Q①:How to change my system of the game?

A: Delete the folder "sysdata" in the game's root directory.

Q②:Failed to install font

A: Right click with administrator privileges to run the game.

Q③: Er, what if I want to give my archive to my friends?

A :Find the archive in the folder "save" in the game's root directory.

Q④: Er, I wanna change BGM or make my own folder of BGM.

A :Use a same name file cover the file in the folder "Audio" in the game's root directory.

Q⑤: How to use my characters' cards or others' characters' cards?

A : The newly made characters' cards are in the folder "Extra" in the game's root directory. You can download others characters' cards and move them there. After you clean all the stages, you can type EXTRA in the game to use up to 3 cards. (cards are banned to use in Extra mode)

Q⑥: Oh, what the hell Yukari killed me when I was loading my savedata.

A : You must apologize for your cheating behave to the game.

Q⑦: The game shows white screen or black screen!

A : Ask orangechime to fix the bug.

Q⑧: When I was playing my friends' archive and achieve a new achievement, I could't find it in title collections in the game system.

A : The system IDs are different, you cannot earn score with a different ID.

Q⑨: Cirno is the strongest?

A :Of course.

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