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東方陰陽鉄 Touhou - The Iron of Yin and Yang (lit. Touhou Onmyoutetsu) is a 46 episode playthrough of a crossover RPG with Final Fantasy XI. It centers on the misadventures of the memetic Mr. Buront in Gensokyo. Made and played by hiro using RPG Maker, the series takes elements of both settings and applies them to a traditional, console-style jRPG. It is part of the Touhou Ecstasy (東方有頂天, lit. Touhou Uchouten) category of fan-made crossovers centered on Mr. Buront and sometimes Tenshi.

The game itself currently has no plans for release making any translation efforts awkward. However it is accessible thorugh Mr. Pavlov's on-going online comics adaptation, 陰陽鉄を勝手にコミカライズ or I turned Iron of Yin and Yang into a comic because I felt like it. Its translation efforts are likewise in progress on Danbooru.


Elvaan Paladin Mr. Buront has just completed his famous adventure of saving his hapless party and bitter Ninja from a King Behenmoth. Before the celebrations can finish, he is suddenly transported to Gensokyo and crash lands in the Hakurei Shrine's donation box, starting a rocky relation with Reimu. The search for a way home is forced to wait as more elements of Vana'diel follow, creating a chain reaction that shakes the foundations of Gensokyo. A growing fellowship emerges around Mr. Buront and Reimu as they fight, sometimes seriously, for the future of the Land of Illusions.


The game itself is a fairly traditional jRPG. Frequent use of magic and constant replenishing through consumables is a necessity in both dungeon crawling and boss battles. Items and enemy sprites come from various sources and memes not limited to Touhou and Final Fantasy. The Touhou party members can equip the weapons and armor of similar Final Fantasy classes, such as White Mage equipment for Reimu and Ninja gear for Aya.

Characters who appeared in Tasofro's fighting games have their sprites used in attack animations while Buront and other memetic FF11 characters apply voice clips from their MUGEN incarnations. The series being driven by humor, the menus, descriptions, status effects, and commands are comprised of Burontisms.


Main article: Burontism

Derived from the famed BBS postings of an individual, the series' cornerstone is the meme and character of Mr. Buront. His unusual phrases, known as Burontisms, permeates its entirety and is the source for most of its humor. Being a relatively unknown meme among English speakers, a collection of the quotes that made him famous will be added to a main article.


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