Reimu Hakurei is the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine and the main character of almost every game of the Touhou series , her job is mostly to exterminate troublesome youkai around Gensyoko and to resolve "incidents" as well.

Her specified role here is not really known (translation is needed), but as a playing character, she's the most balanced among her attacks and her moves, the moveset is straightforward and easy to use, with some practice, one can master Reimu in matters of seconds.

Advantages: Good combo starters, average proyectiles with homing properties (the usual Hakurei Amulet) or straight attacking (Youkai Buster), reliable spellcards, defensive moves that can turn the battle to your favor, wallport/walldash (explained below) and a good final spell.

Disadvantages: Small delay on proyectile summon, which leads to predictability, hard to maneuver spellcards, walldash/wallport can leave you vulnerable if not well used, special feature doesn't buffs/nerfs/changes her in anything, moveset with average knockback, pushing away/wallslaming your opponent doesn't happens often, this can make recovery a bit bad.

Unique Features

Wallport/Walldashing: Reimu can teleport from the left/right wall to the opposite wall by pressing the opposite direction you're facing twice (44 or 66 respectively), this makes good as an escape move and as a trick to fool enemies when making strong attacks, which can make them miss most of the times, but it has a bit of a slow recovery since the end of the teleport can make you vulnerable. (This ability is the same from Yukari in previous fighting games).

"Hakurei Yin-Yang Orbs": This is her special feature, there is an icon on the left of the spiritbar that shows the character's special ability, in this case, the icon is showing her orbs, although it has been tested and they don't affect Reimu in any way that is noticeable, this is a double-edge sword, since you won't get either any kind of "nerf" nor any kind of "buff" to anything she has or does. If there's something that these orbs do in-battle, please add information.

Normal Moves and Bullet moves will be added later on, please stand by

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