Themes and Vocal Themes

hi im Heaven and to day im here to talk about themes of the Touhou games,ok so we all know there are Vocal remixes right?well one of the most famous of the re-mixers is Liz Triangle.i really love her song who killed UN Owen --->Who killed UN Owen a brelieant remix of UN Owen was her? ---->Un Owen was her? there are many more Vocal Remixes i love but i will never love more then the original like The Gensokyo the Gods Loved and The Gensokyo the Gods Loved ~Vocal~ [Yuuhei Satellite how ever the song is grate and all but the original is always the best! might i suggest looking up Touhou Vocal remixes? you will find some good ones! though this is not long i hope you all will take my advice and look up Touhou Vocal remixes

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