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東方邪星章 ~ The Last Comer


The long severe, winter marked its end, and Gensokyo's season of awakening arrived.
The cherry blossoms, finally beginning to bloom among the faintly lingering snow, would likely serve as an appropriate companion for a great banquet even the next day.
The Hakurei Shrine's shrine maiden, Reimu Hakurei, worried over the thought of those nefarious people that would be causing an uproar on the Shrine Grounds in short order,
while the coming warm spring and the dancing cherry blossoms brought excitement to her heart.


In the early dawn of the next day, a meteorite fell from the sky into Gensokyo, setting fire to the forest and the cherry trees.


Reimu: "I did wish for a warm spring of dancing cherry blossoms, but I think this is a little too much in the 'warm and dancing' department."

魔理沙「いよいよ天香香背男命が本気を出したんじゃないか? 今度は本当に」

Marisa: "Ame-no-Kagaseo is finally going all-out this time, isn't he? Seriously."


When had it happened? Marisa Kirisame pointed at the sky, which was growing light as she spoke.
Normally, at the beginning of the year, Reimu would have borrowed the power of Amaterasu to exorcise Ame-no-Kagaseo--- the morning star.
On that night, the morning star was shining brilliantly. However you looked at it, it was noon, thank you very much.
And so, overcoming the sun with the darkness of night - it was an omen that meant the power of the youkai would increase.


――The place where the devil lives, the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
At the same time, the residents of the world of the night went out with great joy to welcome the event.

レミリア「今度こそ! 今度こそ明けの明星(ルシファー)の勝利だ!」

Remilia: "This time! This time it's the Morning Star's victory!"

パチェ「今度こそ夜の時代が訪れるのね! …げほっげほっ!」

Patchy: "This time the age of night has come, huh! ...*cough* *hack*"

咲夜 「どうでしょう、以前は阿呆共のせいでぬか喜びでしたが」

Sakuya: "I wonder. Last time it was just a premature joy, thanks to a group of fools."


In contrast to her two masters who were forgetting themselves in joy, the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Sakuya Izayoi,
continued to skeptically watch the wicked star with an air of composure until the end.
That was because, due to a prank carried out by Marisa and the Fairies, the same kind of thing had happened in a past year.
At the time, it had been quite the hardship to put Remilia, who had been disappointed upon learning the truth, back into a good mood.


Remilia: "It's fine! This time a meteor fell as well, right? This isn't something that you could pull off with a mere human's prank."


The unexpectedly composed master gave an order to Sakuya, who was impressed with her words.
Since she couldn't go out under the sunlight, Sakuya would go in her place to determine the true nature of this incident.
And also, to stop the Hakurei shrine maiden and her friends from taking back the power of the daytime and the sun.


The Shrine Maiden of the Sun, the Witch of the Stars, and the Maid of the Full Moon.
As if in competition, the three humans took off to the forest where the meteorite had fallen.


――The world of darkness was being filled with the light of the stars.
That light dispels the darkness before one's eyes, but at the same time gives birth to new shadows in the distance.
That is the chaos of Yin and Yang, the indivisible pair.
In a place with light, there is darkness, and in a world of darkness, too, the light is sure to come――.


"She" knew that.

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