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Arkham Horror revised box

Those investigators could be you!

In Arkham Horror, players take on the role of investigators fighting off a paranormal invasion by Great Old Ones and Outer Gods known collectively as Ancient Ones. Gates to other planes of existence open in H. P. Lovecraft's Massachusetts town of Arkham, and the players must work to stop the evil entity trying to break through from destroying the town and threatening the world.


Our world is being threatened by the forces of the mythos. Knowing that a collapse of the barrier between Earth and realms of the Outer Gods could easily lead to a collapse of the Hakurei Border resulting in the destruction of Gensokyo, many of its inhabitants have crossed over to defend Arkham in its hour of need.

However, not everyone that crossed over is of the same mind... in dark corners of Arkham, some of the girls make dark pacts with strange creatures to increase their powers beyond what they already are.


In this modification of Arkham Horror, the traditional Investigator cards are replaced with investigators from the Touhou cast. Likewise, The traditional Ancient One nemesis card is replaced with a nemesis card featuring one of the characters, representing her corruption by the Outer Gods.

Unlike traditional Arkham Horror, both the investigators and the ancient one are on the whole more powerful. Adding in more powerful monsters (such as Mask creatures) permanently may reduce the effectiveness of investigators defeating monsters too easily. However, consideration has been given for the balance between investigators and ancient ones in final combat.

Many investigators only require the basic game to play. However, some investigators require special items only found in expansions. The expansions these cards belong to can be found in the external links section.

Printing Advice

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Through the program Strange Eons, it is easy to print the cards for use.

The example cards were made using an HP Photosmart B8550 printer. The quality you get will depend on what style of printer you use. For high quality cards, I suggest 100lb gloss cover paper. This paper is sturdy enough to support the weight of the ink and the gloss gives the cards a nice shine. Make sure your printer is set to a "high quality" setting and that your paper type reflects the gloss matte and the heavier weight paper.

Warning: This will eat up a lot of ink, print at your own risk.

Once you have printed the cards, try Bulls Eye Shellac (Traditional Finish & Sealer). It sprays on clear and will seal the cards, preventing ink smearing and keeping your cards clean. If you want a harder seal (the Shellac can be removed with a concerted effort), try clear gloss polyurethane spray. It goes on harder and is damn near possible to remove.

Additional Information

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