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Touhou Hisoutensoku Standalone Character List

Picture Name Cards Story
SanaeHS Sanae Spell ScenarioVS
ChirunoHS Cirno Spell ScenarioVS
MeirinHS Meiling Spell ScenarioVS
Soku-portrait-utsuho Utsuho Spell VS
Suwako portrait Suwako Spell VS
ReimuSWR Reimu Spell VS
MarisaSWR Marisa Spell VS
Swr alice Alice Spell VS
PatchouliSWR Patchouli Spell VS


Unnamed Giant Catfish (not playable)


Characters from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody can be included in this game by installing Touhou Hisoutensoku as expansion to Scarlet Weather Rhapsody:

Picture Name
SakuyaSWR Sakuya
YoumuSWR Youmu
RemiliaSWR Remilia
YuyukoSWR Yuyuko
YukariSWR Yukari
SuikaSWR Suika
ReisenSWR Reisen
AyaSWR Aya
KomachiSWR Komachi
IkuSWR Iku
TenshiSWR Tenshi

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