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The Grimoire of Marisa: Kisume's Spell Card

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Horror "Well-bucket-dropping Monster"

使用者 キスメ

User: Kisume

備考 秋から冬の夕方になると見える

Notes: Seen in the evening from fall to winter [1]

参考度 ただのビックリ野郎

Reference Level: It's only a jerk-in-the-box


A spell card where one is suddenly attacked from places like the tops of trees or a cave's ceiling. But if there's nothing surprising about a surprise attack, then there's no surprise.

^  There is a Japanese idiom that says "The sun in autumn is like a bucket dropping into a well." (Aki no hi wa tsurube-otoshi, 秋の日は釣瓶落とし). It means that the sun sets quickly in autumn.

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