In Touhou Battle Gaiden, you accumulate Yin Yang Orbs by clearing rows with orbs present. Orbs randomly spawn on blocks within a tetronimo. You may have up to 3 Orbs saved, and each Orb number creates a different effect. If you have three orbs, any additional orbs are lost.

You may activate a Spell Card by pressing up, it will immediately consume all orbs and activate the Spell Card based on the number you had saved. When a spell card is activated, the tetromino you and your opponent had active are lost. After the effect resolves, the first tetromino in the stack goes to the opponent, and the second goes to the one who activated the spell card.

Reimu Hakurei

Evil Sealing Circle, One Orb: Reimu sweeps away a row of 3 vertical columns in Reimu's stack. You may choose which columns you wish to clear.

Donations Plz, Two Orbs: Reimu brings her donation box over and shakes down her opponent, stealing their Orbs.

Duplex Barrier, Three Orbs: Reimu creates a barrier over the enemy's stack for a short period of time. Whenever they clear a line, it simply empties the line instead of dropping it down, leaving a blank empty space in midair where the row was cleared.

Marisa Kirisame

Milky Way, One Orb: Marisa drops 10 stars randomly on the top of an opponent's stack, creating a single block where each star falls.

Master Spark, Two Orbs: Marisa fires Master Spark at the bottom three lines of her stack, causing them to organize themselves in three full line. When she drops her next tetromino, the lines crumble and drop her stack down, giving her enemy the equivalent amount of garbage as if she had cleared 3 normally.

Dragon Meteor, Three Orbs: Marisa fires Dragon Meteor into her opponent's stack, randomly destroying many of the blocks at random points within the stack.

Reisen Udongein Inaba

Help Me Tewi!, One Orb: Reisen summons Tewi, who changes all the upcoming tetrominoes to whatever tetromino Reisen had active when the Spell Card was used infinitely for a short period of time.

Help Me Eirin!, Two Orbs: Reisen summons Eirin, who fires an arrow at her opponent's face. The opponent cannot rotate tetrominoes for a short period of time.

Red Moon, Three Orbs: Reisen activates her Lunatic Eyes. This appears to create random effects such as extra rows and shuffling for both sides, and is not always beneficial.

Sakuya Izayoi

Killing Doll, One Orb: Sakuya summons a barrage of knives and hurls them at her stack, dropping it by five lines.

Unknown Spell Card, Two Orbs: Sakuya creates five rows of garbage and adds them to her opponent's queue, stacking on top of any garbage she had already created for her opponent.

Private Square, Three Orbs: Sakuya stops time for her opponent, making them unable to quickly drop tetrominoes.

Youmu Konpaku

Present World Slash, One Orb: Youmu slashes away the top four lines in her stack.

Two Hundred Yojana in One Slash, Two Orbs: Youmu slashes down the middle, leaving a four-column open space in the middle and pushing all the blocks to either side.

Ghostly Wheel of Pain, Three Orbs: Youmu focuses, doubling the amount of garbage she sends her opponent after clearing multiple lines.

Aya Shameimaru

Unknown Spell Card, One Orb: Aya blows her stack to one side, leaving a clear line on whatever side she is on (left or right, depending on the player position) and moving the other blocks together.

Unknown Spell Card, Two Orbs: Aya takes a picture of her opponent's stack, changing her own stack into a duplicate of her opponent's stack.

Wind God Girl, Three Orbs: Creates a powerful tornado that rearranges her opponent's stack, causing a number of tall single columns in the middle.

Cirno (Note: Cirno does not have a story mode and is unlocked by beating story mode with all the characters)

⑨, One Orb: Cirno forms the opponent's blocks into a 9 shape. They then return to the way they were before the Spell Card was used.

Perfect Freeze, Two Orbs: Cirno freezes herself. There is no apparent effect..

Eternal Something Blizzard, Three Orbs: Cirno freezes her enemy, killing them. They cannot use Spell Cards for the rest of the match.

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