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Sakuya wins Reimu

Sakuya 神社は本当にそっくりそのまま建て直したのですね
The shrine really got fixed back to the way it was before.
Even though that was a chance to renovate....

Sakuya wins Marisa

Sakuya 見た目が不気味な茸の方が美味しかったりするのね
The mushrooms that look strange taste delicious.
Appearance is very important to flavor.

Sakuya wins herself

Sakuya 私が勝ったから今夜のおゆはんは和食ね Since I've won, tonight's dinner will be Japanese-style.
Sakuya 私が勝ったから……
Since I've won...
we'll have rice with forest mushrooms tonight.

Sakuya wins Patchouli

Sakuya 今日は天気が宜しいので、外に出ても出なくても
The weather's fine today, it's great whether you go out or not.
Sakuya バザーで手に入れた石はどういう物だったんですか?


Can you tell what kind of stone I bought at the bazaar today?

It just looks like an ordinary stone that fell on the dry river bed to me.

Sakuya wins Remilia

Sakuya 最近、何かお変わりはございませんか? Have you perhaps noticed anything strange at all lately?
Sakuya 最近起きるのは早いですね


You're up early lately.

Much preparations need to be done in the afternoon,
so it's better if you'd graciously rest.

Sakuya wins Yuyuko

Sakuya 死んでからも食事を取るようだと、食物連鎖の理が
You're eating even though you're dead, that must make the food chain go wild.
Sakuya 死人が死ぬまで食べないとどうなるのでしょう?


What happens to the dead if they starve themselves in death?

I don't think they'd come back to life.
Just become a hungry ghost, perhaps.

Sakuya wins Yukari

Sakuya 最近、何かしてます?
Haven't your activities increased lately?
That usually means that things are about to get crazy.

Sakuya wins Suika

Sakuya あら丁度良いところに……
Ah, perfect timing...
Could I borrow some sake from you?
Sakuya そのお酒が無限に湧く瓢箪



That gourd of limitless sake.

I think it's valuable for purposes other than drinking.

Why don't we compete with that nuclear energy with alcoholic fuel?

Sakuya wins Aya

Sakuya 新聞紙はあると便利ですね
Newsprint is very convenient to have.
It wipes windows clean...
Sakuya 活版印刷とかどこでやってるのでしょう?
Where do you do that movable type printing?
That mountain isn't that big anyway.

Sakuya wins Komachi

Sakuya 白鳥の形をした船とかにすれば三途の河が華やかに
If your boat were in the form of a swan, don't you think the River would look so much nicer?
Sakuya 三途の河には見た事もないような魚が住んでいる
There are fish I've never seen before living in the Sanzu River.
That's right, I should go fishing next time.

Sakuya wins Iku

Sakuya 今夜のおゆはんはウナギにしようかなぁ……
Maybe I should make eel for tonight's dinner...
Or maybe I shouldn't. I wonder what made me think that.
Sakuya 龍宮の使いって見つかる時には


Whenever I find an oarfish I usually find it looking dead.
I even thought they're actually fish from the Sanzu River.

Sakuya wins Tenshi

Sakuya 桃はデザートにしか使えそうに無いですが……
A peach doesn't look like good choice to be anything but dessert...
In truth, it makes a perfect side dish for ham.
Sakuya 天界の料理だってそんなに不味くないですよね
Heaven's cuisine really isn't that bad.
It's only because your tastes became more refined.

Sakuya wins Sanae

Sakuya どうですか? 幻想郷の暮らしは
How is it? Life in Gensokyo never gets tiring, right?
Sakuya 霊夢よりマシな巫女かと思ったら
And I thought you might be a better shrine maiden than Reimu.
Seems like that's not the case.

Sakuya wins Cirno

Sakuya 貴方ですね、うちの花壇を荒らしてるのは You're the one who messed up our garden, isn't it?
Sakuya 妖精はいくら倒しても死なないのですね



No matter how many times a fairy is defeated, it won't die.

That's why they charge in so recklessly.

I found their thoughtlessness and bravery strange,
but now that I've seen you fight, I'm sure I understand.

Sakuya wins Meiling

Sakuya そんなに弱くちゃ、門番は成り立たないわよ? You can't be a gatekeeper if you're that weak, you know?
Sakuya さあさあ、仕事に戻った戻った Come now, get back to work.

Sakuya wins Utsuho

Sakuya 貴方、そんな高エネルギーをただの火の弾に
You're using such high energies just for fireballs.
That's such a waste.

Sakuya wins Suwako

Sakuya 蛙は……鶏肉の味がするのです
Frogs....taste like chicken.
But I think chickens are easier to catch.

Sakuya wins someone

Sakuya 最近、平和に見えますけどね
It seemed so peaceful lately,
but there are a lot of people acting behind-the-scenes.
Sakuya 畑泥棒対策にマンドラゴラを植えました
To deal with thieves, we planted mandrakes in the garden
at regular intervals.

[Mandragora is a plant considered to be magical. Legend states that it had the power to harm people when uprooted.]

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