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东方幻想乡DoTS ~ Defence of The Shrines (romanized (Chinese): Dong Fang Huan Xiang Xiang DoTS lit. "Eastern Gensokyo DoTS") a.k.a Touhou DoTS is a custom Warcraft III map mod by the Chinese team led by HJISTIC where Touhou characters pit against each other on a similiar gameplay mechanics from the highly popular custom map DoTA. Each team has to destroy the opponents' Shrine, either guarded by Genjii's Sons for the Hakurei side, or Onbashira Towers for the Moriya side at opposing corners of the map.

Some familiar items from DoTA can also be found in DoTS but under different names, so most experienced DoTA players find their transition to this game smoother.

And alike most Warcraft maps, gameplay is usually done with a mouse. Whereas a keyboard can be used for skill shortcuts.

The first official English version of the game as at 0.949c. Latest version of the map is 0.953e. Scripting is already finished by LuckyCharat's team. First English patch is now released on 24th September, 2010.


Main article: Defence of The Shrines: Gameplay

Similar to the original Defence of The Ancients, DoTS starts out with a "Hero" selection, where a player selects a "Girl", either from the Hakurei Shrine or the Moriya Shrine. Players level-up and earn points for better equipments either by killing creeps or opponents. They have fend off their base from attacks, and their ultimate goal is to destroy their opponent's shrine.

As of now, the current version has a selection of 48 Girls (version 0.954b) varying from the first Windows Touhou game, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil to the twelfth Windows game, Undefined Fantastic Object with the exception of Double Spoiler.

The noticeable differences in DoTS, is that the creeps have a chance to drop either "Points" or "Power" power ups. Points provides a small economical boost, while "Power" increases the character's base stat by 1. If a Girl dies, she loses all of her "Power" and one-third of her collected "Power" will be dropped and can be picked up by other players.

A "Faith" system is also included in DoTS, "Faith" can be obtained on every minute elapsed or by killing Enemy Girls. "Faith" can be used to provide temporary boosts to each shrine's Offensive or Defensive aspects, for example "Faith" can be used to deploy a temporary armor aura for units around a tower to help with defending their base.

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