The 8 colors (RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, PURPLE, AQUA, ORANGE, WHITE) are available. The bullet graphics can be used for the laser graphics.

The RED bullet images are shown below.

  • RED01

    Danmakufu RED01
  • RED02

    Danmakufu RED02
  • RED03

    Danmakufu RED03
  • RED04

    Danmakufu RED04
  • RED05

    Danmakufu RED05
  • RED11

    Danmakufu RED11
  • RED12

    Danmakufu RED12
  • RED21

    Danmakufu RED21
  • RED22

    Danmakufu RED22
  • RED23

    Danmakufu RED23
  • RED31

    Danmakufu RED31
  • RED32

    Danmakufu RED32

See also User-defined Bullets.

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