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Sanae wins Reimu

Sanae そんな荒っぽさでは信仰は集められませんよ?
This kind of destruction happened because you couldn't inspire enough faith?
You should present yourself in a more divine manner.
Sanae ええ、あれから結局私達も手伝ったのですよ


Yes, after that we pitched in to help build the temple.

I say that but, there really wasn't much for us to do.

Sanae wins Marisa

Sanae 魔法の森はなんで魔法の森と呼ばれてるのでしょう?
Why is it that the Forest of Magic is called the Forest of Magic?
Well, old-growth forests are certainly rare but...

Sanae wins Sakuya

Sanae メイドさんはもう幻想の世界の住人じゃ
無いみたいですよ? 良く街に居ました
It doesn't seem that maids are really denizens of the fantasy world any more, don't you think? There are many in the streets.

[Translators' Note: Yes, especially in Akihabara.]

Sanae wins Alice

Sanae 凄い数の人形ですね
That's quite a lot of dolls.
I admire artisans.
Sanae 大きな人形とか作ったり出来ないのですか?


Can't you make a big doll or something?

Well, I only want to see one but...
A life-sized giant robot, that is.

[The 1/1 scale Gundam Statue (commonly referred to as the Odaiba Gundam) stood at Odaiba, Tokyo from July to August 2009. This game was released at Comiket 76 during this time as well. Video.]

Sanae wins Patchouli

Sanae あらら、見た事ある本とか有りますね
Oh my heavens, there's books I've seen before!
You have books from the outside world too.
Sanae ああ、このオカルト雑誌……


Ah, this occult magazine...
I used to read it often when I was younger.

I was concerned about it because I felt these kinds of magazines
suddenly disappeared after the turn of the century.

Sanae wins Youmu

Sanae その大きなマシュマロみたいなの
It's fun just to imagine what that large marshmallow-looking thing of yours tastes like.

[Translators' Note: This is referring to Youmu's half-ghost side that is always floating near herself]

Sanae wins Remilia

Sanae その羽、寝るとき邪魔じゃありません? Don't those wings get in the way when you sleep?

Sanae wins Yuyuko

Sanae 古風なお屋敷良いですね
Traditional manors sure are nice.
I want to live in a big manor too.

Sanae wins Yukari

Sanae え?
A giant robot was built in the outside world?

[Translators' Note: The actual size Gundam at Odaiba]

Sanae wins Suika

Sanae そのお酒、何から作られているんですか?
That sake, what was it made from?
It's incredibly potent...

Sanae wins Reisen

Sanae 大丈夫、兎を捕って食べる人間なんて
It's okay, humans who catch rabbits to eat them don't even exist any more.

Sanae wins Aya

Sanae 最近、新聞を読む人少なくなったのですよ
Recently, fewer and fewer people are reading newspapers.
It almost feels as if it were a relic of a bygone age, right?

Sanae wins Komachi

Sanae 三途の河と千曲川はどっちの方が長いのですか? The Sanzu River or the Chikuma River, which is longer?

Sanae wins Iku

Sanae 雲を泳ぐのですか?
You swim in the clouds?
Don't lumps of ice stick to your body?

Sanae wins Tenshi

Sanae あ、桃の差し入れ有難うございます Ah, thank you so much for the refreshing peaches.

Sanae wins herself

Sanae みんなどうやって稽古付けてるのかなー I wonder how everyone trains~

Sanae wins Cirno

Sanae あら、妖精は雑魚だと聞きましたが…… Oh my, I heard fairies are just small fry but...

Sanae wins Meiling

Sanae 太極拳って凄いですよね
Tai Chi Chuan sure is amazing.
I've even seen goalkeepers that can do it.

[Translators' Note: Probably referencing Shaolin Soccer]

Sanae wins Utsuho

Sanae 良く制御出来ますね
You're good at controlling so much high-power energy.

Sanae wins Suwako

Sanae 秘密裏に行動するのが好きなんですね
You're fond of taking action from behind the scenes, right?
But in that case, I'll have to remain suspicious of you as well.
Sanae もう少し、稽古を付けて頂けませんかね
Just a little more... Couldn't you please give me a little more training?
Because it seems the residents of Gensokyo like to be self-disciplined.

Sanae wins someone

Sanae 勝負に勝つことぐらい、奇跡でも何でも無いです! Something like winning a match can't be compared to a miracle!
Sanae 本当に何処でも戦ったりするんですね
Truly, anywhere I go, there always seems be someone wanting to fight.
Everyone in Gensokyo seems so rough.
Sanae おみくじは有料にしないと信憑性無いですよねぇ Fortunes have no credibility if there wasn't a fee.

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