Over your time in Gensokyo, you'll acquire a number of materials. These are used for crafting. Talking to Akyu after getting certain characters, or after clearing stages for extra recipes that are usually useful for upcoming stages. Materials are usually found in treasure chests, and some monsters also drop them, but the rate is low. If you really feel like farming, Sanae as commander allows you to activate Last Words more, and Byakuren's Last Word allows the party to have an increased XP rate, and increased drop change (1 turn only though!).

To actually craft, visit Rinnosuke in Kourindou next to the Forest of Magic. You should be able to access it once you open Stage 3, but a patch might have allowed access earlier.

From left to right, at the top, when you talk to Rinnosuke, are: All, Weapons, Shields, Armor, Accessories, and Materials.

Common Materials

Gos bp
  • つけもの石 (Pickling Rock)
  • 竹竿 (Bamboo Pole)
  • 鉄鉱石 (Iron Ore)
  • 魔法のメダル (Magic Medal)
  • 綺麗な鏡 (Beautiful Mirror)
  • 鋼鉄 (Steel)
  • 金塊 (Gold bar) (This is a rare item until you reach stage 21 where there is one monster that drops this at a high rate. You can still obtain this by other methods but much more difficult and time consuming.)

The first four items can be created by 1 of each of the other 3, in case you need them for some reason. For example, to get one Pickling Rock, you need 1 Bamboo Pole, 1 Iron Ore, 1 Magic Medal.

Beautiful Mirrors are needed for all shields. Steel is needed for all armors. They can be converted between each other, but you'll need a gold bar. Accessories require a variety of materials. These material conversions are all on the last page of crafting when you talk to Rinnosuke.

There's a few other items that have the blue potion icon.


Gos shards
  • 火の欠片 (Fire Shard)
  • 水の欠片 (Water Shard)
  • 大地の欠片 (Earth Shard)
  • 雷の欠片 (Lightning Shard)

Usually used for crafting elemental stuff.

Character specific materials

Gos chest

These materials are required for character specific weapons are armor (in addition to other components).

  • 賽銭箱 (Offering Box - Reimu)
  • 魔法のキノコ (Magic Mushroom - Marisa)
  • 蛇の抜け殻 (Snake shedding - Sanae)
  • 鳥の羽 (Bird Feather - Aya)
  • シルバートレイ (Silver Tray - Sakuya)
  • 精霊の欠片 (Spirit Shards - Patchouli)
  • 発明のネタ (Inventor information - Nitori)
  • 裁縫針 (Sewing Needle - Alice)
  • 眼球 (Eyeball - Satori)
  • 錆びた刀 (Rusty Sword - Youmu)
  • 鳳凰の羽 (Phoenix Feather - Mokou)
  • 未記入の巻物 (Blank Scroll - Byakuren)

Stage specifc materials

Gos gp

These materials come from different stages, and are used for different tier items.

  • 冥界の桃 (Peach of the Underworld - Hakugyokurou)
  • 向日葵の種 (Sunflower Seeds - Mugenkan/Garden of the Sun)
  • 妖怪山の岩石 (Youkai Mountain Rock - Youkai Mountain)
  • 星の欠片 (Star Shard - Eientei)
  • トラペゾヘドロン (Trapezohedron - commonly found at stage 18 and onwards from monsters.)

RARE Materials

NOTE: The drop rate provided is just a rough estimate. As more data is available, the value may change to reflect the actual drop rate %. Also the drop rate may vary depending on which monsters you fight. It may have a higher or lower rate.

  • オリハルコンの欠片 - Orihalcon Piece (Mostly from hidden chests in various stages and monsters from stage 18-20, suggest fighting Talos for them as they drop them at 1-2%)
  • アダマンタイトの欠片 - Adamantite Piece (Mostly from hidden chests in various stages and monsters from stage 18-20, suggest fighting the turtle monster from stage 20 as they drop them at about 1-2%)
  • 黒曜石 - Obsidian - obtained from Hydra or Yukkuri King. Drop rate is presumably <1% or 1/128.
  • ダイアモンド - Diamond - Drop rate is presumably <1% or 1/256. Faster to farm this item from Void (orange vortex, looks like a fan) at the room before the save point at stage 19.
  • 魔神の心臓 - Demon's Heart - Drops at <1% or 1/256. note: ライトニングバロン (lightning baron) drops this at about 20%, although rare to encounter in Gorgon Realm.

These materials can only be obtained from monsters at the last stage which drops at a very LOW rate. Presumably it's <1% or 1/256.

NOTE: Rates may differ for each item.

  • 伝説の賽銭箱 (Reimu's synthesis item - Legendary Donation Box)
  • 千年キノコ (Marisa's synthesis item - Millennium Mushroom)
  • 大蛇の抜け殻 (Sanae's synthesis item - Giant Serpentskin)
  • 大ガラスの嘴 (Aya's synthesis item - Yatagarasu's Beak)
  • ゴールドトレイ (Sakuya's synthesis item - Gold Tray)
  • 精霊の結晶 (Patchouli's synthesis item - Soul Crystal)
  • 異文化のネタ (Nitori's synthesis item - Otherworldly Blueprint)
  • 五寸釘 (Alice's synthesis item - Five-Inch Needle)
  • 巨大な眼球 (Satori's synthesis item - Giant Eye)
  • 研ぎ澄まされた刀 (Youmu's synthesis item - Well-forged Sword)
  • 鳳凰の翼 (Mokou's synthesis item - Phoenix Wing)
  • 神代の巻物 (Byakuren's Synthesis item - Scroll of the Gods)

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