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Heaven's Punishment "Star of David"

使用者 レミリア・スカーレット

User: Remilia Scarlet

備考 悪魔召喚魔法

Notes: Devil-summoning magic

参考度 ★★

Reference Level: ★★


The Star of David. The most basic of the basics for magicians.


However, her magic circle isn't normal. As you can see, it's become a devil's mark.


Can it be said that she's summoning the demonic powers she's gonna use from here on?


Curse "Curse of Vlad Tepes"

使用者 レミリア・スカーレット

User: Remilia Scarlet

備考 血液が凄い、演劇タイプ

Notes: Blood is amazing, theatrical type

参考度 ★★

Reference Level: ★★


A spell card that sends bloodstained knives flying this way. Writing just that might make it sound stupid, but the dripping blood becomes danmaku and strikes. It's scary.


The blood moves all according to Remilia's commmand. It's like they have minds of their own.


This makes blood so amazing.


Scarlet Sign "Scarlet Meister"

使用者 レミリア・スカーレット

User: Remilia Scarlet

備考 紅魔館にて見た

Notes: Saw it in the Scarlet Devil Mansion

無慈悲度 ★★★★★

Mercilessness: ★★★★★


A spell card that smacks danmaku with brute force so it comes this way. This is awful.


Originally, there were no way to dodge Remilia's shots other than to weave through them widely, but for some reason she's flipped out and attacked in all directions.


When it comes to this, there's no way to dodge them except to weave vigorously.


"Red Magic"

使用者 レミリア・スカーレット

User: Remilia Scarlet

備考 血液が凄い、演劇タイプ

Notes: Blood is amazing, theatrical type

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


A large amount of something dripping with blood is scattered all around in this spell card.


It looks as though it's enough to become danmaku with only the vampire extracts of clogged-up blood. The blood moves on its own, and becomes a powerful spell card.


Blood sure is amazing.


Scarlet Sign "Bloody Magic Square"

使用者 レミリア・スカーレット

User: Remilia Scarlet

備考 血液が超凄い、演劇タイプ

Notes: Blood is super amazing, theatrical type

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


A spell card enough to make one wonder if there are so many blood-dripping knives to scatter around like this.


Maybe from the start it's stronger just to fling blood around. No, maybe fighting with blood would be stronger.


Gosh, blood is so amazing.


Divine Spear "Spear the Gungnir"

使用者 レミリア・スカーレット

User: Remilia Scarlet

備考 紅魔館で見た

Notes: Saw it in the Scarlet Devil Mansion

参考度 ★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★


A spell card that throws danmaku at such ultrahigh speeds that it turns into a sharp spear.


In this case, you can't say you "got hit by danmaku", it feels like getting stabbed. Does throwing powerful bullets make it like this?


Scarlet Sign "Red the Nightless Castle"

使用者 レミリア・スカーレット

User: Remilia Scarlet

備考 眠気が覚める

Notes: Awakening

参考度 ★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★


A spell card that take something the same as danmaku and makes it into a giant cross. Although it looks like it's burning with a red aura, it doesn't seem like fire.


It hurts when you touch it. It hurts as much as getting hit by danmaku.


Though it's a a big attack, since it doesn't move at all, it's not dangerous to get close to her. This spell card is the same type as my Master Spark.


Though my Master Spark is from the fire of my mini-Hakkero, this skill of hers comes from collecting the power of the night. It's often said that one look and it'll make your eyes red and sleepless.


But why is it shaped like a cross? That's only because she's spreading her arms out, so there's no deeper meaning behind that, it seems.


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