For cards carried over from SWR:

Skill Card Hisoutensoku Skillcard

UNL Reimu101

UNL Reimu1screenshot

No. Hisoutensoku Skillcard: 雨乞祈り
Rain Dance
Cost: 1 orb
Comment: ジャンプから宙返りしつつ、下へ短射程の結界を展開して当てる技挙動は打撃に近いが射撃の一種
Translation: A technique that creates a short-range border from above while upside down during a jump. A close-range attack.
Usage: 623B/C

Spell Card Hisoutensoku Spellcard 1

UNL Reimu201

UNL Reimuspell1screenshot

No. Hisoutensoku Spellcard 1: 夢符「封魔陣」
Dream Sign "Demon Binding Array"
Cost: 2 cards
Comment: 自分を中心に結界を生成する技 結界の範囲は狭く持続も短いが 近距離での仕切り直しには十分な使い勝手を誇る
Translation: A technique that creates a border from one's core. Its span is narrow and the duration is short. Being able to use it well from short distances is something to be proud of.

Spell Card Hisoutensoku Spellcard 2

UNL Reimu202

UNL Reimuspell2screenshot

No. Hisoutensoku Spellcard 2: 結界「拡散結界」
Boundary "Expanding Boundary"
Cost: 3 cards
Comment: 四角辺上に攻撃力を有する結界を連続生成する広範囲攻撃カード 結界は後の物ほど遠距離に展開し波紋の様な挙動を取る
Translation: Creates a square border that increases attack power and guards against long-range attacks. While the barrier is raised, distance attacks will behave like ripples.
Usage: Effect is similar to Patchouli’s Royal Diamond Ring

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