You will start the post-ending game with only two members, Reimu and Lithos, whose level is based on your team's level. Take some time to get acquainted with Lithos's spells, stats and skill trees.

The contents in Lingering Summer Heat come in the form of quests. A quest board will be present in the Hakurei Shrine, and you will be able to take on a quest, then complete it. There are mostly three kinds of quests - character quests where you recruit one or more playable characters (can be ones you had previously, or new characters), miscellaneous quests, which are repeatable and rewards you with various materials to forge with, and storyline quests which, unsurprisingly, advance the storyline. A few more notes on these quests:

  • Character quests are always visible on the questboard (assuming you're eligible to take them), and cannot be retaken once complete. These generally require you to explore a previously visited dungeon and defeat the character you're recruiting in a battle (with the understanding that said character is currently in a rampage due to certain circumstances). Note that the characters show up as a random battle in a random map in the general area, but you will be notified when you enter the map (Lead character: "...I can feel a party member nearby"). The map in which the character is in is randomized every time you enter the dungeon in question. Also note that during the quest, the usual random encounters of the area are replaced with stronger ones (depending on the difficulty, or the number of stars, of the quest in question), and several different looking chests will also be made available (these will stay available even after you complete the quest).
  • Miscellaneous quests are similar, in that you enter a previously visited dungeon and defeat a boss, but they reward you with materials for forging instead of a character. The quests will randomly show up in the board, and they are repeatable as well. Since nearly every "rare material" from the main game are either readily available through the quest (and you often get two copies every time you do them, since the boss will drop one and the quest will give you another) or forgable through materials readily available through these quests, it makes getting equipments from forging a lot less tedious. During these quests, the enemies in the area will NOT change, and the boss will be helpfully in the form of a miniboss fairy (complete with magic circle). However, you will not be notified when you enter its map (although you may sometimes feel a slight lag when you enter their map). Also, note that some quests will force restrictions on your team roster when you fight the boss, but the team commander are not considered in those restrictions.
  • Storyline quests are, well, storyline quests. These generally take place in new stages rather than previous dungeons, and are basically the same as all the stages you've beaten in the main game. The quest to recruit Yuugi (which only shows up after you recruited everyone else) doubles as your first storyline quest, and each one you complete unlocks the next one, until the post-ending storyline is complete.

You can decide for yourself what sequence you want to take these quests in. Note that when you take a quest, all mobs in all dungeons respawn. This is particularly useful for focused farming, e.g. in Gorgon Barrier.

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