General Notes

During a match, the weather is shown at the top, along with a timer beneath it. During clear weather, the next predicted weather is displayed while the timer starts rising from 0 to 100. During this time, wallslamming or knocking down the opponent will change the next predicted weather, cycling through the set pattern listed below. Red crystals collected will increase the timer by 0.5, bringing on the next weather quicker. When the timer reaches 100, the weather changes to the indicated weather. During a weather affect, the timer will count down from 100 (50 or 75 for some) and will revert back to clear weather when the timer reaches zero. Red crystals collected will decrease the timer by 0.5, making the current weather shorter.

The Sword of Hisou system card manipulates the weather. During clear weather, using the card while the timer is above 50 will instantly change the weather to the one indicated. Using the card while the timer is below 50 will instantly change the weather to the next weather in the cycle after the one indicated. Using the card during an active weather will make the timer count down faster.

During clear weather, 1 second on the timer is 1/6th of a second in real-time, and during an active weather, 1 second on the timer is 1/3rd of a second in real-time. If nothing happens to affect the timer, clear weather lasts around 16.5 seconds and active weather lasts 33 seconds if the timer starts at 100.

Weather is disabled (clear weather) in Story Mode. Using the Sword of Hisou card will do nothing.

Weather Types

Clear Weather

WeatherKanjiClearWeather "気質"

Romanized: "Katagi" or "Kishitsu"
Meaning: "Air Quality" or "Temperament"
Associated with: N/A
Color: Gray
Effects: None
Timer: N/A


WeatherKanjiSunny "快晴"

Romanized: "Kaisei"
Meaning: "Pleasant Weather"
Associated with: Reimu Hakurei (probably associated with her point-blank personality toward both human and youkai)
Color: White
Effects: Border Escapes are free; flight cost is halved; turning radius during flight is decreased.
Timer: 100


WeatherKanjiDrizzle "霧雨"

Romanized: "Kirisame"
Meaning: "Drizzle" or "Light Rain"
Associated with: Marisa Kirisame (the same as her family name)
Color: Blue
Effects: Spellcard damage increases.
Timer: 100


WeatherKanjiCloudy "曇天"

Romanized: "Donten"
Meaning: "Dull Cloudy Weather"
Associated with: Sakuya Izayoi
Color: White
Effects: Decreases spellcard cost by 1; increases rate at which the spell gauge fills. Weather effect ends if any card is used.
Timer: 100

Blue Sky

WeatherKanjiAzureSky "蒼天"

Romanized: "Souten"
Meaning: "Azure Sky" or "Blue Sky"
Associated with: Youmu Konpaku (maybe associated with her personality as samurai)
Color: White
Effects: Special attacks can be canceled into other special attacks. Every special attack canceled into only costs half a spirit orb.
Timer: 100


WeatherKanjiHail "雹"

Romanized: "Hyou"
Meaning: "Hail" (Particularly used for bulky hailstones of a diameter greater than 5 millimeters)
Associated with: Alice Margatroid
Color: Blue
Effects: Spirit Orb recovery speed is doubled; increases damage of bullet attacks.
Timer: 100

Spring Haze

WeatherKanjiSpringHaze "花曇"

Romanized: "Hanagumori"
Meaning: "Clouds of Sakura Petals" or "Hazy Spring Weather"
Associated with: Patchouli Knowledge (associated with her less active personality)
Color: White
Effects: Melee attacks can be grazed, at cost of spirit.
Timer: 50

Heavy Fog

WeatherKanjiHeavyFog "濃霧"

Romanized: "Noumu" (Near homophone for "飲む" "to drink"—viz., vampire drinking blood)
Meaning: "Heavy Fog" or "Dense Fog"
Associated with: Remilia Scarlet (from the above reason or the association with Scarlet Mist in EoSD)
Color: Red
Effects: Inflicting damage on an opponent restores a small amount health.
Timer: 100


WeatherKanjiSnow "雪"

Romanized: "Yuki"
Meaning: "Snow"
Associated with: Yuyuko Saigyouji (maybe associated with her ability of death)
Color: Blue
Effects: Getting hit reduces a player's spell gauge. If the meter for a slot is reduced to zero, the player's currently selected card is lost and returned to the deck.
Timer: 100


WeatherKanjiSunshower "天気雨"

Romanized: "Tenkiame"
Meaning: "Sun Shower" or "Sudden Rain during Clear Skies"
Associated with: Yukari Yakumo (sunshowers could be said to be on the border between rainy and sunny weather.)
Color: Red
Effects: Incorrectly blocked melee attacks result in an instant guard crush; guard crushed orbs recover faster.
Timer: 75


WeatherKanjiSprinkle "疎雨"

Romanized: "So'u" (pronounced like "so", not "saw")
Meaning: "Sparse Rain" or "Light Sprinkle"
Associated with: Suika Ibuki (associated with her ability to manipulate density, or "so" and mitsu" (疎と密を操る程度の能力))
Color: Blue
Effects: All special moves are upgraded to Level 4 for the duration of the weather.
Timer: 100


WeatherKanjiTempest "風雨"

Romanized: "Fuu'u"
Meaning: "Wind and Rain" or "Rainstorm"
Associated with: Aya Shameimaru (associated with her ability to control wind)
Color: Blue
Effects: Walking and dashing speed increased; maximum airdashes/flys allowed increased by one.
Timer: 50

Mountain Vapor

WeatherKanjiMountainVapor "晴嵐"

Romanized: "Seiran"
Meaning: "Mountain Vapor" (Read separately as "晴" and "嵐" or "Clear Weather" and "Storm")
Associated with: Reisen Udongein Inaba (appropriately from the contradiction for the Rabbit with Lunacy-Inducing Eyes)
Color: White
Effects: Spellcard hand is hidden and randomized. Weather effect ends if a card is used.
Timer: 100

River Mist

WeatherKanjiRiverMist "川霧"

Romanized: "Kawagiri"
Meaning: "River Mist"
Associated with: Komachi Onozuka (perhaps associated with the condition of her work site)
Color: Blue
Effects: Causes the distance between players to oscillate.
Timer: 100


WeatherKanjiTyphoon "台風"

Romanized: "Taifuu"
Meaning: "Typhoon" or "Hurricane"
Associated with: Iku Nagae (probably associated from her location inside the clouds)
Color: Blue
Effects: Players don't flinch or enter hitstun from taking hits, but they cannot block. Bullet attacks can still be grazed.
Timer: 75


WeatherKanjiAurora "極光"

Romanized: "Kyokkou" or "Ōrora"
Meaning: "Northern (or Southern) Lights" or "Aurora Borealis (or Australis)"
Associated with: Tenshi Hinanai (maybe associated with her noble class as a Celestial)
Color: Red
Effects: Effect is that of a randomly selected weather.
Timer: 100


WeatherKanjiCalm "凪"

Romanized: "Nagi"
Meaning: "Calm" or "Lull"
Associated with: Sanae Kochiya
Color: White
Effects: Hitting the opponent will cause a healing spotlight to fall on the player.
Timer: 100

Diamond Dust

WeatherKanjiDiamondDust "ダイヤモンド ダスト"

Romanized: "Daiyamondo Dasuto"
Meaning: "Diamond Dust" (a ground-level, fog-like cloud composed of tiny ice crystals)
Associated with: Cirno (associated with her ability to control cold)
Color: Blue
Effects: Groundteching is disabled; knocked down characters take damage from standing up.
Timer: 100

Dust Storm

WeatherKanjiDustStorm "黄砂"

Romanized: "Kousa"
Meaning: "Sand from the Yellow River Valley" (traditionally believed to be the geographic origin of Chinese civilization)
Associated with: Hong Meiling (associated with the above)
Color: Yellow
Effects: Attacks induce counter hit state.
Timer: 100

Scorching Sun

WeatherKanjiScorchingSun "烈日"

Romanized: "Retsujitsu"
Meaning: "Blazing Sun", "Scorching Sun" or "Hot Day"
Associated with: Reiuji Utsuho (associated with the image of nuclear power)
Color: White
Effects: When high in the air, power increases, but health lowers gradually.
Timer: 100


WeatherKanjiMonsoon "梅雨"

Romanized: "Tsuyu", less "Baiu"
Meaning: "Rainy Season" or "Rain during the Rainy Season" (Read separately as "梅" and "雨" or "Plums" and "Rain")
Associated with: Suwako Moriya (associated with her image as frog, which is symbolic of the rainy season)
Color: Blue
Effects: Attacks induce groundslam/wallslam.
Timer: 100

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