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Divine Festival "Expanded Onbashira"

使用者 八坂神奈子

User: Kanako Yasaka

備考 まごう事なき奇祭

Notes: A rather odd festival ritual

参考度 ★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★


A strange festival ritual where large wooden pillars are thrown.


You can tell how much she's holding back, making it a sinister spell card.


Like she's practically saying, if she were serious, she could throw the Onbashiras without opening a gap.


Well, it does mean she understands spell cards are a game, and I can admire that.


Forgotten Husk "Unremembered Crop"

使用者 八坂神奈子

User: Kanako Yasaka

備考 穀物は大切に

Notes: Eat all your grains

参考度 ★★

Reference Level: ★★


I had rice thrown at me.


Apparently this danmaku is for imposing the value of forgotten rice, and I don't get why. Is she trying to say the grains were gigantic back then? Or something like how even if you missed a few, they were still important?


Mystery "Yamato Torus"

使用者 八坂神奈子

User: Kanako Yasaka

備考 不思議空間現る

Notes: Suddenly, mystery space

神社度 ★★★★★

Shrine Level: ★★★★★


A spell card that constantly rains danmaku from the same direction.


A reminder that this world is a loop, but it also reminds me of someone else's spell card. That's right, Reimu's.


Reimu can surround an area simply by traveling in a straight line. I'm pretty sure they have the same exact nature.


I wonder if this ability comes with shrines. I mean, all they ever talk about are barriers and boundaries and borders.


Heaven's Dragon "Source of Rains"

使用者 八坂神奈子

User: Kanako Yasaka

備考 大自然の神秘

Notes: The mystery of Mother Nature

参考度 興味深いが参考にはならない

Reference Level: Very interesting but useless as reference


A spell card that shows rivers form from rain.


I used to think rivers just sort of existed on their own, but it's common knowledge they're actually gathered rain water.


When rain falls to the ground, it flows towards lower levels. In other words, this danmaku is telling us humans are at the lower level.


God Sign "Omiwatari God Crosses"

使用者 八坂神奈子

User: Kanako Yasaka

備考 道路族[1]の弾幕

Notes: Highway lobbyists' danmaku

参考度 ★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★


A spell card that blazes trails. As in a general contractor.


This road is beautiful yet short-lived. As a spell card it's simple, unintimidating, and rather weak. But the path looks so nice, you end up drawn to it.


Sadly it doesn't appear intended for mankind based on how much it hurts to walk on. And so humans must keep a far distance.


They think they're so special just because they're gods. Meanwhile most youkai lead about the same or worse lifestyles than humans. Sheesh.


^  道路族 means "Diet member lobbyists in bed with road construction companies". In a way, Marisa is correct to think that there is little difference between government officials and road builders. But road lobbyists are often uninterested in the destruction of public life, while Kanako probably isn't.

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