Non-Ancient Starts

If you try to start in any Era other than Ancient, you will receive free techs from before that Era. This also includes the starter techs unique to other civs, so it's possible to build other civ's units and buildings. Note that you still won't be able to research civ-specific techs other than your own, so be wary of which units you choose to build.

Technical: The game is originally coded in such a way that ALL techs from before that era are added without checking if that Civ should get it. A fix would require require some sort of IF statement to check if the civ should get the tech or not. This code is in the .dll

A fix has been released by Dracologist here. Just overwrite the files. The CIV4CivilizationInfos.xml goes in /XML/Civilizations.

Barrier-Death in Transports

If a naval transport unit becomes sunk and a Touhou unit is in it with Supernatural Border or Border of Life, the Touhou unit will revive and then cease to exist. You won't be able to replace that unit.

Technical: A Touhou unit that is about to lose will create a copy of itself and occupy that space, preventing enemy units from occupying it. When a transport is sunk, the Touhou unit will regenerate, but will be defenseless on a Water Tile when it will eventually be occupied. This prevents proper revival in the capital. A fix could involve all Touhou units to revive in the capital regardless of border status if the transport would be sunk. Alternatively, the border could be spent to rescue the transport and any units in it.`

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