For cards carried over from SWR:

Skill Card Hisoutensoku Skillcard 1

UNL Youmu101

Unl sk youmu 01

No. Hisoutensoku Skillcard 1: 燐気斬
Phosphoric Slash
Cost: 1 orb
Translation: A short-range attack that unleashes a burst of energy from Youmu's sword. Even when it returns it hits the enemy, so it's a good skill for short-range attackers.
Usage: 236B/C

Skill Card Hisoutensoku Skillcard 2

UNL Youmu102

Unl sk youmu 02

No. Hisoutensoku Skillcard 2: 頭上花剪斬
Slashing a Flower Upon One's Head
Cost: 1 orb
Translation: Jumps above the enemy and slashes down with all her might. Even if the enemy guards, it's a good move, and Youmu can exert massive pressure on the opponent from above.
Usage: 214B/C, watch out for anti-air attacks from the enemy if using this skill.

Spell Card Hisoutensoku Spellcard 1

UNL Youmu201

Unl sc youmu 01

No. Hisoutensoku Spellcard 1: 転生剣「円心流転斬」
Reincarnation Sword "Sword of Cycles"
Cost: 3 cards
Translation: Deals repeated high-speed hits using Roukanken, and overwhelms the enemy while remaining invincible. A strong attack with very fast activation.
Usage: A good way to get out if cornered by the enemy.

Spell Card Hisoutensoku Spellcard 2

UNL Youmu202

Unl sc youmu 02

No. Hisoutensoku Spellcard 2: 空観剣「六根清浄斬」
Voidness Sword "Slash Clearing the Six Senses"

[To see nothing, hear nothing, smell nothing, taste nothing, feel nothing, think nothing of impurities — to cut away from the impure world.]

Cost: 5 cards

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