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The Tragedy of Gensokyo: Princess of Phoenix: Walkthrough

Chapter Ⅰ 逝者的利刃 Youmu of the Rebellion

Chapter Ⅱ 密封的鬼隐之城 Sealing Club in Archaeological Site of Oni

Intermission 2.5

Chapter Ⅲ 斗神都市的风月战姬 Senki Sanae in Toushin Toshi

Intermission 3.5

Chapter Ⅳ 炼狱来的新闻速递 Express News from Purgatory

Intermission 4.5

Chapter Ⅴ 幻想学院的双恋物语 Twin Love Stories of Academy City

Intermission 5.5

Chapter Ⅵ 绯色的恶魔教团 Scarlet Devil Organization

Intermission 6.5

Chapter Ⅶ 莲色囚徒的幽灵船 Byakuren the Prisoner of NAKABAZ

Chapter Ⅷ 少女们的镇魂曲 Requiem For Genesis

Intermission 8.5

奥兰兹琪姆任务:占地年代记 Mission in Orangechime:Help Tsukisumi MOKO to Get Premises Permit

奥兰兹琪姆任务:神灵的轨迹 Mission in Orangechime:Clue of Ten Desires

升空殿 Heaven

极武葬 Ultimate Death Battle Arena

Chapter Ⅸ 辉光指引的幻想乡 The Gensokyo The Gods Blessed

Chapter Shinra opens only for no good ending from Chapter1-5: Chapter Ⅶ 黑色眷染的最后之门 Path to Open The Pandorica

Day I

Day II


Day IV

Day V

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