These quests are completely optional, but doing them will yield materials used for forging. Since they're rare as ever if you try to hunt them as drops, it's much, much faster to do these quests for them instead of hunting for them.

Note that for most of the quests, the target has a pretty good chance of dropping a second copy of the quest reward. It's not guaranteed, but if you don't get it, you can always soft reset (alt-F12) and try again.

The title and the portrait shown in the quest will be listed in the title.

Note: There is a quirk in the underlying code that prevents the quests from reshuffling if you fail your current quest (i.e. you win the battle, but you use an illegal character). Since all of the character-specific quests have a fair probability (20% in most cases) of dropping an extra copy of that character's crafting item, you can simply fight the battle with an illegal character (or with a full party!), soft reset until you get the drop, and then repeat the quest until you get all the copies you need.

  • This is especially useful with Lithos's and Cirno's quests, since there are large mobs of enemies to kill, each of whom has a 10% chance to drop an additional crafting item. You have a 72% chance of getting an extra item with Lithos's quest and 57% from Cirno's, and can frequently get more than one!
  • The main advantage here is not having to go through useless quests to get the one item that you need. Lithos's and Cirno's quests are also useful for farming the basic materials that no quest provides - Steel, Iron, Bamboo, and Rock.
  • This won't work for the other quest materials, but should save a lot of time and aggravation anyway.

Difficulty 2 quests

命蓮寺埋蔵金発掘プロジェクト - Myouren Temple Excavation Project - (Nazrin)

  • Location: Myouren Temple
  • Team restrictions: None
  • Reward: 金塊 (Gold bar)

All you have to do is walk in Myouren Temple, take on Nazrin there, and defeat her. She has 50000 HP, but she is weak to fire, no defenses and very weak attacks, so all you have to do is bring some attackers and smash her down. It's all very easy.

As with most non-character specific material quests, Nazrin is likely to drop a gold bar herself, so you will usually get two of them from the quest.

守護神不在の最大トーナメント - Tournament of Absent Guardian Deities - (a white kedama)

  • Location: Forest of Magic 1
  • Team Restrictions: Lithos only
  • Reward: 蜥蜴の尻尾 (Lizard's tail)

The restriction means that, while nobody is stopping you from going into battle with a full team, you will fail the quest and not receive the guaranteed Lizard's Tail (Lithos's normal character-specific forging material) upon winning, unless you fight them with only Lithos. However, you can use a commander if you wish.

Anyways, each of the kedama have 9900 HP, and you have to fight 12 of them. Aside from her Last Word, Lithos doesn't have good multi-target options until level 70, but Lithos's defenses is good enough that she can play stall if you want. Just give her a good shield, poison resistance, and max out her fourth tree so she gets her 50% damage reduction and 50 HP regen. Those kedamas have crappy accuracy (99), so you can also equip Lithos some accessories that give evasion and give her 5 points to Golden Sword tree to get another 20 evasion.

Note that while one of the kedama can drop a second Lizard's tail 20% of the time or the advanced version of Lithos's forging material 1% of the time, it's not guaranteed. However, as long as you finish the quest properly, the first Lizard's Tail will be given to you. The other 11 kedama each has a 10% chance to drop a random material ala the treasure chest frog in Stage 21. The ease of this quest makes it one of the best quests to farm for materials (you have a 72% chance of getting something beyond the single Lizard Tail, and can frequently get two or more drops), although the random nature of the drops means that you're better off taking the specific quests instead.

Difficulty 3 Quests

逆襲のゆっくり - Yukkuri's Counterattack - (Reimu Yukkuri)

  • Location: Forest of Magic 2
  • Team Restrictions: Reimu Only
  • Reward: 賽銭箱 (Donation box)

Your opponent this time is an upgraded Reimu Yukkuri. It doesn't run away, but it has the same properties as all the Yukkuris you've seen before, and it has 20 HP. It can randomly use 力溜め or 精神集中 to charge up for a super strong physical or magical attack respectively, so be sure to give Reimu Duplex Border (NOT Super Duplex Border - Reimu is alone here, and Super Duplex Border's cooldown won't keep up) to defend against them. Beyond that, since you need to physically attack and Gouhei have crappy accuracy, you might want to give her a sword instead (The Kusanagi sword is obviously ideal). With any luck, you'll be able to kill the Yukkuri before you run out of bombs. If you equip Reimu with (Vivian's) Excalibur and Milky Way Curtain IV/III, you can let it auto-battle without using barriers.

俺のルーミアがこんなに強いはずが無い - My Rumia can't be this strong! - (Rumia)

  • Location: Youkai Mountain (first part, between entrance and one-time healing circle)
  • Team Restrictions: None
  • Reward: オリハルコンの欠片 (Orichalcum Shard)

My Rumia shouldn't be this strong! Well, she isn't, really. She has the same 50000 HP as Nazrin, and slightly better defenses and offensive abilities. However, her attacks consist of mostly dark elemental spells, with one really weak attack that inflicts blind, so pack protection against these before going in. She's slightly weak to light and weaker to mystic, so pack your attackers accordingly.

妖怪三兄弟 - Three Youkai Siblings - (A wall monster)

  • Location: Youkai Mountain (peak)
  • Team Restrictions: Sanae, Nitori and Aya only
  • Reward: One each of Snakeskin (Sanae), Spare Parts (Nitori), and Crow's Beak (Aya)

You are fighting three enhanced wall monsters here. Each have 10000 HP, and extremely high physical defenses. Hopefully, you have a good gun for Nitori, because the fastest way to defeat them is to give Nitori an ATK buff, have her set her attack to water-element, and alternate between Porocco Slash and Radiate until the opposition is gone. If you don't have at least a sixth tier gun, you may want to give her a strong axe instead, and simply use Zero Kelvin Shot and Porocco Slash. Aya should equip a water or earth elemental weapon and just whack away when she's not doing something else. As for defenses, the wall monsters do have decent strength, but if you set up Tengu Newspaper's Deadline Day and an avoid buff, they can't hit you most of the time, and when they do Sanae is there to heal away the damage anyways.

Each of the monsters can drop an extra copy of one of the trio's materials

⑨人の妖精 - ⑨ Fairies - (a fairy)

  • Location: Garden of the Sun
  • Team Restrictions: Cirno only
  • Reward: 冷凍蛙 (Frozen Frog)

The Frozen Frog is Cirno's material. Anyways, you're fighting 9 different fairies, each packing about 3000-4000 HP, so the idea is similar to Lithos's quest. However, Cirno's defenses are nowhere as good as Lithos, which can cause problems since Cirno's offense is nowhere good enough to simply kill them before they kill her, either. You will need to max out Cirno's ability to regen in water for starters, at least. After that, give her your best defensive accessories (the accessory that reduces fire damage to 1/4 is essential, and it's ideal if you can either get the two accessories that reduce all damage or the two divine treasures of Japan as well, although both options will require a LOT of material finding and forging), and bring either Sanae or Remilia as your commander. During the battle, simply attack with Perfect Freeze when you can, using Ice Barrier and Ice Storm during the cooldown. Hopefully, if Cirno's defenses are good enough, she can outlast them to the point where the combined effort of your commander's 1 bomb spell and Cirno's regen in water can hold the enemies in bay. If all else fails, level up Cirno a bit more.

Further Notes: Icicle Mirror protects Cirno from all fire attacks that the fairies can throw at her but she can't keep it up all the time. Ice Barrier is your main source of damage and Land manipulation (without using bombs or her last word), Ice Storm helps push the Land towards Ice but is not great for damage. With endgame accessories, Cirno is unkillable once the Land is fully aligned in Ice, regardless of who the commander is.

Difficulty 4 quests

バカルテットのみぞ知る世界 - The World the Four Idiots Only Know - (Mystia)

  • Location: Eientei (left side, 2nd party)
  • Team Restrictions: None
  • Reward: アダマンタイトの欠片 (Adamantite Shard)

You will be fighting Wriggle and Mystia here. Wriggle is vulnerable to instant death, so bring Cirno (or other characters you have capable of inflicting instant death) and try to do so against her. Mystia can be petrified, though her resistance is really high, so it might take a few tries for Lithos to be able to petrify her. Regardless, their attacks are weak if you can defend against status, and they only have 35000 HP, so it's not hard to defeat them via damage either. Wriggle will drop an additional Adamantite piece, while Mystia will drop a random material 10% of the time.

Mystia is vulnerable to instant death as well, but her resistance to it is higher than Wriggle's.

自宅警備オペラ カグヤホームズ - Eientei Opera Kaguya Holmes - (Kaguya)

  • Location: Eientei Depths
  • Team Restrictions: Mokou only
  • Reward: 鳳凰の羽 (Hinotori Feather)

Kaguya acts the same as before, which is really annoying as that means she keeps her single target heal spell, and her spell cards which can reduce incoming damage as well as heal herself for triple the amount of her normal heal. Her attacks are very weak, and if you have enough points in Mokou's Imperishable Night tree so she gets the full 80 regen in fire, she won't need much healing. Consider the regen effect of Xu Fu's dimension and possibly equipping fire armour to further boost her regen when the Land is set to Fire. Give her as many bombs as possible, spam Fujiyama Volcano, and the rest more or less comes to hoping that Kaguya doesn't heal herself too frequently.

ウドンゲインは赤眼ウサギの夢を見るか? - "Does Udongein Dream of Red-Eyed Rabbits?" - (Killer Rabbit)

  • Location: Eientei (Right side, 1st party)
  • Team Restriction: Reisen and one other
  • Reward: 座薬 (Suppository)

Making it to the place may prove more annoying, since Reisen's a physical attacker - consider finding the spawn with an exploratory party and then regroup at the Eientei entrance lobby to set up the correct party for actually doing the quest. Anyways, you will be fighting an enhanced killer rabbit and bamboo tree, which acts like their normal versions for the most part. Both of them are weak to fire, so bring another fire elemental attacker (Mokou's always good), and you can finish this battle quickly even without healing, or much intervention from Reisen's part. Kill the rabbit first, though, since its attack can inflict Instant Death. The bamboo tree can drop either Suppository or Hourai Suppository, while the rabbit can drop ostracon.

侵略! イカ漢。- Invasion! Squid Man - (Mind Flayer)

  • Location: Abandoned Hell (2nd floor)
  • Team Restrictions: Satori only
  • Reward: 眼球 (Eyeball)

You will be fighting an enhanced mind flayer. As we all know, mind flayers are infamous for causing all sorts of status, so you will need at least 101 resistance to nullify all its efforts. Once you do that, as long as Satori has the area heal spell learnable from the small buddah-looking things in stage 11 (via charm) at least, she will be able to keep herself alive easily, and it's fine if you don't pack any good attack spells either - just give Satori a good spear and poke the mind flayer to death. The mind flayer has a light-elemental spell that is fairly strong, so if you have slots leftover, try to defend against light attacks. If you have Tentacle, Satori can do 3k-4k damage per turn with the Gungnir equipped.

This is a great quest to repeat for skill learning; the Veteran Flayer knows Holy, Dissolve, Enervate, Sunburst, Mind Blast, Lunatic Voice, and Nasal Breath. Holy, Enervate, and Mind Blast are all excellent skills that no well-developed Satori should be without.

達人は保護されている - Experts are Protected - (Swordsman)

  • Location: Netherwrold
  • Team Restrictions: Youmu only
  • Reward: 錆びた刃 (Rusty Blade)

The swordsman you're facing has three attacks, two of which are slash based and one of which petrifies. Give Youmu petrification resistance and slash resistance, and let her equip a katana so you can use the two healing skills. If you can't be petrified, then it's a war of attrition with a fighter who can heal and a fighter who can't, and it's pretty obvious what the outcome is going to be.

パチュリー、大図書館に行く - Patchouli, go to the Great Library - (Book monster)

  • Location: Magic Library Voile
  • Team Restrictions: Patchouli and one other
  • Reward: 精霊の欠片 (Magic Shard)

Get someone with high P.atk to deal with it (Youmu/Yuugi is preferable as Sakuya can't use shield).

笑えよ、アリス - Laugh, Alice - (smiling wheel)

  • Location: Muzenkan (middle maps, where all the junks are)
  • Team Restrictions: Alice only
  • Reward: 裁縫針 (Sewing Needle)

Alice should have enough PDEF to not take any damage. Equip a strong weapon and let it auto-battle.

Difficulty 5 quests

カリスマ異星人 - Charisma Alien - (blue alien)

  • Location: Stage 20
  • Team Restrictions: Remilia only
  • Reward: 生き血 (Fresh Blood)

You will be fighting two enemies here actually, a blue alien monster and a mechanical octopus. The octopus has high evasion but low HP, and its tentacle attacks can easily kill Remilia in one hit if they connect, so get it out of the way first - use a pierce weapon (both monsters are heavily weak to pierce) and spam Spear the Gungnir or whatever high accuracy attack you have. The actual alien doesn't do much attacking, but it can summon even more octopi, and it can heal itself (though its HP is rather low). Don't let it live for too long, either. Equip Remilia for evasion, use Aya as commander so she can dodge even more, and go all out offense.

Alternatively, bring Nitori as a commander and use her first commander spell to reduce all enemies evasion to 0. On that line, equip Remilia with the Gae Bolg (or Gungnir if you have it) and use Sanae's 3-bomb commander spell to land a guaranteed hit on both. At later levels, this is one of the shortest character-material quests as there are only two spawn locations for the quest boss and both enemies die on turn 1 to Scarlet Meister with Gungnir (and Headshot Goggles IV).

大丈夫。全てを知るモンスターだよ - It's Okay, I Know Everything - (Hard disk)

  • Location: Stage 14
  • Team Restrictions: Byakuren only, and she must not have any equipments other than a weapon
  • Reward: 未記入の巻物 (Blank Scroll)

By far the most annoying character-specific material quest. To begin with, the mind flayers in stage 14 are highly dangerous even to a high level party who neglects to get rid of them quickly. Secondly, you have to keep those electric fences in mind when you search, as leaving the dungeon carelessly can leave the layout messed up for your next visit. Finally, the boss battle itself is extremely annoying.

You're fighting a stronger version of the hard disk monsters. At the beginning, it will use four attacks - its normal attack, a electric-elemental physical attack, Insanity, and its trademark HD Bug that can inflict Erase. All those physical attacks may not sound much, but since Byakuren cannot equip any armor or accessories, they can quite easily 2HKO her. In addition, like all hard disks they're totally immune to Byakuren's light and dark elemental magic, so she must rely on physical attacks to defeat it. Finally, when its HP falls below 2500 (out of an initial count of 10000), it will start using HD Format, which can also inflict Erase but pierces 50% of Byakuren's RES stat.

To begin with, it is recommend that you equip Byakuren with a knife, since the 16pts ability on the knife trees allows Byakuren to absorb part of her physical damage as HP (she will not be able to keep up otherwise; both her heals have cooldowns and she doesn't have enough power points to sink in her great magic tree to make it outheal the HD's damage at around level 70). This also gives her access to a double attack skill that she should use all the time. The ideal knife to equip is the プラズマナイフ (plasma knife) dropped from Cherubims in stage 21, since it carries extra electric-elemental damage (which the hard disk is weak to) plus inflicts a status that lowers accuracy and defense for a few turns, but any strong one will do (you can find one on a chest in Youkai Mountain). She should also have elemental sword, elemental wall, res buff, as well as both her heals equipped, and have either Sanae (HP healing) or Remilia (HP draining and slight perfect evasion bonus) as commander. During the battle, apply buffs and simply attack, stopping to heal once in a while, and you should easily make it to the <2500 HP stage, where you simply continue to attack and hope you don't get erased.

Alternate Strategy: Silence it. The Orihalcum Knife is an excellent choice for this job. The boss has 80 Res but this should be easy for Byakuren to overcome with Hyper Trigger, given you get 2 attempts per turn with Dual Raid. Given proper power point tuning, her naked IND should be around 80.

真実の巨人 - Truth of the Giants - (Ogre)

  • Location: Stage 22, second floor from above ground
  • Restrictions: Yuugi only
  • Reward: 鬼の欠片 (Oni Fragment)

A rather annoying boss if you come unprepared. The giant has 38,000 HP, 400 PATK, 800 PDEF and takes 75% damage from all weapon types. It can use Stun Blow (paralysis), Bone Crusher (PDEF down), Temple Crush (PATK down) and Earthquake (stun). Equip Yuugi with anti-paralysis, smash reduction and earth reduction accessories. For weapons, give Yuugi a Rock type weapon and level up her Rock skill tree so it'll partially ignore defense and reduce enemy blunt resistance by 1. Knockout in Three Steps and Berserker Soul will make this fight fairly easy. Put Remilia or Sanae in the commander slot for survivability, Youmu for more damage.

Difficulty 6 quests

フランちゃんと遊ぼう! - Play with Flan! - (Flandre)

  • Location: Stage 2
  • Restrictions: Sakuya in party (you can bring anyone else)
  • Reward: シルバートレイ (Silver Tray)

You have to defeat Flandre again. She has significantly more health than last time, but Remilia isn't with her and she won't counter magic any more. Since you have to bring Sakuya anyways, use her sixth-tier sword and give her Light Sword from Byakuren, and use Private Square to deplete her health. At low HP she will start spamming Levaetein, so use stuff like Super Duplex Border to buy more time for Sakuya to kill her.

マリサの挑戦状 - Marisa's Written Challenge - (Marisa Yukkuri)

  • Location: Stage 16
  • Restrictions: Marisa only
  • Reward: 魔法のキノコ (Magic Mushroom)

Marisa will have to fight a weaker Marisa Yukkuri all by herself. Since it's a Yukkuri, Marisa must rely on her physical strength, so it's best if you have a good spear ready (Gungnir, the final spear you can forge after defeating Lithos in stage 21, is ideal, though it requires an Obsidian which isn't the easiest thing to get at this point), although if you have a very strong knife or broom on hand, those may work too. The Yukkuri will attack Marisa with powerful slash-elemental attacks, so be sure to give her maximum protection against slash (The 八尺瓊勾玉 is the easiest option). It can also attack with a powerful, non-elemental beam attack - pray that it doesn't use it too often, and bring either Sanae or Remilia as commander so you can heal. If it doesn't use the beam attack, Marisa should be able to beat it with some luck.

Difficulty 7 quests

幻想郷は青いエメラルド - Gensokyo is a Blue Emerald - (mind flayer)

  • Location: Kourindo
  • Restrictions: None
  • Reward: エメラルド (Emerald)

The mind flayer is vulnerable to instant death. If you fail to inflict it, you'll likely be dead, but then you can just walk back in and try again. Easiest 65536 experience ever, and you get two Emeralds with it, too.

ダイヤモンドは落とさない - Diamond is Undroppable - (mecha dragon)

  • Location: Kourindo
  • Restrictions: None
  • Reward: ダイヤモンド (Diamond)

The Machine Dragon, like other mecha dragons, has a breath attack capable of wiping your party. Equip light resistant accessories or use Aya's 25pts fan skill. It has 95 resistance and is vulnerable to Petrification, so bring Lithos/Byakuren and try to petrify it. It doesn't auto recover, so just whack away at it until it dies. It has 160,000 HP, 750 DEF, 300 MDEF, takes 75% damage from Slash/Strike elements and is weak to water.

とある森の人食い植物(マンイーター) - A Certain Carnivorous Plant (Maneater) - (Man eater plant)

  • Location: Kourindo
  • Restrictions: None
  • Reward: アダマンタイト (Adamantite)

The Godeater is capable of buffing its attack and wrecking havoc on your party. It has 190,000 HP, 0 DEF/MDEF, 60 RES, and is weak to slash and fire elements.

Bring Mokou and your best fire/slash attackers and buffers and use the Inferno formation. Mokou is to use Fujiyama Volcano every turn, which has a high chance of inflicting burn and preventing Godeater from attacking. Everyone else is to use their best attacks and hit Godeater as hard as possible; with no defense, no ability to fight back, and easily exploited weaknesses, Godeater should fall easily in a few turns.

Freeze will also work to prevent his movement, but this will usually act against the land gauge. Burn does not have a 100% success rate, but hopefully Godeater will waste his turns by buffing his attack or only take out non-essential party members. Byakuren can increase the success rate of burn with hyper trigger/unresist. She can also use debilitate on Godeater for when burn doesn't land, but typically the battle is over so quickly that this isn't an issue.

Difficulty 8 quests

それでも閣下は戦っている - The Devil Inside the Jar x Jar - (some humanoid)

  • Location: Kourindo
  • Restrictions: None
  • Reward: 魔神の心臓 (Devil God's Heart)

A foreign god type monster with 200,000 HP, 1199 PATK, 900 DEF, 220 MATK, 350 MDEF, and 120 RES. Takes 150% damage from Light elements, neutral to Mystic and 50% damage from everything else. It uses multiple dark element attacks, vacuum wave, two high damage Mystic spells, acts twice per turn and can raise Dark land power, as well as absorbing land elements to recover HP. Once it reaches 50% HP, it'll start spamming Dark Giga Flare, an extremely high damage Mystic element attack that hits your entire party.

When you first encounter this boss, it might be difficult to deal damage to it. Yuugi with the Galaxy is the best option here, as it carries a slayer effect and pierces 50% of the Demon's defense. Youmu with the Doujigiri Yasutsuna might work, but it'll be difficult to deal enough damage to it before it kills you with Dark Giga Flare. Youmu (ideally Lv 93+) with Touhou Fuhai, Elrik Shield and A Muscle Suit while in Moriya Destruction formation does work, provided you manage your buffs well (buff Byakuren's IND before doing Youmu's buffs) and Youmu is perpetually covered by either London Dolls or Reimu's barriers.

A specific party setup of Alice, Yuugi, Reimu, Satori and Byakuren in the Poison Shield formation, with Youmu in the commander slot works well. At the start of the battle, have Alice use Hourai doll to attract most attacks to her, and spam French Doll afterwards. Reimu should use Aether Spray to keep the land as neutral as possible and serve as backup healer. Note that the Spirit World Challenger will absorb Light just as happily as it will Dark, so don't let the Land gauge swing too far towards Light. About halfway up will suffice. Satori should open with Starlight Barrier, using Area Heal/Refresh when needed. She can also use Shining Stars to help neutralize the land bar. Buff Yuugi with Weapon Bless, Star Sword, and Never Fail, and try to lower the Boss's HP as close to 50% as possible without going below it. Then use Berserker Soul, activate Youmu's 3 bomb spell and have Yuugi attack normally. Byakuren, after buffing Yuugi, should try to debuff with Power Down and Meltdown. Once the Demon falls below 50% HP, use Super Duplex Barrier, Little Legion, Starlight Barrier, Reflect Magic, etc to try and stay alive for as long as possible while Yuugi finishes off the boss. Also note that if you have Marisa as commander, her 3-bomb command spell will nullify all mystic attacks including Dark Giga Flare.

Note it is possible for Alice to comfortably tank Dark Giga Flare if she has Hell's Shield (ideally with Doll's War in effect), is wielding Tefla's Magic Sword with Moon Curtain IV and Magatama & Kagami. Byakuren, after she has buffed her own IND, can put down an MDEF buff powerful enough that such an Alice takes 30 damage where an unprepared character would take 1600-ish damage from Dark Giga Flare. Also note that magic reflection works on Dark Giga Flare. Just be careful of Vacuum Wave which bypasses most of what makes Alice a tank - she can just about survive one hit from it, but since the enemy gets 2 turns you may want to consider bringing Mokou chiefly (if solely) to cast Xu Fu's dimension on Alice. Her high max HP means Xu Fu's regen effect greatly helps Reimu's job as a healer.

Alternative Strategy

The boss uses Dark Giga Flare only below 50% HP, and you can usually survive the rest without problems (except for Vacuum Wave, be prepared to resurrect those who fall victim to that with Mokou), so doing that 50% worth of damage without letting the boss act is the safest way to defeat it. The only little problem is that this means you need to be doing 100,000 damage. A level 99 Sakuya with Quicktime can give you 2 free turns to act (Quicktime prevents the boss from attacking in the turn you cast it, and also the next one), and if you use fast enough attacks, you can take your turn before the boss on your 3rd. Additionally, as the boss selects what to do on the start of the turn, he won't use anything dangerous during the turn you get it below 50%, either, so that's a total of 4 turns to act. You have to find a way to do 100,000 damage during these 4 turns, and should conserve your bombs and MP during the first half of the battle and buff yourself to make it possible. In my case, I used this party : Sakuya, Byakuren (front), Satori (mid), Reimu, Lithos (back) in Hyper Library formation. Reimu's Neo Fantasy Heaven did about 45-48k damage on full land, 25k+ otherwise, and it has 2 turns of cooldown so if you use it do bring to boss below 50% then you'll be able to cast the next right on your last turn for another, huge hit. You can expect the land to fill up by that time because the boss is unable to reduce it and you use all your characters to attack it, optimally with light attacks it is weak against. Sakuya is in charge of stopping time, mostly, and she can do good damage as well, but you will need an accuracy buff to hit and an atk buff do actually do good damage. Byakuren's buffs increases your damage output, the most important here is MATK for Reimu. Satori is primarily there to heal (her heal doesn't increase light land), or attack with Holy or anything else light elemnt (when you do need to increase light land more, in these turns, use Reimu to heal because her heal does increase land). Starlight Barrier can save you for a turn if something goes wrong and the boss can take a turn, although the boss will absorb the light land to heal itself, so doing good damage after that will be difficult. It might help if you only need to do a little bit more damage. Lithos should conserve MP and bombs to be able to use Cosmic Supercluster during the 4 crucial turns, but if you have any excess, use it to bring the boss closer to 50% faster. Youtube video about winning this battle

Don't try this battle without high level, well equipped characters. This is a very hard battle, personally, I found it a lot harder than even the Elder Dragon.

終末抵抗 - Resistance End - (Hard disk)

  • Location: Kourindo
  • Restrictions: None
  • Reward: スーパーエイジャ (Super Aja)

On your first attempt of fighting this boss, you'll most likely be annihilated within the first two turns. Terminator mkII acts twice per turn with an attack that hits the entire party with a slayer effect, easily dealing 1k+ damage to your non-tanks. So how do you deal with this?

It has 210,000 HP, 1111 PATK, 1111 PDEF, 333 MATK, 0 MDEF and 0 RES.

That's right, 0 resistance.

That means that Byakuren and Satori can debuff its attack/accuracy to deal 0 damage and make it miss most of the time. It takes 150% damage from Lightning, neutral to Fire/Water/Ground/Mystic, 50% from all weapon elements and 0% from Dark/Light. Buff Marisa/Patchouli/Satori, spam all your lightning elemental spells and it'll go down in no time. Be warned: the Terminator mkII has Vortex to attempt a dispel on itself so don't take long.

Alternate Strategy: Bring Alice, Byakuren, Aya, Mokou, and Patchouli. Equip Alice with Makai Ring, Spearmaster's Proof and Sun Curtain IV. Give her Elec-aligned items, e.g. Mjollnir and Elec God Armour, and either Armored Plank (to prevent slayer) or Golden Turtle Shell (excels against stab) for a shield. The elec items will give Alice HP regeneration once the Land is electric, and the accessories will drastically reduce the damage she takes. Give Patchouli the best MATK and Elec enhancing items, ignoring her defense.

On turn one, have Aya cast Illusionary Dominance so that everyone can move before Terminator kills them. Byakuren should cast spell enhance on Patchouli, Mokou uses Xu Fu's dimension on Alice for additional regeneration (possessed by phoenix will not give regeneration). Alice uses London Dolls to cover Patchy, and Patchy unleashes her best elec attacks. Terminator will then act, killing everyone but Alice and Patchy.

Patchy is now perfectly safe to cast spells with Alice covering her. Terminator will eventually dispell the auto ressurection, but if her natural regeneration exceeds Terminator's damage, the battle is a guaranteed win. Otherwise it is a battle of luck, where you hope Terminator will take a long time to cast the initial vortex or will waste later turns casting it when you have nothing to dispell. Mokou will also randomly revive during the battle. You can extend your cover to include her with little legion to allow her to recast Xu Fu's Dimension; Alice will take a little extra damage for that turn, but the enhanced regeneration will be worth it.

チビッコ用クエスト - Quest for Small Children - (white dragon)

  • Location: Kourindo
  • Restrictions: None
  • Reward: 竜の牙 (Dragon Fang)

Probably the hardest 8 star boss quest. The Elder Dragon has 220,000 HP, 1300 PATK, 1400 PDEF, 225 MATK, 250 MDEF, and 100 RES. It is neutral to Mystic/Light/Dark/Slash elements, takes 50% damage from Strike weapons, 25% from Pierce weapons, and 13% from Fire/Water/Electric/Earth elements. Along with the usual breath attacks, it can use Mini Flare (multitarget Mystic element), Flare (single target, Mystic element), Cosmic Liner (single target, high damage, Mystic element), Bio (single target, high damage, Void(?) element), as well as buff it's PATK and MATK. When the dragon uses Concentrate, it will then use either Dragon Breath or Comet (multitarget, high damage, Mystic element) the next turn. Comet will most likely wipe your party unless you manage to debuff the Dragon, use Reimu's barrier, protect yourself with Starlight Barrier/Camouflage or use Reflect Magic. When the dragon reaches 25% HP, it has a chance to use Elixir, healing itself for 99,999 HP.

For this fight, you'll most certainly need Alice and Aya. Byakuren is useful for buffing/debuffing, Reimu's barrier can nullify magic attacks, Satori can heal/reflect attacks. Any attacker will do, but Yuugi/Sakuya is probably the best choice here. To get past its absurd defense, you'll need either the Galaxy or a strong sword with Exorcism properties (Kusanagi works well). If you plan on using Yuugi, put Youmu in the commander slot and use Berserker Soul/Knock out in Three Steps to quickly kill the dragon as it reaches 25% HP. With Sakuya, put 25 points into the sword skill tree and spam Dragon Fang Strike. Use Private Square as the dragon nears 25% HP and hope it doesn't use Elixir.

The Elder Dragon is extremely resistant to variety effects, so don't count on Byakuren to land Debilitate/Soften/Unresist. On a side note, it IS possible to Control the dragon but the chances are very low. If you get lucky and manage to land Control, you can use Elixir on Satori (100% chance with her learning tree maxed). You can also have it spam Comet to deplete its MP.

Alternative Strategy Party : Reimu, Sakuya, Byakuren, Lithos, Aya ; Formation : Hyper Library (Reimu : Mid; Sakuya, Aya : Front; Lithos, Byakuren : Back)

  • Use Favorable Wind to reflect breath attacks with Aya every turn. The dragon barely uses anything else, so you won't get hurt. Alice is unnecessary.
  • Use Reimu to attack the dragon. It takes good damage from light, if Reimu is properly buffed, you can expect to see over 20k damage from her strongest 2 bomb skill.
  • Use Sakuya to deny the dragon his turns. Cast Tengu Support on her, and activate Quicktime or Private Square when the dragon uses Concentration. Doing so will grant you a chance to attack while the dragon can't unleash Comet and Concentration will expire.
  • Lithos is an excellent damage source with Cosmic Supercluster. You can also use Andromeda Nebulae, a powerful light attack, but it has high cooldown so you might want another character in this slot if you don't have Supercluster. Satori can reflect comet, and do damage with Holy, Medurite Beam, or anything else you learned from Light, Mystic or Void element, so she is a good replacement.
  • Byakuren is there to buff the ATK of Sakuya, the MATK of Reimu, and anything else you want to buff. She can also use Light spells to fill the land up, and damage the dragon.
  • Commander can be Marisa for nulling MYS, and boosting your damage. You won't need Mokou because no character will die as long as they are protected from MYS properly.
  • Equip all characters with strong resistance against MYS element, so Mini Flare won't hurt you much, and you can easily outheal the damage with Reimu. You should put the Magatama and Kagami on Aya (or any other item that can reduce Void damage might work), because she can't survive Bio otherwise. Have at least some sort of protection against the physical attacks the dragon rarely uses, too.
  • When the dragon is down to 25% or less HP, you might want to disable Elixir by using Colosseo World with Sakuya, or even better, don't let it take a turn and finish it off as fast as possible. Tengu Support+Quicktime, and Illusionary Dominance after it expires can give you 3 whole turns to attack the dragon without it being able to do anything.

Youtube video about defeating the dragon with this strategy

ヒドラ姫 - Princess Hydra - (hydra)

  • Location: Kourindo
  • Restrictions: None
  • Reward: オリハルコン (Orichalcum)

Probably the easiest out of the 8 star quests, and quite doable even with a party in their 70s. The Hydra acts basically like the one you've seen in stage 20, and likes to spend its ridiculously high number of turns using various breath attacks, so you can turn most of its attacks back on itself with Aya's 25pts Fan skill (and on a lucky turn it can do several thousand damage to itself...). However, as time goes on it will start using its normal attack and double attack more often, which are extremely strong and can easily 1HKO non-tanks, and it has a staggering 180000 HP and 999 regeneration per turn, so at lower levels it's a problem killing it before Aya runs out of MP. The best solution is to use Reisen - give her the dragon slayer sword from stage 9 (or the Kusanagai, if you have it), max her second tree (governs her special slayer, amongst other things), inflict stat-downs on the hydra with Byakuren and/or Reisen herself (at lower levels you may need IND buffs for that to happen). Set up properly, Reisen can easily do up to 10k damage with Disorder Eye, and more than 20k with Idling Wave (don't count on the all stat-down hitting, though) (Lunatic Red Eyes too, but berserk is VERY, VERY BAD in this battle). To survive its attacks, know that the Hydra's accuracy is rather crappy, and Aya can often dodge pretty much every one of them coming her way even without boosts. Up your evasion and lower its accuracy further and hopefully you won't be hit throughout the entire match.

At low levels you will probably need a specific set up. Bring Aya, Reisen, Byakuren, Sanae and Reimu (commander can be anyone, though Mokou as always gives you security in case something goes wrong). Have Aya set up Tengu Newspaper Deadline Day on turn 1 while Reimu covers your party with Super Duplex Border, then have her use the breath reflection skill over and over. Sanae should set up her new Miracle Wind buff to increase the potency of all the other buffs in addition to her normal defensive buffs, while Byakuren should up the ATK of Reisen and IND of both Reisen and herself, then inflict status and attack with her light-elemental spells when she's done. There's a good chance you won't get hit at all throughout the entire battle.

When the land is at Fire element, the Hydra is using Fang Crush, a 2 hit physical attack frequently, but not at all when it is on Water. So keeping the land on Water can make the Hydra significantly less of a threat, and in this case, you don't need to bother with raising your EVA and reducing its accuracy. There is also a 50% chance that the Hydra itself will raise water land by using more Water breath attacks than fire, so even if you can't raise it yourself, you can keep re-trying the battle until it happens if you have problems with Fang Crush (which is a threat when the Hydra uses it 3-5 times each turn)

そんな道場で大丈夫か? - Is that Dojo Okay? (It is, No Problem) - (Humanoid)

  • Location: Kourindo
  • Team restrictions: None
  • Reward: 黒曜石 (Obsidian)

A transcendent type boss with 170,000 HP, 860 PATK, 760 PDEF, 200 MATK, 330 MDEF, and 90 RES. Neutral to Fire/Water/Electric/Earth/Mystic, takes 50% damage from all weapon types, and 0% damage from Light/Dark elements.

A rather straightforward boss. Its physical attacks include: Shredder (multihit), Gale Sword (multitarget) and Shinigami Scythe (instant death). Elemental attacks include: Heat Ray (hits line, Fire element), Acid (single target, Water element, Thorn Bind (multitarget, Earth element, stun), Stone Shower (multitarget, Earth Element), Mad Thunder (multihit, Electric element), Abyss Hand (single target, Dark element), Nerve Destruction (multitarget, Dark Element, blind), and Mind Blast (multitarget, Mystic element, paralysis).

It acts twice per turn and prioritizes certain land elements over others. If the land gauge is favors Electric attacks, it won't use Stone Shower/Thorn Bind. This boss is more vulnerable to variety status effects than others, so bring Byakuren to debuff it. Bring Sanae to buff your RES, as Paralysis/Blind/Instant Death is extremely annoying. Both Physical and Magic attackers work in this fight, but bringing someone with Electric attacks will prevent the boss from using Stone Shower and potentially OHKOing your non-tanks.

Note that the boss has 200 evasion, so you have to do something about that if you plan to use physical attackers, either by debuffing it or buffing you accuracy, or both, so using magic attackers is more convenient.

Debuffing its attack makes it do 0 or minimal damage, but it won't always succeed so keep recasting the debuff even before it expires. As long as you can keep Power Down on it, you can take it easy, because it won't be able to do any significant damage, and it can't heal, nor protect itself either. Prioritize casting Power Down with Byakuren over everything else, including buffs on your party, and wear as much IND equipment as possible.

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