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Touhou Fanfiction: "Scarlet Princess of Bloodshed Valley"

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A touhou fanfiction made by me: Kishin Ouji.


Gensokyo. The life in this magical world seems to flow lazily and happily. Nothing strange has happened in a while to bother Reimu Hakurei and none of its other inhabitants...until a certain day. Suspect events take place: a mysterious dark shadow runs wild across the plains, the moon starts slowly taking a pale shade of red, and vampires become over active, leading to an increased number of victims. Only Remilia Scarley and Patchouli Knowledge seem to notice something weird is going on, and their fears soon turn out to be true:the moon shines in the sky with a bright red colour while Scarlet Devil Mansion is being visited by an unexpected guest...


Chapter 1: Moon n' Shadow

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