Koishi Komeiji is the sister of Satori Komeiji, they both live underground in the Palace of the Earth Spirits, eventually, Koishi goes up to discover her world above her home, since she closed her 3rd eye (the one that grants the ability to read minds) she no longer reads minds, instead, she gained the power to read the subconscious, which is a stronger ability.

In this game, Koishi, literally, serves for mind games, her special ability makes her quite different from the other characters, she has a special dash that if used properly is quite good for escaping. Her spellcards do amazing damage, they have quite unique properties (pushing away or vacuum-like effect).

Advantages: Koishi has amazing dense proyectiles, she has many skills that are (weirdly) strong, with practice, she can become pretty troublesome, since she's almost unpredictable (reason explained below) when doing any kind of move.

Disadvantages: Koishi, herself, requires to wait a little when doing every melee-based move and most of her proyectiles as well, meaning she's not the most fast nor the most best attacker, she's not the most reliable when it comes to some distances, the melee is inconsistent, you require to be at certain distances to make the desired moves worth, also, spellcards could be easily dashed away.

Unique Properties

"Invisible": When Koishi dashes forward, she becomes invisible, the start of this dash has the usual graze properties until she becomes invisible, it has been seen that this graze property is not cancelled by melee or proyectile moves, which make this graze good when making your "mind games" or just by escaping the enemy. However, this dash doesn't lasts long, so you need to use it wisely. By the way, when you fully finish dashing, she strikes a pose, this pose is an actual attack.

Koishi's 3rd Eye: This is her special property, there is an icon in the left of the spiritbar that shows the special property of any character, in this case, Koishi has her 3rd eye shown here as an "Orb" with the respective wires around, when making a sole melee-based move or some proyectiles, she strikes a pose that does nothing in-battle, but in the icon it can be seen that the "orb" starts to shine in a green-like light, when this light fully glows, she does the toggled attack, there are 2 small icons which show a Fist and a "Bullet"-like sprite, when toggling your desired move, if melee based, the fist glows in red, if it is a proyectile, the "bullet" like icon glows in blue. Some of the attacks take action later than some others, and it seems the time is always the same among the attacks, so making combos is a bit hard, but when getting knowledge of timing, then the combos become easy to do (and pretty strong).

Normal Moves and Bullet moves come later, please stand by

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