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Taboo "Kagome, Kagome"

使用者 フランドール・スカーレット

User: Flandre Scarlet

備考 紅魔館で見た、演劇タイプ

Notes: Seen at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Theatrical Type

参考度 ★

Reference Level: ★


Danmaku that comes from behind. A spell card that surrounds you with danmaku.


In order for the enclosing danmaku to hit, she fires big danmaku. This is a rare kind of spell card in which danmaku interferes with danmaku.


In practice, since the danmaku interfere with each other, it's impossible to keep them in check and it turns out too scary to feel like it's for play. However, what else would one expect from the insane little sister? She doesn't care about things like that at all.


Incidentally, this isn't very strong. Did she hold back?


Taboo "Four of a Kind"

使用者 フランドール・スカーレット

User: Flandre Scarlet

備考 紅魔館にて見た、奴隷タイプ

Notes: Seen at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Slave Type

分身度 ★★★

Clone Level: ★★★


A spell card where clones are made and they each attack as they like. While I don't think I'll be able to make clones of myself like this, I still want slaves.


Taboo "Maze of Love"

使用者 フランドール・スカーレット

User: Flandre Scarlet

備考 恋の移動型ストレスタイプ

Notes: Movement-Stress Type of Love

参考度 ★

Reference Level: ★


A spell card that enforces a certain method of avoidance. You just have to circle around Flandre, but it's a trap where you actually have to move in the opposite direction of the danmaku.


It forces your opponent to spin backwards. The maze of love is often described like that.


Taboo "Lävatein"

使用者 フランドール・スカーレット

User: Flandre Scarlet

備考 紅魔館で見た、寸止めタイプ

Notes: Seen at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Stopping Short Type

参考度 ★

Reference Level: ★


A spell card where she swings a big sword of flame at you. No, 'a big sword of flame' isn't right. It's an oversized sword.


Swinging a sword like this around inside the house is dangerous.


It really is too big, even for a vampire, so it seems she can't swing it quickly at will. Therefore, evading the tip of the sword is simple.


However, the scary part of this sword isn't the sword itself. When she swings the sword, it produces fire bullets.


Forbidden Barrage "Catadioptric"

使用者 フランドール・スカーレット

User: Flandre Scarlet

備考 紅魔館にて見た

Notes: Seen at the Scarlet Devil Mansion

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


A spell card that uses the wall. A reflection shot that relies solely on power.


They really are sisters. Remilia has danmaku similar to this, but this one's a little too crafty.


Secret Barrage "And Then Will There Be None?"

使用者 フランドール・スカーレット

User: Flandre Scarlet

備考 紅魔館にて見た、インビジブル奴隷タイプ

Notes: Seen at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Invisible Slave Type

一人遊び度 ★★★★★

Playing Alone Level: ★★★★★


If I get hit, then there will be none.


When your opponent disappears, you can't tell where attacks will come from, and it's scary.


In this situation, avoiding the danmaku is dependent on being able to see the opponent.


For what it's worth, I want her to tell me how she can hide her form like that.


Taboo "Forbidden Games"

使用者 フランドール・スカーレット

User: Flandre Scarlet

備考 十字架だらけ

Notes: Nothing but crosses

参考度 ★

Reference Level: ★


A spell card that throws a large number of crosses at you.


It looks like the reason it's crosses is that they have lots of them at their house. Are they cross hunters, or did they belong to the humans that became their food?


Taboo "Forbidden Fruit"

使用者 フランドール・スカーレット

User: Flandre Scarlet

備考 禁じ手

Notes: Forbidden move

参考度 禁じ手

Reference Level: Forbidden move


A super high-density spell card. At this level, it isn't a game at all.


Now, it's a forbidden move. Just like forbidden fruit.


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