Wizard Sign "Phoenix Egg"

使用者 橙

User: Chen

備考 人通りの少ない道とかで見かける

Notes: Seen in places like scarcely traveled roads

参考度 卵が気になる

Reference Level: I'm concerned about the eggs.


A spell card that flings bird eggs. Danmaku is formed from these eggs making what you could say is a "simple" kind of attack.


Rather than the power of a youkai cat, it's the power of the eggs. She's a cat after all.


Oni God "Flight of Idaten" [2]

使用者 橙

User: Chen

備考 人通りの少ない道とかで見かける、ドーピングタイプ

Notes: Seen in places like scarcely traveled roads, Doping type.

参考度 無理っぽい

Reference Level: Seems kind of unreasonable


A technique that rapidly raises one's physical capabilities. Even under the best circumstances, even with a quick and cunning youkai cat, it is a technique that can further augment their speed.


This kind of unreasonable power-up technique can't be imitated by humans.


Oni God "Rumbling Jikoku-ten"

使用者 橙

User: Chen

備考 人通りの少ない道とかで見かける

Notes: Seen in places like scarcely traveled roads

参考度 埃っぽい

Reference Level: Dusty


In this spell card, one raises their arms to the heavens and shouts in a strange voice, making the surroundings vibrate and sending all the accumulated piles of dust fluttering through the air.


You should hold your breath. Nothing good can come from inhaling dust.

^  This is a misprint of 翔符「飛翔韋駄天」 (Flight Sign "Flight of Idaten").

^  備考 is "recital", which is nonsensical and not imaginable of what ZUN wanted to write.

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