For cards carried over from SWR:

Skill Card Hisoutensoku Skillcard 1

UNL Komachiskill

UNL Komachiskillscreenshot

No. Hisoutensoku Skillcard 1: 三途の舟
Boat on the Sanzu
Cost: 1 orb
Translation: Charges the enemy with her boat. A boat on land? She doesn't care too much, but since the boat was issued to her and she's wearing it down, her superior gets quite angry with her over this.
Usage: 623B/C

Skill Card Hisoutensoku Skillcard 2

UNL Komachiskill2

UNL Komachiskill2screenshot

No. Hisoutensoku Skillcard 2: 離魂の鎌
Scythe of Exorcism
Cost: 1 orb
Translation: Cuts the opponent with her spirit filled scythe. If she touches the spirits that emerge from her scythe after the attack, she can regain some health. She can also cause the spirits to explode.
Usage: 214B/C, higher levels spawn more spirits

Spell Card Hisoutensoku Spellcard

UNL Komachispell1

UNL Komachispell1screenshot

No. Hisoutensoku Spellcard: 魂符「生魂流離の鎌」
Soul Sign "Scythe of Wandering Spirits"
Cost: 4 cards
Translation: Unleashes a blade filled with spirits which steal life from the enemy. The spirits fly back to Komachi and allow her to regain health. According to her, she doesn't use this skill too often.
Usage: basically a stronger form of Scythe of Exorcism.

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