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"型が違う値同士を比較しようとしました" Variables of different types were compared.

"配列のサイズお超えています" Exceeding the size of the array. (You might have tried to access something like array_name[n], where n is larger than the length of the array.)

"<identifier>わ未定義の識別子" <identifier> is an undefined identifier. (You may have used a variable, function, sub or task without first defining it.)

"<symbol>が必要です" <symbol> is needed. (You might be missing <symbol> somewhere.)

"<script>内で「{...}」が対応していません" Inside <script>, {...} are not in correspondance. (You might be missing one of a pair of braces { }.)

"代入によって型が変えられようとしました" The variable type has changed because of substitution.(?) (You previously declared a variable as one type, but are now trying to substitute a value of a different type in it.)

"項として無効な式があります" This item is an invalid expression.(?)

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