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The Scarlet Mist incident from EoSD functioning as a Herald.


  • All monsters have +1 toughness. Vampires of all kinds (Normal, Fire, Star) have +2 toughness and an increased combat modifier (-2 becomes -3, ect.).
  • Players may spend Stamina equal to the Sanity cost of a spell in lieu of paying Sanity. They may also spend monster trophies in this manner (i.e., a 1 toughness monster for a 1 Sanity spell). Players that do so must roll a die. On a 1 they are Cursed.
  • If Remilia is chosen as the Ancient One, her combat modifier becomes -7 and players only succeed on her special ability on a 6, regardless of whether or not they are blessed or cursed.
  • Whenever a player is reduced to 0 stamina while in combat with a monster, increase the terror level by 1.

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