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Reisen wins Sakuya

Reisen 時を止めたって、幻覚は避けられないでしょ? Even if you stop time, you can't escape from illusions, you know?
Reisen 幻覚は脳内で起こる
Illusions take place within the brain.
In other words, an illusion will beat the speed of light!

[Translators' Note: According to relativity, travelling at the speed of light stops time around the object.]

Reisen wins Yukari

Reisen パラレルワールドって言葉が誤解を生むわね
The phrase "parallel world" comes from a misunderstanding.
Maybe it's really the other way around.
Reisen 外の世界ではどんなに小さな物でも見る事が出来る


They can see many kinds of small things in the outside world
using things like microscopes, right?

It really seems that the act of looking itself can be a large boundary.

Reisen wins Tenshi

Reisen 桃ですか、へぇ懐かしいですね Peaches? Wow, how nostalgic.

[Translators' Note: Her former masters, the sisters Toyohime and Yorihime, keep peach trees in their yard.]

Reisen 天界も一番上に存在する訳じゃないです
Even Heaven is not at the top of everything.
From the moon, it's still on the ground.

Reisen wins Sanae

Reisen 山登りは面倒ですねぇ
Mountain-climbing is such a drag.
Why build a shrine at the top of the mountain?

Reisen wins Cirno

Reisen 冷たくする方法は一つ、周りから熱を奪う事
When you cool things down, you take heat from the surroundings.
You probably warm up inside as a result.

Reisen wins Meiling

Reisen 健康に良い体操があるんですって?
An exercise that's good for your health?
Well, I think medicines are better.

Reisen wins Utsuho

Reisen 核エネルギー……
Nuclear energy....
Such a fearsome power, I'm glad that the user is a moron.

Reisen wins Suwako

Reisen 土着神ってどうしても潰しきれない
One simply does not defeat a native god.
That's what my master said.

Reisen wins someone

Reisen 貴方は真っ直ぐ動いているつもりでも
You intended to move straight ahead
but from the start, you were dizzy.
Reisen ま、地上の生き物ですし……
Well, you're an earth creature.
That's why you lost.

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