The English Transcript of The Last Comer. The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate/helpful.


In-Game Dialogue


  • Reimu's Bad Ending
  • Marisa's Bad Ending
  • Sakuya's Bad Ending
  • Reimu's Good Ending
  • Marisa's Good Ending
  • Sakuya's Good Ending
  • True Ending

Other Translations

There are six stages in the full version of the game, plus one extra stage:

  • Stage 1 解かれし封印 The Broken Seal
  • Stage 2 薔薇色の空と葡萄酒の海 The Rose-Colored Sky and the Wine-Colored Sea
  • Stage 3 天纏うは星の王冠 Heaven's Crown of Stars
  • Stage 4 日と月と星の少女の受難 Suffering of the Girls of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars
  • Stage 5 1/144,000の争奪戦 Struggling of the 1 in 144,000
  • Stage 6 明日はきっと晴れるや Tomorrow the Sun Will Surely Shine
  • Extra Stage 邪星に愛された憐花 The Evil Star's Beloved, Sorrowful Flower

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