For cards carried over from SWR:

Skill Card Hisoutensoku Skillcard 1

UNL Ayaskill1

UNL Ayaskill1screenshot

No. Hisoutensoku Skillcard 1: 楓扇風
Wind from the Maple Fan
Cost: 1 Orb
Translation: A small tornado projectile is shot forwards, and sweeps the opponent into the air. Though it's considered a small attack, it sweeps the opponent fairly high in the air, so it's useful for suppression.
Usage: 236B/C, damage increases as level increases. May be useful for chain skills/spells.

Skill Card Hisoutensoku Skillcard 2

UNL Ayaskill2

UNL Ayaskill2screenshot

No. Hisoutensoku Skillcard 2: 天狗礫
Tengu's Pebbles
Cost: 1 Orb
Translation: Throws pebbles up into the air using the power of wind. Can be recalled anytime to rain down upon the enemy. The more rocks that are thrown upwards, the more rocks come down.
Usage: 421B/C, B chucks the rocks in mid-air, and C makes them fall. More rocks are thrown as level increases.

Spell Card Hisoutensoku Spellcard 1

UNL Ayaspell1

UNL Ayaspell1screenshot

No. Hisoutensoku Spellcard 1: 風符「天狗報即日限」
Wind Sign "Tengu Limited Special"
Cost: 2 cards
Comment: 周囲の風の動きを味方につけ。自身の移動速度を大きく上げる技。天狗の早足の要の一つ。
Translation: Uses the power of the wind to greatly increase your speed. The secret to the tengu's speed.
Usage: When the Tempest Weather effect is desired, the player may use this card to increase Aya’s speed.

Spell Card Hisoutensoku Spellcard 2

UNL Ayaspell2

UNL Ayaspell2screenshot

No. Hisoutensoku Spellcard 2: 鴉符「暗夜のデイメア」
Crow Sign "Dark Daymare"
Cost: 4 cards
Translation: A swarm of crows mobs the enemy. The crows obey the crow tengu, but the actual degree of control fluctuates according to her own power and popularity of the birds--- we'll leave that to your imagination.
Usage: Note that Aya cannot attack when this spell card is used.

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