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Thorn Sign "Thundercloud Stickleback"

使用者 永江衣玖

User: Iku Nagae

備考 雲の中で見た、私自らタイプ [1]

Notes: Seen in the clouds, "I, personally" type

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


This spellcard turns oneself into an enormous bullet.


Because this attack ignores any counterattacks, it's simple but unexpectedly strong.


There only needs to be one bullet as long as it's strong enough. That's a new way of looking at things.


Light Orb "Dragon's Gleaming Eyes"

使用者 永江衣玖

User: Iku Nagae

備考 雲の中で見た

Notes: Seen in the clouds

参考度 ★

Reference Level: ★


A spell card that recreates the image of a dragon flying among the thunderclouds with its eyes lit up.


Since it's a dragon, it flies around in circles, huh?


Cloud Realm "The Thunder Court in the Sea of Abstruse Clouds"

使用者 永江衣玖

User: Iku Nagae

備考 雷任せ

Notes: Depends on the thunder

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


The kind of spellcard you would see while in a thundercloud.


You must fight while lightning bolts run up and down and side-to-side.


Thunder falls on high places. In other words, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down (by thunder)[2].


Dragonfish "Swimming Oarfish Shot"

使用者 永江衣玖

User: Iku Nagae

備考 しびれるぜ

Notes: Makes you go numb

肩こりがとれる度 とれない

Shoulder-Relief Level: No relief


This spell card shoots bullets of light that go in all directions. It's probably suppose to evoke the image of fish swimming calmly.


This spell card has no blind spots, but because the speed is slow, it is not especially scary.


But thunder is pretty scary. I'd try to avoid it if at all possible.

^  See the footnote for Komachi's spell cards.

^  Derived from the Japanese proverb (and general mentality) "The stake that sticks out gets hammered down".

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