Touhou: Possibility of Interminable Reciprocity, or PoIR for short, is a roleplay based on the Touhou Universe. It is done in a forum format, and has a strong basis in canon. The moderation team has a strong focus on quality both of writing and interpretations of the characters

The time-line is somewhat flexible, and the plot builds over time. These elements combine to make an expanding canon that allows for vast character development. Events and sessions in the roleplay typically take place after each new game that comes out.

Joining the RP

To join PoIR, you must fill out an application so that the moderation team can determine that you are a competent writer and that your interpretation of the character you want to play is not way off base. The standards are not overly high, and anyone with a strong grasp of English grammar and the back story of their character will have no problems getting in. The application will ask you for the following things:

  • Why This Character?
  • Personality Traits
  • Your interpretation of your character's history
  • Goals
  • Writing Samples

You can find most of the pertinent rules and guidelines in this area of the forum. You can also take a look at the Application Template. If you have further questions, you can create an OOC account on the forums and PM a Moderator. We will answer as soon as possible!

You can have up to two characters to control, however it is discouraged for two characters under the control of the same player to interact too much.

If you are not interested in applying for a character but still wish to take part with the community, you can now create an OOC account to use the OOC section on the forums.

Current Cast

Because there is a building plot there can only be one instance of each character, but most characters are open to application with a few restrictions either for sanity's sake or because a character would probably not come into Gensokyo. Note that only main characters are off-limits to applications. Alternates may be applied for freely by new players, and doing so is encouraged.


Sometimes characters open for re-casting, which can occur due to a variety of reasons.

  • If a player becomes busy they may choose to drop the character if they do not have the time to participate any longer.
  • If a player is inactive for a period of time.
  • If a player is removed from the game for disciplinary reasons.
  • If a player accumulates too many Strikes without clearing them.

Characters that can be applied for

Anyone may apply for the following characters! Characters in Grey are Main Characters and cannot be applied for. Blue are Alternate Characters and Black are Free Characters. Either of these can be applied for by new players.

The current list is located here: The Big Character List!


The moderation team on the forum is there to make sure that quality stays at an acceptable level, to facilitate good role play whenever possible, and to resolve problems between players on the forum. To these ends, we review applications, plan events, and ensure that acceptable activity levels are maintained in the forum.

The current forum moderators are the players of:

There is an IRC channel that is associated with PoIR, run by the forum's moderators. The channel is #touhou at, and membership in the forum is not required to be there. Many members of the forum frequent the channel, so this is a great place to get to know the players on the forum, or get help with writing an application.

The current channel operators are the players of:

RP Logs and Important Events

Because of the sheer amount of threads going on on a daily basis, it would be utterly impossible to provide a synopsis of all the events that have taken place since the creation of PoIR. For those curious, we provide access to view both ongoing threads and those that have been completed in the past. You can create an OOC account if you have any queries about PoIR lore. It is recommended to do this, since characters often change hands between players there are different interpretations of past events and developments.

Any logs of completed threads are located based on location. For instance, threads that took place in the Scarlet Devil Mansion would be placed into the archives sub-section of the corresponding forum. This holds true for each location forum on our board.

Important events take place occasionally throughout the year. These have their own section on the forum and usually have different RP rules than regular threads.

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