initiative to make a rampart around the village, a precaution for hardships to come.

Your faith had also experience its apex, with believers now about a quarter-village strong. You did your best to mediate peace between your faith and the majority, drawing on the example of moderate imams you read about while in your world. Keine also helped in mediating the tension, yet light tension wells from time to time, especially among rash youngsters.

However, nothing prepared you for a tragedy that would befall you at the time you least expect.

“I hereby accepts the marriage of Ahmad Bahadur to Reimu Hakurei…”

This is the day you two had long awaited. Reimu sat beside of you, garbed in pure white kimono and veils. The attendant’s numbers were small, but the marriage ceremony runs smoothly. You have appointed an old man who you knew as an early convert to your faith as a judge to carry out the marriage ceremony, since Reimu’s father had died while she was young. Normally her father was the one who had to wed the couple, with the judge only overseeing the binding.

“… with a dowry consisting of two silver rings…”

As you go through the lines of sealing the marriage contract, you glanced towards your bride. Reimu smiles soothingly, having converted to your faith just two nights before. With resolve, you spoke the final words, tying the legal matters.

“… paid in cash.”

“Do the witnesses approves that this marriage legal and binding?” the judge announced to the two people sitting near the longer end of the table. He visibly reads from the text you prepared for him beforehand. You sighed in relief, knowing that your hardest part has passed.

“Yeap, nothing wrong with me.”

“I approve.”

“Phew… You two sign here please… You too, Idol, Reimu… here… done. I now pronounce you a lawfully-wedded couple,” the judge exclaimed, visibly deflating.

The crowd broke into a deafening roar, yet you don’t remember much else. You two are too happy.

You woke up a few days later, seeing the world around you teeming with wounded and sick people. Wafts of disinfectant, who you never dreamed to encounter again, fills your nose. The ones who are not wounded or wounded lightly scurries here and there, tending the worse-wounded and the poisoned to the best of their abilities. You also spot Reisen the moon-rabbit, administering drugs as needed to the gravely injured. Keine spots you sitting up first, however, and rushes to your side.

“Idol! You okay?” Keine said while she rushed to you, Reisen right behind her.

“Breathing’s difficult…”

“Just relax… we’ll operate you ASAP. You’re high on Eirin’s list, and she’ve just finished patching another guy. Sleep again for now, you’ll need it. Here’s something for your body in the meantime…” Reisen whispered soothingly as she injected a substance into your arm. You swiftly lost consciousness again.

“Urgh… ouch…”

“Hey, you’re awake! Hang on, I’ll get Reisen!”

You opened your eyes, and Reisen quickly comes to you.

“Feeling better, Idol?”

“Somewhat… not as hard to breathe anymore…”

“Well, we removed all the shrapnels in your chest and reconstructed your ribcage…” Reisen responded to your statement.

“What… happened?”

“I… uh… well, you better ask Keine for that. I’ve… uh, been holed here since the massacre first started…” Reisen answered slowly, as if choking back tears.

“There’s been an invasion,” Keine interjected, gesturing Reisen to go out of the room, “Some people who proclaimed themselves as gods of outside world stormed through the barrier. Yukari was injured, but she will be fine.”

“Where’s… Reimu?”

Keine paused, as if unsure of how to break the news.

“Reimu… passed away last night,” Keine finally whispered, “We’ve tried everything in our disposal… even Kaguya endorsed the use of the Forbidden Elixir on her, yet she will not have it. She, instead…”

Another uneasy silence reigned as Keine struggled to be tough.

“She… opted for her heart to be transplanted… to you. Your heart… was already full of splinters and leaking, by the time Eirin knew. You were saved… but we are forced to give up hope on Reimu…” Keine finishes the explanation, before breaking into tears.

“Innalillahi… wa Inna ilaihi… raji’un… What Allah created… returns… to Him…” you muttered, while consoling the kneeling Keine.

Epilogue ---

You crept stealthily through the bush, approaching the current raging battle on the Hakurei Shrine grounds from its hidden flank. Suika crept with you, reducing her density to reduce noise.

“Nee, Idol, y’sure y’wanna do this?”

“Suika, I trust that you’ve heard all of my reasoning last night...”

A roaring pillar of force streaked over your heads, as you two scrambled for cover.

“Marisa sure is frightening with that Master Spark…”

“Time yet, Idol?”

“Not yet… Any minute now…”

A shrine-maiden garbed in white could be seen flying pretty close-by now, corralled by Alice’s army of dolls and Yuka’s Dual Spark shots. You and Suika quickly scrambled for cover, careful not to be spotted by anyone.

“The jackpot’s in reach… Aim right, Suika.”

“Don’t worry, I threw a warrior right up to The Court of Death a few years back. I won’t miss now… for the sake of Reimu, too.”

Yuka’s second Dual Spark ripped through the air, cutting the escape route of the foreign shrine-maiden. Alice’s dolls further locked her in place.

“Thanks. It’s nice to have known you, Suika Ibuki.”

“Y’too, Ahmad Bahadur. Send my regards for Reimu.”

“Sure thing.”

With a heave, Suika threw you, along with about a ten kilos of Semtex rigged in the form of explosive vest, towards the foreign shrine-maiden. You managed to grab her, and rocketed through towards the upper atmosphere. The god army were thrown aback by the surprise assault, but continious attacks from Gensokyo’s defenders prevents them from making chase.


Yet the shrine-maiden’s curses were drowned out by a single shout, accompanied by a push of a button.


Reisen’s ears twitched slightly, before she stopped grinding some ingredients for a healing salve she was making.

“What’s the matter, Reisen?” Eirin, who was making a similar salve beside her, asked.

“He… has succeeded…” Reisen whispered, a single tear escaping her red eyes.

Merlin Prismriver (by E-Mouse, 2008-03-18)

Merlin bad end 2008-03-18

As the traditional shamisen player of the human village, you have often played in performances preceding the famous Prismriver Sisters, and while it was clear that your skill was 'second fiddle' to their performance, you had no reason to envy it. After all, a ghost has far more time to practice, and far longer to perfect. That, and you could tell many of the older listeners liked to hear your traditional instrument for a change. So, while not spectacular, you are quite content with your position, and show the three ghost sisters the respect they deserve.

But one of them puzzles you. On rare occasions, the middle sister - Merlin, was it? - was known to lose her temper in the middle of a performance, attacking her sisters and anyone else that approached too close. It sounded so absurd; she was such a cheerful girl.

Then you saw it happen, when you accidentally dropped your shamisen just offstage at the end of one of the Prismrivers' songs. Merlin let out a downright feral roar, and proceeded to punch her younger sister in the gut, a trail of magical fire trailing behind her fist. A gasp comes from the crowd, drowning out Lunasa's "Oh bother, not again." to all but your ears.

The next few minutes are a flurry of chaos and destruction, as the other Prismrivers try to subdue their maddened middle sister. Taking cover backstage, you watch the fight in awe, marveling at the impossibly appropriate music played by their instruments, following the fight beat by beat. Despite the danger, you let your vision drift out of focus, basking in the music and -

Despite your invitation of death, what breaks you out of your revere wasn't a stray flurry of danmaku, but a strange floating blob that was following Merlin's trumpet. Very strange; you'd never seen that at any of the performances, and while it did look like a youkai's familiar, you knew that the Prismrivers never used them. Maybe a lesser ghost playing a prank? Then how'd it get here in the first place?

Further theorization is cut short as Merlin gets struck down by a small meteor. Oh, no, a yin-yang orb. Someone must have called for the Hakurei maiden. You make a mental note to drop by the shrine to make a donation over the weekend, but also see that the blob you'd noticed earlier was gone. Strange.

It takes the Prismriver sisters a while to recover from the disaster that day, but either Lunasa or Lyrica still arrives for performances to play solo while Merlin "recovers." You wonder if it was from the yin-yang orb or her outburst that day, but somehow, even the other sisters' floating instruments remind you of that blob you'd seen following Merlin. What WAS that thing? You try asking Lyrica at the end of a show one night, but she just laughed nervously and excused herself. The next day Lunasa simply shook her head at you when presented with the same question.

"You don't want to know."

But you DID, damn it. You start asking around about where Merlin was being treated, hoping she would have an answer, but all in vain; no one knows where they actually live, and the best suggestion put forward was hakugyoru. You didn't really want to die just yet, though.

Well, so much for that hope. Luckily, Merlin arrives early at a performance the next week, with the Prismrivers hoping to practice their act before the actual show. You make a point to wave down Merlin, and promptly realize how uncomfortable it would be to ask about your item of curiosity directly. So instead, you ask whether she was all right, and if she recalled anything about the incident before. She blushed and muttered something about an "anger management issue." You press on with a rather innocent question about whether anything happened to her trumpet, which only earned you the same nervous laugh Lyrica had given you. Further questioning was cut short as the other Prismrivers called her over to begin practicing, accompanied by a catcall from that white-black witch that had been sitting in the bleachers.

Odd, why was she here? Maybe as precaution from Merlin losing her temper again?

Your mind wanders as you tune your shamisen and bask in the Prismrivers' usual performance on center stage. But curiosity is eating at your survival instincts, and since that mischievous black-white the only other one here anyway...

As the final notes of the song approach, you stand up and raise your instrument by your side. You offer the middle Prismriver an early apology in a stage whisper.

"Sorry, Merlin."

You drop the shamisen just as their song ends, and Merlin turns to you in order to give you a puzzled look for a mere split second.

Next thing you know, she's pummeling Lyrica with both fists, calling the younger sister useless at the top of her lungs. Repeatedly. You watch closely this time and see the blob materialize out of thin air near Merlin's shoulder, bearing an oddly cheerful expression as its 'master' beats her sister senseless.

You briefly wonder how to catch the blob's attention without getting in Merlin's way, but it obligingly hovers over towards you, a vacant smile on its face.

"What ARE you?" you ask, watching it closely.


(In the background, Merlin screams something about "Aiur" and fences both the witch's broom and Lunasa's bowstring with blue laser blades extending from her wrists.)

Well, that explained nothing. You walked around the strange creature, hoping to get a look at its side and back, but the face just followed you.

"Now you're starting to get creepy."

Without warning, the blob flung itself at you and... started gnawing on your pants?

'Starting' was no longer adequate, this thing was...

Hmmm, actually, that felt kinda gooOH GOD

You let out a shriek and fall to the floor in pain, blood already puddling on the floor beneath you.

The blob chews thoughtfully on your severed genitals for a few moments, then swallows them into nothingness.



I'm a monster.

Sazae-oni (by Nameless Fairy, 2008-03-20)

You are the captain of a pirate ship on the golden era of piracy, spreading terror across the seven seas with your dedicated men. After raiding a particularly rich Spanish merchant ship, you and your crew drink yourself unconscious in celebration. When you come to yourselves, your bewildered quartermaster informs you that you're on uncharted territory. You question his surprise, for the battle-weary seaman has encountered numerous similar situations. He simply responds by handing you a pair of binoculars, pointing towards a glimmering region in the afternoon sky. You now share his bewilderment, for you've just seen a fairy.

Unaware of early 18th century scientists struggling to explain how on the earth the water levels of world oceans suddenly dropped by a meter and Yukari announcing that Gensokyo now has seas, you try and make a living in this new world. Your learn that there are no coastal towns in this new continent, but your trusted men are quick to adapt to terrestrial combat, retreating into the dense local forests after every raid. Fairies and magic become an everyday sight, the loot is good, and you come to enjoy this rice liquor they seem to call sake, so you've nothing to complain. Yet one thing keeps to confuse you: in every town you went, women almost doubled the men in number, and most of the males were either wizened old men or young boys. The lack of able men doesn't seem to affect the towns in the slightest, however – your first mistake of underestimating a female warrior of this land cost you two men, and you were careful to not repeat it.

One stormy night, you see a fair maiden amongst the waves of the sea. Not the one to believe those lunatic superstitions about women aboard a pirate ship, you order her rescue, mostly because you desire her body – you have intended to rape her right away after she dries up. Yet she proves to be nothing like your homeland's women, drinking and entertaining your crew as if she's one of them. She even takes offense to one of your men's vulgar comments and challenges him, taking the sailor down with cruel efficiency. That very night you offer a permanent place to her on your ship as your mate, and she is delighted to accept. She proves just as good in bed as in drinking and swordsmanship, and you soon fall to slumber, exhausted.

You wake up in the middle of the night, finding your lover gone. You pay no mind, falling asleep almost right back, though you do feel oddly hollow...

When you next gain your consciousness, the sun is already up, and the first thing you notice is the blood on the sheets. Was she a virgin? No, you don't remember deflowering her. The realization occurs when you attempt to change your bloodied clothes.

A bloody stump stands where your penis used to be.

Still half-conscious and more curious than angry, you stumble out of your cabin. You see a commotion on the deck, with your lover faced against your whole crew, sporting the same bloodied pants as you did. For the first time, you see your lover's true face. Her most noticeable feature is a giant seashell placed on her head like some obscene hat, seaweed dangling off her wild, unkempt hair under it. She has a wicked grin on her face, showing pointed teeth. In a low, gritty voice, she demands your treasure – the gold and remaining goods you got off that Spanish cargo vessel.


Give up the booty [Skewer the bitch]


Cutlass in hand, you charge towards the demoness, intent on making her pay. Your men also take the initiative, circling the feminine figure. The slippery youkai proves more agile than expected, however, and gets past your offense to return to the sea. The oily, naked breasts of her true form gleaming under the sun almost gave you a boner, but then you remembered that you no longer have a penis. Shit.

The next day, you again notice that your clothes are wet. The gaping wound oddly enough did not hurt, but you fixed it anyways, figuring that it's no good to leak blood. Your hands reach to your pants to check on the gauze and to your surprise, a sudden surge of pleasure washes over your body. Withdrawing your hand, you see a whitish-transparent fluid instead of the expected crimson. Before your alcohol-damaged brain could figure out what is going on, you hear several feminine screams. Interested, you get up and head towards the deck, almost tripping on your own clothes in the way – since when did they get this loose?

Getting out of your cabin, you see several little girls, their faces betraying utter confusion. The demoness is also there, again standing in the midst of them. There is, however, something familiar about those girls...

It finally hits you. You stare down at yourself, catching a glimpse of your petite breasts poking up from your overly large clothes. You see a smile form on the demoness' face.

“You really should have given up the treasure, dear...”

As if on clue, she takes off the skirt she has been wearing, revealing the missing organs of you and your crew, hanging like a morbid parody of a banana cluster. She takes a look at your loli body, and they all come alive.


You look at the group of teenage girls who once formed your crew, all chained up from the ankles to a wall. Some do not seem displeased at all with their new selves, their hands on their crotches, masturbating to their mates' petite bodies – or perhaps, to their own. The demoness furiously grasps your breasts, penetrating into you with the penis that was once yours. As you experience your first time on the receiving side of teary rape, you realize why there are so few men in Gensokyo...

Yuyuko Saigyouji (by Writer Nightpen, 2008-03-21)

The Bad End Theather feat.

Yuyuko Saigyouji


You, the middle of five brothers, are a farmboy in a faraway planet. Your parents descended from a long line of farmers and settlers, never knowing much of other lifestyles. You have worked in the farm since you are twelve, and ten years of farm-jobs had chafed under your skin. You dreamed of piloting your very own mecha, yet the only mech around are combine harvesters and dock cranes. You are desperate to move on.

One day, a recruitment ship from the House Danovi stopped by and started ‘buying’ youngsters from their farms. You eagerly jump in, since you won’t be missed much anyway. They gave you a crash course in mech controls, and strapped you into a light mech. To your surprise, you managed to cope with the harsh condition, and rose to command your own squad.

Your squad’s relative success gets them involved in a high-profile mission: you and your squad are to spearhead an assault on planet Terra. Terra, the cradle of humanity, has long been forgotten and had adopted its own jungle laws. House Danovi wants it as proof of victory over their enemy, House Coventry, another interplanetary government whose eyes also set on Terra.

Your campaign in the Eastern Platform clashes heavily with the forces of House Coventry. One day, your squad was ambushed while patrolling far from base and suffered heavy losses. You are the only survivor, and even with that, your mech suffered heavy damages. With nowhere to go, you flipped open the self-destruction button while running, not intending to give yourself to the army of House Coventry.

That’s when you saw it.

An impossibly huge seemingly-dead tree, with heights far surpassing the tallest mech you have ever seen. Its branches spread to all directions, extending a canopy possibly capable of blotting out sunlight on the entirety of your mission base. You feel like a fairy standing on the base of a FUKKEN HUEG tree.

But there’s no time to think. Your pursuers draw close, eager to capture and interrogate you for information. They seemed to not notice the tree, but they noticed you all right.

To your amazement, a miracle unfolds before your eyes. The tree crackled to life, opening up holes on its side and started blasting the Coventry force with turbolasers of the proportion you have only seen in warships. In short order, they are no more. You, meanwhile, lost consciousness.

You awoke on the base of the tree, a beautiful lady tending you by your side. You almost freaked out, realizing that your mech and most of your clothes are gone, but the lady smiles soothingly.

“I can see that you have woken, pilot. Fear not, for you lay under the protection of Yggdrasil, the last bastion of Terra.”

She smiles almost ethereally, calming your emotions and soothing your aching wounds at the same time. God, she smiles like an angel in the middle of hell. If it's not because of your weakness, you would have swore allegiance to her.

“Princess Yuyuko! Where were you? We’re so worried!”

You heard another voice. You seen a girl clad in green pilot’s uniform, two tubular things dangling from her belt.

“Ah, you’re here, Youmu… how about this gentlemen’s mech?”

“That’s not the point! You are supposed to be-”

“This person’s mech, Youmu.”

“…Unsalvageable. Too much damage, and the joints are pretty much impossible to repair. The circuitry is summarily fried…”

“Perfect! He’ll be a good candidate for piloting Unit Alpha!”

“But Princess-”

“Enough ‘buts’, Youmu.”

Life for you are pretty good since that. The Unit Alpha you were entrusted with was plenty powerful, enough to obliterate whole Coventry squads with relative ease despite armed with nothing but superheated fists and legs. All you do in battle was move around, punch, kick, and sometimes yell “God’s Finger” while plunging your mech’s middle finger into the opponent’s cockpit.

However, there are other things beside fighting. You know better that armies need downtime after their failures. This gives you plenty of times to know your two saviors better.

You, after all, are just a prone, testosterone-laden young man. With two ladies by your side, your strict discipline inherited from your time in the Danovi army soon falters. You start to seriously think to… um, mate with one of the two woman.

But the main object of your affection isn’t the uptight, cute Youmu. Sure, having a disciplined, always-alert mate in the battlefield is good, but lawful good young people were never your type. Princess Yuyuko, on the other hand, was the epitome of your ideal woman. She is busty, sexy, always cheerful, willing to go out of her way to save precious things… you could go on forever. Ah… if only you could have your way with her…

You finally made up your mind. You confessed one day, not caring of the princess’ acceptance or denial. Princess Yuyuko only smiled, while you literally froze your brain waiting for her answer.

“My my, I thought you had your way with Youmu while I’m asleep or something… Ara… what should I do…”

To your surprise, you witnessed her blushing! This might be working!

“Arararara… But I’m much too old… you can even see my wrin-”

“Fuck that.”

You decide to take your chances. You kissed her, of which she returned hungrily.

You woke up to the sirens blaring. That’s weird… Youmu never let intruders to the perimeter. Grabbing your scattered gears, you left the naked Yuyuko in your bed, scrambling to Unit Alpha’s hangar.

Once outside, you finally learned the gravity of the situation.

Three legions of mixed Coventry-Danovi Army had laid siege of the Yggdrasil. Youmu has been fighting since no one knows when, but her Unit Omega seems to be in dire need of recharging.

“Unit Alpha, Unit Omega… stand down… please…”

The clear voice resonating into your mech was clearly Yuyuko’s. She spoke as if knowing the full gravity of the situation, which is kinda weird since Unit Alpha only left hangar mere seconds ago. Eww… she must still be naked. You got a boner just thinking of that.

But arousal turns to curiosity as you heard a loud rumbling sound. Whatever rumbles, it rumbles with an awesome power indeed. Probably tectonic plates moving? You wonders as your outside microphones register louder rumbling still.


With that loud bellow, the tree seemed to split in half, revealing a vertical wicked-looking metallic-toothed maw. It bellows an unearthly sound reminiscent of the SFX used in those B-class monster movies the Danovi army used to run on their mess’ TV as a semblance of ‘entertainment’ for its men.

“Oh shi-”

You never had the time to react nor evade. The tree moves with unimaginable speeds and rakes in everything, almost like a colossal bulldozer or backhoe. Friends, foes, trees, and even parts of the local landscape were mixed in and crushed. As your cockpit caves in, you finally found out where all those raw materials come from.

“Enjoyed your space opera simulation, Yuyuko?”

“Of course, Yukari! Oh yeah, I’m strangely full now, and Ran only had to serve tea for me.”

Yukari smiles mysteriously as she chalked another victory in her mind.


--- Capitalizing on Gundam Yuyuko's tagline :P

Kurumi (by Lord Gussy, 2008-03-21)

Laziness is my friend, procrastination is my ally...And somethin tells me this'll be the last of the BE threads...oh well might as well pump out the ones I got until this one closes up on us...


Kurumi route



...That basically describes your daily life in the Human Village of Gensokyo (more or less), why? well to put it simply nothing interesting happens here anymore. Sure, there's the occasional youkai attack or those crazy danmaku battle things you've seen now and again. But now, you've seen so many of those that it wasn't as attention grabbing as it was when you were say, 10 years old. Your occupation as a Teacher's aide at Keine's school didn't make things any better, at some points you even found yourself dozing off in class during some of Keine-sensei's lectures. Sure, she had the looks, but you were too afraid on whether she'll accept or reject you if you ask her out, so you just resort to admiring her from afar, and the usual gradeschool antics like giving her gifts and generally being extra nice to her (Though, some of her students seem to have faith in you and some have even encouraged you to make a 'bold move' on Keine). As for Mokou, who also seemed to be acquainted with Keine, you basically steered clear of her, being you always got this 'Bad Vibe' from her everytime the 2 of you got too close. What you longed for was adventure, excitement, basically freedom from this borefest of a village. You wanted to see what else Gensokyo had to offer, besides all those half-assed tall tales you hear from your tanked drinking buddies at the local tavern.

However, one evening you found yourself at the tavern once again, listening to the same ol' tales of your friends. The occasional 'No way! that's not how it goes' 'That's bullshit, she had a bigger tits! I'm sure of it!' or 'Your both wrong, cuz I was there myself'. You, never really being a heavy drinker, just sat there and took'em all in seeing nothing of real interest in them. It was all just clockwork to you, sooner or later one of them will pass out and the others will either follow or go home leaving the other guy on his own. Some friends they were. Letting out a forlorn sigh you rise up ready to head on out the door when out of nowhere a haggard old man decides he wants to place his testimony in the debate your friends were having...

"The lot of ya are wrong..." he says, his voice wreeking of wisdom...and not because his breathe smells like ass, it was the kinda wisdom that told he's done alot of travelling in Gensokyo, and should be respected as such. "What's that ol'timer, You sayin' you know the whole story" one of your (visably drunk) friends replies...why do you hangout with these guys anyways?

"Aye...that I do" he says back from underneath his hood. You turn around and pay little more attention to this newcomers words. Turns out, he was once a youkai hunter during his glory days, and during one of his hunts he scaled a mountain and to his surprise found an enormous mountain lake but it wasn't filled with water, no, it was filled entirely of blood. A Lake of blood? you think upon this for a second, you remember hearing of it before, possibly from one of Keine's lessons, but you doubt she'd teach such a thing to doubting your sources you turn back to the old man and listen in on the rest of his story.

As he goes on, he claims to have crossed the bloody lake and upon reaching an isolated island. He's seen a deep chasm within the lone island that leads to another world, a 'Dream World' he says. But before he can go on he's interrupted by another one of your friends who debates that there was a 'fair maiden' on the island and before you know it, their back on the subject of who can get the most ass without dieing a danmaku related death. The old timer chuckles and decides to leave, apparently you youngins are just to focused on getting laid, than to pay attention to the ramblings from a seasoned youkai hunter (save for you). As he leaves your curiosity compels you to follow the elder and hit him up for some answers on his story.

"Hey old man" you call out as you catch up to him, in which he turns to you "That lake you were talking about...I want to know more about it" you ask anxiously. The old man gives you a look, he knows why you've come after him asking of it "Your planning to go there, aren't you?" he says "Well..." you hesitate for a bit before finally answering "...Yeah, I might pay that place a visit...Why?". At that point the elder shakes his head and turns away "You shouldn't try such a foolish thing, boy." You furrow an eyebrow "Foolish?" How could this be foolish? you simply want to go exploring, alot of Humans have the same urge now and then "There's nothing there for a youngin' like yourself to go snoopin around in, There's a demon up there that gaurds that lake, only reason I went up there was to slay it..." He says before continuing on into the night "Well..." you add as his back is still turned toward "Well, what?"

"Did you slay it? if you did, then it's safe to go up there, right?" you say, you sure was being persistant with this, and it was apparent the old geezer didn't like it from the look he was giving. "No. No I didn't..." he replies "Now, do yourself a favor and forget what I're better off..." and with that he finally disappeared in the dark streets of the village, just as mysteriously as he came into it. However upon his leaving you were left with a choice; Either stay and be bored for god knows how long or go to this Lake of Blood and quench your thirst for adventure, but at the same time face a demon that could more than likely rip your head off and play hackey-sack with it. After sitting there thinking of what to do, you finally decide that your going to this Lake, despite the old man's warnings. You did, after all, have a decent knowledge of magic and even messed around in 'danmaku' a couple times, so you felt confident that you could take on what the demon could dish out, if things were to get hairy.

With your mind made up you retire back home to plan your journey. Not wanting to wait, you decide to venture out 1st thing tommorrow morning, but not before going to Keine and asking for information on where to go and what to expect, knowledge is power after all. Next, you rummage through your closet to see what you have as far as weapons go. Unfortunetly you're a bit short on self-defense mechanisms, all you have is a katana your dad gave to you when he was drunk, and a spellbook which is missing several pages and bears a questionable stain on the cover (...Don't ask, don't tell...). You decide to make due with what's avalible and take both with you. After packing a hardy lunch for your journey you head on to bed, it's a big day tommorrow you'll need the shut eye. So sleep tight, lil' badger

Morning arrives, and you awake well rested and primed for your journey. You grab your supplies and head on over to the school to tell Keine of what's about to go down (after all, you WERE supposed to be at work today), Luckily you were a bit early when you arrived, so the kids wouldn't get all rowled up due to you leaving early. "Your going, where?" she asked upon hearing what you had to say "To a uh...Lake...made of Blood..." you trail off, your eyes darting back and forth, this really made you sound retarded. And on top of that it sounded like an excuse to have an early vacation, which you knew Keine would be more than smart enough to spot it. But, to your surprise, Keine seemed to know what you were talking about, for she didn't give you a look of 'WTF, are you talking about?' that you were expecting. "Do you know how to get there..." she asked, with you staring at her blankly in response. There's an odd silence for well over 3 minutes "...You have no idea do you..."

"...Not a clue..." You chuckle nervously at your own stupidity "Which is why, I'm askin for some directions on how to get there..." you ask scratching behind your head. Keine chuckles, she always did find this impulsive side of your persona rather amusing. It did in some cases make things alot more lively in class (ironic really, where you found it boring others found it exciting when you were around) But still, likeable personality traits aside, you really were being bit reckless just up and deciding to go someplace you didn't know shit about. "Very well, I know once you have your mind set on something you won't rest until it's done" she says with a smile "If you really want to go there, the lake your looking for is located on a mountain to the east, it's not very far from here actually" she explained before looking you in the eye with concearn "But, be careful, there's said to be a vampire that gaurds the lake, though I don't know if she's still up there or not being Reimu defeated her...but, please try not to get hurt..." You give her a confident grin, like any man would "Heh, no worries Keine-sama, I have a katana and some spellbook I've been studying" you say in order to convince Keine you were ready for this. "Besides I have this totally flawless spell that-"

You stop as you notice a serious look in her eyes "I'm serious. You can really die out there..." The room falls silent as you have nothin else to add. Was this the right decision to make? did you really want to stick your neck out just because you wanted to play 'Indiana Jones' and go exploring? Fuck Yeah you did! "I promise, I'll be fine. Keine-sama" you finally reply putting on an equally serious face showing her you stand by your decision. But, not before your face tinges light red, could Keine really be worried about your safety? or was she saying this cuz you were the only Teacher's aide she had? Either way you needed to be off, you could here the children nearing the school and you didn't want them begging you to stay (that would make leaving a helluva lot harder) "Hey, could ya tell the kids, I got sick or somethin. Heh, I don't want them worrying about me" you chuckle as you wave goodbye to Keine and rush on out.

The initial journey to the mountain was surprisingly long, despite Keine saying that the mountain isn't far away, though you are thankful youkai didn't attack you, being it was still daytime when you were travelling through the forest. However, you knew that would all change for the worst if you didn't reach the mountain by sundown, and unfortunetly you don't come across the mountain until that evening. You look back into the woodlands in which you came, they were looking mighty ominous and you were starting to regret coming out without some form of posse or group, but this is what you decided and either way it was no turning back, so you pressed on and began to scale the mountain.

When you finally reach the top you're greeted by a mysterious fog, though it's not very thick it still messed with your vision. You step a ways forward and you can hear what sounds like liquid of somekind lapping against the rocks, and as the fog parts you stand in awe as your eyes meet up with the sight you've been told of. A vast lake stretches on for what seems to be an eternity and just as the old man said the lake had blood in it. You stick your finger in the lake to test it and just as you thought it's pure blood alright "How did all this get here?" you ask to yourself as you scan the area, it was indeed a curious question. A question that will have to be answered later as you hear the sound of flapping of wings, large powerful wings. Thinking quickly you whip out your spellbook hoping this will be enough to take down the coming threat, but this fog was damn annoying, you couldn't see shit! Suddenly you hear a voice call out to you from behind "Who're you?" startled by this you frantically shoot off a barrage of small energy bursts in all directions hoping you could hit something and sure enough you hear an explosion, and agonizing cry reaches your ears.

You look around and see before you a young girl, having long golden hair, a white bow and large purple wings, but she also bears a scorched wound. "Oww..." she grimaces as she grabs injured arm. You don't know what to say, you want to say your sorry but...those wings...she can't possibly be human. what if she's setting you up for an ambush, what if she gets back up, kills you and fucks the body. Oh god, your having impure thoughts! But at the same know you shouldn't just leave this girl here, though her appearance screams something demonic, her mannerisms shout of innocence only a young woman could harbour. "What did you do that for!" the vampiress shouts in anger "I-I thought you were going to kill me" you stammer "I-uh I didn't mean for you to get hurt, I'm really sorry, honest!"

She doesn't seem to be cheered up by your apology. But, at the same time, she knows you didn't truly mean to do it. Besides it was kinda her fault for sneaking up on you like that "...It's was my fault anyways..." she finally admits. you (cautiously) step a little closer to her "Your wound...I have some medicine, so I can help you" the girl looks to you her wings closing up over her body, as if trying to shut you out "It'll heal...I AM a vampire after all..."

"Oh...okay" You reply, reluctantly backing away. "Anyways, why are you here, human." she asked "Oh..uh no reason...I just wanted to go exploring..." you reply sheepishly. Afterwards the both of you fall silent not having anything else to say, that is before you blurt out "Your not going to kill me are you?" the vampire blinks and giggles "No, as long as you don't try to cross the lake I won't kill you" Upon hearing this it dawns on you that SHE was the 'demon' the old man was reffering to, why would she gaurd a lake of blood? Well dumb question actually, she IS a vampire, it's possible she wants the entire lake for herself being she feeds on blood. But, seeing as to how large it is, having the whole thing to one self seems a bit...outlandish. Even for greedy folks. There was probably a better reason for her gaurding such a lake...but at the moment the one you thought up seemed the most plausible...even though it too seemed like utter BS...

As you look out you notice it's officially night time, possibly the worst time to go out into the woods. But you couldn't stay here...or could you? "Hey uh..."


"Yeah...Kurumi, do you mind if I uh...y'know spend the night" you trail off as this doesn't sound like the smartest (or safest) thing to do, (plus you sound like a pervert too) but it's the only thing you have up your sleeve "If I go out in the woods the youkai will probably get me..." Kurumi giggles at how embarrased you are to ask, but in the end she nods in acceptance "Fine, but on one condition..." Shit! you knew this was coming, she was only setting you up, oh well might as well take it in stride they say if you run it'll only make it worse. "Okay...what're your terms?"

"That you won't claim the lake as you own"

You furrow an eyebrow upon hearing the terms of agreement, what the hell could you possibly do with a lake of blood? "...You...can't be serious..." You said, giving her a look of equal skeptisim, but Kurumi stands by her proposal, and by the look in those sharp yellow eyes, she's very serious about this "It's either that, or the youkai eat you, your choice" she mused "Okay...fine" she gives you a look of distrust, apparently to her, you may very well try and pull the wool over her eyes "Promise?" You nod holding your hand up in scouts honor "Promise."

You look about and notice there isn't a house in sight "...Hey uh...where IS your house anyways..." Kurumi blinks a few seconds an points to a small island in the distance "Right there...on that island" she answers before lifting off the ground and flying toward the location. She then notices your not following her "Well. aren't you coming?"

You hesitate and finally speak up "I...uh can't fly, Heh"

Kurumi groans and flys back to you, and motions to her waist "Grab on" You nod and latch onto the vampire and she takes off for her home.

The flight to Kurumi's house is silent and uneventful, you do occasionally glance at the arm you shot her in, which overtime has healed up a bit (at least to the point where she wasn't gushing blood), but all in all you say nothing to her, however it is her who finally decides to break the ice "So your from the Human Village I take it?" she asked lookin back at you. You nod in response. "What's it like down there, can't say I've been there myself?" she asked, for a second you could hear the anxious feeling behind her voice "Well your not missing's kinda...boring" you reply in a dry tone, you look over to Kurumi and notice she was a bit disappointed (and probably upset) by your answer. When you finally arrive at her house, you take note of how decent it is, for being on the shore of bloody lake.

Kurumi seems to enjoy your precsense, possibly because your the visitor she's had for a long time now. As for dinner, you decide to go on and share your food with her, seeing it's the least you could do after you shot her in the arm, as you both eat your meals, you can't help but notice Kurumi eyeing you sheepishly. Immediatly after, she starts hitting you up for answers on the human village despite you telling her earlier that it was pretty boring, so you decide to go on ahead and give her the low down on your life and role in society in the village (though you refrain from making it sound as bland and boring as to how you saw it).

Morning arrives and your greeted by the singing of the birds outside. You notice the house is still relatively dark and there's a lack of windows, but this was to be expected since the owner was naturally photosensitive. You then realize that you've dozed off on the bed in which you and Kurumi had your conversation and you don't see her nowhere nearby. However as you raise up you feel something rather weighty has been placed on your crotch 'What in the...' you look down to see Kurumi curled up and sleeping soundly, her head rested on your lap. Though you knew this was perverse on SO many levels, for some reason this made you feel...good, and not because there was a cute vampire laying your crotch.

Not long after Kurumi jumps awake and also discovers she was asleep in your lap face down, it only made things worse when she noticed you had 'morning wood'... She promptly responds to this with hostility and backslaps you squarly across the face "Dirty Human!" The sheer power of her backhand sends you off the bed and sliding into a bookcase, promptly causing books to rain down on you, luckily the bookcase itself was too lazy to move or you would've been one less head. "...That's...a mean backhand..." you mutter out as your brain tries to piece itself back together.

"How dare you try to orally violate me! I knew I shouldn't have let you come in here with me!" Kurumi shouts angrily at you. "I-I'm sorry okay, I was asleep too...I wasn't aware of the situation..." you reply in your defense still covered in books. Kurumi only sighs in exsapiration and starts walking over to your supplies, and then drops them beside you "Either way, you spent the night, now get going..." You can tell by her voice she was still pretty pissed at what happened and last you checked a pissed vamp can do some real damage to a human. So, not wanting to overstay your welcome, you quickly get up and grab your things. Saying your 'thank yous' and 'goodbyes', then bolting out the door not thinking about addressing your, recently acquired, head injury. That is, before you pass out 3 feet outside Kurumi's doorstep.

Upon reawakening you notice your back in Kurumi's place again, on top of that and your head really hurts something fierce. "Ow...what happened..." you ask groggily, Kurumi was sitting a little ways from where you lay reading a book it looked like. "You ran outside and passed out on my doorstep" she answers dryly, but not really looking you in the eye, which meant she was more than likely still P.Oed at the accident earlier, and if you were going to be staying here a bit longer the least you could do is right the wrong so is to decrease any more tension. "Look, about earlier, I'm really sorry about what happened, I really had no idea how that happened..."

"It's okay, I forgive you" Kurumi replied nonchalantly. Well it wasn't the kind of reply you were hoping for but, as long as she forgave your actions... "Say...why'd you pull me back in?"

"Well I couldn't just leave you there" Kurumi answered "To be honest...I kinda...find you interesting..." she added with a blush

Interesting? now that's a new one. No one's really called you 'interesting' in a long while, save for that time you applied for a job at Keine's school. And that was only because you were (slightly) ambidexterious. "Y-you find me...interesting?..." you reply with a blush of your own.

"Yeah, there aren't alot of humans who'd do the thing you did, just now..." Kurumi said

You want to say 'What? pretend to have a vampire suck me off?' but you refrain from that joke, for it will obviously lead to some rather unpleasent effects, and decide to focus your other response to this "What? you mean venture out in the woods?"

"Yeah, most normal humans are too scared to even leave the village due to youkai appearing in the woods surrounding their village" Kurumi answered as she looks up at you, seems she's finally decided to drop the incident now, which is good news for you.

"Well...thanks, but I only did it on sheer impulse, to be honest it was actually kinda stupid now that I look back on it..." You reply scracthing behind your head in embarrasment, you then look up to see Kurumi giving you a distasteful frown "I'm complimenting you...stop being difficult..." You hesitate for a few minutes before responding "Oh sorry...I'm just not used to it..."

The day goes by and you decide to stay with Kurumi a little bit longer (being some weird wet stuff drips out of your ears everytime you stand up too fast...), Helping her out around the house, being she becomes less energetic during the day, and just keeping her company, being the poor girl doesn't really have that many visitors. You also feel a bit safer now being she seems to enjoy having you around, and there's also the fact of an entire lake of blood in her backyard so if she gets a hankering for the ol' hemoglobin she's got an entire lake to drink out of, and not one of your arteries. As nighttime nears you decide to take a break and get ready for bed, as you look through your bag of supplies you notice you only had a 1 day's worth of food in there, which was quickly exhausted yesterday. So now all you had was some Taffy to munch on for dinner. "Might as well make due..." you say as you start to eat the stretchy snack, Kurumi is obviously curious as to what you're eating.

"Hey, what's that?" She asks examing the stretchy snack throughly "Oh this? It's Taffy. I got it from a shop in the village, it's kinda sticky but still good nonetheless" you say in between bites. "Ya want some?"

Kurumi nods eagerly and you (with some work) divide the Taffy into an equal share for her to enjoy. As she bites into she puts her vampiric fangs to full use as she tries to rip the Taffy but it proves to be more taxing than it looks, for it doesn't break but it stretches. It takes Kurumi a couple of minutes to take a decent bite out of the candy, and upon doing so chewing it is even tougher. You can't help but smile at how cute Kurumi looks as she tries to chew up the Taffy in her mouth, for now she looks like a cat that has peanut butter stuck to the roof of it's mouth. When she manages to finish her share she starts looking through your bag...without your consent "H-hey hold on there, what do ya want in there?" you ask taken by surprise at her sudden interest in your belongings.

"I want more of that...Taffy stuff you gave me, do you have anymore?" She asks still snooping through your bag. "Uh...yeah there's more in there somewhere, you can have it all if you want" you reply nonchalantly as you get up and prepare for bed "Really? I can have it all?" Kurumi asked in disbelief "I thought all you humans were loopy about your sweets"

"Well that's kinda true...but when you have a cavity like I do...eating sweets isn't nessicarily the best idea...nor the most painless..." You reply holding your cheek, proving your point to be true. "By the way...can I sleep on the couch tonight..." Kurumi looks up from spelunking in your bag, though she wasn't quite sure why you asked "Huh? oh sure knock yourself out" she replied as she finally pulls out several packs of Taffy and immediatly started on eating the 1st. You felt kinda bad for wanting to leave her tomorrow, she had no one else up her but herself and you wanted to stay and keep'er company, since you doubt she has any other friends around these parts...With that in mind you decided that a few more days with her couldn't hurt.

Days past and you spend them with your new friend Kurumi, the 2 of you finding company and joy out of just the other being there, and generally getting a bit closer to one another. During your stay you've actually grown attached to Kurumi and the same could be said about her, as the 2 of you seem to do everything together. At one point the 2 of you actually go swimming in the Bloody lake, though you sat on the shore and watched being well...the lake is filled with BLOOD, what kinda weirdo swims in blood anyways. But, as you sat on the sidelines, watching the playful vampiress play in the bloody lake (god...I feel like a weirdo for saying that...) you can't help but admire her slender body in the sun, her swimsuit hugging each feminine creavice perfectly, sure she was less curvy than most women but hell, you admired her anyways, big tits or not. When she comes ashore, she tells you that she caught you staring at her. You stammer and apologize, yet you knew it to be true and you wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked out there.

"Y'know...the moon really looks beautiful out tonight" Kurumi remarked as she scooted up close to you her body still rather wet from being in the water. You feel your heart speed up as she snuggles up to you her wings being you in close like an extra set of arms hugging onto you. "Well the moon isn' beautiful as you" you say, once again your impulsive nature kicking into full swing. Your face quickly flushes and you turn to Kurumi to see how she would react to this, but to your surprise Kurumi doesn't seemed too upset about the comment, hell she practically enjoyed it, evidence of this is proven by her smile and her face a deep crimson. "...You really think so..."

"Th-think what?" you say trying to feign ignorance, but Kurumi knows what you said "...That I'm beautiful..."

"Well...I..." you stammer for a while, your mind wants to say know cuz she's kinda loli. But your heart says otherwise, and eventually your heart wins the fight with a Last-Arc Finish. "Yes, you are beautiful, Kurumi...and I wouldn't have it any other way..." You sit there gazing into her deep golden eyes, the light from the sunset illuminating her delicate face, she leans towards you, and you lean to her and before you know it your lips meet and you kiss for the 1st time. It truly was a beautiful spot for such a thing, what with the illuminating moon light outlining your bodies while you did so...

...But you knew this couldn't last, you knew you couldn't stay here with her forever. You had a home to get back to, and it damn well hurt to leave Kurumi behind like this, especially after the 2 of you have gotten so close...But either way, it had to be done...

The next morning you wake up early in order to make your way back home, as you get up and start gathering your things for the trip back, you notice Kurumi had fallen asleep in a chair near yours, chuckling to yourself you cover her in the blanket you slept under and head for the door. That is until...

"...Where are you going?..."

You look back and see Kurumi had woken up, damn this isn't gonna be easy, but you hafta do it sometime "I...uh, I have to go back home now" Kurumi jumps up from the chair "B-but why!? I-I don't want you to go" she protests as she latches onto you in hopes of making you stay "...My folks are (probably) worried about me...the least I gotta do is let them know I'm alright..." But Kurumi doesn't let go her wings wrap around you and she looks you up at you with her despairing golden eyes "'re the only one who's...come up here...just to see me, and I love it when your around me" She really wasn't making this easy, how were you gonna convince Kurumi that you'd return? But then at that moment your brain gave birth to a brilliant idea "Hey, did you like that Taffy I gave you some time ago?" you ask

"Oh, Yeah it was delicious" Kurumi chirped happily, just as you planned "Then hows about I stop back by here and bring Taffy everyday, that way you can have as much as you want" you say, and just as those words reach Kurumi her eyes light up. "Really? You'd do that for me?"

"Yeah, you DID take me in for the past week, so consider it a thank you, and..." You blush a little bit "We get to see each other more often...just be sure to meet me on the other side of the lake, I should be back by this evening"

Kurumi nods happily in response, overjoyed that you decided to keep coming back to her.


After Kurumi drops you off on the other side of the lake, you begin your trek to the village. The journey back was as uneventful as the one you took getting there, you considered yourself lucky for you only had to use the spellbook once and you never had to use the katana, so you count your blessings and decide to consider this a good day. Upon reaching the village nothing too much seems to have changed while you were away, though no one seemed to really care about your return either...that is until you pass the school.

"He's back! Hey everyone! Miss Keine's boyfriend is back!"

You immediatly freeze. But, not at the child's shrill voice...but at the word 'boyfriend' "...Wow, they really wanna get us together don't they..." you chuckle before the children come racing out of class and letting them greet you. It really was a nice feeling to see them so happy for your safe return, it made you feel alot better about living in this boring village, because then you knew you had folks in the village that cared about your well being. And of course watching over these children with Keine at your side gave you ideas of what it would be like if the 2 of you actually DID settle down together and start a family-

Wait, hold the phone...why are you having these ideas all of a sudden? You lost interest in her ages ago...right?

You look up from the excited children to see Keine with a relieved expression on her delicate face, she really was worried about you. "Oh...Hi Keine-sama..." you say with a blush on your face "I guess...they found out huh?"

"Yes, I couldn't find it in me to lie to them..." She replied before walking towards you and did the unexpected...She hugged you "But, I'm just glad...that you're safe" she says softly to you "You were gone for so long...I was worried that you had gotten hurt or..." Your face went beet red and your brain suddenly went AWOL. Earlier in the years you would've never dreamed of this happening, for you thought she was never interested in you. But, here you were being hugged by the alluring history teacher, you thought never cared. "Th-there was no reason to worry" you stutter as Keine continued to kling to you, having her hug you really did feel nice, and it also had a nice scent too. She looks up at you "Promise me, that you won't be gone for so long...promise, that you'll always come back to me..."

"...I promise, Keine-sama...I'll always be here with you..."

...But, as you said this something didn't feel right...You had feelings for Kurumi, but now after seeing how worried Keine was about you, your love towards Keine became alot stronger. things were starting to get complicated now...and you knew it would only become even more complicated (and uncomfortable) until you found a solution to this...

Afterward, you decided to go on ahead and tell the children of your little adventure, the fact that braved the woods, scaled a mountain AND came face to face with a vampire and lived to tell about it was enough to put the class in awe at your bravery (even though both you and Keine knew it was an impulsive gamble and it could've easily ended up the opposite scenerio with you not coming back at all). When you finished your little tale of trials, you decided to let Keine have the floor once again and continue her lesson of the day, while you would get started on catching up on any of the work you might have missed. Thankfully, there wasn't too much to get done, so this gave you some extra time to think of what to do.

Keine was now showing her feelings to you, something you wanted to return..but for some reason you also wanted Kurumi...why did you all of sudden want a vampire who you didn't know shit about over a woman who you've spent almost 5 years working with. And to make it worse you could ONLY have one of them...this wasn't a cheezy harem anime where you could have a multiple orgy, fuck no. This was life, and you could only choose one maiden to be by your side...but the hard part was...who would you choose? Keine or Kurumi?...Today was going to be agony on your brain...

The day went on and you tried to remain as focused as possible, so is not to attract the concearn of Keine or the children. But as you sat at your desk, Keine knew something was going on with you, she could tell from the distressed and confused look in your eyes, and after school let out and all the children were sent home, she decided to check on you just to make sure everything was okay. You remain at your desk too deep in thought to see her standing in front of you "Excuse me." she says, and you quickly look up "Huh. Oh..sorry I-I didn't realize you were there...Wow, school let out pretty early, huh. I better get going." You say in a hurried voice, but as you bound for the door, you feel something grab your hand, you look back to see Keine holding your hand, and rather tightly at that "Please tell me what's going on...I can see that your worried about something..." she says

You turn your head toward the door not making any eye contact with the worried Keine. "...Nothing's wrong...I'm just...a bit out of it from my trip..."

"...I see..." She replies, knowing this was possibly a lie, but not wanting to be too assertive she lets go of your hand. "Well, whenever you want to talk with me, I'll-" She looks up to see your no longer standing in front of her "...I'll always be here for you..."

After finding and acquiring the Taffy you promised you'd get for Kurumi, you make your way through the woods in a hurry, to get to the Lake. Why did things have to end up like this, why did YOU, of all people, have to be pestered with such a decision. As you rush through the woods, some lesser youkai attack you along the way but you manage to keep them away by using your low-level danmaku skills to distract them so you can escape.

When you finally reach the Lake on the mountain, you spot Kurumi in the distance and immediatly run towards her. "Here...I got your Taffy..." She chirps delighted that you actually fulfilled your promise to her, and that you came back to her. As you gaze at her you know this is going to be tough...and you know she may very well take it the wrong way and kill you...but you had to choose only ONE of them, and after seeing how worried Keine was about you, you couldn't bear to put the history teacher through anymore grief by up and living here with Kurumi, so swallowing your fear you begin your announcment "Hey...uh-Kurumi..."

"What're doing just standing out there, come on. I waited for you all day" she interrupts, as she grabbed your arm, and started flying back to her house. You want to struggle free from her grasp but she's damn strong for a girl, besides your...not exactly a good swimmer, so you decide to just go with the flow for now and hope Kurumi doesn't kill you, but eventually you find yourself once again within her abode. However, your mission remains the same, it's time to break the news to Kurumi. You won't be hanging around her anymore, your heart belongs to Keine now. go on say it...

"K-Kurumi...I-uh, I have to tell you something..." You say obviously stressing on the situation "Hm? what is it?"

You gulp and finally come out with it "...I can't see you anymore..." you mumble hoping this enough for her to hear it, you couldn't bear to say it any louder, it was just too painful. "Huh? Speak up, I can't hear ya" Kurumi says as she steps closer to you, in order to hear your news a bit better this time. You bit your lip, you didn't want to repeat this...but it was the only way you'd be at ease. "I can't see you anymore" You repeat a bit louder, and judging by the looks she was giving you, it seems she heard you loud and clear. "Wha!? Why not!?"

"...There's someone else...someone else that loves me...and I'll be putting them through alot of trouble if I keep coming here..." you respond, as you feel your heart beginning to sink. You look up to see how Kurumi's handiling the news. she just has her head hung low, her golden locks covering her eyes, but you know she's despairing over your decision. And your assumptions prove true when you see tears rolling down her cheeks. "I...I'm sorry..."

"It's long as your happy with whoever it is that loves you, I should be to" Kurumi replied as she put up a false smile to hide the anguish but yet her tears won't stop flowing. You nod at her answer, and decide the least you can do is give her one last hug before you part ways...forever. You hold her close to you and she embraces you tightly "I'll miss you..." you whisper in her ear Kurumi doesn't respond, only her sobs are what she has to answer to this. You lift up her chin so you can look her in the eye "Be strong, Kurumi, Just remember that although my heart belongs to another, part of it will always belong to you..." The 2 of you stare into each others eyes for a good minute or so, before you kiss just one last time, but something sudden happens during this moment...and it begins to escalate, as your kiss shifts to you groping her tenderly, then you slowly peel off her clothes and she undoes yours...eventually before you even realize what your doing the 2 of you are locked in the ol' missionary position on the bed. You even don't mind how Kurumi gave you a few lovebites during the love making session as she climaxed, it had a weird feeling to it since you were still poundin her, but not the 'Huh. I coulda sworn my penis wasn't this color' weird, it's more like the 'sitting on a washing machine and you get that sensation in your crotch' weird...

After your booty boppin, you awoke with a start, Kurumi lay satisfied and naked beside you. Judging by how dark it was in her house now, it was probably near night time, yet you feel alot more active now. There was some blood on the sheets, but Kurumi was a virgin, you knew that for a fact from the beginning anyways. You sigh to yourself as you realize you'll have to wait til' morning to go back to the village...hopefully you can get there without the children or Keine noticing you. So with that in mind you fall asleep next to Kurumi and let her cuddle you one last time...

The next day you rise up early and start gathering your things, strangely you feel a bit weaker than usual, you pass it off as just a side effect to last nights rather long sexual intercourse session, and continue. When everything's zipped up and on tight, you head for the door when Kurumi forlornly following behind. When the both of you are outside you don't make eye contact, it would be too painful at this point to even look at each other. Eventually Kurumi grabs hold of you and flies you across the lake, not saying a single word, You are also as equally silent. Upon reaching the other side the 2 of you finally exchange words.

"So...I guess this is goodbye then..."

"...Yeah...I'm afraid so..."

"...Goodbye then...I'll miss you"

"Take care of yourself, Kurumi" and with that you take your leave and head out toward the village.

But when your gone from sight, you never hear Kurumi's last words to you "But...since I can't have one shall..."


The walk back, was extremely taxing, for it was as if the more the sun shone on you the more energy it drained out of your body, but you knew if you stopped to rest it would take you longer to get home, plus you'd be prone to youkai attacks so you pressed on. Finally after much hardship, you reached the village but at this point your vision was going all funky and you were staggering with each step. Before finally you just gave up and collapsed ""

That evening you awoke in Keine's home, your face drenched in a cold sweat. You try to get up but you notice some motion for you to lay back down and rest, it was Keine. "K-Keine-sama...what, what happened?..." you ask craning your head to meet her eyes "You were found unconscious right at the village gates" She answered as she took a rag and wrang it out, she then gentley dabbed it across your forehead so is to clean off the sweat you woke up with. "I took you in as soon as they told me that they found you..."

"Th-thanks...Keine..." you reply as you once again try to get up, but Keine only sits you back down "You shouldn't push youself so hard, what were you doing to cause you to pass out like that?"

You don't answer, you want to tell Keine the truth're afraid of how she'll react once you tell her you've fucked a vampire who was (borderline?) loli. "...You can tell me, I'll understand" she says to you in her kind tone, you really loved the way she sounded, such a sweet and soothing voice for a woman of an equal disposition. With a deep breathe you finally purge yourself of your sins. "Keine, I'm sorry..."

"S-sorry, what for?"

"I...I didn't mean for it to happen, it just...happened" You embrace Keine tightly as you continue with your confession. "I-I don't understand what are you sorry for, you haven't done anything wrong" Keine replies her face becoming more flushed as you held her close in your embrace "But I did...This whole time I was away I've been with that vampiress who gaurds that lake...the time when I said nothing was wrong...I was trying to choose between you and her...and just yesterday...I had...relations with her..." You can feel your eyes becoming heavy and moist, for your afraid you might very well lose her after this. "If you can never forgive me...I understand..."

There's a long silence in the room as you await judement, but to your surprise you feel Keine return your hug "It's okay, that's in the past now..." she replies softly to you "It matters not, what you did back then, what matters now is that your happy now, and so long as you are...I shall be too" You just don't know what to say after hearing these words. normally any woman would string you from your neck if they heard such a thing...but seeing Keine forgive you on such adultrous terms, made you realize indeed made the right choice...

As time passes you and Keine finally start going steady, your days become less boring as you and Keine start doing things together (some more intimate than others) but you manage to keep these things on a professional level when work is concearned. Some of your drinking buddies are astonished that you were able to land such a hot chic like Keine as your signifigant other, but they're ultimately happy for ya (if not a little envious). At one point during a full moon you accidently discover that Keine's a were-hakutaku, though Keine feels you shouldn't see her the way she is, you remark that she's beautiful no matter what she looks like, needless to say this action was enough to coax a kiss out of her. forget the one thing that's going to send you into despair...Your abnormal condition...

During the day your alot more sluggish and disoriented, becoming prone to stumbling over and generally not acting like yourself, however at night it's the opposite, your more lively and active. On edge as to what's going on with, you resort to buying medicine from the pharmacy established by the rabbits at Eientei, but nothing seems to be working, for your condition always persists. And then one day you notice you have a weird craving for meat, but not just any meat... human meat...and blood. At this point you instantly begin to worry about youself, for you fear Keine maybe in danger of being injured by your hands. So you make a mental note to venture to Eientei to see Dr. Yagakoro just to see what the hell's wrong with you.

...However on an ominous night in late summer...the tragedy unfolds...

You stay at the school late tonight, being it was quite busy today (the busiest you've seen anyways) and after finishing up some paper work. Keine enters to check on you "How are you holding up?" she asks as she walks beside you "Phew, it took all day but I finished...I'm lucky I have so much energy at night...I just don't now why though..." you reply as you put everything in order. "Yes, it does seem a bit weird..." Keine says as she looks at you then notices something...on your neck there are tiny scars...but they're not ordinary scars...they look to be bite marks, but she passes it off as mere mosquito bites being they have been rather bother some this time of year.

Suddenly as you get up to head on home, that weird craving returns...but it's not as subtle as before, this time it's alot more obvious...and painful. You clutch your abdomen as it begins to burn, a cold sweat forming on your brow and your breathing begins to thin out, Keine instantly comes to your aid "What's wrong, are you okay?" she asks. You shake your head to answer, your in too much pain to say anything. You wanted wanted flesh...and you wanted blood. You didn't care how you got wanted it...and you wanted it now. "Do you need water? do you need to lie down?" Keine asks in a panic, desperatly trying to console you in your agonizing moment. But you don't answer "Please, tell me what's wrong"

You look at her, but when your eyes meet you don't see the woman you've come to see a meal...a feast a banquet. You lick what feels to be fangs in your mouth, as your mind orders you to take a bite out of her. But you fight it, your other side doesn't want to hurt Keine, and it's trying it's best to keep it that way. Soon you grasp your head and let out a scream as your mind begins to fights itself, Your murderous impulses clashing with your caring desires. Keine just stands by gazing on the spectacle, not knowing what to do to comfort her lover, her eyes welling up with tears as she watches you literally go insane right in front of her. Suddenly, you turn your head toward Keine, but your eyes...they're not of the ones she's come to adore...their something vile, savage and demonic. And they are fixed on her.

You lurch towards her, and she steps back. You then grab her by the shoulders and stare into her with your feral red eyes. "What...what's the matter with're hurting me..." she gasps as you tighten your grip, your sharpened nails digging into her deliate flesh

"...Blood...I want your blood..."

"Wh-what? what're you saying?" Keine tries again to break free but to no avail. It's then she spots your vampiric fangs beared in a sickening smile of sadism "...Keine...your blood...give me your blood..." you say to her as you slam her to the ground. Keine then realizes what's going on...the bite marks she saw, they weren't the bite marks of a insect they were the bite marks of a vampire. You were no longer the one she's grown to were a creature of the night. and you were a hungry one at that. Panicing, she struggles to get free "Give me...your blood...I...must have it...your BLOOOD!" And then, it rip into her bosom with your fangs, tearing away at her flesh, her screams of agony don't mean shit to you. Your gorey feasting goes on for hours as you indulge your self on Keine's blood and flesh. The crimson juice splatters everywehre in the classroom as Keine tries to get away with what little she has left but you always drag her back and start back on your meal. Finally...Keine's struggles lessen and soon she struggles no more...

The next morning you awake with the strange feeling of satisfaction, did you and Keine get busy in the classroom, this feeling was as if you had just came from an all you can eat buffet, yet you don't remember eating anything. But when you look at your bloodied hands and claws you instantly panic, then as you turn around you see the disemboweled corpse of your lover, Keine. You don't want to believe it, but it's too real to try and pass off...YOU killed Keine...and you enjoyed notice that you have fangs now and rush over to the nearest mirror, and to your horror, you no longer look human, your eyes are a demonic red, and you see small vampiric fangs poking out from both sides of your mouth. How could this have happened...the only way for this to happen was if another vampire had bitten you...but you don't remember going anywhere near the one they call Remilia...but wait you soon remember there was another vampire, Kurumi...

It was during your love making long ago that she bit you, and infected you with vampirism, you were too caught up in the moment to even realize it. Those strange diurnal symptoms you've been experiencing was the photosensitivity all vampires are prone too, and that craving was you hunger for blood and flesh...and it was that macrabe hunger that drove you to kill Keine...



Final Thoughts: I dunno if those bitten by vampires become them in Gensokyo...but it's pretty much universal so meh I figured why not. Originally, I wasn't gonna have him kill Keine...but I decided to let it be...but now I feel like I fucked it all up...Geez, I really need to get on the BAD END ball...

Hong Meiling (by Anon Desu, 2008-03-25)

"There might be something going on here!" You yell back, slamming your fist on the desk.

Your superior turns back to you, sighs, then replies, "If you're so worried about it, go check it out yourself."

You smile a defiant, "I will," as you turn to leave. Of course, that smile melts away as soon as the reply comes, "But do it on your own time."

You grumble something incoherent to yourself (even you aren't sure what you were trying to say) as you exit.

You are a young police officer, concerned about the recent string of disappearances and suspicious-looking "suicides" (the victims' bodies of which have never been recovered) striking the nation. Of course, nobody else takes you seriously.


Another pointless day rolls by. Fortunately, though, you get to hit the town investigation said disappearances, instead of sitting alone in your apartment, browsing image boards whilst eating your king's supper of cupped noodles.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, depending on how you would look at it), you come across a distorted section of space on your little search. Fortunately, you had the intelligence to throw a rock at it instead of walking into it. Unfortunately, it was too dark to see exactly what happened to that rock. And very unfortunately, you decided the best course of action after that was to walk into said distortion, against your better judgment.

You distinctly remember falling a short distance before landing in a lake. Spending the next several minutes calling for help, you soon decide that saving your breath and energy would be a better idea.

You thread water for another several minutes before noticing a faint light some distance away. A commercial building? A house? Hell, even a streetlight would do. In any case, it meant land.

Fortunately, you were a member of the high school swim team. Moreover, you often spent time practicing after graduation with one of those ICPO guys (whenever he was done giving lessons, that is. You hear they were pretty epic, though you never came early enough to find out.)

Unfortunately, though, your water-logged clothes were quite heavy, the water quite cold. By the time you reach the shore, you've only enough energy to lay your head on a rock and drift away.


Your eyes open to delight you with the sight of a beautiful red-haired angel kneeling over you. Soon enough, you realize you are not on the beach any longer, the rock has been replaced with an impossibly soft pillow. You also notice that under the sheets, your wet clothes are no longer wet. Or present, for that matter.

Your expression must have conveyed this discovery, as the girl blushed a bit as she opened her mouth, "Sorry about that," she spoke through a smile, "If I left them on, you would've caught a cold. Or worse."

Unable to think of an answer to that, you simply smile back. Her logic was flawless, after all.

"Ah!" She beamed, remembering something obviously important. "I brought you soup!"

You thank her for her kindness as you eat, the fatigue slowly fading away.

Suddenly, an angry voice calls out, "China!"

The girl looks slightly disheartened, her ever-present smile gone.

"Your clothes are over there." She mentions, getting up to leave. "Please don't leave until I come back, though."

You have no intention of doing so. You nod anyway, taking care not to don your clothes until after she leaves, even though there wasn't really anything left to be seen.

As you finish, you catch a small bit of the heated exchange outside. You recognize the girl's - China's - high pitched voice, but not the one replying to it. Peeking out the window, you manage to see the height of China's angry response, and the backhanded slap the maid delivered that cut it off sharply, then (just barely) you could make out her reply, quiet, much more respectful, if dejected.

Seconds later, the door to the gatehouse opened and the red-haired girl returned, sporting a matching bright red mark across her right cheek.

"Thank you so much for staying." She smiled, the light returning to her face.

"I didn't plan on leaving," you reply, smiling back. Though your mind is a bit elsewhere.

She returns that smile with yet another, but it soon fades.

"You have to leave." She said, handing you a map. "There's a boat out on the docks," she points, "Then follow the road once you reach the shore," again pointing, "You should be at the Human Village by midday."

Human Village? Come to think of it, you hadn't noticed how outlandish her clothing was, or why the surrounding grounds and buildings were so old-fashioned. Even so, those questions took second priority.

"I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what just happened out there." You reply, assertively, but not forceably (you'd not taken any courses in handling domestic violence, but you thought you were doing pretty damn well.)

Silence. Looks like you didn't think your cunning plan all the way through.

For what seemed like an eternity, she just sat there, silent.

You get up to leave, figuring that, being the gigantic faggot you are, ruined any chance you had of helping her. That and any chance you had of getting in her pants, of course (you know you want to).

Before you can turn the knob, though, a soft voice cuts you off.

"Sa-Sakua. The head maid. I- I..." China stammers for a second, searching for the right words. "I wasn't working hard enough."

The voice returned, as if on cue. "China!"

"Please...Please leave." She managed, still looking away.

You hesitate, then reply as you get up once again (unaware that you had sat down), "Thanks for everything, China," as you leave.

Well, would've left that is. She cringed at that last word, at "China."

"That's...That's not really your name, is it?" You ask, a loud, "China, goddammit! Where are you?" answering.

"My name's...My name is Meiling." She noted, looking away still.

"Thank you. Meiling."

Her smile returned through those tired eyes. God she's beautiful.

"China! If you don't get your ass out here in the next ten seconds-"

You don't wait to hear the rest of that threat. You duck out and into the trees, following the map.

Empathetically, you cringe when you hear a loud crack followed by Meiling's sweet voice crying out in pain. Another crack, another cry. There was nothing you could do about it, though. With tears welling in your eyes for the pain of another girl, you climb into the boat and set off.

Another crack, another cry.


Weeks passed. You were beginning to adapt quite nicely to Gensokyo, even getting yourself a job as an assistant at the famous Rinnosuke's shop. Of course, as business is sparse, at best, he often pays you in merchandise. Suits you fine, though; you've missed the comforts of the outside world, and the few things that manage to slip past the border are more than enough to keep you satisfied.

But the lack of modern technology, decent pay, and interesting work were among the least of your worries. Instead, your thoughts keep shifting back to that little red-haired girl. Little red-haired Meiling.

Sent on an errand one day, even you are surprised by your luck to find a little scarlet-haired girl in the market-place crowd.

"Meiling!" You shout, hoping to catch her attention.

The girl turns (and you almost half-expected it to be someone else), gives you that pleasant little smile of hers and replied, "You remembered my name," as if it were such a big deal (and for her, it was).

"So what brings you round these parts?" You ask, genuinely intrigued.

"The mistress sent me on an errand." She noted, still beaming. It fades, though, "I need to get back soon. I shouldn't be out too long."

You ask if she'd like for you to see her home, but she declines. Dejected, you wave good-bye. Though, as you luck would have it again, she calls back to you, "I'll see if I can get sent out more often!" her voice trailing off as she left your sight.


You were back again the next day. And the next. And the next. And the one after that. You begin to worry, but she shows up soon enough, and you accompany her through her tasks each time she does, each time the two of you doing a little something extra along with the errand. A lunch here, a show there. It wasn't much, but it was enough.

You were still concerned, though. About Sakuya. But, eventually, her answers went from silence to assurances that the mistress had everything sorted out. You were skeptical at first, but as time went on, you began to trust her. The subject dropped.

One day, she finds you instead. As you were ready to return to "work" (you didn't do anything anyway), a bit down-trodden that Meiling had not come, a large something jumped on your back.

"Found you!" A familiar little voice called out. You return her hug. She winces. While you wonder if you did it too hard, Meilng plants a little peck on your lips. The both of you bush for a moment before you return the favor, with a little something extra.

"I've got a big one today!" She exclaims when the two of you are finished. God, how you loved that smile of hers.

As it were, the mistress had developed a taste for a certain brand of sake. One from the outside world. Which meant the two of you would have to spend the day looking for Miss Yukari, or more likely, Ran, her shikigami. Which meant you would have a lot more time than usual to complete such a large task.

It was well after dark when the two of you finally got hold of a crateful.

As deceptively hot as the day was, though, the night was unbearably cold. Neither of you were dressed for the occasion.

As the two of you began to head back into town, you got a better idea.

"Why don't you spend the night?" You ask, not sure if you should have put it so bluntly. After the fact, of course. "It's too cold out, and you'd get sick if you head back at this rate." You mention, attempting to cover up how blatant that last comment was.

She smiled back, "I don't know" The smile fades, "I might have to..." Then returns, "Oh, why not?"

It was a modest house, nothing like the mansion where she worked, but you loved it, and most importantly, Meiling loved it. The impossibly large collection of items from the outside world must've done it (at this rate, you could open up your own shop).

The little redhead ran to and fro, running her hands over every little toy, every little trinket. At first, you just stood there, trying (in vain) to suppress a chuckle as you notice how cute she looked, like a child in a candy shop. But soon enough, you put your hand over her hand, your lips on her lips, and something else somewhere else (discreet!).

The sun wakes you, and you place a little kiss on Meiling's soft hair, waking her as well. She gives you another one of her countless smiles, but soon notices the time and scrambles to her feet.

"I've got to get back!" She yelled, almost to herself, as she got dressed. You notice a large bruise on her back, (you must've missed it in the dark) explaining why she winced as you hugged her yesterday.

"I've got to get back!" She repeated.

Before you could do or say anything, she was out the door, crate in hand.


You returned to the market-place the next day. And the next. And the day after that. Weeks passed. She never returned.

Instead, every so often, that maid, that Sakuya would be out in her place.

You watched in contempt as she scoffed at the vendors, obviously a little flustered she wasn't able to boss them around as well.

Eventually, you get tired of waiting (and more than a little worried). Paying a nearby fisherman to take you across the lake, you set out to discover why Meiling stopped coming to town (actually you knew very well why), or at least to talk to her one more time. To apologize.

Making it to the gatehouse, the red-haired girl simply looks away.

"Wait," you attempt, but she'll have none of it.

"Meiling," you call, but the effect this once had was all but lost.

She had not said a single word the whole time. You stood there for a few moments, looking at her, but she kept looking away, her eyes watering up as a single tear rolled down her perfect little face.

"I'm sorry." You say as you slink off into the trees again, back towards the dock.

Behind you, you hear a shout. "China! You better damn well not be sleeping again!"

You quicken your pace as Meiling's sweet voice cried out again. Another crack, another cry.

With tears welling in your eyes for the pain of this girl, pain that you were responsible for, you climb into the boat and set off.

Another crack, another cry.

But you weren't running away this time.


"Mr. Morichika!" you call, searching the shop.

The familiar face comes out from behind a counter. "What is it?"

"I was wondering if I could get paid a little early this month." You say, a bit out of breath from running down from the lake.

Silence. Looks like you didn't think your cunning plan all the way through. For what seemed like an eternity, he just stood there, silent. You almost turn to leave when he answers, "Sure, go ahead."

You thank him profusely and head to the back room.

You had found it some time ago, the revolver. It looked old, probably from the Second World War. But it still worked, and the large caliber ammunition was still in it. You had meant to pick it up some time later, just as a display item, but you had a use for it now.

It had been several months since you last fired a gun, but the simple tricks of the trade are not so easily forgotten. With only the six rounds inside it available, though, you wouldn't be able to brush up.

With what meager savings you have left, you manage to convince the same fisherman to part with his vessel for the night.

Sailing into the sunset, you check the chamber again. All six. The sun sank below the minuscule waves.


You make your way back to the gatehouse.

Meiling gives you a look, then the fist words she had given to you in over a month, "Why did you come back?" through teary eyes and bruised face, beautiful face.

"To set you free." You answer, almost noting how corny that sounded.

"China!" The shout came, preceding the maid. Lucky you.

She strolled out with a confidant air about here, glanced at you, then spoke, "Who are you? And more importantly, why are you doing your job, you sad excuse for a gate guard?" The latter part obviously aimed at Meiling.

"Dammit, China!" The maid yelled. She began to say something else, but you cut her off.

"Her name is Meiling." You manage, hardly able to further contain your rage.

A laugh. "Her name is Meiling," the maid mocked. "Is that so? Still doesn't answer as to who you are, though."

"I," you answer, drawing the pistol, "am the man who is going to kill you."

She had no idea what the small silver object was, of course, but those words obviously marked it as a weapon. Subconsciously, you cursed yourself for wanting dramatic effect.

She jumped as you fired, the round slamming into her shoulder as opposed to head as you had intended.

You instinctively ducked as more throwing knives that any human could possibly throw riped through the air where your head was not a second ago.

"China!" Sakuya yelled, "Get your ass out here and help me, goddammit!"

Meiling didn't respond.

More importantly, the maid let her guard down. Three shots ripped into her, bringing her to the ground. She lay there, gasping as her blood pooled around her.

You pick up her dropped baton, clearly the one she had used on Meiling all those other times. Sakuya brought up her head in time to see you strike it down.

"How does it feel?" you ask, hitting her again. "To get pushed around yourself?" Again. "Huh?" Again.

You could hear Meiling yell something, but couldn't make it out. Not over Sakuya's cries. You hit her again, and again, and again, pulling her head up and knocking it back down each time as you asked her the unanswerable question.

The baton broke after the twenty-somethingth time. Running the jagged edge into the maid's dying body, you finally could make out Meiling's cries.

"Please stop!" she yelled, once again, futilely.

You pull your pistol back out and level it, ready to deliver the coup de grace. Again, Meiling cried. As you fire, she tackles you.

The bullet went through her chest, exiting her back below the ribcage. Without a doubt, a fatal wound. The strawberry-haired girl slumped in your arms. Not a second later, you feel five points pierce your back simultaneously.

The two of you fell, locked in each others arms, your blood mixing with her blood, your tears in her tears.

You look into the dying girl's eyes.

"I'm sorry" you repeat.

"It's...It's alright." she replied softly. "It's alright."

Taking far more strength than it should have, you slide the last few centimeters between the two of you and kiss her one last time.

The night grew cold and your vision began to dim.

"I love you, Meiling." you whisper, breath now short.

The last thing you see is your red-haired angel's pleasant little smile. Dear God, she's beautiful.

Yukari Yakumo (by Nameless Fairy, 2008-03-25)

It's Wednesday morning. Congratulations, you're almost at the midpoint of the week. Keep telling yourself that the next two days will be better than the previous two. It's the only way you'll retain your sanity...

Or maybe you've already lost it. For the past few weeks, every Wednesday morning, you've seen a stunningly beautiful blonde woman in an elegant dress walking past as you made your way to work. She seems to go largely unnoticed by the crowd, but you can't seem to shake the feeling that there's something eerily out of place about her. You'll have to ask her out for a drink sometime. You aren't sure if it's infatuation or alarm... no, it's definitely alarm right now. You're going to miss the train. Gas is too expensive these days.

You into a much brisker pace as you look at your watch--and not the sidewalk in front of you. The impact catches you completely off guard. Damnit, you don't have time for this right now. You get up, ready to shout at whoever wasn't paying attention to their surroundings...

Oh, it's her. It just HAD to be her. Staring down at you, a concerned look on her face. Damnit. The cliche is almost enough to make you want to vomit. Actually, you do want to vomit. Your head hurts. A lot. Today really isn't your day.

When you come around, you're looking up at the ceiling. Your head still hurts, although not quite as much. You're in a distinctly Japanese-looking room... was there someplace like this around here? In the distance, you can faintly hear a woman's voice shouting at somebody named "Chen." At any rate, there aren't any windows in the room, so you decide to get up and look around...

Ouch. Bad idea. The pain is flaring up again.

"You shouldn't strain yourself."

You glance to your side and see the woman from before walking into the room, carrying a tray of what looks like medical supplies. Your brain is definitely in infatuation mode right now. And pain mode. Well, at least there's some good news. Coughing as she slowly lifts you into an upright position, you ask where you are.

"This is my house. Don't worry about that right now. You split your head open when you fell, and probably got jerked around a bit inside, too. Now, stay still while I change your bandages."

Isn't the kind of thing where you usually call an ambulance for the injured person instead of taking them home? Well, whatever. You don't mind being pampered. Relaxing a bit, you ask her for her name.


You swear you've heard it somewhere before. Well, it'll come back to you later, you're sure.

At first, the conversation is slow, but you gradually begin to speak more openly. Apparently, Yukari has decided to become your caregiver while you recover; judging by the amount of blood on the bandages, it's no small wound. You don't particularly want to see what it looks like. Wrapping a new roll of gauze--she uses the entire roll, which leads you to believe that she's either really inexperienced at this or you should really be in a hospital right about now--she tells you she'll get food for you in a minute. You've been out for two days, you must be hungry. What, what?

Your boss is going to be pissed.

Yukari returns, and after about half an hour, a bit of distant shouting at some "Ran" character, and what you're sure are hallucinations of a whip cracking and a foxlike yelp, Yukari returns with an abundance of food, her face beaming like an excited little girl. Placing a plate and a cup of tea on the floor next to you--apparently, there are no beds in her house, only futons--the two of you begin eating together.

The routine repeats itself three times a day. Most of the conversation is about you; your sadist boss, your stressful work, your nigh-useless liberal arts degree. She tells you that she's the president of a small company dealing in international trade, but is incredibly hesitant to give you any details; government contracts and such. The conversation eventually turns to your family; apparently, Yukari hadn't bothered to get in touch with them to let them know what had happened to you. Mildly concerned, she asks you how to get in touch with them. You feel a shiver run down your spine; like there's something you're forgetting, like you shouldn't tell this woman about your family, no matter what. Swallowing hard, you calm yourself. Yukari has been good to you, there's nothing to worry about. You willingly answer her questions and tell her how to get to your family's residence. She thanks you, then walks out of the room and shuts the door. You hear her asking Ran to take care of the details. You can only guess that Ran is one of her subordinates; you should ask Yukari to introduce the two of you sometime.

Another two days of pampering, and Yukari tells you you should have healed enough to be able to move again. She asks you if you would like to stay there and help with her business, but you kindly refuse; you'd need to quit your old job first, at least. Still, you want to repay her kindness somehow, and ask if there's anything she'd like to do. She thinks for a moment, before slipping a blindfold over your eyes.

"There's a certain restaurant I've been wanting to go to for some time now..."

Damn, this place is expensive. You don't particularly like Chinese, but you can't deny that the food tastes great, and the redheaded waitress tending to you is quite attractive. Before you can really think about it, however, Yukari whisper into your ear, "She's already married, you know."

That doesn't really bother you. You have no ring, but you kneel before Yukari and confess your love.

After dinner, the two of you walk across the street to a hotel. You don't recognize the surroundings, but it doesn't matter right now. Stripping your clothes, the two of you go at it for hours. It's definitely the best you've ever had; at times, it even seems to break the laws of physics, but you think nothing of it. Finally exhausted, the two of you fall asleep beside each other.

Sunlight begins to creep in through the window. Normal people would be sleeping in after a night like that, but Yukari is pacing at the foot of the bed, mumbling something about a quota. Sneaking out of bed, you sneak up and wrap your arms around her from behind. Is there anything I can help you with?

"Oh, um, well, not really..."

Really? Anything at all?

"Well... there is one thing... are you sure?"

Yes, of course you're sure. You love Yukari, after all.

"Well then..."









Yukari sighs. "I guess it was all on a whim, anyway."

For a moment, you think you detect a hint of sorrow in her voice. But only for a moment.

She's gone. The hotel room is suddenly a slaughterhouse. And before you, a maid sits cross-legged on a wooden chair, running her forefinger on the edge of the most terrifying knife you've ever seen. She looks up, slowly, as you scream.

How could you have forgotten something so important?

Ran (by Anonymous Fairy, 2008-03-26)

You are a simple day to day delivery man in Gensokyo, for years you have served everywhere that your boss has asked of you, you even travel all the way to the borders of Gensokyo if you are so ordered to. Your mission is your life and you regard it with the highest respect as you are trained all your life in your younger years to be such a person.

At times, you will be forced to clear the path to complete your mission, for example, you once had to defend the package and take it to an unknown place, namely, the Mayohiga, to a Mistress Yukari, that your boss has received orders from.

Standing by the riverside that leads to the legendary Makai, you were attacked by the gatekeeper, at least 2 of the denizens of the nearby forests, namely Mystia and Rumia, both youkais who simply hunger for human flesh like yours.

Your cool and your thinking head helped you most of the time instead of resorting to violence, but when needed be, your trusty blessed blade, passed down from generations of “Delivery men” to you, will be your most trusted asset.

It can be used to defend against immaterial beings, from ghosts to youkai to anything physical, and your extraordinary skills in using it has aided you many safe passages that lead to the contract of delivery being completed safely.

Of course, that usually means you get paid with quite the amount of money, plus your services are never cheap and you are not one to be played with easily. Today however, you met quite a bothersome couple, the Gatekeeper was hardly a matter after you explained the situation clearly, but the other two were a bit more persistent.

With a sigh, you pulled out your blessed blade, and proceeded to battle the two young girl-like youkai who are determined to have you at their dinner table, you of course, win outright, as you are after all, a trained specialist in your art. A silent incantation under your breath and your blade’s engraved carvings began to shine, quickly, with percission and power you drove away the two youkais.


Afterwards, you continued towards the Mayohiga, with only sixteen hours before the next mission, you must complete your objective now as soon as possible and there can be no second chances, as your services are uncompromised. Quickly you now ran across the forest that covers the path that leads to your destination. The map given to you actually just showed “follow exactly 800 steps towards the East and turn right after which you will see a figure of a fox statue, then take 400 steps towards the north and cross the river.”

You wondered what all the indirect directions was all about as you went on.

An hour later, you arrived at your destination; it was certainly way more than 800 + steps, the fox statue and the river alone took much time. You arrived at a modest looking house, funnily not seeming like the type to place an expensive service like yours. Knocking on the door, a figure of a rather cute little girl came towards you. You realized she had two tails, and you recognized the nekomata youkai, asking to see her master.

“Ran-sama! Mistress Yukari’s order is here!” The little cat girl yelled at her master.

“I am coming, one moment…!” A sweet voice replied from behind the house, most likely the kitchen.

A moment later, you saw, with your heart aflutter, a gorgeous woman in her late 20s or so, tall, stunning, and most definitely youkai, with a bundle of really soft and fluffy tails appear from behind the house.

She approached with modesty, taking only tiny steps, lady like and absolutely elegant as she stepped to the door to answer to you.

“Thank you, kind human, this delivery has been most necessary, come in, I will attend to your payment right away, Chen, take over the cooking okay?” She patted the head of the little kitten girl before guiding you with her lady-like movements into a private room. You can’t help but notice the sashay like movement, model-like as she walked past the hallway, all the way, her fluffy tails ruffled as she walked into the room, laying herself down on the floor in a kneeling position to sit herself afterwards.

With her right hand, she pulled out an account book and placed it on the table, she asked for your name, and for your price of service. You answered, and almost inclined to give a discount.

So you told her:

“You know, seeing you are such a beautiful host, I am going to give you a special discount, 40% off my normal fees, how is that?” Trying to sound as cool as you can in front of this lovely lady.

“But won’t your master be mad for you to do that?”

“Oh no, no way, not when I tell him what a wonderful lovely lady I have as our guest…” again you praised her, and this time, she blushed a little looking at how you admire her appearance. She picked up an ink bottle, and dipped her brush into the bottle.

With some refined strokes of a lady like hand, she written the amount as you prescribed, and passed the paper to you, just as well, she drawn from a drawer next to table, a pack of paper money notes and placed it at the table, just as the amount you given to her in detail.

You are almost inclined not to take it, after all, what chances can there always be for such an opportunity to meet such a beautiful lady? A while later, you seemed to stare rudely at her, but there was a glitter in your eyes, and she noticed, before waving her hands in front asking if you are okay.

Quickly, and startled, you pulled out of your daze from your gazing, and gathered the money, thanking for her patronage and her master, whom is not present, you gathered your blessed blade and put on your shoes, reluctantly leaving through the door.

Just as you were about to leave, a boundary gap opened right in front of the doorway, you reached for your blade instinctively but was quickly subdued by the lovely fox lady Ran, she announced that it was her mistress.

From the boundary gap, a just as lovely looking lady climbed out, she looked at you and you looked at her, both of you somehow find it strange to find each other like this.

You kneeled with gentlemanly order on the floor and greeted her return, as this is the way to meet a Mistress, as your master has always told you.

The lady continued her descent from her gap, and appeared fully from there, covering her mouth with her dainty little fingers, and asked what your name is.

“I am ____________, and I have delivered as you ordered for the item, it is your residence now, and I am just about to take my leave, Mistress Yakumo-sama.” You answered strictly in honorable standard language.

“Oh don’t be so uptight you…! Just call me Yukari or add sama if you like, but nice to meet you, thank you. Would you like to stay for dinner? We had plenty of extras today.”

“Oh no, I can’t possibly do that, I must make it back as soon as I can before dark, or my boss will be mad at my disappearance.”

“Oh, don’t you worry, I am a manipulator of boundaries, I can twist space and time, and if you wanted to be where you want to be, I just snap a finger, and you will be there!”

So out of demand from an important client, at least you used that as your alibi, you stayed back for a drink. One drink at first, then three more, and soon enough, you guys were having a hell of a drinking party, you even went as far as dipping your entire body in a sake bath! Naked! In front of your apple in the eyes, namely, Ran.


You passed out the evening before and by the time you have gotten up, it was already noon, the place is quiet and you noticed the mistress sleeping in the other room through the slightly opened paper door.

Ran came towards you and offered you a towel, to clean yourself up and wake yourself up; you thanked her and quickly finished your actions of waking up. Then… out of nowhere, she asked you if you would take responsibility for her “body” and “soul”.

Shocked, you asked where that came from. She quietly explained, in hopes that Chen, the cat girl in the other room, still snoring away, won’t get up and hear about what happened later last night when even the mistress has passed out.

Apparently, Ran was having a good time, no sooner than the mistress having passed out, she let herself go wild and you were both embracing each other, one thing led to the next and you were both doing the naughty while being so drunk you don’t even know what planet you are on.

Of course, the fact that you have an errand to run the next day didn’t stop you guys from doing it late till the wee hours.

You pondered for a second, and you couldn’t remember that much, but it seemed it did happen, so you did what a good man would to a good lady, you said yes, and extended your hand to ask her for marriage. Ran was in awe, as she somehow thought humans were a lot more of a fickle minded creature.


Days passed, forgetting the errand in the first place, you sent a messenger to your boss, asking for a resignation, and were granted promptly since your boss thinks your performance was unsatisfactory. You of course, have to return the blessed blade, since you are no longer qualified as its wielder.

The Mistress was somehow very interested to go along with the wedding after the two of you told her of what happened. So a grand party to be held at a better and easier known location, namely the Hakurei Shrine was organized for the weekend, a wedded couple between men and sadly to be said… beast.

Reimu did not quite agree but has no say in it, on that weekend, all of the well known denizens of Gensokyo attended your wedding between you and a nine tailed over thousand-year old fox girl and wished you a happy life together.

Quickly, the two of you ascended unto a haven in this blessed existence.


The bad end


Months passed, and the two of you shared the most passionate of days, you being favored among the youkai crowd as the ice breaker between man and creatures was honored among your old enemies even; which includes Mystia, who now really likes you secretly and cooks for you every Sunday when you went out to work at another delivery center, of course, a much more normal one than the one before, although it is always, without wonder, eel and rice in a bento box.

On another hand, Cirno, who used to spend her days loitering around the scarlet lake, now makes regular trips to see you while you work, hoping to catch your attention and have fun with you, after work of course. You of course, obliged to keep the status quo, tries to play with her and entertain her childish antics every now and then.

Then, not forgetting the three fairies and the Prismrivers, you were even enticed to visit them and let them have fun with you, the three fairies and their mischief brought you laughs aplenty, and the Prismrivers, who offer to come for a music-accompanied, dine out performance for you and Ran, your lovely wedded wife.

Finally, there was Yukari and the Ghost Princess, you got on the good side with both of them, and the two are somewhat klutzy when together, you went along with the normal drinking sessions and Ran was always, taking care of the house hold. Naturally, she is always absent from such parties.

Youmu, the gardener, attended to the gardens, and often after you have gracefully thanked her letting you into the mansion, you would give her lovely gifts of exquisite green teas and sometimes, flowers that are rare to be found. She of course, no sooner said than done, eventually swoons for you, her trademark being “to cut up anyone who dares to do you harm” and then followed by a shy look on her face before turning away to care for her flowers.

Well… to sum it up, pretty much every youkai has fallen in love with you cause of your kindness and your well played cards. (Naturally, people like Keine remarked you as a “horny bastard” little did she know the implications on herself whenever she said that)


One fine day, after some 7 months married, you have again attended a drinking session at the Mansion of the ghost princess, Yuyuko. Yukari has already begun and by late evening, all three of you are drunk.

Midnight approaches and only you and Yuyuko remained somewhat awake, with only one step between this and going to heck with whatever you guys do. Out of nowhere, you remembered the happy times that night with Ran, feeling itchy for some pussy, you made advances towards Yuyuko, too drunken to give a damn that you are already a married man.

Yuyuko, being drunk and half dazed, only muttered “Youmu… no you musn’t dooooo that……” in a drunken tone. Quickly your magic fingers and know-how brought her ecstatic pleasure. At the time she finally cleared her head enough to know what you are doing, she was doing everything she could to give you back the pleasure without disguise.

You realized you are cheating on your wife, but heck, who is there to see it?


Youmu came to the paper door and knocked briefly; too bad you barely heard it and continued your playful antics with Yuyuko’s body. The paper door opened and there she was, your wife, with another few bottles of sake to join the fun, stood aghast and shocked looking at you humping the princess with Youmu totally stunned next to her.

A moment of silence came on and you were quick to shove Yuyuko away, denying your doing. Yuyuko however, was hanging onto you, saying how naughty you have been, slapping her butt and pulling at her hair during the finer moments of the session while circling her fingers around your chest and giving you and kiss on the cheek in a shy manner.

Ran’s hands dropped the sake, quickly becoming claws as her nails grew out, Youmu pulled out her swords, you wanted to reach for your blessed blade, out of self defense, but you realized that thing is gone, so you picked up a sake bottle instead.

“After all this time! YOU HAVE BEEN CHEATING ON ME?! HOW DARE YOU!!!” Ran yelled at you with all her monstrous ferocity in its purest form, after all, she is the nine-tailed fox, one of the strongest in Gensokyo.

“You… you, what have you done with Mistress?!” Youmu followed meekly, but her swords were poised to strike.

Instinct struck you, and you ran out, still naked towards another end of the mansion, broken through and rolled on the dirt before picking yourself up and running down the mansions stairs.

Underestimating youkai is never a good thing, and you yourself forgotten it, as you reached halfway, Youmu was already waiting there for you, appearing almost out of nowhere, then you remembered she was one hell of a fast stepper, in fact, on foot, no one can match her speed in Gensokyo. You turned back, and Ran stood behind you, glaring with angry tears in her eyes.

“I loved you, I prepared meals for you, my body, my soul, my everything, I waited for you at night to come home, and you often never did, we had lovely times but it is almost you are always half-hearted… here I was thinking it was my fault not doing enough to be with you, so I came here, wanting to join you like what we did last time… then I found you cheating on me… *sob* *sob* I have been such a fool to trust a human like you…” her hands tried to wipe the tears away, but found them endlessly flowing.

You felt a pain in your heart like never before, you are so sorry that you apologized, and promised to never happen again. You kept on getting closer to her, trying to reach for Ran, trying to calm her as you apologize, tears also filling your eyes in your remorse for your acts.

Then, darkness descended on you and you fainted.

By the time you woke up, you realized that your limbs have been severed, you have no legs, no arms and your body is but a sewn up stitch doll lying naked. Stitches on your vital parts, from your stomach, a large one, to places on your chest, and you realized your mouth has been sewn shut when you try to scream. “MMMpppHhhhh, MMMpppphhh!!” was all that comes out from your sealed lips. You can feel blood trickle down your neck each time you tried to struggle and wondered if the pain was indeed your neck being cut deeply but kept in place by threads.

You are laid down on what appears to be a futon made for babies, double folded and soft, but you felt no pain, instead, from afar you can feel an aura of anger, and much worse, you are writhing in fear by what you saw.

You look towards the direction, and saw that Ran was there, along with Chen, both holding your arms, one left and the other right. They slowly chew on it, taking their time to flavor it. Chen was happily licking her hands; your dried and caked blood that stained the floor was a sight to behold.

Your eyes traveled towards Ran, she looked back, and from her eyes, you saw the deepest part of hell fire, for Hell hath no fury a woman scorned.

The last thing you heard her say was: “mmmm…. Taste just like what I liked, FEAR….”

Finally, a horribly twisted laugh “AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA……” echoed through the hallways and the room. Then, your head was sliced off.


The moral of the story? Never cheat on your wife, and especially if she is a man-eater.

Months passed, and the village has forgotten about you, the youkai went about their daily lives, and guess what? You are in the throne room of the Judge, and from the looks of her face, you begged her for mercy.

In her furious tone, she sentenced you to eternal damnation, to repeat your death till your sins are cleared, to repeat the very same torment as Ran saws off your limbs, and to feel the pain this time over and over and over again. (fact is, Shiekieiki is probably just jealous.)

Aya Shameimaru (by Anonymous Fairy, 2008-03-26)

Following what appears to be a civil war on the Southern border of India, you, a foreigner photographer/photojournalist has journeyed all the way here to work for BBC’s newscast. You brought along your favorite and most trustworthy camera, some PWROVR9K model by Canon, which has state-of-the-art technology and the most expensive piece of equipment any photographer would want. Of course, aside from this, you are also one of those people who have a few faces, going into war zones and sometimes carrying a few different passports, you are a professional infiltrator as well, this is the sort of adventure you take for both career and simply to sate your hunger for adventures and challenges, of course, not to mention your gun skills are quite remarkable for times of need arises.

It was a Sunday, and the day is hot and humid, with the warm weather, you wore the most simplistic clothing you can find in your backpack, and journeyed North to where the civilian refugee camp is, to catch some pictures for the newscast on how the local refugees are treated by the Indian army.

The situation here is a living hell, people are being bombed, cut down, and gunned down everywhere, corpses reek of decay and your eyes are greeted by nothing but frowns and angry faces, your picture taking is not helping either. You are approaching the civilian refugee camp and you turned a few steps towards the side, careful to avoid stepping on an old man, who collapsed with a knife wound.

Suddenly, without realizing it, you stumbled upon what appears to be hole on the ground, which is strange, because right here in a place where there is only sand and bullet shells, you walked straight into a bloody hole! You fell as you screamed for help to deaf ears, too many people screaming and too many guns firing around you.


You woke and checked your watch, how long have you been here? Your watch says a good 8 hours has passed, you have collapsed for a long time indeed and it has shows that it is some 4am right now.

You picked yourself up and checked your gear, glad to be that you are alive, and making sure your gear still works. Thank the stars, it does, and your camera is working just fine.

Taking a quick look, this doesn’t seem like anywhere in the middle of anywhere you have ever been before, in fact, you quickly realized that you are now standing on a large erected rock, one misstep and you would fall off, landing face flat and most likely die judging by the height.

You screamed for help, and looked for any signs of familiarity at the same time that might confirm you are still somewhere in India. The only thing that caught your attention especially was the greenery that surrounds you, you are in a mountainous area, shrubs of green are everywhere, and you realized this is no India border, where sand and bullets are the landscape.

You continued your screams for assistance, and suddenly, a flicking shadow appeared side to you, to your shock, a girl with a set of wings flew by you, looking at you strangely.

She took out a camera, a rather old analog piece and took a few snaps at you exclaiming: “Oh wow! This is great, how did you climb up here?”

“I didn’t, I need help, erm…. Whatever you are…” you answered meekly, you seen a lot of strange stuff in your career, but a flying girl with an odd get-up and a camera? That is something totally new.

“What? You can’t get down? Oooohhhh…. Poor boy, here let me help you.” She extended her hand and you grabbed it, with her powerful lift, she lifted you and slowly descended unto the ground below. You wheezed a breath of relief as you finally found safe land.

“Okay, so I helped you, now give me my scoop! How did you get here? Why, what are you?” The winged girl asked curiously, sparkles can almost be seen in her eyes and you somehow envied how she could take this so seriously.

“Oh… ah…” was all you could stutter, and then you asked her if you could go and get some water, she reluctantly agreed, she pointed upwards to the small steps beside some shrubs, and you both walked up.

All the way, she kept on looking at you, taking strange notes which you have no idea what the heck she is writing.

You both arrived at a wooden made traditional Japanese house, with stilts and all, you are amazed that such wonderful construction still exist, and you asked her, is this Japan? Your answer was a blunt “No.”


You are treated to cup of hot tea, and some cool water, as the both of you sat down on a low table and relaxed, you felt good, and finally you started some conversation, her eager looks just sort of gets on your nerves when she keeps on staring at you.

“So… erm… I am __________, I am British, working for the BBC as a freelance photographer and journalist, I was in India just a few hours ago, and now I dunno where I am, with you, what’s your story? Oh… and thanks for saving me earlier from the rock.” You said.

Aya tilted her head, half the words she did not get were BBC, India, British, but she introduced herself. “My name is Aya Shameimaru, you are in Gensokyo, a place far away from the outside world, which we like to call it, I believe you are from there, judging by your looks, and it seems like the work of mysterious forces carried you here from your lands. I am a Tengu, for you outsiders; we are what you call ‘monsters’, in other words, youkai. What is a BBC?” Talk about curiosity…

“So… this is not Japan, it is far away from an outside world, Tengu? Okay…. Is this some sort of movie I got involved in? By the way, BBC is a Newscast; we do and make news on the television.” You answered, adding your question mark to the convo.

“Television? Like the one which Kaguya has? Tengus are youkai, I for example, am a crow tengu, hence, my wings, I can fly, but just about everyone in this place can… except for humans of course. Can you fly?” She asked.

You have no idea what a ‘Kaguya’ is but you answered “Yeah… with an airplane or helicopter…”

“What is airplane? Helicopter? Does it had anything to do with Hell?” she asked again.

“No no no…. airplanes are large flying machines, they carry hundreds of people from one place to another in the air, helicopters are much smaller, but they do the same job for maybe 10 people or so. Enough questions by the way, I still don’t know how I got here, but I needed to sleep…I am tired.” You asked her.

“Sleep here then, I have plenty of rooms, and Momizi is not visiting these few days, so go ahead. I’ll prepare your bed, but it is gonna cost you!”

“How much?” You asked nervously.

“15 Gold coins!” she exclaimed happily, extending her hands.

You reached for your pocket and you found two coins and 3 US dollars, nonetheless you gave her and hope she would get the message, you have no gold coins.

“What are these? They look funny? Who is the guy on top of the paper?” She asked curiously.

“These are the currency of the place I was from earlier; that is 3 American dollars, the guy on the paper note is George Washington, one of the former leaders of the country, and sorry, I have no currency for your country Gensokyo…” You hoped she wouldn’t mind.

“Well… you can always pay me back later, sleep now then, that room, wait here first, I will prepare the room. Thus, she walked to the room and makes the effort. You however, simply sat there, observing her.

You noticed that she is indeed quite lovely to look at, her little wings flutter every time she makes a movement, and no matter how you look her body, there is always something very sexy about her movement, the way she places that hip, the sexy movement of her long and slender womanly legs, those slightly tall socks and the way her short skirt sorts of reveal the pleasurable sight underneath, you almost question if she is seducing you.

Soon, your room was ready, and you lie down on your bed, sleep quickly taking over you.


The next day, you woke up to a hearty breakfast that Aya prepared, you loved every bit and praised her along the way, soon, you guys got into a robust conversation in comparing worlds as you tell her about the journeys in your career, all the way patiently explaining parts of the place you been to on a world map you carried on your backpack.

She look through your backpack and found your PWROVR9K camera the most interesting, she could barely hold herself and said she wanted to trade her analog one for yours. You simply said no, but she insists in trying it out.

You showed how to work it; you came close to her, rubbing your body against hers in your sleeveless singlet, your khaki pants barely disguising the way you wanted to slip your leg in between her thighs to get her closer. Her garments too, only so much as lightly disguising her voluptuous development as a woman, tightly hugging her figure as you somehow cannot guide your eyes away at her lovely bosom from her neckline onwards.

The closer you get, the more aroused you are by her scent, she carries a flowery scent of lavender and spring flowers, her hair is a refreshing mountain air like scent, with the way she takes a breath that seems to take yours away, you had to focus all your attention just to get the camera to work with her fingers so lovingly being wrapped by yours.

Somehow, she must have noticed that you haven’t had a shower since forever; she said that you reek of bad smells, and asked you to take a bath. You welcomed the chance, actually, you were somewhat hoping she did offer to bathe you!

Guess what? SHE DID! You heard her say she will wash your back, to make sure you are totally clean.


15 minutes later, you were in the bath, washing away your body in the bathtub, the hot water was a refreshing feeling, and the way this is, you wished you hadn’t been skipping shower times for that trip in India back home.

Then, Aya knocked at the wooden door, you were expecting her to skip the offer, being with an unknown person and all… but there she was, wrapped in nothing but a short towel, barely covering her womanly figure, as she walked closer to you, she did not seem to mind you taking a long look at her.

You tried to hold yourself down from getting an erection, and covered yourself with a towel, she asked you to sit on the stool provided and proceeded to caress your back with her feminine fingers, washing the dirt from your body. She is somewhat impressed by your masculine built, thanks to your journeys, you are quite well done in that department and she gave praises as she touched you all over.

You could barely hold it in, and already this time, your member was already rising to meet the challenge, you tried hard to hold it on this time with your towel, but every time she brushes you softly with her feminine figure, which seems unintentional to be done, you could not help but seem to crave turning back and seeing her face close. Suddenly, she slipped her hands down your private parts, and to her shock and surprise, she caught hold of your erected member, and she went: “ahhhhh! What are you thinking….? You pervert!” Quickly she turned and tried to leave you.

Just as quickly, you turned and grabbed her hands, but the soapy floor made you slip, and you fell, rotating your back to the floor as you pulled her along with you, she lifted her head up to find her lovely hair all wet with water droplets and her face all red looking at you.

Yours are just as flushed as you took such a close look at her, and to your most pleasant surprise, the towel she had on fell off, now she was lying naked, with her full breasts pressed against your manly chest, her naked thighs and private area lightly rubbing yours every time she takes a breath and twitches a little. The both of you paused so slightly as to look deep into each other’s eyes.

The way the arousing feeling of her breasts rubbing against yours drove you almost mad with pleasure, and you simply blurted out: “I… I love you…Aya…can…I…” you could not even finish the sentence before your head moved to embrace hers, you kissed her deeply in the mouth, all the while holding her hands lightly closer to you.

Your tongue whisked inside her mouth, rolling around hers as you exchanged your saliva with hers in this hot and steamy bath room, her moans could be heard from the way you kissed her, long, and wet. She didn’t try too hard to resist, and soon, her arms were loosened as you loosened your grip.

She extended her hands to hold your head, rushing her fingers into your hair, caressing your neck, your ears and your face as she held you closer to kiss you deeper. You so very much wanted to do her right here, so you rolled around, all the while never separating your lips from her, this has been the most passionate kiss you have ever had before in your life.

You slid yourself down her body, kissing first her neck, arousing her as she gave you in return and mews of pleasure plus exalted facial expressions each time you kissed her parts.

Slowly, you made your way towards her breasts, kissing her nipples, and taking your time to pleasure her, never had she felt this way before as she twitched in pleasure, the way she makes that noise just made you harder, and you make your way down below, giving her the utmost attention.

Before long, the two of you changed places again, this time, she sat atop of your hips, buckling hers naturally to the flow of your rhythm as she took your member in, her warm and tight crevice engulfing you in this wonderful sensation, and she did little to prevent her wings from flapping every now and then as she rode back and forth, dominating you under her pleasurable movements, giving you more pleasure and touching you all over.

Aya’s wonderful figure blessed your eyes in the most spectacular view, the way she shakes, the way those lovely breasts seem to bounce only for you, and you were having the time of your life as you two progressed towards a climax.

The both of you climaxed together. Her screams echoed in the bathroom, and you both held on as tightly as you sprayed your load into her, giving her a chasm of ecstasy as she gave her all to you. She collapsed in a tired but satisfied look on her face as she placed her face next to yours, her totally damp hair now lightly brushed you, raising them a bit, she kissed you and told you she loved you the moment they shared the stories together, never has she had such a loveable partner to talk with, and never had she had so much to told and be told at the same time.


You both dressed up, shyly, while looking at each other as the earlier rise of emotions and the happenings circling your minds, you gave her a smile and so did she. The two of you went outside; you could not help but hold her hands as you two walked outside for the afternoon breeze. The warm summer air gently caressing your face and flipping your hair as you looked at her, silently admiring her beauty.

You have much to share, and there is rarely a moment where in life you felt so attracted to a girl. So you did what every guy would do, you asked if she would go out with you. She nodded yes.


For the next few weeks, you both shared so many stories together, you being an experienced photographer, helped her with her Bunbunmaru news, you shower her how journalism really works, instead of her usual “not time based” editions, Bunbunmaru, soon, under your guidance and your dedicated hard work, become the preferred news edition of Gensokyo (the only), unlike before, where it would take Aya days just to distribute her newspapers to uninterested parties for free, now she sells to them at a small price to the residents, both youkai and humans alike.

Keine even extended her class to include pictorial history lessons and geography, with your photos and your out-worldly examples of Atlases, and world maps. The students are graced every now and then by your visits to show them how to work different questions and you are the grace among the village.

Aya soon gathered a small fortune for her twice-per-weekly editions (since nothing much happens in Gensokyo), that she wants to extend her house, and thus employed the help of carpenters and Kourindou’s help to see to it. Alice helped out as well with the construction, and she also gained a friend through you and thanked you greatly. Kourin on the other hand, though always in his store, has soon gained interest in you and you both became drinking partners and finally, a good male friend to discuss men-to-men-issues with him.

Aya was living happily, and you felt something is missing from this picture. One night, as you made your advance towards her, you asked if she would like to have your children, although shyly, she asked what you were thinking, you guys are not even married yet!

You proposed to her immediately, and swore that you would love her, and for that, until death does you two apart.


1 month later, Aya came and told you bad news, apparently… of all things, she has changed plans; following from a trip to Eirin’s and apparently, it was told that she could not bear a child! You were heartbroken, but said you would love her all the same, both of you would get through this, be it adoption or whatever else, somehow, one way or the other.


( Warning: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie)

You and Aya soon went down to the human village, orphans are rare in Gensokyo, and even rarer is the occasional import by Yukari to actually include children. In Gensokyo, birth rates are low due to the low number of humans, the residents are not all that sexually active either being very medieval towards their ways. But, you are in luck, and soon, the two of you had adopted a child, whose departed parents meant she could not rely on anyone else but Keine’s nursery school. Keine was all too happy to agree to the two of you, since you both are now rather well-off now and has gained her trust.

You and Aya has successfully established a family of three, and your marriage, though small, was overseen by the Gods of the Hakurei shrine and blessed by Sanae of her shrine as well, Suwako and Kanako personally descended upon your household offered blessings to your family. You and Aya agreed to call her Konata, a blue haired girl with crystal clear green eyes, trademarks of her family. (LOL, in before shitstorm)


More months passed, and soon, another summer was coming, for this one year you have been here, you began to miss the very adventures back home, and eagerly wants to be going home for a visit, you wanted to meet your mother back home and to tell her that you have a family here.

So you gave Aya a mention of this, and asked if she would come with you to your home.

Having known that the Hakurei border has never seen anyone out of the sealing before, Reimu was quick to hear of your intended return to your world, and proceeded to stop you, but you are smart, playing your cards right, you sought the help of the Boundary Demon Yukari, and she did what she could to send you back home, offering nothing but a note, that once you get there, Aya can never come back with you, unless you two managed to get to a certain spot in Egypt by the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar, which is August beginning from 12am on 31st, apparently.

Aya insisted the girl you both adopted be taken along to see your family back home. One fateful night, a portal was opened to you three, and the three of you rushed back home.


However, the Hakurei maiden was quick to set irregularities, using the power of the Gods; she has successfully distorted the dimension, and twisted your original location towards different places.

You and Aya were separated by you being dropped off in Saigon, Vietnam, and Aya dropped somewhere in Bangladesh! Little Konata was the furthest away, with her all the way in Japan. You wasted no time in asking Yukari through the portal that still lay open where she is, Yukari was worried as well, and told you where she might be.

First thing in the morning, you managed to cross borders and soon, with some help from your old friends, who all thought you were dead, gotten you passports and even one for Aya, using a fake name of course.

You were rushing to Bangladesh to ensure her safety, even as a youkai, with the war going on now, it would be difficult to stay alive. You were praying for the best, hoping youkai’s natural resistance towards human weapons would let her stay alive long enough for you both to reunite and run away.

4 days passed, you searched high and low in Bangladesh, and you realized your mistake, you should have never risked the trip back, and 31st is only 2 days away. You begin to worry if Aya is already dead, or much more, taken hostage by the rebels on the borders while worrying too for little Konata, you wished that kind soul may have found her, and taken her to safety as well.

So you asked for help with the same old friends again, promising great fortune if they did help you, using satellite navigation and images through the complicated use of internet and specialist tracking technology, you found that she has indeed met up with the worse of conditions. Apparently, Aya was taken hostage, and being called the winged one, in a refugee camp near the North Border.

The Rebels were using her as a symbol of both good luck and as a sex slave, apparently her wings played a big roll in this civil war. They openly declared that they have caught an angel, and will proclaim wars towards the East if they did not get what they want. You then proceeded to get there as soon as possible to rescue her.

Being an adventurer yourself, you somehow managed to sneak into the camp, with your former gun training, you carry a handgun for self defense, and hopes to break an entry, knowing full well the rebels are resting this time of the night, you managed to find the shed specified by the satellite image where Aya was kept hostage.

You wondered why she did not fly away first sign of danger, just when you finally saw her for the first time in these few worrisome days, you managed to see why.

There, laying before you, is Aya, violated, repeatedly, and more, the body she had now was a heap to behold, her skin has whip marks all over, her face was more bruises than ever, her wings were clipped, tied, and naked, cuffed to the pillar and her own urine a wet patch underneath her legs, you could smell the feces off her, her hair was burned slightly and oh, poor poor girl was drenched in caked semen, the rebels have used her to their most spiteful extent, Aya has almost willingly given up her life, something perhaps being love is the only thing that kept her waiting for your return to her side.

Such a pitiful sight, you wasted no time in getting her up and untying her bonded state.

However, luck was against you, some rebel patrol has saw you coming in, and with this information, he asked for backup, as you turned up with her on your shoulder to leave this bloody place, there it was, standing before you, a dozen men, armed with machine rifles, aiming their guns at you.

You out of panic, weaved you gun out hoping to get a path out, but was greeted instead by a barrage of bullets. As the Gensokyo danmaku rules cannot be used here, Aya cannot use her last resort, in her tired state, her youkai powers themselves were dominated by the shots that landed on her body, tearing her apart as blood sprayed the room, yours and hers mixed the canvas across the place.

You regretted everything you ever done, as your life flashed before you. Aya came a bit closer to you with whatever strength she could still summon, and held your hand close. You both lay there, in each other’s embrace, praying for a quick end, the pain is too much, but in your last breath, you whispered to Aya “I love you, always, and forever, may we meet again…”

One moment later, a bullet went through your head, and through hers, your last view was her whispering to you the very same thing you said to her with your last breath.


Again, you woke up, and before you, Aya was waiting for you in full white clothing, a blinding white light awaits you as she reached out her arms and asked for you to follow her into the light, you know pretty well you are dead.

Life has never been fair, at least it granted you and her an exit together. To your surprise, the Enma that greeted you by the doorway was no other than Shikieiki, Komachi by her side.

“As your souls have departed on earth, it was supposed that you, __________ must stay there, while Aya must come back with me, but I am being selfish this time, against my justice, for you died trying to rescue her, and she out love for you. I grant you both the chance to come back to Gensokyo for your trials and proceed either to Heaven or Hell or be reborn in Gensokyo as your choice.” She said in a stern tone.

So you choose the last of the three choices, and Aya the same, just that, she asked for you to be a Youkai, and you asked her to be human.

However, it was out of consideration for balance, that you agreed to hers instead.

(One year passes)


Another summer has arrived, and somewhere in Gensokyo, two families saw the birth of a boy and girl, the girl is beautiful, and they named the girl Aya and the two families celebrated the births of you and her on the full moon, during the 7th Lunar Month, with the blessings of the shrines and the Gods.

Under this moonlit night, two very special children who are born as youkai to human parents met with each other, and in their eyes, the light of hope and love continued to burn through, waiting for the time to come when they shall be in each other’s embrace again. They were named after you and Aya.

Perhaps fate has a play on a card as well, either a blessing or a curse, the two of you shall find out in the future.


Meanwhile, elsewhere, Konata-chan has been adopted by an middle-aged divorced man, apparently, Awesome was his name, and she enrolled in a school and in present day Japan, got herself addicted towards gaming online and becomes an Otaku, forgetting all that was in her past, and mistakenly assumes that her past was actually a video game she played some time ago, namely a certain game that has a bullet hell system that requires the playable character to evade and defeat bosses by stages. (PoFV?)

She managed to become friends with a bunch of school misfits (all female) and somehow, lived a life of peace and bliss, albeit she may never know the true life she had when she was a kid, she may be better off not remembering it at all. She grew up to become a wonderful lady, carrying features of her new-found mom, wife (deceased) to Mr. Awesome, for some strange reason.

Oh well… nothing is perfect.

That was until a giant robot attacked Japan and off did Konata step up to pierce the heavens and point to the sky etc etc. well happy end.

Shanghai (by Project Mars, 2008-03-27)

The Set-up: As a notorious Doll Fetishist who isn't above breaking and entering into homes to get dolls for your sick pleasures, life in Gensokyo hasn't been too good for your lust: You haven't seen a doll in the two weeks of having knocked out and dragged into this place. All that changes when you are in the Human Village one day, thinking about turning to Mikos, and you see a floating doll hovering around a blonde-haired girl in a light blue dress and immediately your lust drives your previous thoughts away as you decide to make that doll your new lover. After an argument trying to buy her with her owner, you decide to resort to theft, and trail the blonde to her house in the middle of the forest, where you wait for her to fall asleep.

--Hours Later--

The house has been dark for a while now as you silently open the door. Smiling to yourself at how easy it was to pick the lock, your eyes are greeted by a welcome sight: Dolls everywhere! You wonder if you have stepped into heaven when you spot the doll you saw earlier, now in a long sleep gown, lying in bed next to her master. You grab her, put tape over her mouth, just in case the same way she was able to fly also gave her the ability to scream, and then root around for a few dresses for her when you feel like you are at your limit. Ripping off her clothes and unzipping your fly, you decide to release a little pent up sexual frustration.

The End: Just then you hear an enraged shriek and feel a concussive blast hit the side of your head. Shit, her master's awake. Unfortuantly, the blast really affected your senses, because you are having trouble focusing and moving. "YOU BASTARD!" The blonde dollmaker shouts in fury, "HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO ONE OF MY CHILDREN!" You just then notice the knife in her hand. After castrating you, she stabs you in the forehead and goes back to sleep, wondering if Sakuya would pay the food bounty if the human was already dead. The End.

Osaizen (by Kobayashi, 2008-03-28)

You are a man who lives in the Human village. You work hard every day, respect your elders, keep your word and do what is asked of you; you are an upstanding model citizen. You even visit that Hakurei shrine that almost no one else goes to (is it the huge flight of stairs? Nah, probably the lazy Miko). Though, if anyone asked, you would admit it was less out of piety and more out of wanting to see the pretty, side-boob bearing Miko that lived there.

However, due to the status of all named characters in Gensokyo (re: Gay), you've made no progress with Reimu, and due to your devotion to her, you're not getting any from anyone else. Which has left you, shall we say, a little unfulfilled. So one day, as you're up at shrine, visiting again on what you know will be a futile attempt to get to know the miko, you get a crazy idea (perhaps you were drunk? Or high? A Yukari did it). If you can't have the miko, why not the next best thing? Of course, after some incident with losing one of her sleeves in a fight over the bamboo forest (and getting it back in less than perfect condition), she's upped security on them and getting one is out of the question. So you try to figure out what the third best thing would be. And that's when you see it.

The donation box.

Well, it might not be that soft, girl-shaped, or comfortable, but you know it's a major part of Reimu's life (a disappointing part, but a part none the less), and IT HAS SLOTS.

Two minutes later, freaky animate-inanimate object sex.

Just as you are climaxing, you hear a shriek; Reimu just came out of the shrine to see what all the loud grunting was about and demands what the hell you are doing.

"Um... donating?"

Your body was never found, though you made a lasting legacy in the creation of a permanent list of what is and is not appropriate to "donate" that to this day is still tacked to the front of the new donation box (the old one was burned).

Hourai's noose (by E-Mouse, 2008-03-28)

After getting lost in the Forest of Magic, by some miracle you manage to find Alice's house shortly before nightfall. She quietly agrees to let you visit and join her for dinner, but makes a point to tell you that if you mess with her dolls, she'll kill you.

Bah. Fair enough.

Inside, there's dolls everywhere. Curiosity getting the better of you, you explore around, and discover a room almost devoted to them off to the side, including one that appears to be hanging by its neck from a noose, tied to a bookcase at about neck height.

"Hourai, could you help with dinner?" Alice calls over. The doll quietly comes to life, loosening the noose around its neck and floating out. It gives you a small bow before flying out of the room to help its master.

You look at the noose again. It's just the right height...

Two minutes later, Alice stops by again to activate one of her less-used dolls for more help making the meal.

Ten seconds later, she's blown a hole in the side of her house in order to erase every particle of your existence.

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