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Spider "Cave Spider's Nest"

使用者 黒谷ヤマメ

User: Yamame Kurodani

備考 ベタベタする、演劇タイプ

Notes: Sticky, theatrical type

参考度 ★★

Reference Level: ★★


Spider webs are generally found stretched in dark and cramped places. Her spider web is also used as a trap.


However, there's a tsuchigumo. It's not a normal spider, so it can stick to you and draw you in instantly. It's a relatively dramatic theatrical type. [1]

昆虫の神秘だな。 [2]

It's an insect's mystery.


Miasma Sign "Filled Miasma"

使用者 黒谷ヤマメ

User: Yamame Kurodani

備考 体調を崩す

Notes: Bad for your health

鬱陶しさ ★★★★

Depression: ★★★★


An uninviting cave filled with poisonous air.


As long as she's not there, even caves aren't that uninviting.

^  This refers to the kabuki play "Tsuchigumo". In that play, a mysterious priest tries to cast a web around Yorimitsu. See also <1> and <2>

^  This is a common misunderstanding, but the spider isn't an insect (konchuu, 昆虫): in Japan, there are numerous bugs so many elementary school students choose to collect them for their independent research project during summer vacation, so this is rather well-known topic. Possibly, Marisa calls Yamame an insect deliberately.

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