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Reimu wins herself

Reimu あんた誰? Who're you?

Reimu wins Marisa

Reimu 暑いし退屈ねぇ
Sure is hot and boring.
Wanna go to the kappa's place afterwards?

[The kappa are preparing for a flea market in Story Mode.]

Reimu 動いても動かなくても暑いわ
It's hot whether I move or not.
Wonder what I should do at a time like this?
Reimu そういえば、あの未確認飛行妖怪



Speaking of which, that unidentified flying youkai

got converted to Buddhism
and is now living at the temple.

I guess the normal youkai
really hate the underground.

Reimu wins Sakuya

Reimu 紅魔館はいつも涼しい気がする
It bothers me that the Scarlet Devil Mansion is always cool.
Is there a secret to that?
Reimu 今夜は紅魔館で夏のパーティね
Tonight is a summer party at the mansion!
Can't get enough of those in the summer.

Reimu wins Alice

Reimu ちゃんと人形供養してる?
Thought of holding services for dolls?
You know, there are lots of things possessing the stuff that's been made into human form.
Reimu 髪の毛伸びる人形ってよくあるけど


I've heard lots about hair-growing dolls.

Are those controlled by strings as well?
Hair by hair.

Reimu wins Patchouli

Reimu 暑いし、余り動かないと思ったんだけどね It's so hot, I've thought about not moving at all....

Reimu wins Youmu

Reimu 暑いわねぇ
It's so hot....
Mind lending me a ghost or two?
Reimu その辺の草刈りでもして行かない? Would you mind cutting the grass over there?
Reimu 今度、うちで肝試しするから是非来てよ
Next time, you should come have a test of courage at my place.
You'll be frightened by the monsters there.

[Oriental Sacred Place, chapter 3]

Reimu wins Remilia

Reimu 聞いたわ、蝙蝠って鳥じゃなくて哺乳類だったのね I've heard that bats aren't birds but actually mammals!

Reimu wins Yuyuko

Reimu 幽霊の集まりやすい場所って
Usually ghosts collect easily
in dark and damp places.

Reimu wins Yukari

Reimu なんか退屈なんだけど…… I'm feeling a bit bored, but....
Reimu 最近平和だと思わない?


Don't you think it's peaceful lately?

Feels like the calm before the storm.

Reimu wins Suika

Reimu 好きこのんで地底に住んでる奴らに
I don't know any decent people who like to live underground.

Reimu wins Reisen

Reimu 今夜は兎鍋ね Tonight is rabbit stew!
Reimu 山に目薬の木って木があるみたいね
There seem to be trees called eye drop trees up on the mountain.
If your eyes get so horribly red, why don't you try finding them?

[Nikko maples are also called "eye drop trees" (meguzuri no ki) in Japanese]

Reimu wins Aya

Reimu なんで、新聞の写真にあんたの姿が
Why do you show up in the newspaper photos?
Reimu なんで、新聞の写真にあんたの姿が



Why do you show up in the newspaper photos?

Can it be that you moved at ultra high speeds after you pressed the shutter?

...and so you managed to photograph yourself?

Reimu wins Iku

Reimu 最近夕立が酷いわ
The evening showers have been bad lately.
Do aggressive actions of ones and you cause lightning strikes?

Reimu wins Tenshi

Reimu 天界って暑そうね
Heaven seems hot.
There's nothing to shade from the sun.
Reimu 天界って暑そうね



Heaven seems hot.
There's nothing to shade from the sun.

Ah, but the higher you climb the colder it gets.

Would heaven above the mountain be hot? Or would it be cold?

Reimu wins Sanae

Reimu さあ、どちらの色が巫女っぽいか
Let's see whose color is more suitable as a shrine maiden!
It's a contest of the clothes!
Reimu なんか分社の方が人が集まるんだけど



Even if you get enough people to open a branch shrine,

everyone needs to donate.
Profit is an indication of faith,

so you want more situations where you can exterminate youkai.
I guess I need to get some more people too...

Reimu wins Cirno

Reimu 馬鹿ね
How stupid.
There's no way you can win against me.

Reimu wins Meiling

Reimu 太極拳って健康法じゃないの? Isn't Tai chi chuan just a form of exercise?

Reimu wins Utsuho

Reimu いまいち核融合ってなんなのか判ってないんだけど
I still don't understand this nuclear fusion.
Why does it become hot after fusion?
Reimu なんで、太陽にカラスが住んでいるのかしらね Why does a crow live in the sun?

Reimu wins Suwako

Reimu 蛙の冬眠って命がけらしいわね Frogs hibernating to live sure is amazing.

Reimu wins someone

Reimu 今年の夏は平和ねぇ
This year's summer sure is peaceful.
It's good to be bored, probably.
Reimu いつも夏になると何か起きるもんだけどね Something usually happens during the summer, though.

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