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Quest information

  • Quest name: 河童の川流され
  • Quest portrait: Nitori
  • Location: Youkai Mountain (the area between the one-use healing circle and reusable healing circle)
  • Team restrictions: None
  • Difficulty: 1

Treasure Chests

Third Heights - Valley - E

  • Ostracon オストラコン
  • Iron 鉄鉱石

Third Heights - Valley - F

  • Lunatic Morian ルナティックモリーアン

Third Heights - Valley - G

  • Donation Box 賽銭箱

Boss battle: Nitori

Nitori's HP: 20000

Nitori will set up a camouflage to invalidate the next three attacks on turn 1, then attack you with her base tier elemental artes, pausing to renew her camouflage every once in a while. You can either have Reimu try to dispel her camouflage or simply punch through it with Pegasus Meteor Attack (which is multi-hit). Her attacks are weak and shouldn't harm anyone except a low level Cirno.

After the battle, Nitori will rejoin your party.

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