The Story

The fields were lush and verdant, the flowers were in full bloom
and the youkai of spring were dancing. Then, the beautiful changing of the seasons
arrived in Gensoukyou and the harsh sun of summer streamed down upon the land.

All of Gensoukyou was bathed indiscrimately in the sun's glare.
The people and youkai, and even the gods that lived there suffered the sun's wrath.
And now, in Gensoukyou, this suffering engendered a new threat.


A thick impenetrable mist once again clouded Gensoukyou.
But, this mist was somehow different from the Red mist incident.
The colour of the mist was different, nor did it block out the sunlight.
Also, the only ones that seemed to be suffering from the mist were the youkai.
Only the youkai seemed to be tired and enervated.

Was this really a new disastrous incident...?
Cries of anguish resound throughout Gensoukyou.

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