Quest information

  • Quest name: 魔女とメイドの裏お茶会
  • Quest portrait: Sakuya
  • Location: Stage 1
  • Team restrictions: None
  • Difficulty: 4

Treasure Chests

First Floor - South - A

  • Elemental Sphere エレメンタルスフィア

First Floor - Centre - B

  • Blank Scroll 未記入の巻物

First Floor - Northeast - C

  • Bamboo 竹竿
  • Orichalcum Shard オリハルコンの欠片

Boss battle: Sakuya Izayoi and Patchouli Knowledge

Sakuya's HP: 40000 Patchouli's HP: 40000

While this is the same combination as the first real boss battle you've fought in the game, both of them are much stronger this time around. One thing that you may not have noticed during the battle with them in stage 1 is that both are capable of focusing and then releasing a powerful spell next round. Sakuya's spell card, as well as her normal attacks, are pretty weak, and only notable for their chance to inflict instant death, which Sanae can cover handily. Patchouli is the dangerous one here - not only does she pack a whole bunch of powerful group-targeting attacks, but she can use Philosopher's Stone when charged up which does extreme magic-elemental damage. Give priority to her with Reimu's Super Duplex Barrier. Bring her down as quickly as possible, preferably with attacks not of the main four elements, because not only does she resist those elements, but she also counters them with a single-target attack of that element, building up land in the process. Once Patchouli is gone, the battle becomes a lot tamer, with the only change being Sakuya's focused spell card turning into Quicktime, which freezes time for three rounds (although she is quite stupid with it and often follow it up with Suction World, another field spell which nullifies the effect of Quicktime). Beating her is no problem at all, especially if she sets up Suction World a lot (which helps you a lot more than it helps her).

Patchouli is vulnerable to Paralyze, so Lithos's Blaster attack is a great way to shut her down.

After the battle, Patchouli and Sakuya will rejoin your party.

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