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Controls and Basics

  • ↑:move up
  • ↓:move down
  • ←:move left
  • →:move right
  • ENTER/C:Confirm
  • Esc/X: Cancel/Menu
  • F3:2 times battle speed
  • F5:save and cover the current archive
  • F8:real time save
  • F12:reset game
  • PageUP&PageDown/Q&W:next page/select the next character
  • Shift:flash display dialogue text
  • Ctrl:skip/accelerator

The Tragedy of Gensokyo: Princess of Phoenix plays like a typical RPG, it's a story after the destroy of Gensokyo. Players can control Fujiwara no Mokou, Kaguya Houraisan and other 25 Touhou characters help Yukari Yakumo to rebuild the Gensokyo, doing battle with monsters and other girls in order to reach their goal.


Outside battles, the player may move Mokou around with arrow keys, interact with objects by pressing Confirm, and go in the menu by pressing Menu. There are no random encounters(only some stage) - rather, formations of monsters will wander around the field, initiate combat when they walk into Mokou, disappear after the battle (regardless of whether Mokou and company won the fight or fled instead), and respawn upon leaving and re-entering the map.


In the menu, the player may choose to check the status of Mokou and her party members or their item inventory, as well as prepare them for future battles by equipping them or augmenting their stats. The player may also choose to save the game, load from a previous save, or exit the game by type L. The following is a list of the options in the main menu, from up to down:

  • Items (物资储备) F
  • Status (角色状态) G
  • spell (符卡技能) H
  • Stat points (能力强化) J
  • Make Equipment (物品制作) K
  • system (系统管理) L

And menu from left to right to left

  • Y Dialogue
  • U Yukari's Gem
  • I Monster Index and Spell Index
  • O Notebook of mission
  • P Titles Collection

Difficulty Level

Easy:Recommend players who have less time, are not familiar with RPG or just want to see the story to play

  • Half the enemy's max hp
  • Half the enemy's max speed
  • Half the enemy's max damage
  • Only easy level's achievements

Normal:Standard difficulty, players can enjoy a normal RPG game.

  • After clean all the stages, challenge mode(Extra mode) can be unlocked.

Extra:Need more than two rounds of archive in normal level to unlock; players can earn more score and make characters' cards after clean all the stage.

  • Enemy greatly strengthened
  • Enemy strengthen level rise as rounds
  • Can make characters' cards

Game Features

  • Unlimited rounds of game,many hidden elements in Extra mode.
  • Up to more than 233 achievements in Titles Collection and some hidden achievements
  • Monster Index and the Index of 75 girls in Gensokyo,satisfy players' desire to collecting
  • Synthesis system, as well as hit system.
  • Talent tree

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