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Civilization Civic Type Upkeep Tech Effects Comments
S. Devil Mansion Charismatic Rule


Legal Medium Fate Manipulation


  • +50% Great General Emergence
  • New Units Receive +5 Experience Points
  • +50% Military Unit Production
  • Lower Military Unit Support Costs
  • -50% War ICON UNHAPPY
  • +1ICON GOLD Support Cost per Military Unit
Hakugyokurou Netherworld


Labor Medium Resurrection Ceremony

(Printing Press)

  • Unlimited Brewer, Artist, Scientist, Merchant
  • -20%(Food) in Capital
  • +4ICON UNHAPPY in 5 Largest Cities
  • +2(Food) from Farm
  • Can Sacrifice Population to Finish Production in a City
Eientei Sealed-Off Earth


Economy Medium Lunar Brain

(Replaceable Parts)

  • +100% War ICON UNHAPPY
  • No Foreign Trade Routes (ICON TRADE)
  • Foreign Corporations have No Effect
  • +100%(Production), +100%(Commerce) in Capital
Youkai Mountain Native Faith


Legal Medium Mishaguji-sama


  • +1ICON UNHEALTHY in All Cities
  • Lower Unit Support Costs
  • Lower Military Unit Support Costs
  • Military Units Produced with {Food)
Palace of the E. Spirits Hell Partitioning


Economy None Mind-Reading Eyes

(Printing Press)

  • No Maintenance Costs from Distance to Palace
  • No Maintenance Costs from Number of Cities
  • -50% Maintenance Costs from Corporations
  • -8ICON UNHAPPY in 5 Largest Cities
Ice Fairy Alliance Economy Low


  • +9ICON HEALTHY in All Cities
  • -20% ICON RESEARCH in All Cities
  • +9ICON HAPPY in 5 Largest Cities
Hakurei Shrine Way of Hakurei


Labor Medium Hakurei Tradition


  • +5ICON UNHEALTHY in All Cities
  • +5ICON GOLD per Specialist
  • Can Spend Gold to Finish Production in a City
Human Village None

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