On this page, I will list issues I put up both an FAQ for character abilities and list balance adjustments for cards that came out too weak or too powerful in testing.

Frequently Asked Questions: Investigators

Alice Margatroid

Q: The Holland doll ability says it can be used to trade items, and can evade monsters in the way, but there is nothing about what happens if it can't evade a monster.
A: Yes, an oversight on my part. If it doesn't evade, it returns to Alice with the item, so there are no negative repercussions to failure.

Q: How many times a turn can the Holland doll be used for trade?
A: Once per turn.

Aya Shameimaru

Q: How does Aya's Tengu Closest to Home ability work with cards that say "stay here next turn."
B: She'll stay there next turn, as apparently the scoop is just too much to resist.

Eirin Yagokoro

Q: Can other players (or Alice's Holland doll) trade medicine tokens with each other?
A: No, her card states that she gives investigators these items as if she were trading, but the items can't actually be traded. Eirin's special ability is what allows her to give them to other players.

Q: Can Eirin give medicine tokens to other investigators during the final battle?
A: Nope. Their creation takes place during the movement phase which does not happen during the final battle.

Q: Can Eirin give medicine tokens to herself in rapid succession (take one, make one, take one, ect). during one turn?
A: ... technically Eirin could make enough to fully heal herself and any other investigator instantly according to the wording on the card, but lets just say it is only healthy to take one dose of Eirin's medicine per turn.

Hong Meiling

Q: Does Meiling always use her will in place of fight?
A: Only in combat, encounter fight checks still require her fight score, so don't go lowering it to zero unless you are feeling lucky.

Ichrin Kumoi

Q: What is Ichrin's stat line if she uses her Unzan special ability?
A: Her fight becomes 4/5/6/7 compared to a will of 5/4/3/2.

Medicine Melancholy

Q: If Medicine uses Confusion "Into Delirium" on a one toughness monster, does she get to keep it as a monster trophy?
A: No, that still triggers the Poison Sign "Nerve Poison" effect. Such is the price paid for being able to kill monsters while sneaking away.

Mystia Lorelei

Q: Can Song of the Night Sparrow be used to move monsters into safe zones like Arkham Asylum or St. Mary's Hospital?
A: No, the movement must still be legal. Monsters will NEVER enter the Asylum or Hospital. She may move them to any street or unstable location.

Momiji Inubashiri

Q: Does Rabies Bite take any hands to use?
A: Nope, treat as a physical weapon with the X for hand use. She can shoot, stab, and bite.

Nue Houjuu

Q: Can you clarify "Danmaku Chimera" for me?
A: Basically, she can draw one of each type of item, but she can choose to draw these four items in any combination instead of what is listed. For example, she could draw four Unique Items, 2 Spells and 2 Exhibit Items, or any other combination of those four item types.

Ran Yakumo

Q: If Yukari or Chen are devoured, does Ran lose her bonus from Charming Siege From All Sides?
A: Yes. If Yukari or Chen is dead, chances are Ran is going to be a lot less charming.

Satori Komeiji

Q: Can Satori use her "Recollection" special ability to use a special ability that can only be used once per game (i.e. Sanae's Yasaka's Divine Wind)?
A: Yes, but she can only copy and use that ability once. Thus, using Satori is a good way to have a once per game ability go off twice.

Sakuya Izayoi

Q: Sakuya's Special Stopwatch says only skill checks can be re-rolled. No combat or horror checks?
A: Oversight on my part, it should read any failed check.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ancient Ones


Q: What discarded items count towards Kogasa's combat modifier?
A: Only items discarded by players during the game. (Food, 1 use weapons, ect.). Items not bought at the store, or discarded via abilities such as Marisa's Only Until I die do not count towards her combat modifier.


Q: What happens if I draw a cultist during an "A monster appears!" encounter?
A: It becomes a flower bloom at that location. If it appears in the other world, leave it there.

Q: Do flower blooms count towards the monster limit?
A: No, once a drawn cultist counted as a flower bloom is on the board only to show where the bloom is, do not count it towards the monster limit.

Q: Failing which checks near a flower bloom will cause me to roll for being devoured?
A: Any check, skill checks at the location, horror checks, combat checks, evade checks, ect...

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