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Dream Sign "Evil Sealing Circle"

使用者 博麗霊夢

User: Reimu Hakurei

備考 よく見る、移動型ストレスタイプ

Notes: Often Seen, Movement-Style Stress Type

参考度 ★★

Reference Level: ★★


A spell card in which movement is limited by charms. You're bound in place by charms and slowly strangled to death.


The fast charms aren't aiming for you, so it's not as difficult as it looks. Why doesn't she just aim them straight at you?


It's a bit of a tangent, but the charms that Reimu uses in 'Evil Sealing' are like a potato chip bag that's full to the brim, and if you try to take them it'll spring a trap. There's nothing especially interesting inside, though. It's only a trap.


Dream Sign "Duplex Barrier"

使用者 博麗霊夢

User: Reimu Hakurei

備考 永夜異変にて確認、演劇タイプ

Notes: Confirmed during the Eternal Night Incident, Theatrical Type

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


A spell card with a mysterious power that turns space inside-out. I'm jealous.


If an area is enclosed in that border, my magic's range also widens.


I indirectly asked Reimu about it but it was pointless. In this border affects everything within the lines, and with two borders, it's as if there were no border at all. If you can find a gap somewhere in this space, two borders will cover it up.


In other words, she's bad at explaining things.


Boundary "Duplex Danmaku Bounded Field"

使用者 博麗霊夢

User: Reimu Hakurei

備考 永夜異変にて確認、演劇タイプ

Notes: Confirmed during the Eternal Night Incident, Theatrical Type

こけおどし度 ★★★★

Show-Off Level: ★★★★


The large-scale version of Duplex Barrier. This time I'm trapped in the inside part of the barrier.


To put it bluntly, Duplex Barrier is scarier and stronger. This one is something like a tactician getting caught up in his own schemes.


Untitled "Flying Mysterious Shrine Maiden"

使用者 博麗霊夢

User: Reimu Hakurei

備考 レア、演劇タイプ

Notes: Rare, Theatrical Type

参考度 ★

Reference Level: ★


A desperation spell card Reimu pulls out from an unconscious state. Seldom seen.


She never looks at you while the spell card is in effect, so you're limited to retreating.


Her attack is omnidirectional danmaku with no blind spots, just randomly shooting. She's not looking, so I guess that's bound to happen.


I've thought about it for a while, but I don't see the benefit of not looking your opponent during a battle. It seems like it'd just be a disadvantage, but...

神霊「夢想封印 瞬」

Divine Spirit "Fantasy Seal -Blink-"

使用者 博麗霊夢

User: Reimu Hakurei

備考 長距離マラソン

Notes: Long distance marathon

参考度 霊夢にしか出来ず参考にならない

Reference Level: Only Reimu is able to perform it, so it can't be used as a reference.


Reimu herself only moves in a straight line, but somehow completely surrounds you. If you think she'll pass you from the front, she'll pop out from behind of you.


The tengu and Sakuya do something similar, but for the tengu, it's just speed, and for Sakuya, it's just teleportation. Reimu's technique isn't something cheap like that. You probably don't get what I'm talking about, but I don't really get it myself. [1]


Reimu says that "the boundary surrounding the barrier can't be seen in and of itself, so it appears to everyone that an enemy is there." Is it just looping around a small world? Or maybe it's something like two mirrors facing each other?


Reimu has lots of spell cards like this. They don't aim directly at you, so it's like being made fun of.


Divine Spirit "Fantasy Seal"

使用者 博麗霊夢

User: Reimu Hakurei

備考 よく見る

Notes: Often Seen

参考度 ★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★


A spell card that forcibly seals you with bullets of light that ignore the laws of physics.


She could exterminate any and all youkai by force with this.


The youkai hate this light the most and it's very difficult for them to withstand. It's painful to humans too.


But what is a seal anyway? Maybe it's putting away something used in keeping rice. [2]


Holy Relic "Yin-Yang Sanctifier Orb"

使用者 博麗霊夢

User: Reimu Hakurei

備考 主に宴会芸

Notes: Mainly Used As A Parlor Trick

大きさ ★★★★★

Size: ★★★★★


A spell card where she throws a giant yin-yang orb that was tucked away somewhere at you. Surprisingly heavy lifting for Reimu.


Getting hit by the yin-yang orb hurts. Hurts in a physical way. Since it's an ordinary heavy, hard ball.


Although the large ball is hot and heavy, it won't "flatten" the human on the receiving end.


Divine Arts "Demon Binding Circle"

使用者 博麗霊夢

User: Reimu Hakurei

備考 怒ったときによく使う

Notes: Often Used When Angry.

観賞プレイ度 ★★★★

Enjoyable to "Watch" Rating: ★★★★


A spell card in which mysterious powers take away the freedom of the body to move. It binds oni in a certain way which seems to be how it also binds humans as well.


Once the technique begins, Reimu loses all freedom of movement until it stops. But because Reimu can't move, capturing this spell card is easy. Just keep at a distance and watch carefully.


Even while watching the unmoving idiot Reimu, could I restrain myself and keep from moving as well? That's the biggest problem.


"Fantasy Heaven"

使用者 博麗霊夢

User: Reimu Hakurei

備考 レア、演劇タイプ

Notes: Rare, Theatrical Type

三十六計度 ★★★★★★★ [3]

Thirty-Six-Strategy Level: ★★★★★★★ [4]


Reimu becomes completely impossible to touch. Opaque invisible man status.


This seems like Reimu's final attack, but it looks like she just closes her eyes and the danmaku aims itself and fires towards the enemy automatically.


By the way, from the beginning spell cards were nothing important. I try to show this playful manner when I name my spell cards. Otherwise, I have no chance to win.


This is merely nothing but the power Reimu was born with, a spell card she never has to use. So the name of the attack must also come from heaven.


^  The Thirty-Six Strategies means "all the strategies there are", and is usually referred to as part of the Chinese phrase "三十六計,走為上策" (Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best) or Japanese "三十六計逃げるに如かず" (Of the Thrity-Six Strategies, nothing is better than escaping).

^  This phrase is a parody of a phrase said by Polnareff of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, "Ma, maybe you don't understand what I mean, nor did I know what I was done..." You can see AA here.

^  In this phrase, Marisa is joking about Demon King Piccolo of Dragon Ball. He had been imprisoned in an electronic jar for approximately three hundred years before he appeared in the plot.

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