It was late at night somewhere in august. The moon was full and blood red which caused the entire night sky in Gensokyo to seem as if a red blanket was covering it, figuratively speaking, of course. After many, many hours of working and trying to fix all the chaos that happened during the day in Scarlet Devil Mansion, Sakuya, the elegant and perfect maid of the mansion was ready for a rest. But she knew that before she could, she should bring a cup of tea to her mistress, Remilia Scarlet. As she headed towards Remilia's room, Sakuya could not help but gaze at the tinted moon.

"A red moon, also known as the hunters moon. I can tell that the mistress is going to be doing something weird again tonight." She mumbled.

She gave a big sigh as she remembered all the misadventures her Remilia would do every night the moon was the color of blood.

"Let's hope it won't be as bad as last time..."

Sakuya finally arrived at Remilia's door and knocked. As expected, no one answered, so she went in. Remilia jumped as Sakuya entered.

"Sakuya! How many times have I told you to knock before entering my room!" Remilia said in a angry tone.

"Pardon me, mistress, but I did knock. It was just that you didn't answer."

"Well, maybe you should knock harder or twice next time. And besides, who told you that you could talk back to me?"

"My apologies milady. Would you like some red tea?" Sakuya gently poured some tea into a cup and handed it to Remilia.

"Well, since you're not completely useless I'll forgive you for now." Remilia said as she took a sip.

"There is nothing more relaxing than having a cup of tea at the night of a red moon" Remilia .

“I agree mistress. But don't you usually go out during a night like this?"

"I was going to, mind you. But tonight is a beautiful hunters moon and I want to enjoy it for a few more minutes." She snapped

"I see. The hunters moon, when both the moon and sky are tainted a bloody red and is named after the light that is given to hunters that hunt at nights like this..." Sakuya cited.

"Yeah, yeah, great job Wikipedia. Anyway, I need you to do a job for me."

"It wouldn't happen to have something to do with kidnapping humans or creating a mist to block out the sun again, is it?"

Remilia blushed. “Shut up! You know I don't like to do things twice. Besides that, it was you and the others fault for the failure of my ingenious plan. That Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame, if only not for them...," Remilia went on complaining and mumbling. "But no. This is something different and something really important."

"I will do my best to serve you then." Sakuya replied.

"You better. Anyway, it turns out I'm ranked number two of Gensokyo's greatest vampires. NUMBER TWO!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! THIS IS SO HUMILIATING! UGGGGHHH!! AFTER ALL I HAVE DONE, THIS IS HOW THEY TREAT ME!?" Remilia screamed. "IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!"

Sakuya watched in silence as her mistress started throwing a tantrum.

“Is...that so? But, where did you get this information from my lady?"

Remilia calmed down

"From today's news! See!"

She handed Sakuya a newspaper. Sakuya read the article aloud.

"As it turns out, the greatest vampire in Gensokyo turns out not to be Remilia Scarlet, the master of Scarlet Devil Mansion, but Kurumi, who was able to skyrocket her reputation after her defeat of Reimu Hakurei, the Shrine maiden of Hakurei shrine, which a lot of people at first thought was impossible but after careful research by the great Aya Shameimaru,head reporter of the Bunbunmaru newspaper, it turned out to be true. "So I was flying through the sky looking for a story and suddenly with my very own eyes I saw the defeat of the shrine maiden by the hands of the vampiress Kurumi. It was pretty amazing and I couldn't believe what happened myself but it was all true." Quoted Aya. With that, Kurumi has moved up to number one and the formal number one vampire, Remilia scarlet has been move down to number two. “Originally she was suppose to be below her sister, Flandre Scarlet, since she is not as strong as her younger sister, but because miss Flandre doesn't usually go out or do anything worthwhile, she remains rank number three." One of the publishers replied.

Sakuya stared at the newspaper.

"See! Can you believe that Sakuya? Neither did I! They were about to put me below Flandre too! This is unacceptable!" Remilia said in a frustrated tone.

"But're not going to let them get to you like that are you? I mean this is just nonsense, you don't have to get so worked up."

"Shut up Sakuya! You'll never understand how it feels. To be behind someone, to be second. The shame I'm going to have to live with."

"Trust me my lady, I know how it feels..." Sakuya said in a low voice, " But what do you want me to do?"

Remilia Smirked. "Sakuya, I need you to take care of this Kurumi. As in...," Remilia slid her finger through her neck with a sound of slicing, "I'm sure you get what I mean, heheheh..."

"But mistress, isn't that a little, I don't know, extreme?"

"Silence! You shall do as I say! I will not stand for being second! If you do not complete this mission then don't you even dare come back!"

Sakuya facepalmed and replied with a sigh, "If you say so milady. I'll do my best"

Remilia grinned."Good, good...Now get going!" She laughed maniacally "You have messed with the wrong vampire, whatever your name is! I'll see to it that you die a slow and painful death! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!"

Sakuya left the room and sighed.

"I sometimes wonder why I even serve her."

And Thus, Sakuya prepared for her journey to take down this so called "Kurumi" so that she can finally have a rest.

"Why do all these things happen to me?" She groaned as she left.

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