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Fire Sign "Agni Shine"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 基礎魔法、本が燃える

Notes: Basic magic, the book burns

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


A fire spire spell card. The most simple danmaku-like danmaku.


It seems like I can use this level of magic easily, but if it's carefully observed, there are variations in the spiral so the danmaku is avoidable.


That must show her feel of ease, but a sort of knack might be needed to make that calculated variation with fire.


Water Sign "Princess Undine"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 基礎魔法、本が濡れる

Notes: Basic magic, the book gets wet

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


A spell card that scatters water balls. The water balls fly straight so it's easily readable.


That's probably why the lasers are shot. To balance the difficulty.


Wood Sign "Sylphae Horn"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 基礎魔法、本が舞う

Notes: Basic magic, the book dances

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


A spell card of leaves dancing to the wind.


I'm good at this kind of magic too. It's as easy as just activating it and watching the rest of the show, but there's the problem that you don't directly beat the opponent with your own hands.


Metal Sign "Metal Fatigue"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 基礎魔法、本が何も起こらない

Notes: Basic magic, the book nothing happens

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


A spell card that hurls bullets made of metal.


The bullets break and split midway. In the world of danmaku, broken ones are often more difficult. Because no matter what kind of bullet you get hit by, a loss is a loss.


Earth Sign "Rage Trilithon"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 基礎魔法、本が汚れる

Notes: Basic magic, the book gets dirty

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


A spell card that hurls mud balls.


It's basically playing in the mud. If you get hit, you become muddy and dirty.


Moon Sign "Silent Selene"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 上級魔法、静かに本が読める

Notes: Expert magic, you can silently read the book

参考度 ★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★


A spell card in which moonlight pours down in a straight fashion.


The elemental magic up to now was easy to understand, but what properties moon and sun have are a mystery.


Sun Sign "Royal Flare"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 上級魔法、喉が渇く

Notes: Expert magic, you get thirsty

参考度 ★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★


A spell card that gives birth to explosive light.


Evasion is difficult, but the fact that it is made to be evaded shows that she knows what spell cards are for.


Fire & Earth Sign "Lava Cromlech"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 合成魔法、汚れた本が燃える

Notes: Fused magic, the dirty book burns

参考度 ★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★


A spell card that throws both balls of fire and mudballs.


It seems like she's doing different magic in each hand. But there is an incantation, so I wonder how she's incantating two at the same time.


Wood & Fire Sign "Forest Blaze"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 合成魔法、燃えた本が舞う

Notes: Fused magic, the burning books dance

参考度 ★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★


A spell card of fireballs and leaves. Caution: if you throw fire at falling leaves, you get a forest fire.


Leaves fall automatically, so I guess multiple incantations are easier. I feel like it's a bit of a cheat though.


Water & Wood Sign "Water Elf"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 合成魔法、濡れた本を風で乾かす

Notes: Fused magic, the wet books are dried with wind

参考度 ★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★


A spell card that throws water balls and air balls. For some reason, they're not leaves.


Earth & Metal Sign "Emerald Megalith"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 合成魔法、エメラルドとアクアマリンは同じ石

Notes: Fused magic, emeralds and aquamarines are the same stone

参考度 ★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★


A spell card that synthesizes jewels by hurling mudballs.


Is this what they call alchemy?


Moon & Wood Sign "Satellite Himawari"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 合成魔法、静かに舞う

Notes: Fused magic, silently dances

参考度 ★★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★★


A spell card in which sunflowers orbit like the moon.


I wonder what kind of sense allows sunflowers to make such a danmaku. According to Patchouli, she referred to a foreign grimoire that described a sunflower that orbited the Earth. Uhhh.


Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone"

使用者 パチュリー・ノーレッジ

User: Patchouli Knowledge

備考 合成魔法、本が色々あって奴隷タイプ

Notes: Fused magic, there are many books and slave type

参考度 ★★★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★★★


A spell card that crystallizes the basic unit of five magics and makes them shoot.


Because it calls forth many magics, the danmaku that is released from each stone is weak. She's probably only capable of making it fire automatically.


I want to know how to make these kinds of stones, but the specific procedures aren't written in any books I look at.


The philosopher's stone. What I got from reading books was, it's capable of turning non-metals into metals, curing everyone's health, and it makes good topping for any culinary dish.[1] Man, I would love to make a five-colored boxed lunch topped with philosopher's stone. [2]


^  Turning non-metals into metals is the essential goal of alchemy, but curing everyone's health is the effect in using the philosopher's stone in Dragon Quest series, and using it for topping of a dish might be a reference to the philosopher's stone of "Atelier Rorona", which can be changed into philosopher's pie when the stone is fused with flour and water.

^  There are some patterns of Japanese food called a "three-colored boxed lunch" (san-shoku bentou) <sample>, which is literally "three-colored rice" (san-shoku gohan), but there isn't a "five-colored boxed lunch". Marisa only writes "five-colored boxed lunch" because there are five philosopher's stones.

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