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Cold Sign "Cold Snap"

使用者 レティ・ホワイトロック

User: Letty Whiterock

備考 晩冬に見かける

Notes: Often seen in late winter

参考度 ★★(ただし冬季限定)

Reference Level: ★★ (but limited to winter)


Really cold. The snow on cold days is really small and fine. "Cold snap" means cold wave.

そういう寒い日は、元気よくお外を駆け回る犬を横目にこたつで寝るに限る。 [1]

In such a cold day, even dogs that often run around outside would sleep in a kotatsu with a sideways glance.

しかし、寒さが厳しい日にこいつに出会うと最悪だ。精々、犬の真似をして暖まるしかないだろう。 [2]

But meeting her on a terribly cold day would be the worst. At best, there's probably nothing to do but mimic the dog and keep warm.


Winter Sign "Flower Wither Away"

使用者 レティ・ホワイトロック

User: Letty Whiterock

備考 秋から冬にかけて見かける

Notes: Seen from autumn to winter

参考度 ★(ただし冬季限定)

Reference Level: ★ (but limited to winter)


A spell card that feels like all flowers withering at once.


This kind of wilted danmaku is no match for me.


But...I can't deal with the cold.

^  These two phrases are derived from the well-known Japanese nursery rhyme Yuki (Snow).

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