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The Genius of Sappheiros: Character Quest Sanae

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Quest information

  • Quest name: 暴風風祝
  • Quest portrait: Sanae
  • Location: Youkai Mountain (The last few maps)
  • Team restrictions: None
  • Difficulty: 2

Treasure Chests

Fifth Heights - O

  • Suppository 座薬

Fifth Heights - P

  • Crow Feather 鳥の羽

Seventh Heights - R

  • Silver Tray シルバートレイ

Waterfall of Nine Heavens - T

  • Magic Medal 魔法のメダル

Boss battle: Sanae Kochiya

Sanae's HP: 25000

Sanae's strategy is to basically summon a helper and start boosting it. She herself is quite weak and very easy to take down. However, her helpers, while being extremely tough with 75% physical deflection, are vulnerable to instant death. With this in mind, Cirno can kill them rather easily.

After the battle, Sanae will rejoin your party.

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